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report on JP Morgan Chase Bank : nothing but the Truth stated : history : We found out that most banks treat their customers the like way ! We moved to JP Morgan Chase Bank of our by professional performance that we had with this Bank, however, this Bank is barely like most other Banks in our great domain ; United States of America. JP Morgan Chase Bank on a corporate level does not respect the Branches on a local flat that their employees are not doing their jobs, indeed in this light the call Centers and corporate level undermines the local anesthetic level employees of what they say and what they give you in the print word.Detail in outline format : May 30 2020 : Opened Chase Bank Freedom Visa Card : full customer service. Called again add Card.May 30 2020 : Called to set-up an appointment to open Checking, Savings Great customer service.Jun 01 2020 : merging went commodity feel good that we last found a Processional Bank to do commercial enterprise with.Jun 02 2020 : Deposited a personal come out of the closet of state check ! Chase Bank deposited the lapp day ! ( Feds 2-5 vitamin d ) Jun 02 2020 : lapp clock time deposited a Local Bank Check lapp as cash ( they put a hold 10-15 days ) Jun 03 2020 : Changed our car Deposits and Deducts took 5 hours of our fourth dimension ( Task done ) Jun 05 2020 : Received a letter dated : June 01, 2020 stating we declined Debit Card Coverage on card.Jun 05 2020 : Wrote a letter to branch employee on our Issues ( We are highly upset with Chase ) .Jun 05 2020 : hand delivered to Chase Brank alternatively of mailing our complaints. ( About Chase Issues ) Jun 06 2020 : Got another letter dated : June 2, 2020 with compendious of costs that are different Bank fees ! Jun 06 2020 : go on-line to Chase Bank to file grievance Copied Letter on Chase grievance form.Jun 06 2020 : ramify coach called spend ( 30 minutes ) got precisely nowhere w/ that person ( Has no clue ) Jun 09 2020 : June 05, 2020 received a response from electronic mail ! ( Appears they did not read my Grievance ) Jun 09 2020 : Reviewed Chase reaction to my Grievance ? ( Email Servicing talked on Military Inquiry ? ) Jun 11 2020 : Another letter dated June 03, 2020 a newfangled deposit report using my second was opened ! Jun 11 2020 : After reading this letter I had to call within 14 days or Chase was going to take our money ! We had to cancelled our one workweek vacation to call them ( 6 ) Calls ( 2 ) Mgrs. “ Got sass music ” and disconnected us 3 times. ( Like to bad that I ’ m a Fraud and Chase will take our money and close up our accounts anyway.Jun 11 2020 : Called our Chase Rep at our branch made appointment with him on June 12, 2020Jun 12 2020 : date went improbable bad ! ( only verbal response and no written news to fix this ) ! That is adequate I can go on and on about “ JP Morgan Chase Bank ”, but what is the steer above is enough for you to understand that “ JP Morgan Chase Bank ” services are BAD to do occupation with and customers are very overturn with Chase Bank.Summary : At home wondering if we have our money or Chase took the money and closed our accounts. We do not have a beneficial feel about if we calm have our money ! And do not trust JP Morgan Chase Bank ! and do not know what to do about these issues with ; JP Morgan Chase Bank. We believe we will have to get an lawyer involved to.No wonder majority of the United States Citizens are constantly moving about to other banks for basic services just like we are doing today. indeed sad where is the customer serve and commitment of years past it is sure not here except for “ Chase Bank found to be good the like as others ”, however, this is the way majority banks does business nowadays in the United States of America ! sincerely, Vietnam Veteran

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