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You can find many beautiful coins, but only a choose few take your breath away. The Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin is one of them, but what makes this mint so special ? Learn the history behind high relief coins and find out how they can benefit your portfolio.

Defining High Relief & Ultra High Relief

Ultra-High Relief Gold Coin When it involves a coin, “ high relief ” and “ extremist high stand-in ” mean design elements are raised above the come on, or field. An extremist gamey relief coin from the U.S. Mint has a higher degree of bulge from a coin ’ s sphere than a high relief does. These coins stand out for their sculpture-like texture, rich detail, and brilliantly luster. Both types of coins are only available in minimal quantities, chiefly because they ’ ra challenging to strike. A highly specialize and difficult mint process is required to produce tied one coin.

The History Behind High Relief Coins – A Dream Fulfilled

The Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin, released by the U.S. Mint in 2009, is a 1-ounce, 24k star among american english gold coins. It pays protection to one of the most stunning U.S. coins ever minted : the 1907 High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin. Among the standout features of the Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin are that it :

  • Measures 4 mm thick to showcase the ultra high relief.
  • Features rare Roman numeral dating.
  • Has an additional four stars and the inscription “In God We Trust,” which were not on the 1907 version.

not sure why a coin ’ randomness thickness merits being called a “ standout feature ” ? For comparison, the Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin is 28 % thick than a high Relief Gold American Liberty Coin, and 39 % dense than a Proof Gold American Eagle Coin !

Comparison Chart: Coin Thickness
Image Year Mint Gold Content Name  Thickness
Gold American Eagle Proof Any U.S Mint 1 oz. Proof American Eagle 2.87 mm
High Relief Gold American Liberty Coin 2015 U.S Mint 1 oz. High Relief Gold American Liberty 3.128 mm
Ultra-High Relief Gold Coin 2009 U.S Mint 1 oz. Ultra High Relief Gold Double Eagle 4 mm

The Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin fulfills the imagination of legendary mint architect Augustus Saint-Gaudens, of an extremist high relief coin that could not be carried out in the early twentieth hundred with his original, iconic Double Eagle Gold Coin. On both versions, Lady Liberty shines on the obverse ( the front or “ heads ” side ), while a bald eagle in flight graces the turn back ( the back or “ tails ” side ). On the movement, Lady Liberty holds a common mullein in her right hand and an olive branch in her left hand as she strides ahead. On the back, the eagle soars during sunrise.

In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt recruited Saint-Gaudens to spruce up common invention elements on american coins. Roosevelt sought a coin that reflected America in all of her glory and luster. Saint-Gaudens, who had created noteworthy statues honoring Civil War heroes, came up with a purpose that was supposed to be struck in extremist senior high school relief. unfortunately, the shared vision of Roosevelt and Saint-Gaudens required 11 strikes from the coining bid, making the mint impossible to mint for aggregate production. The extremist high relief besides made the coin inconvenient for packaging and transport, so in 1907 the mint was struck in moo relief. Saint-Gaudens died later that year—before he could see his design come to life on mint coins. One hundred and two years after the end of Saint-Gaudens, the U.S. Mint released the extremist senior high school respite mint that Roosevelt and Saint-Gaudens had envisioned. Thanks to 21st-century engineering, the U.S. Mint digitally mapped the original Saint-Gaudens mint plasters in order to strike the extremist high easing version. Compared with the original, the updated mint changes the year to 2009, adds four stars to represent the stream 50 states, and includes the inscription “ In God We Trust. ” Additionally, a belittled frame gives the 2009 coin a fine edge than its 1907 harbinger. possibly most notably, the modern translation of the coin is made of pure 24k aureate rather than less ductile 22k gold.

Benefits of Buying High Relief Coins

front and back of Ultra High Relief Double Eagle in plastic casing What makes extremist gamey relief and high relief coins so covet, aside from their relative specify handiness, sheer beauty, and unparalleled craft ?

Prices of attest gold coins such as these are based on the spot price of amber and factors besides related to supply and demand in the rare mint market. When compared to bullion coins, certified gold coins are one way that owners of precious metallic owners can minimize risk and maximize reinforce. The designs of the 1907 High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin and 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin—designs introduced by Augustus Saint-Gaudens with the back of President Teddy Roosevelt—have surely stood the test of time. They remain among a limited number of coins whose looks and bequest make them highly attractive to coin enthusiasts and asset holders alike. Call U.S. Money Reserve at 1-844-307-1589 to learn more about certified gold coin prices and live price on the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin.

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