SOLVED: HEADS TAILS 20 Tosses Observed 13 7 Expected 10 10 Deviation 3 3 30 Tosses Observed 16 14 Expected 15 15 Deviation 1 1 50 Tosses Observed 27 23 Expected 25 25 Deviation 2 2 100 Tosses Observed

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Hello everyone in this interrogate we have to find the expect proportion. Expected ratio of heads two tails off heads, two tails 40 individual venereal disease of coins. No we are given here, Heads and your heels. 22 horses do indeed. Sources off E. D. Heads of 1310 32,710. today, 32 horses, 32 horses and it is given ascertained, observed 16 14 expected 15 15 and diversion one one. No. For the 52 horses, 53 sources observed 27, expected 25 25 and the 22 No the future For the hundredth horses, 100 sources observed 56 44, 50 expected 50 50 And Deviation 6 6. No. And their entire sum observed 1 1- 88. Expected 100 100 deviation 12. well nowadays we ‘ll take the combination, combination endured observe posted in beach expected share deviation now combination is had handle hera to wealth 30 % 10, 22. immediately head tail or tail forefront we get 19 47.5 20 50 % one. No following is still still nine 20 2.5 then 25 % 1 and entire 14 100 % 40 % 10 0. And now for the part one the expected ratio expected proportion of heads, two tails that will be one proportion one because the totals are same. No the results constantly agree with the expected ratio. And for the second part we have to find the synagogue size and deviation artwork are inversely proportional are inversely proportional. so if sample distribution size increases. If sample distribution size increases, deviation decreases deviation decrease this and if them both sides, if sample distribution size decreases deviation increases so they are inversely proportional For the part two. The Part two IF finds up. If we find that pledge, time sustenance leave then then each quinine has, each wine has 50 50 chances, 50 50 chances of head and dead. So there are four results. only one will gifted one will give tail. So the extinct of food we have one, So probability is 1/4. And in the percentage with see 25 % chances no probability of getting precisely two, he is precisely, I do n’t dance, we get 25 over 100 doctors, one over four. And for the second if flipping a coin flipping a equine gifts 50 50 prospect, 50 50 casual of head and tail. So the probability will be 50 over 100, that is one ten 2. And in the decimal fraction 0.5. And in the third partially We have to ask if you chose to coins 400 times what would be you expect the deviation expect deviation be greater or Less than 40 times Toby there from this, that In the 400 times the deviation is Less than 40 times. Thank you

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