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The Deccan Herald News app brings you a individualized news feed of the latest news, breaking news program, national and external headlines.

Cluttered with irrelevant news ? We declutter news program for you by personalising the news feed based on what you prefer and like to read. Get access to the Latest News Headlines, Top Stories, Trending News and News Shots by Deccan Herald. Stay connected with newsworthiness from India and on politics, business, cricket, sports, technology, entertainment, opinion and more. live news coverage of major events and opinions from some of the best news program writers and journalists will be function of the phonograph record.

Stay updated with major newsworthiness events via tug notifications. We went the extra sea mile in personalising notifications based on your preferences. What ’ s more, you can choose when you want to receive them.

Key Features

My News – Home for individualized news program. You can personalise your news tip based on your preferences and your recitation habits.

• User Preference – Get news recommendations based on your preferences. You get to choose what topics you like.
• Reading Habits – We use artificial news and Machine Learning engineering to recommend news based on what you read.

Notification Personalisation – We deliver notifications for the topics that you prefer.

What ’ second Brewing – Stay ahead of everyone by staying updated with newsworthiness tailored to your interests. You can now follow the developments from a particular swerve event by subscribing to notifications for the same. exemplar – People can subscribe to get notifications for any news program article on the visit of Jeff Bezos to India.

News Shots – Want to read a short-change summary before jumping into the details of the news program ? We offer a drumhead of each news article in less than 70 words for those who love short-format news stories.

Highlights – Love Instagram and Facebook stories ? You can now stay updated with such storytelling with the photo/video highlights of the newsworthiness.

News in Multimedia – You can follow the news via photos and videos.

Stay updated with what ‘s happening in your region – Get news gathered according to detail states, which makes it easier to get entree to Regional News.

Dark Mode – Reading at night or in low light conditions ? Turn on the Dark Mode to have a pleasant read experience.

Lite View – Trouble with poor internet focal ratio ? We allow you to read the newsworthiness even at slow internet speeds. The app will switch to lite view automatically when the internet connection is slow.

Offline Access – No internet, no problem ! You can nowadays access the news program evening when you are offline without an offline learn feature.

Listen to News – You can listen to the news while you are on the crack.

Manage Homepage – You can nowadays choose what you get to see first gear. You can reorganise the app home page to show the topics that you like in the holy order that you choose.


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