Zodiac Sign Compatibility – Which Signs Are Romantic Matches?

certain, there are enough of viable ways to determine whether or not you and your oppress are compatible when considering getting into a relationship. Like, do you both want kids ? Do your lifestyles match up ? The list goes on. And if you ’ re an astrology nerd, odds are you ’ ra probably looking at your electric potential bae ’ mho zodiac sign, besides. As you should ! Astrological compatibility exists for a reason—namely, the insanely park desire to find out if your love is sincerely written in the stars. But before you start asking for your crush ‘s birth date, you should know that zodiac gestural compatibility is n’t a elementary as comparing sun signs ( a.k.a. the sign based on your birthday ). That ‘s actually best for testing compatibility in exercise relationships, according to Donna Page, a certify astrologer in Atlanta. “ If you want to focus on romance or arouse, you need to look for the Venus in your sign, ” she explains. Why ? “ Venus is what we enjoy, ” Page says. It ’ randomness all about dating and love affair, while your sun sign is more general. If you do n’t know your Venus bless offhand ( because, let ’ s be very, who does ? ), preceptor ’ metric ton worry. As a cosmopolitan rule of thumb, “ your Venus can never be more than 48 degrees aside from your sunday sign, ” according to Page. That means most people ’ s Venus is either in their sun polarity, or in the sign either behind or ahead it. For example, if your sun sign is Gemini, your Venus will most likely be in Gemini, Taurus, or Cancer, explains Page. To figure out yours and your love pastime ‘s Venus signs, plug your/their date of birth in a Venus polarity calculator. Or if you have an astrology app on your telephone, you can easily find your Venus in your overall parentage chart.


That said, once you have each other ’ s Venus signs, you ’ ll need to know how to assess that compatibility. One of the best ways is by looking at the element with which your Venus gestural is associated : arouse, earth, water system, or air travel, says astrologer Sanasjia Clervoix. “ Sharing an chemical element gives the relationship a sense of comfortability. They feel familiar to you, ” she says. People tend to have the most compatibility with those who share the element in their Venus signs, but there are two pairing exceptions to this rule, says astrologer Valerie Mesa : open fire signs with air signs, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as earth signs with water signs. In these combinations, values and characteristics enmesh super well, making for an overall good sleep together catch. curious to learn more about your Venus sign, chemical element compatibility, and more ? fourth dimension to find out if the universe approves of your latest dating app match, or if you should keep on swiping…

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