Heads I Win, Tails You Lose


We ’ re super stoked to introduce Secret Lair ’ s very foremost Commander Deck. That ’ mho right, for a limited meter you can grab a alone, 100-card deck filled with tons of foils, 10 pieces of killer whale new art ( across five cards, we will explain ), and a bunch of other goodies like a singular flippin ’ coin and life rack.

reversible cards are a cool newly musical composition of Magic technical school we ’ ra excited to debut here. It ’ s a relatively square concept, but it results in some amazing looking cards. These are double-sided cards, but they have the same functional circuit board on each side. however, each side has different artwork. You can swap which side you want to show off when casting the spell, or just stick with your favorite. You can even flip a mint to pick ! It ’ randomness fair another room you can express yourself when playing the game.

neat ! WHAT ’ S THE DECK DO ?
This deck is from Gavin Verhey ’ mho secret vault, and it ’ s a bang to play. here ’ s some words from the man himself :

“ I’ve loved Zndrsplt and Okaun ever since I made them in Battlebond—and this Commander deck out of my personal solicitation puts them kernel stage ! It looks so lovable and innocent … and then by the time you ’ ve started attacking people for deadly, it ’ mho excessively late to stop your coin-flipping reign of terror.

“ You ’ ll want to spend the early on turns building up your mana rocks and equipment, and playing some pathetic coin flip cards. then, start deploying your Commanders ! normally, I suggest starting with Zndrsplt so you can start flipping coins and drawing cards. Your opponents will think it ’ s sol cute and laugh. ‘ Look at the funny story coin-flip deck ! Haha. ’

“ And that ’ s when you know you ’ ve got them. Deploy Okaun—the way this deck normally kills. If you have some equipment, suit him up ! You just need to win three coin flips to kill with Okaun using Commander damage—and possibly less with the properly equipment. I ’ ve attacked for over 10,000 wrong with a single Okaun before ! They ’ ll test to remove it, but that ’ s what your counterspells are for. If there are creatures in the means, you can sneak it through with cards that grant unblockability. Or if you very want the table to flip out, use Chandra ’ s Ignition so your 10,000 might ( or similar ) Okaun kills the table at once !

“ If you have any questions about how the pack of cards plays, you can hit me up on Twitter @ gavinverhey. delight ! ”

source : https://tuvi365.net

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