Queen of Wands Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial – Esoteric Meanings

queen of Wands Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial

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queen of wands

( two ) Thoth Queen Of Wands

hera we see a Queen of Wands seated upon a throne with a leopard sitting at her right english. She has her right hired hand on the leopards lead and in her left hand she holds a gat with a pine cone at the tiptoe .
queen of wands

( three ) Rider Waite Queen of Wands

queen of wands

( intravenous feeding ) Sub Elements of the Queen of Wands

queen of wands

She is made up of the ardent aspect of Water
fire and Water are enemies, they weaken each other consequently she will have contradictions in her nature which are hard to resolve like the Knight of Cups. This is despite the fact that she is a very potent person but this implicit in imbalance of her make up means that she is apposite to cross between her light and dark sides often .

( v ) Tetragrammaton & the Queen of Wands

She represents He Primal
queen of wands

( six ) Queen of Wands & the tree of Life

The Queens are related to the third sephiroth or Binah on the tree of liveliness. Whereas the Knights act under the charm of Chockmah, the Queens have the capacity to internalize and self reflect more. This requires a quality of survival that the Knights do not possess .
queen of wands

In tarot card Binah is associated with the Three and the Queens. the Threes are associated with manifestation in matter, and the Queens are the Mothers of the elements of their suits, much like Binah has been called the big mother giving birth to form .
Binah represents the female potency of Chokmah, fair as Chockmah represents the male potency. Binah is the capital sea or uterus which receives the force of Chohmah and begins to give it shape. It heads the pillar of austereness since in shape comes parturition and death, and thus we have limits being formed hera. Binah is ruled by Saturn which governs clock time. and in his greek form Kronos ate his children. so Binah adenine well as the convinced assign of giving birth to ‘ form ’ in creation, besides is responsible for the cycle of birth and end, hence a desirable place is the head of the column of asperity .

( seven ) Astrology of the Queen of Wands

She rules 21°Pisces to 20° Aries. This bestows the spiritualty and sensitivity of Pisces with the firm will and ambition of Aries. As we will see, this combination does not constantly produce positive results !
Pisces gives her sensitivity and inspiration
Aries gives her leadership and assurance .

( eight ) symbology of the Queen of Wands

Crown = has 12 rays of light emanating from it representing the 12 signs of the zodiac. It is besides open and expressive & is connected to spirit .
queen of wands

The zodiac is a theatrical performance of NUIT the Sky Goddess as seen in the Aeon card :
The above implies integration of her personality and connection with her unlike traits. besides suggests she has worked through issues to be able to have a clear imagination ( zodiac is her crown, so a crown of cognition of what the different signs bring to the world ). consequently relates well to others. Ties in with her compassionate side .
Throne = of fire. Her passion, ambition and energy to get things done and assert herself. sometimes this translates to imposing her will on others .
Crowley states : “ She is seated upon a throne of flame, ordered into geometric sparkle by her material office. Beneath the toilet the tide flames are sweetheart. ”
Steady flames = she has gained an chemical element of self-mastery and control of herself
Fish clasp for her cloak = compassion, spirituality, sensitivity. Associated with Pisces
Thyrsus = wand with ache cone has respective associations. The thyrse, associated with Dionysus ( or Bacchus ) is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, hedonism, and pleasure/enjoyment penis and the ache cone representing the “ seeded player ” issuing forth .
Paul Hughes Barlow reminds us that Bacchus besides relates to The Fool. He is besides intoxicated with life but has not met life ’ mho challenges however then there is more of an artlessness to his nature .
queen of wands

Queens eyes closed = reminds us of this ‘ intoxication ’ and concentration she has with her life as she is fully committed to accomplishing her goals .

( nine ) Mythology of the Queen of Wands

She represents a womanhood who, before she knew who she was, had black hair and walked with a jaguar by her side. She began to discover her nature through self-development, her hair turned brown and her jaguar turned into a leopard. When she amply realised who she was and expressed herself in full in the populace, her hair turned red.. The spots of the leopard remained as a admonisher of the iniquity times she had experienced in her past .
So the Queen of Wands represents the process of self discovery and awakening to who we in truth are, even though this means we have to experience potential dark periods in our life .

( ten ) Minor Arcana Cards ruled by the Queen of Wands

She Rules : 10 of Cups ( Satiety ) + 2 of Wands ( Dominion ) + 3 of Wands ( Virtue )

10 of Cups ( Satiety )

queen of wands
This is the opposite of what she normally expresses as a goal orientated hard-working person. In this tail aspect of herself can lurk a tendency to rest upon her achievements and riches to the decimal point of not making best consumption of them. The cups do not overflow and pass on the ‘ riches ’. She can be avaricious and selfish and not share her insights and give to others .

2 of Wands (Dominion)

queen of wands This is an significant aspect of her nature and represents her desire and confidence to go out into the global and fulfill her goals and establish herself. From this she derives the department of energy to complete tasks and get things done. She has an authority and a presence that people respect and has lots of invention through Mars in Aries to make her a great success in what she chooses to apply herself to .

3 of Wands ( Virtue )

queen of wands With Virtue, we have the direction in which the two of wands needs to be applied in arrange for her to be the best she can be and be of military service to the world.Open lotus blossoms mean following what has meaning for us and following something from the center. We have an understanding of what are our ‘ virtues ’ .. what we have to offer to the world in a useful means and so we are in tune with our own needs at the same time. This batting order is besides about trusting ourselves to make the justly decisions in our biography and not be held back by reverence. Angel Paths says : “ Virtue is about excellence – ethically and personally. It is about developing and maintaining high standards of demeanor, and then learning to have the confidence, self belief and military capability of character to live out those standards through our every act. ”

( xi ) I Ching & the Queen of Wands

Crowley associated the Queen of Wands with the 17 thursday Hexagram, Sui
queen of wands

Crowley states :
“ It indicates reflection upon pulsation, and the consequently even menstruate of legal action. ”
This hexagram has been called ADAPTING. nature adapts in the seasons, animals fu thickens in the winter as does the bark of trees. Applying to the Queen of Wands, it means knowing when to act, when not to. When to speak and when to stay dumb. Success through adapting to the realities around you and being flexible in opinion and deed. She can have a tendency to control and dominate and sol this adapt timbre is crucial for her to get on in the global .
As was indicated by her submarine elements, she does have contradictions and so she must strive to be the best she can be .
true power comes in serving others, not dominating so she must strive not to control events ( despite her Arian nature to dominate )

( twelve ) Divinatory Meanings of the Queen of Wands

queen of Wands Upright

queen of wands

  1. person going through the summons of self discovery and remembering how knock-down they are. reclaiming their life .
  2. Has got to this point by resolving difficult issues in the past. She now a identical strong character .
  3. A time to express your natural world power and beauty and move on from the past .
  4. A strong mugwump leader focussed on her goals and knows what she wants. She leads a very active voice life. She has a batch of creative department of energy and creates a herculean first impression .

queen of Wands Reversed

queen of wands
Can be choleric, authoritarian, pursue her goals until she is cauterize out, domineering, jealousy .

( thirteen ) Celtic Cross Interpretation of the Queen of Wands

princess of disks
1: Heart of the Situation = The motivation to put unmanageable times behind you, reclaim your personal baron and be one pointed in the avocation of your goals
2: Possible obstacle = issues of the past hold you back, disconnecting you from your confidence in the give .
3: Unconscious Desires = to be more convinced and know what we want out of life not letting the past contain us back
4: Recent Past = convinced, goal context, autonomous, a leader .
5: Hopes and goals = to be more confident and know what we want out of life not letting the past hold us back
6: Short Term Future = creative, know our focus in life
7: Our Self Image = assurance, independence, determination
8: Environment = An over dominant allele person in your life
9: Guidance & Warning = is our want for goals and independence limiting our balance wheel in animation. Are we being besides controlling of others ?
10: Overall Outcome = reclaim our personal power and confidence. Know our focus and move forward .

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Queen of Wands Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial

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