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Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies help deter counterfeiters and raise the aesthetic rate of issue coins.
In a universe where counterfeiting can cause great damage to confidence in the monetary system, the Royal Dutch Mint develops innovative solutions and techniques to prevent counterfeits. This covers visible solutions and solutions not directly visible to users. In addition to the prevention of forge, these techniques are in some cases ideal for raising the aesthetic value and quality of coins to an even higher grade. A few of these solutions are discussed in greater detail below .


Advanced counterfeit protection for circulation coins 
Minted Security Printing is a unique technology based on Intaglio Printing, known from the bill printing proficiency. This technique is used on specific sections of the coin as a very effective security feature. The intaglio printing mark feels rough, quite unlike other sections of the coin, which are smooth. This technique gives the option of using the same security feature on banknotes and coins. Minted Security Printing deters counterfeiters and keeps us one step ahead. MSP© has been thoroughly tested for lastingness and anti-counterfeiting. Coins protected by this method acting are already in circulation. mint Security Printing uses advanced techniques that have been fully developed by the Royal Dutch Mint. Various security levels are available, depending on requirements.


True pictures on coins
Minted Photo Image is a unique feature of speech which makes it potential to print photo-quality images on a mint. This not only includes the contour or a low-resolution photograph ; Minted Photo Image allows you to display true pictures with a identical gamey settlement. The astounding result of this technique is a photo-like coin of the highest quality. This innovative technique has been used by the Royal Dutch Mint on assorted commemorative coins in the Netherlands and for central Banks global. Minted Photo Image offers a battalion of possibilities and applications.


Multiple images on a single side of a coin
MultiView Minting offers the hypothesis of creating multiple images on a single side of a coin. The model of the Dutch commemorative mint celebrating the royal birth of Princess Amalia illustrates this proficiency. The singular design of the coin makes the trope of the princess vanish when the coin is turned to the leave or right. The persona of her mother Princess Maxima appears on one side and her father Prince Willem-Alexander on the other. MultiView Minting offers a battalion of possibilities and applications.


The Royal Dutch Mint will gladly advise on which proficiency or combination of techniques is most effective for your particular requirements. We provide you with the optimum solution .

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