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Display of the Thoth tarot cards in a museum
display of the Thoth tarot card cards in a museum The Thoth Tarot is a divinatory tarot card deck painted by Lady Frieda Harris according to instructions from Aleister Crowley. Crowley referred to this pack of cards as The Book of Thoth, and besides wrote a 1944 book of that entitle intended for habit with the deck .


Crowley primitively intended the Thoth deck to be a six-month project aimed at updating the traditional graphic symbolism of the tarot card. however, ascribable to increased telescope, the project finally spanned five years, between 1938 and 1943 .


The illustrations of the deck feature of speech symbolism based upon Crowley ‘s incorporation of imagination from many disparate disciplines, including science and doctrine and assorted occult systems ( as described in detail in his The Book of Thoth ) .

Differences from Rider–Waite-Smith tarot card

order and names of trumps

Crowley renamed several of the trumps compared to earlier arrangements, and besides re-arranged the numerical, astrological and Hebrew alphabet correspondences of 4 trumps compared to the Rider–Waite-Smith tarot card deck in accord with the Tarot of Marseilles, his 1904 script The Book of the Law ( Liber AL vel Legis ) and its “ New Commentary. ” In the “ New Commentary ” and The Book of Thoth, Crowley demonstrates that his trump agreement forms a double coil in the zodiac-number and letter-number correspondences compared to the Rider–Waite-Smith, where there is no cringle. There are interpretations as to why the Thoth Tarot deck does not follow Crowley ‘s raw arrangement having only a letter-number bivalent coil and one of them is that it follows the like Golden Dawn arrangement as the Rider–Waite-Smith deck. [ citation needed ]

All these old letters of my Book are correctly ; but צ is not the star .

Tzaddi is the letter of The Emperor, the Trump IV, and He is the Star, the Trump XVII. Aquarius and Aries are therefore counterchanged, revolving on the pivot of Pisces, barely as, in the Trumps VIII and XI, Leo and Libra do about Virgo. This last revelation makes our Tarot attributions sublimely, absolutely, flawlessly symmetrical .

For The Star is referred to Aquarius in the Zodiac, and The Emperor to Aries. nowadays Aries and Aquarius are on each side of Pisces, good as Leo and Libra are on each side of Virgo ; that is to say, the correction in the Book of the Law gives a perfect symmetry in the zodiacal attribution, barely as if a coil were formed at one end of the ellipse to correspond precisely with the existing loop at the other end .

Crowley’s double loop in the zodiac
Number Sign Letter Name
IV Aquarius Tzaddi The Emperor
VIII Libra Lamed Adjustment
XI Leo Tet Lust
XVII Aries Heh The Star

Names of motor hotel cards

Crowley altered the names of all the court cards which can cause some confusion for people used to the more common decks. The distinctive corresponding names are as follows :

Traditional Court Card Name Thoth Deck Court Card Name
King Knight
Queen Queen
Knight Prince
Page Princess

Titles and attributions of the Minor Arcana


Number Sign Decan Ruler of Decan Name
1 The Root of the Powers of Fire
2 Aries 1st Mars Dominion
3 Aries 2nd Sun Virtue
4 Aries 3rd Venus Completion
5 Leo 1st Saturn Strife
6 Leo 2nd Jupiter Victory
7 Leo 3rd Mars Valour
8 Sagittarius 1st Mercury Swiftness
9 Sagittarius 2nd Moon Strength
10 Sagittarius 3rd Saturn Oppression


Number Sign Decan Ruler of Decan Name
1 The Root of the Powers of Water
2 Cancer 1st Venus Love
3 Cancer 2nd Mercury Abundance
4 Cancer 3rd Moon Luxury
5 Scorpio 1st Mars Disappointment
6 Scorpio 2nd Sun Pleasure
7 Scorpio 3rd Venus Debauch
8 Pisces 1st Saturn Indolence
9 Pisces 2nd Jupiter Happiness
10 Pisces 3rd Mars Satiety


Number Sign Decan Ruler of Decan Name
1 The Root of the Powers of Air
2 Libra 1st Moon Peace
3 Libra 2nd Saturn Sorrow
4 Libra 3rd Jupiter Truce
5 Aquarius 1st Venus Defeat
6 Aquarius 2nd Mercury Science
7 Aquarius 3rd Moon Futility
8 Gemini 1st Jupiter Interference
9 Gemini 2nd Mars Cruelty
10 Gemini 3rd Sun Ruin


Number Sign Decan Ruler of Decan Name
1 The Root of the Powers of Earth
2 Capricorn 1st Jupiter Change
3 Capricorn 2nd Mars Works
4 Capricorn 3rd Sun Power
5 Taurus 1st Mercury Worry
6 Taurus 2nd Moon Success
7 Taurus 3rd Saturn Failure
8 Virgo 1st Sun Prudence
9 Virgo 2nd Venus Gain
10 Virgo 3rd Mercury Wealth


Harris ‘ renditions of the tarot card are on watercolour newspaper affixed to a compact back ; the acidity of the bet on, according to a composition from 2006, resulted in discoloration of borders, and to some extent, the paintings themselves. The paintings besides required clean and the repair of little tears. A conservation design called for the scavenge surfaces, the removal of back ( while retaining master inscriptions ), recycle of the hand-painted window mats, and successor of overlays with acid-free, museum-quality paper. The project was completed in 2011. [ citation needed ] The paintings are owned by the Warburg Institute ; work was completed by the Institute ‘s in-house specialist, Susan Campion .



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