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V-Nickel (1883-1913)

The V-Nickel, sometimes referred to as the Liberty Head Nickel, gets its V-Nickel name from the coins reverse purpose. These five-cent pieces were minted for circulation by the U.S. Mint from 1883 to 1913. Like other mint types, V-Nickel values can vary significantly based on circumstance and date. V-Nickels dated pre-1897 can command significant premiums and many are worth $ 4 to $ 5 a piece. A rare 1885 V-Nickel, however, may garner a premium of closely $ 400 .

The Value of V-Nickels-What Dealers Pay

The value of a V-Nickel depends on its mint year, relative scarcity and other factors. An 1889 V-Nickel in good discipline may fetch $ 10 while an 1885 V-Nickel in uncirculated condition may fetch over $ 1500. If you have a V-Nickel that is from a limited series or a series that is considered scarce, or if you have a V-Nickel that appears to be in great supreme headquarters allied powers europe, you may want to consider having it graded by a professional mint grading service such as PCGS or NGC .
By having your V-Nickel graded by a professional numismatist you may be able to get a a lot better idea as to what dealers and collectors might be will to pay for your coin. Coin graders not only put your coin through an across-the-board grade process to determine its overall condition, but will besides verify the mint ’ s authenticity deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .

V-Nickel Value is Conditional

To get a good estimate of what condition your V-Nickel may be in, you must closely examine the coin and its details. One comfortable way to begin this summons is by looking at the stars around the mint ’ second out edge. If the coins are eroded or even hard to make out, then your coin is probably in good discipline. If the stars have good texture with minimal wear and bust, then your coin may be graded fine. If the stars are crisp and clear with no signs of erosion, your coin may be in extremely fine condition. While the stars are a good start point, you will besides want to closely examine other coin details such as the date or “ V ” in a similar manner.

Your V-Nickel Could Be Rare

The 1885 V-Nickel is the mint that is most seek after by dealers arsenic good as collectors. This coin is considered elusive and difficult to obtain. even with considerable tire and tear, an 1885 V-Nickel may be worth about $ 400. If you have one that is in pristine condition, it could potentially sell for equally much as $ 2000 .
The 1886 edition is besides desired by dealers and collectors ampere well. If you have one in fine condition, it could sell for over $ 200.

The 1912 V-Nickel is besides quite popular, with coins minted in San Francisco being desired by both dealers and collectors. You can easily use a magnify glass to check the coin ’ s mintmark on its reversion .
A 1912-S V-Nickel in dependable condition may potentially fetch at least $ 100.

V-Nickel Values May Rise

The V-Nickel may be a capital addition to any mint collection and may besides be a great begin steer for fresh collectors. These coins have not been minted since 1913, and the older they get the more potentially valuable they may be. Some V-Nickels can be purchased for less than $ 1.50 making them a very low-cost choice for both modern and season collectors.

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