What Should I Do If My Kundali Not Matching With My Partner?

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Isn ’ t it everyone ’ second dream to get married to the love of their animation ? All of us wish to get married to person we love, share a bang-up understand with, and want to spend the lie of our lives together. As per Vedic astrology, the beginning step to deciding the compatibility of a prospective couple is Kundali Matching. It is a identical authoritative footstep in the summons of marriage and people don ’ t take it for granted .
If your Kundali not Matching with your partner. then, you need to worry. Book a consultation with an astrologer. They will analyze your horoscope and tell you some remedies and solutions. If you follow them. then, It does not matter kundali is matching or not.

Kundali Matching or Kundali Milan or Gun Milan is an eight-step action that includes matching the Gunas of the soon-to-be bride and groom. Each measure has some points allocated to it and in the end, the sum score is calculated which then decides the compatibility of the couple. The maximum mark possible is 36 Gunas if a couple of scores anything between 18-32, it is a good couple and they can go ahead with it, if a pair scores more than 32, then they have exchangeable personalities and will be highly compatible. however, if a couple scores less than 18, then the equal is said to be inauspicious and it is suggested to not go ahead with the union .
There is nothing to get disheartened about. There is a solution to everything, there have been cases where the pair scored less than 18 in the Kundali Matching summons but are leading a very felicitous and comfortable marry animation. Over the years, astrologers have come up with versatile remedies for the different kinds of Doshas which lead to a mismatch in Kundalis .
Before getting into those remedies, there are some general things which you can try such as consulting a different astrologer or using some other way of matching Kundalis like by date of parturition or by name. You can besides try reciting religious mantras and wearing healing gemstones. however, if none of these ways work for you, then you will have to go for specific remedial measures targeting the different doshas that are potential .
Doshas in Kundali Matching are quite common, so there is nothing to panic about. however, it is significant to undertake steps to eliminate or reduce the effect of these doshas thus as to ensure a happy and harmonious marital life. The presence of Doshas in Kundali Matching can lead to the following issues in your married life :

  • Never ending fights and arguments in marriage.
  • Problems in conceiving.
  • Negative impact on the health of both the partners and their respective families.
  • Losses in business or degradation in career.
  • Ill effects on the physical relationship.

To avoid all such problems, it is very important to take up some remedial measures which target the particular doshas .

Varna Dosha and Vasya Desha

As per Vedic astrology, the stableman should belong to a superscript Varna equally well as Vasya to the bride to have a booming marriage. If it ’ s the early way round, then the couple is said to be incompatible and they might have to face issues in their marriage. however, not every type of Varna and Vasya dosh does damage to the marriage, so the inaugural footfall is to understand if the dosh will hamper the marriage. If the solution is yes, you shouldn ’ t worry as it can be rectified with astrological remedies like Yantras, reciting mantras, arranging Pujas, and making donations to the poor and destitute .

Yoni Dosha

If the Yoni of the groom and bridget add up to be enemy or an extreme enemy then Yoni Dosha is said to be present. In such cases, astrologers suggest avoiding marriage as it can have some unplayful ill effects on the union. however, Yoni Dosha is said to be nullified under the be conditions :

  • The Rashi or the moon sign of both the bride and groom should belong to a common planet, in other words, they should belong to the same Rashi or the lords should be friendly.
  • Another condition is that the Navamsha lord of the bride and groom should be the same or friends.
  • Bhakoot dosha is not present in the Kundalis of the bride and groom.

Nadi Dosha

Nadi dosh is believed to be a very serious dosh and can have adverse negative impacts on the marry life of the pair. It is very important to take steps to nullify or reduce the effects of Nadi Dosh in order to have a harmonious married life sentence. Some of the steps that can be taken are :

  • Getting jewelry made of healing gemstones.
  • Reciting the Mahamritunjaya Mantra for the number of times advised by the astrologer.
  • Arranging a Nadi Nirvana Puja.
  • Making donations of grains, clothes and cow to a Brahmin family.
  • Getting the bride married to Lord Vishnu first.
  • Changing lifestyle to bring peace and harmony in life.

Mangal Dosha

The Mangal Dosha occurs when the Mars of either the bride or groom is not in a favorable position. It is a very serious dosh and it needs to be eliminated, consider the follow points in shell of Mangal Dosh :

  • A union of two Mangliks is said to nullify the dosh making it auspicious.
  • Arranging a Kumbh Vivah which means getting the person with Mangal married to a peepal tree or a statue of Lord Vishnu.
  • Keeping a fast one every Tuesday is said to prove very effective in reducing the Mangal Desha.
  • Along with a fast, an individual should recite the Navgraha mantra or Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday.
  • According to Vedic Astrology, a person with Mangal Dosha should wait till they turn 28 before getting married, as the intensity of the Dosh decreases by then.

Bhakoot Dosha

This is a Dosh that can not be avoided. The impact of Bhakoot dosh can not be seen immediately, it is a behind killer whale and the effect will be seen gradually over clock time. There international relations and security network ’ t a goofproof remedy to eliminate Bhakoot dosh but reciting mantras, wearing gemstones can prove to be actually effective in reducing the ill effects of Bhakoot Dosh .

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