Best David Spade Movies, Ranked

David Spade made his name as a Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member in the early-90s alongside the likes of Chis Rock, Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, and Chris Farley, with whom Spade remained close friends and has collaborated frequently throughout his prolific career.

Spade is known & celebrated for his affable and Everyman personality, & while his What Happened To Diamond
s haven’t always been huge hits with critics, who have sometimes labeled him as juvenile or repetitive, he has established a large & loyal người yêu thích base, with several of his projects going on bự be consiered genuine cult classics. With a career that spans kết thúc 30 years, we’ve taken a look back at his filmography & selected his greatest & most enjoyable movies và ranked them below .

With a fun and intriguing premise and a clever array of cameos, it’s unfortunate that 2003’s Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star didn’t quite reach its full potential. That isn’t to say it’s not a fun ride, and some of the cameos are undeniably entertaining. It follows Spade playing faded child star Dickie Roberts attempting to revive his career. During the process, he interacts with a number of actual child stars including Gary Coleman, Corey Haim, Dustin Diamond, and Corey Feldman. Cameos aside, Jon Lovitz in particular delivers a solid performance as Dickie’s agent. Blending his usual blend of quirky and slapstick humor, with a surprisingly healthy dose of sentimentality, makes this among Spade’s better movies despite it beginning to drag somewhat in the second half.

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While not giving fans of Spade or Happy Madison anything spectacularly ground-breaking or different to their usual rambunctious comedy affairs, The Wrong Missy is certainly a solid entry and a worthy addition to this list. This time around, Spade plays a businessman on a work retreat who, in a case of mistaken phonebook identity, accidently invites a woman with whom he had an awful first date to accompany him. After over three decades in the industry, Spade’s humor and personality shine just as strongly, but it’s Lauren Lapkus who steals the show as the zany ‘wrong’ Missy, really showing a side to her that is sure to have audiences eager for more in the future. After appearing in several Happy Madison productions, it’s always a delight to have Mr Rob Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, make an appearance and as usual, he doesn’t disappoint.

Like many David Spade / Happy Maddison / Adam Sandler movies, the film was not a huge hit with critics, however, box office returns certainly tell a different story, with Grown Ups grossing a hugely impressive $271 million and spawning an equally successful sequel. Spade stars alongside a star-studded cast of frequent collaborators including Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and Rob Schneider, who play high school pals on a reunion trip three decades later. While at times it can be argued that the humor is a little juvenile, that shouldn’t be that surprising considering its cast. The jokes come thick and fast, and with a little pathos and sentimentality thrown in for good measure, it’s not impossible to understand why the movie was such a hit in theaters, with audiences looking to switch off and be entertained for 100 minutes or so.

The first but not the last animation on the list, this 2012 Adam Sandler-led comedy is chock-a-block full of classic horror tropes, characters, and references. A huge box office hit, Hotel Transylvania proved to be so popular it has since spawned a further three sequels. Kids and parents can expect appearances from beloved horror icons including the Invisible Man, Frankenstein, Quasimodo, a werewolf, and, of course, Dracula. Younger viewers will be dazzled by the frenetic humor and dazzling animations, while adults are sure to get a kick out of the many gags paying homage to classic horror movies in history. Spade plays the Invisible Man alongside a stellar voice cast that includes Sandler, Kevin James, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, and Steve Buscemi.

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Critically panned at the time, Joe Dirt has been reappraised over the years and can be appreciated as one of Spade’s finest moments, providing a silly but fun story that sees the actor in his element as a trashy redneck janitor on a journey to find his parents, but ends up finding himself and a new family of close friends. It’s nice to see Spade fully immerse into a character, especially as he’s been accused as playing it safe in the past. The supporting cast was also impressive and even Kid Rock’s appearance wasn’t terrible. A financial hit, and endlessly quotable, Joe Dirt will forever remain one of Spade’s most memorable moments.


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