Should Raiders Fans Trust The Coin?

A time-honored custom in the NFL is preseason record predictions. Although, ascribable to the hebdomadally parity bit of football, even some of the best experts are way off base. however, one fan may have cracked the code in one of the most improbable ways. Should Las Vegas Raiders fans trust him ?

year in and year out, practically every media release will gather their experts to give their opinions on a team ’ s likely record semen season ’ second end. The NFL has a mantra of Any Given Sunday, implying that anyone can beat anyone at any time. This season has shown us to be no exception. These conditions make predicting the result of any given game borderline impossible. Let alone a full 17 game season. Between injuries, suspensions, resignations, and firings, it ’ s excessively unmanageable to determine where a team may end up occur January. however, could it have been so easy as a dim-witted mint flip all along ? One sports fan may have shown the world that it is.

Where did #TrustTheCoin come from?

Great legends all have an initial begin point. The charming coin is no different. approximately two months ago, a Reddit exploiter who goes by the diagnose “ pongislame ” posted their read predictions for the Raiders. The original position states that a mint flip was used to predict the eventual consequence of each game for the approaching 2021 season. While that may seem like a absurd way to make predictions, it ’ second worked so far. Through 11 games, the coin has been right then army for the liberation of rwanda. This alone is already an impressive feat. There ’ randomness merely about a five percentage opportunity that person could correctly call a coin throw 11 times in a course. When that act increases to 17, you ’ ra looking at 0.000763 % of being right or 1 in 131,072. If it holds, that would be something to behold .

It’s quite fitting

In the D.C. comedian script series “ Batman, ” an archrival of the cap reformer goes by the name of “ Two-Face. ” He is known to flip a mint to decide his victim ’ s result. This team has been quite ambidextrous in their own correct. From dominating wins against the Denver Broncos and Philadelphia Eagles to a rocky three-game skid, they have been all over the space.

possibly the Raiders are more synonymous with supervillains than the Dark Knight. So a mint pass being used to accurately predict the result of their season international relations and security network ’ thyroxine therefore farfetched after all .

A rally cry for Raider Nation

The 2021 season has been disruptive for the Raiders organization and their fans alike. It ’ sulfur often felt like they were never going to catch a break, and there wasn ’ triiodothyronine much to root for. The mint and its supposed magic trick powers have managed to give the fans something to cling to. From hashtags to jersey designs, it has swept through Raider Nation like wildfire. The original stake has the Raiders finishing 10-7 and being the seventh seed in the playoffs. While this may feel like it ’ five hundred be a win, 10-7 might not be enough to make the playoffs in the bosomy AFC. On the early hand, 2021 has often been called the most irregular season so army for the liberation of rwanda. so, at the end, who knows ? Let ’ s all sit down, buckle up and trust the coin !

* Top photograph : AP Photo/Rick Scuteri

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