This New Dating App Used My Zodiac Sign to Find Matches, and Now I’m Starry Eyed

Some say find love is based on the law of drawing card. Others say it depends on where you are. But those who believe in astrology know that it ‘s written in the stars. As for me, I was uncertain about it all. I ‘ve recently had a newfound interest in my zodiac sign, and while I ‘ve always found horoscopes concern, I never thought much about it playing a function in my love life. That is, until I heard about a brand-new app called Stars Align, which uses an astrology-based algorithm to match people with their likely partners. Intrigued, I decided to download it and see what was written in the stars for my love life .
Being a regular on dating apps, I ‘ve tried my hand at quite a few. Hinge was my personal favorite for a while, but after being on it for over a year, I wanted to try something a act more exciting. Stars Align launched in June 2021, making it one of the modern dating apps I ‘ve seen. What made it stand out to me ( as compared to other astrology-based dating apps like Oromoon or StarCrossed ) is that it uses data from NASA ‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to accurately create each drug user ‘s give birth chart, and that sounded pretty cool to me .
After downloading the app and putting in my data ( name, birthday, birthplace, and time ), my visibility was created, and it was time to find beloved ! My personal page features snippets about my Sun, Moon, and Rising signs angstrom well as my parturition chart, which is divided into 12 houses with each one representing different aspects of life. My potential matches are able to see this, and can gain insight into every aspect of my zodiac. Since I ‘m still learning the ins and outs of astrology, a couple of the features on the app were new to me, like the sections about my Moon Lilith, Juno, and Chiron. fortunately, there ‘s a description underneath the sections that explain more about each one. ( For those wonder, Black Moon Lilith represents your free and expressive self, frequently in a sexual nature, Juno is the sign of marriage and commitment, and Chiron represents your wounds and the path you ‘re on to heal them. ) The march that matches you with people is exchangeable to most dating apps with swiping options that ‘ll either match or not match you with person. You can see each person ‘s information, like what city they live in, what their Sun and Moon signs are, their interests and hobbies, and a short bio.

“Knowing yourself through the lens of your sign provides introspective clarity.”

After spending some clock on the app, I decided to reach out to fall through and CEO Gelika Bücker to learn more about how it could help me find love. “ Knowing yourself through the lens of your sign provides introspective clarity, ” Bücker told POPSUGAR. “ If you know yourself through the deviate aspects of life – work, love, friendship, locomotion, and woo – surely you will attract a spouse who balances and supports your divers self and who most likely is astrologically compatible. ”

I ‘ve never spent a lot time thinking about compatibility in this way, but after learning more about my polarity and birth chart, I have more insight into my personality and strengths. One of my favored parts about Stars Aligned is that it compares my birth chart with early users ‘ charts to show me a score out of 10, with 10 being the highest, of if I ‘ll connect with them. According to Bücker, “ there are a bevy of factors to consider when assessing compatibility between two give birth charts, as one must consider the energies among the other planets present and view the elements in the chart as a solid. ” The app calculates this for you, so all you have to do is check out each of your matches ‘ ratings.

While I have yet to meet my star-crossed fan, this app has given me great penetration into my sign adenine well as more information about astrology as a hale. I would note that since the app is thus new, there are not a fortune of users on it however, meaning you might not have as many matches as you would on a more celebrated app like Hinge or Bumble. But if you ‘re looking to try something newly and dive deep into what your signboard means for your love liveliness, Stars Aligned is the app for you ! I ‘m certain I ‘ll find love one day, whether it be on-line, in person, or written in the stars themselves, and until then, I ‘ll see what this dating app has in store for me .
Want to find your star-crossed lover ? Download Stars Align here .

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