Weekly Horoscope – Aries Weekly Horoscope 22 – 28 August, 2022

Aries Weekly Horoscope 15 – 21 August, 2022

During the week of August 15 – 21, try to put aside the unpleasant experiences of the last weeks and days.
During these seven days, it will be important to get rid of the tension that you have accumulated in yourself. It will be important to protect yourself from possible health problems, from the emergence of unwanted new problems and troubles.
This week you will follow the development of family problems in a friend’s life. It is possible that he or she will look for you to share what they are going through, to seek advice, help.
Unfortunately, in most cases these problems will be due to extramarital affairs, money mistakes or hasty decisions.
Some of the good moments and experiences this week will be related to your work. There will probably be new, promising commitments, innovations, responsibilities, new colleagues or clients, etc.
This week, expect events or news related to receiving money, which will be good for your personal or family budget.
During the week you will have engagements, meeting or gathering related to a person from your circle of relatives or friends.
During these days you can expect interesting contacts with a person who is currently traveling or working/living in another locality.
The development of the events at the end of the week will be especially important for you.
During these seven days, remember your dreams and make it a habit to write them down (or at least what you remember).
Many will have to make a serious commitment to a man. Be careful with manipulative actions and hasty, emotional decisions.
Boys and girls will spend a week at fast-paced events, unexpected or hastily organized meetings or gatherings. You have a week ahead of you in which you will live at a fast pace, but this should not make you careless or prone to risky and reckless actions. You will have enough time for love, you will seek and give it. If you do not have a serious relationship, you will invest more energy and time in your presence in appropriate online platforms or dating agencies.
Men will need to be much more careful and cautious this week when making important decisions or committing to new responsibilities. Your promises will also require attention, which you may give out of embarrassment to refuse, but which may subsequently put you in a very delicate position. During this week, keep your personal belongings, documents, information that you store on your computer or phone. Your love life will also be interesting, especially for those of you who have a love affair with a woman who lives some distance away from you.
Women are in danger of getting into trouble due to thoughtlessness, haste, naivety. Your attempts to get out of them tactfully and diplomatically can help you, but I can’t guarantee that. In general, however, the week brings opportunities to get out of the routine you are in at the moment and to engage in new things, some new activity or to create new relationships. There will be no surprises that each of you will accept differently, according to your current mood.

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