Full text of “Rare Coin Review No. 18”

Full text of “Rare Coin Review No. 18”

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Ray Collection 

General Information about Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. — Terms of Sale 

Welcome to the latest issue of the “Rare Coin Review.” 
We think you 11 enjoy being a Bowers and Ruddy Galleries 
client. Since 1953 we’ve helped build many of the finest 
collections ever assembled. Whether you want a $5 coin, a 
1500 coin, or even a $50,000 coin we can help you. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of the coins we deliver. 
If you’re an advanced numismatist or a dealer, as most of 
our customers are, then you can appreciate what an 
important difference quality makes. If you’re a new 
collector, then be sure to compare quality when comparing 
price — for a comparison of one without the other is 
absolutely meaningless. If your emphasis is on quality 
you’ve come to the right place! 

The directors of the firm (James F. Ruddy, Nancy 
Ruddy, and Q. David Bowers) are members of the 
International Association of Professional Numismatists, the 
Professional Numismatists Guild (Q. David Bowers is a 
director of the PNG; James F. Ruddy is recipient of the 
PNG Distinguished Service Award), the American Numis¬ 
matic Association (life members 336 and 337), the Royal 
Numismatic Society (London), the American Numismatic 
Society, and other leading organizations. 

James F. Ruddy is author of “Photograde,” the standard 
guide to coin grading. Jim Ruddy has been honored by 
many numismatic organizations and has participated in 
many important numismatic research discoveries to be 
published in recent decades. 

Q. David Bowers is author of many books, including the 
best-selling “Coins and Collectors”, and writes regularly for 
“Coin World,” “Numismatic News,” the “Encyclopedia 
Americana,” and other publications. 

Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. has handled many of 
the most important coins and collections sold in America 
and Europe since our founding in 1953. Today we have the 
largest and most comprehensive stock of choice and rare 
coins in the hands of any dealer in the world. 

Our affiliated firm, the American Auction Association, 
Inc., is well known for its fine quality auction sales. These 
sales are catalogued by Q. David Bowers, James F. Ruddy, 
Karl Stephens, and other numismatists on our staff. 

It has been our pleasure to have supplied choice coins to 
dealers, collectors, and museums worldwide. It would be 
our pleasure to include YOU among our many satisfied 
customers. We’re “your friends in the rare coin business” — 
and we think you’ll really enjoy doing business with us. 


1. Enclose remittance with order unless credit has been 
established. A prompt cash refund will be given for any part of an 
order not filled. 

2. All items will be shipped postpaid to U.S. addresses (for 
information concerning foreign shipments see the introduction to 
our World Coins section). Coins go via fast first class or air mail. 
Books, albums, and supplies go under separate cover by special book 
rate. California residents add state sales tax or furnish resale permit 

3. As many of the coins are one-of-a-kind in our stock, alternate 
choices will be appreciated. Use the reverse of your order blank for 
this purpose. Your alternate choices will not be used unless the first 
items have been sold. If you are ordering for a type set, just put 
“Same Type” as your second choice and we’ll substitute a coin of 
the same design type and of equal or higher grade and value if-the 
first item requested has been sold. Title to all items remains with 
Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. until payment in full has been 
received. All items are subject to prior sale or price change without 
notice. This catalogue cancels all previous catalogues and price 

4. GUARANTEE: Any item not satisfactory for any reason may 
be returned within 7 days for an instant cash refund. No 
explanation is necessary. We’re not happy until you are! Coins are 
graded by “Photograde.” All items are absolutely guaranteed 

5. MASTER CHARGE: Any item in the “Rare Coin Review” 
may be charged to your Master Charge account by sending us all of 
the information in raised print on your card. In this way convenient 
time payments can be arranged through your local bank. 

6. VISITING US: Our offices are located in downtown 
Hollywood, directly across the street from world-famous Grauman’s 
Chinese Theatre. We’re open Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 
noon; 1 to 5 p.m. As rare coins are kept in bank vaults, an 
appointment is recommended so we can have a selection of rare 
coins on hand for you to view. Visit us the next time you are in the 
Los Angeles area! 


Items may be reserved by telephoning Nancy Ruddy or Judy 
Moran (U.S. coins) or Karl Stephens or Judy Cahn (coins of the 
world) during business hours. Call collect from anywhere in the 
USA for an order of $200 or more. Telephone: (213) 466-4595. See 
Terms of Sale on this page for ordering information. 

© Copyright 1973 by Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. 
Hollywood, California. All rights reserved. 

cBowSts aijd cRyddyr Qalleries, °Inc. 

Directors: James F. Ruddy / Nancy Ruddy I Q. David Bowers 

6922 Hollywood Boulevard / Suite 810 Hollywood, California 90028 

Telephone (213) 466-4595 
Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 to noon; 1 to 5 p.m. 

The directors of the firm (James F. Ruddy, Nancy Ruddy, and Q. David Bowers) are members of the 
International Association of Professional Numismatists, the Professional Numismatists Guild (Q. David 
Bowers is a director of the PNG; James F. Ruddy is recipient of the PNG Distinguished Service Award), 
the American Numismatic Association (life members 336 and 337), the Royal Numismatic Society 
(London), the American Numismatic Society, and other leading organizations. We are “your friends in the 
rare coin business” — and we think you'll really enjoy doing business with us. 

—Page 2— 


M * cj^ate Coin 

c RevievC' 

Coins for the discriminating numismatist 

Rare Coin Review No. 18 Aug.-Sept 1973 

The Ray Collection 

Recently we’ve added hundreds of thousands of 
dollars worth of choice and rare United States and 
world coins to our stock. Featured in this issue of the 
Rare Coin Review are coins from the fabulous Ray 
Collection, an old-time grouping assembled many 
years ago. 

The present Review issue is the most comprehen¬ 
sive we’ve ever issued. We think you’ll find many 
really great values listed! 

Our SPECIAL OFFER this issue is an especially outstanding 
value: a beautiful Brilliant Uncirculated 1945-S wartime nickel for 
just 50c with any order of $ 10 or more from this issue of the “Rare 
Coin Review.” This is less than half of the coin’s wholesale value! 
(Reference: June 22, 1973 issue of “The Coin Dealer Newsletter” 
which states that dealers are PAYING $43 per roll of 40 pieces — or 
over $1 per coin!) The 1945-S nickel is of special interest as it is 
made of silver alloy and has the large “S” mintmark over the dome 
of Monticello. 

As the special price of 50c is way below wholesale, we make the 
following limitations: (1) Just one coin per customer. (2) Offer 
limited to the number of coins we have on hand — so order early! 
Request “1945-S Nickel Offer” when ordering and add 50c to the 
total of your order. 

The Recent Coin Market 

We have been in the rare coin field since 1953. 
Never have we seen such an intense interest in coins 
as we’ve experienced during the past several months. 
The market has been strong, and prices have been 
rising. Our past issue, Rare Coin Review No. 17, was 
obsolete within a month or so of its release. Virtually 
every participant in our popular Collection/Invest¬ 
ment Plan can show a nice profit on his portfolio if 
he has been with the program for a year or so — 
despite the fact that “traditionally” we recommend 
that a period of several years is best to show an 
attractive appreciation in value. 

Our sale (held by the American Auction 
Association) of the Armand Champa Collection, a 
sale which took place last year (May, 1972), featured 
record-breaking prices which made headlines in major 
numismatic publications at the time. Now, a glance 
through the Champa Collection catalogue reveals 
what are incredible bargains at today’s price levels. 
Chances are good that the many price records set in 
our more recent (May, 1973) Terrell Collection sale 
will be bargains in the future as well. 

“What do you think of the coin market?” is a 
question asked of us nearly every day. “Why have 
prices risen so much during the past year?” is 
probably the second most popular question. We’ll 
answer these here. 

There is no one single factor which has made the 
coin market so strong. This is good, for it means that 
there is a certain built-in stability should one of the 
several factors weaken. Unlike past “bull markets” in 
coins, the present market is not speculative. There are 
no dealers, investors, or others who are methodically 
buying up certain issues and holding them in 
quantity. Rather, the market is broadly based and is 
comprised of many thousands of individual buyers 
who are acting independently of each other. 

‘‘Your friends in the rare coin business" 

-Page 3— 

Here are some factors which have influenced the 
strong upward movement of coin prices during recent 

(1) The market has expanded. More collectors, 
investors, and dealers have joined the numismatic 
field. As the supply of older coins remains static, the 
inevitable result is an increase in prices. Far from 
being a rich man’s hobby, numismatics is a 
democratic pastime and appeals to people from all 
walks of life. As the standard of living improves, more 
and more buyers enter the field. It is not unusual 
today for an American citizen with an average income 
to buy a motor home, power boat, or even a vacation 
cottage or home. Likewise, it is not unusual for him 
to buy a $500 or even a $5000 coin. Years ago such 
expensive pieces were usually purchased only by 
successful professional people and businessmen. 
Today the market is much broader. Added to this is 
the consideration that the standard of living is rising 
in other countries as well, resulting in a broadly-based 
demand by citizens of Japan, Germany, Britain, Italy, 
and other economically progressive lands. 

(2) Relative price levels of coins are low. Recently 
a specimen of the well-known 1918 24c stamp with 
the airplane inverted sold for $37,000. Several years 
ago a rare British Guiana stamp fetched in excess of 
$300,000, with the buyer (our friend Irwin Weinberg 
of Wilkes-Barre, Penna.) indicating he would have 
paid substantially more if necessary. In the field of 
coins $37,000 is a rarified atmosphere, and only a 
handful of coins have ever sold for more than this 
amount. There are 100 specimens known of the 
aforementioned 24c stamp. Had this stamp been a 
coin, chances are the price level would have been in 
the $5000 to $10,000 range. No modern coin of 
which about 100 pieces are known has ever sold for 
$37,000 or even remotely near it. All of this points 
out that coin prices have a great potential. 

Coins which have been valued at $50,000 to 
$100,000 within the past two years (no coin has ever 
been sold for more than $100,000, to our knowledge) 
include: 1804 silver dollar $80,000 (about 15 
known), 1907 extremely high relief $20 gold 
$100,000 (about a dozen known), 1913 Liberty 


Price of this catalogue: $2 per copy to U.S. addresses; $3 
elsewhere. A subscription to the next six issues of the Rare Coin 
Review PLUS all auction catalogues and prices realized lists issued 
by the American Auction Association during that time is: 

To U.S. addresses by surface mail: $10.00 
To foreign addresses by surface mail: $15.00 
To U.S. or foreign addresses by air mail: $25.00 
Due to the cost of producing our large illustrated catalogues we 
do not make a profit on the subscriptions. For this reason 
subscriptions are solicited only from active collectors, dealers, and 
investors — as each must “pay its way” by going to an active buyer. 

nickel $100,000 (5 known), 1894-S dime $50,000 
(fewer than 10 known), 1838-0 half dollar $75,000 
(fewer than 10 known), and the 1927-1) $20 gold 
$65,000 (fewer than a half dozen known). Clearly, 
the “rarest of the rare” in the United States coin 
series are bargains in comparison to our sister field, 
stamp collecting. 

Compare coin prices (or stamp prices too, for that 
matter) to the field of art, and the potential for price 
appreciation is even more dramatically illustrated. A 
rare painting has sold for over $5,000,000, and a 
number have broken the $1,000,000 mark. For a 
painting to sell for “just” $100,000 (the highest sale 
price ever recorded for a rare coin) would be 
humdrum news and probably would attract no 
attention at all in the art market! 

Often buyers of major coin scarcities and rarities 
are cognizant of other collecting fields as well, and 
the knowledge that coins are underpriced is not lost 
on them. Hence, there is a value concept in the coin 
market at present. Coin price levels, even taking into 
consideration recent advances, are still very low on a 
relative basis. 

(3) Favorable comparison of coin investment to 
other investment fields. Investment in choice and rare 
United States coins and coins of the world has been 
extremely rewarding to those who have participated 
over the years. Many investors have been disillusioned 
with the securities market, real estate, and other 
fields and have turned to coins. Indeed, compared to 
popular statistics and averages in other fields, coins 
have done spectacularly well. 

This has caused many people to consider coins as 
an investment per se (as opposed to the historical and 
hobby aspects of coin collecting). We have always 
recommended that coin buyers become involved with 
the numismatic aspects of coins and take the time to 
learn about them, but the fact remains that there are 
many buyers who are investing solely for the sake of 
investment. Undoubtedly they will do well, especially 
if they buy from a reputable, experienced numismatic 
firm. Undoubtedly they will do very well if they both 
learn about coins and buy from a reputable, 
experienced numismatic firm. 

Profit-sharing programs and pension firms are 
beginning to realize the investment potential of coins. 
Business Week, to mention just one of many 
publications, has had very favorable articles on coin 
investment in recent months. The investment aspect 
of coins is attracting the attention of money 
managers and investment counselors all over the 

(4) Inflation. Inflation seems to be a fact of life in 
America and in many other countries as well. Choice 

—Page 4— 

and rare coins have consistently outpaced inflation 
and have been a superb hedge against it. 

(5) The international aspect. America is no longer 
an isolated country. When we went to Europe in the 
early 1960’s it was an exciting event for the fellow 
dealers and collectors we visited there. Now travel 
around the world is commonplace. What goes on in 
the coin market in London or Zurich is followed with 
avid interest. No longer is the situation remote. 
Indeed, the Swiss banking system has been more in 
the news during the past year than has the American 
banking system! 

The market for coins is tridy international. We 
don’t mean that American citizens buy American 
coins, British subjects buy British coins, and Germans 
buy German coins. Rather, Americans avidly collect 
coins from all countries, and citizens of other 
countries do likewise. One of the major buyers for 
American silver dollars in the recent Terrell 
Collection sale was a leading dealer from Japan. 
Recently we sold a major California territorial gold 
rarity to a dealer in Germany and a large group of 
U.S. commemorative half dollars to a dealer in Italy. 

The collector or investor buying United States 
coins or coins of the world has a truly international 
demand for his coins when the time comes to sell 
them. Devaluations of the U.S. dollar, which have 
happened several times in the past year, have just 
increased the demand more. 

(6) Limited availability. Rare coins are just that: 
they are rare. As we noted earlier in this discussion, 

the supply of older rare coins is static, and as the 
demand increases, the prices increase also. 

Buyers are now becoming more educated and the 
coin market is ridding itself of vendors of 
misdescribed and counterfeit coins. Two years ago it 
was possible, for example, to have a most peculiar 
situation: Reputable dealers (such as members of the 
Professional Numismatists Guild and/or the Interna¬ 
tional Association of Professional Numismatists) 
would advertise, for example, an Uncirculated coin in 
the $150 range, or an example of the same coin 
would bring $150 at auction. Allowing for normal 
variances in the coin market and for individual 
pricing, the same piece might be offered by different 
PNG or IAPN members for, say, $145, $149, $150, 
and $155. At the same time a similar coin might be 
advertised for sale by an unethical dealer for, say, 
$60, with the come-on of “why pay more?” In the 
coin field, just as in other walks of life, you get 
exactly what you pay for. “There is no Santa Claus in 
numismatics,” Lee Hewitt, well-known publisher, has 
said many times. How is it possible that a $150 coin 
could be advertised for $60? The “secret” was that 
certain “dealers” (we use the term loosely here) were 
selling “whizzed” or “processed” lower grade coins as 
“Uncirculated” or even “gem Uncirculated.” The 
American Numismatic Association met the problem 
head-on last year and declared that any ANA member 
who engaged in such practices would be expelled. As 
a result, the problem of “processing” has dwindled. It 
is still not solved completely, but the problem is only 
a fraction of what it once was. 

Nancy Ruddy 
—Page 5— 

James F. Ruddy 

New “Guide Book” Edition Available 

We can supply copies of the new 27th edition (1974) A Guide 
Book of l nited States Coins, by Richard S. Yeoman. For 27 issues 
this book has been the most complete single volume on United 
States coin pricing. Over ten million copies have been sold! 

Order your copy today. Just $2.50 postpaid. (Stock No. BY-1) 

What does all of this have to do with coin 
investment.' Well, according to Gresham’s well-known 
law, the bad drives out the good. In the instance of 
our $150 coin, the buyer of this coin might hesitate, 
or at the very least feel “uncomfortable” about 
buying it, if he saw another advertised for just $60. 
After all, it would be foolish to pay $150 for a $60 
coin. This had a dampening effect on the upward rise 
of prices. 

Also the “processing” of coins distorted the supply 
situation. Many coins are extremely rare in higher 
grades. If three out of five “Brilliant Uncirculated” 
Barber half dollars advertised were really “processed” 
lower-grade coins, then the supply of BU pieces 
would ostensibly be larger than it really is. The 
supply of “BU” pieces increased as the processors 
took EF and AU pieces and treated them. The 
demand for BU pieces was increasing, but the supply 
was also! 

Now that the “processors” of coins have largely 
been put out of business, or at least their activities 
have been exposed, the true rarity of certain coins is 
becoming realized — and this has had an uplifting 
effect on coin prices. 

(7) Sentimental and artistic considerations. The 
trend toward collecting all sorts of antique things is 
growing. The field of collectibles is experiencing a 
great increase in interest. Coins are historically 
significant and are very fascinating to collect. It is 
easy to become involved with the history of a coin. 
Indeed, at Bowers and Ruddy Galleries we have 
always encouraged our customers to learn about coin 
history — for these pieces have many tales to tell. As 
you know, our sale catalogues are oriented toward 
making coin collecting and investment interesting as 
well as profitable for you. As a field for collecting 
enjoyment, coins have a lot to offer. They can be 
stored conveniently in a small space, can be easily 
studied, and information about them can be 
exchanged with fellow collectors all over the world. 
Investment aspects aside, the collecting of coins is an 
absolutely fascinating pursuit. To the intelligent and 
inquisitive mind numismatics offers a great reward. 

(8) There are many other considerations as well. In 
fact, we’re now writing a book on the subject of coins 
as an investment, and we go into many interesting 
sidelights on the subject. The appeal of gold metal 
throughout the history of mankind and the historic 
value of silver have added to tin; desirability of coins 

made of those metals. The fact that coins can be 
collected privately without government intervention 
and without one’s neighbors knowing the value of 
one’s holdings is another factor. And we could list 
many, many more. 

As leading dealers in the coin field we’ve known 
for a long time the value of coins as an investment, 
and many of our clients over the years have 
made tremendous profits by buying from us. Now 
that countless thousands of new collectors and 
investors are coming into the field, the rewards which 
have been possible in the past should continue, but 
perhaps with even more vigor. 

Some Investment Guidelines 

In our last issue we editorialized a bit on coin 
investment, so we won’t cover the same ground here 
again. We will, however, repeat three guidelines which 
we think will contribute to your investment success: 

1. Learn as much as you can about coins. The more 
you know about coins, the greater are your chances 
for success in the coin market. Think of coins not 
only as a monetary investment but as an investment 
in history and pleasure as well. Coins afford great 
pleasure of ownership and pride of possession. Take 
maximum advantage of this and enjoy your coins. 

2. Buy the best quality you can afford. If possible, 
try to formulate your budget plans before making any 
major purchases. If you eventually want, for example, 
a collection of Indian cents in Extremely Fine grade, 
it is more economical to start out by buying five or 
ten EF pieces than by buying several dozen Good or 
Very Good coins and replacing them later. 

3. Do business with an established dealer; a dealer 
such as ourselves. In this way you can be sure of 
obtaining the quality and value you pay for. In this 
way you can be sure of guaranteed authenticity. 
Compare both price and quality when making a 
purchase decision. Quality is never cheap, but 
attention to quality pays for itself when the time 
comes for you to sell your collection. 

Highlights of This Issue 

This issue of the Rare Coin Review contains many 
choice, rare, and beautiful coins — not to mention 
countless inexpensive pieces. You’ll find major 
rarities such as cents and half cents of 1793, the 1796 
quarter in several grades, the elusive 1797 half dollar, 
the highly prized 1895 Proof Morgan dollar, the 
exceedingly rare 1817/4 and 1838-0 half dollars, a 
splendid 1861-S Paquet double eagle, and many 
others. You’ll also find many pieces priced from 
under $1 (our Special Offer of a 1945-S BU nickel for 
just 50c, for example) to $ 100 or so. 

—Page 6— 

Our Miscellany” section, always interesting and 
value filled, is even more extensive than usual — for as 
we were ready to go to press with this issue we 
acquried a large group of scarce pieces which we 
include there. 

Coins of the world are divided into three sections: 
general coins of the world, including minor issues, 
crowns, patterns, and other pieces of interest; gold 
coins of the world; and Proof sets of the world. 

Our world coins section, nearly a complete sellout 
in our last issue, is even larger and better this time! 
There are many, many scarcities and rarities to 
choose from. The market for world coins is very 
active — and, as might be expected when coins are 
priced attractively, most of our larger orders have 
gone to other dealers. So, if you’re a dealer, you’ll 
find many great buys. If you’re a collector, the values 
will be proportionately even better! 

If the investment aspects of coins interest you 
most, then be sure to read all about our Collection 
Investment Plan. This is an easy way to build a choice 
and meaningful group of rare coins with emphasis on 
price appreciation in coming years. 

We hope you’ll enjoy some of the editorial features 
in this Review issue. Well-known numismatic 
authority Maurice M. Gould has written for us an 
article about United States colonial coins. An article 
about Q. David Bowers, originally from the “Who’s 
Who in the Hobby” feature of Numismatic News, is 
presented, as is a report on the Terrell Collection 
Auction sale. 

A Few More Words 

If you are an old timer with us (and there are many 
Rare Coin Review readers who have been doing 
business with us since we started buying and selling 
rare coins back in 1953!), ^ou know the quality to 
expect. If you’re new to our family of customers 
and if this is your first issue of the Review, then a few 
comments may be of interest: 

The rare coin business is one of the most 
competitive fields there is. No one, yourself included, 
has to order from us — there are thousands of other 
dealers with coins for sale. And yet our business 
grows steadily year after year. We have built what we 
believe is the world’s largest and finest inventory of 
rare early United States coins and are working 
towards building one of the finest stocks of world 
coins as well. 

What is the secret of our success? The answer is 
quite simple: we deliver what we consider to be the 
best QUALITY and VALUE in the coin field today - 
and, importantly, our customers agree! When you 
compare price, compare true quality as well. We 

invite you to do some “comparison shopping” on 
your own — and we’re confident that we will emerge 
as the winner! 

The professional experience of James F. Ruddy, 
Nancy Ruddy, Q. David Bowers, John Murbach, Karl 
Stephens, Jr., Judy Cahn, and the other numismatists 
on our large staff is your guarantee of quality. You’ll 
like our service, too. All coins ordered from this 
Review will be sent to you postpaid to U.S.A. 
addresses, and for a nominal fee to overseas addresses. 

Any item may be easily reserved by telephone if 
you wish. For an order for $200 or more, telephone 
us collect from anywhere in the U.S.A. For an order 
of U.S. coins ask for Nancy Ruddy or Judy Moran; 
for coins of the world ask for Karl Stephens, Jr. or 
Judy Cahn. 

Selections from the Ray Collection plus other 
important new purchases added to our stock await 
your consideration. Check this issue carefully and 
pick out those Special Pieces that will be just right for 
your collection. We look forward to hearing from you 
by telephone or letter soon! 


Jim and Nancy Ruddy 

Q. David Bowers 

and the staff of Bowers and Ruddy Galleries 

Page 7— 

United States Coins For Sale 


W e offer a choice selection of United States colonial coins for 
sale-issues of colonial times, issues of the various states, pieces 
honoring President George Washington, and related pieces. 

tor a basic reference library on the subject of colonial coins we 
recommend: ".4 Guide Book of U.S. Coins ” ($2.50 postpaid), and 
"Scott's Comprehensive Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins ” (1971 edition, 
the only issue ever published, is available for the discount price of 
$9.95 [instead of $15] while copies last) which has a detailed listing of 
colonial varieties and which is a '‘must” for the advanced collector. The 
prices are now obsolete in many instances, but the historical informa¬ 
tion is of great value. We also recommend a monograph, “Copper Coins 
of Vermont,” available from us for $1 postpaid. 

“The Colonial Newsletterpublished on a non-profit basis several 
times a year by James C. Spilman (address: Box 4411; Huntsville, 
Alabama 35802) provides news on recent discoveries, technical data, 
collecting news, etc. A free sample copy will be sent to you on request 
if you write to Mr. Spilman. 

This issue of the “Rare Coin Review ” offers many interesting 
colonial pieces. Take advantage of it and add to your present 
collection—or begin a new collection of these fascinating pieces. All 
coins offered here are guaranteed genuine. 

Colonial coins are very low priced in many instances in comparison 
to later United States issues. In our opinion the purchase of colonial 
coins represents a wise investment as well as a fascinating numismatic 

Massachusetts Bay Colony 

1662 Oak Tree twopence. Of special interest as a 1662-dated 
Massachusetts silver coin. All other issues bear the standard 1652 
date. Beautiful Extremely Fine condition. Rarely seen or offered for 

sale in such a high grade. A numismatic prize!. 895.00 

1652 Oak Tree threepence. Scarce denomination. Attractive Fine 
condition. An excellent value for just. 389.00 

1652 Oak Tree shilling. Fair (date readable in its entirety; about 
30-40% of the peripheral letters readable; center features worn 
smooth) $89.50; Abt. Fine, an attractive specimen of this issue 
$339.00; Very Fine, scarce in this condition (Oak Tree shillings are 
unpriced in the Guide Book in grades above Fine) $595.00; Sharp 
VF-EF, very rare so choice. 695.00 

1652 Pine Tree shilling. Large planchet variety (first type). One of 
America’s most historic and romantic coin issues. Abt. Fine $295.00; 

Coin collecting combines the appeal of a fascinating hobby with 
the proven record of being a good investment. Let Bowers and 
Ruddy Galleries help you build a treasure for your future — a 
beautiful collection of rare coins._ 

Fine $349.00; Very Fine, becoming very rare in this grade $479.00; 
Extremely Fine, a prize coin!. 895.00 

1652 Pine Tree shilling. Small planchet type. Fair (with 1652 date, XII 
denomination, and about eight letters of the legend visible) $69.50; 
Fine, some clipping $195.00; F-VF $295.00; Very Fine $419.00; 

VF-EF. 549.00 

Mark Newby or St. Patrick’s Coinage 

(1658) St. Patrick Farthing (Vi penny denomination). Very Good 
$67.00; Fine $99.00; F-VF $109.00; Very Fine (scarce in grades 
above Fine) $149.00; VF-EF $197.50; Extremely Fine, with small 
edge clip caused at the time of minting .149.00 

American Plantations Tokens 

(1688) American Plantations token. Restrike (the variety usually seen; 
the variety illustrated on p.49 of the Guide Book) with head under 
and slightly to the left of the B in BRI. Struck during the early 19th 
century. Extremely rare, for these were struck in tin metal which 
corroded rapidly. We offer two pieces: VF-EF $239.00; AU, sharp. 
Acquired by us as part of a beautiful collection of American 
colonials purchased intact in April, 1973. This beautiful piece is one 
of the very finest to come on the market within the past decade. 

Telephone us to reserve it! ... 395.00 

Elephant Tokens 

(1694) Elephant token. Thick planchet. GOD PRESERVE LONDON 
legend. Interesting and popular issue. The elephant was a popular 
animal during the 17th to 19th centuries, and the exhibition of one 
of these always caused great excitement. The use of this ponderous 
beast as the motif of this coin undoubtedly aided in its popularity. 
Very Good $69.00; Fine $79.00; VF-EF $129.00; Extremely Fine 
$239.00; EF-AU $269.00; AU, rarely seen or offered for sale in such 
choice condition. $349.00; Lustrous brown Uncirculated. A prime 
rarity in this grade. The importance of colonials in better grades (VF, 
EF, AU, and, rarely, Uncirculated) cannot be overemphasized. Very 
few of these better-grade pieces exist in proportion to lower-grade 
specimens. This present listing offers a remarkable opportunity to 
acquire some very choice early colonial coins. This Uncirculated 
Elephant token:. 495.00 

—Page 8— 

“Thank you for the excellent quality of your coins, your 
fantastic service, and also for the courtesy you have extended with 
my orders by telephone.” — an unsolicited comment from J.F.D. of 
Hyde Park, Massachusetts._ 

Rosa Americana Issues 

1722 Rosa Americana halfpenny. Variety with obverse legend spelled as 
D.G. REX ROSA AMERI. UTILE DULCI. Fine $79.00; Beautifully 
toned Uncirculated. Extremely rare condition for a 1722 Rosa 

halfpenny. A prize coin for the colonial connoisseur!. 395.00 

1722 Rosa Americana halfpenny. Variety with the legend spelled as 
God;” UTILE DULCI = “the useful with the sweet” — in reference 

to the “American rose” symbol). G-VG $39.00; Fine .59.00 

1722 Rosa Americana penny. VTILE DULCI variety. Scarcer than the 
UTILE variety, despite contraindicatory catalogue values. G. 29.00 

1722 Rosa Americana penny. UTILE DULCI variety. Abt. Good 

$12.00; Very Good $45.00; Fine $69.00; Very Fine.99.00 

1723 Rosa Americana penny. Fine $65.00; Very Fine .95.00 

(1722) Undated Rosa Americana twopence. Good $29.00; Fine $95.00; 

F-VF .119.00 

$99.00; Lustrous red and brown Uncirculated. Quite hard to find in 

such superior condition .249.00 

1724 Hibernia halfpenny. Fair $8.00; Fine $42.00; Very Fine $52.00; 

Extremely Fine .95.00 

Voce Populi Coinage 

1760 Voce Populi halfpenny. Very Good $17.00; Fine $29.00; Very 

Fine $35.00; Extremely Fine .79.00 

1760 Voce Populi. Variety with letter “P” below bust. F-VF. .. 69.50 

1760 Voce Populi. “VOOE” variety. Interesting and popular! Good 
$19.75; Fine $49.00; Extremely Fine, scarce in such choice 


Pitt Tokens 

1766 Pitt halfpenny. Fine $99.00; VF-EF, an attractive specimen of 
this scarce issue $199.00; Extremely Fine. Scarce in this high grade. 
We recently saw a similar specimen priced at $500. Our price: 299.00 
French Colonies Coinage 

1721-H (mintmark H for Rochelle, France). G $16.00; VF-EF. . 89.00 
1722/1-H Sou. Overdate variety. G/VG $27.00; Abt. Fine $45.00; 

Very Fine, quite scarce in this condition .99.00 

1722-H Sou. Very Fine .69.00 

1767 Sou. Without counterstamp. Rare. Very Fine.99.00 

1723 Rosa Americana twopence. Very Good $69.00; Fine $95.00; 
F-VF $109.00; Very Fine $129.00; VF-EF $159.00; Extremely Fine 

$195.00; AU $297.50; Toned Uncirculated. 549.00 

Wood’s or Hibernia Coinage 

1723 Hibernia farthing ( l A penny). Scarce denomination. DEI GRATIA 
REX variety. Very Good $15.00; Fine $26.00; Very Fine $29.00; 
Extremely Fine $65.00; AU .99.00 

1723 Hibernia farthing struck in silver. Extremely rare. Uncirculated, 
with prooflike surfaces. The finest silver Wood’s farthing we have 
handled in the past decade. A beautiful specimen of a highly-prized 

rarity. An item for the specialist. 1995.00 

1722 Hibernia halfpenny. First style of this year with harp to the left. 
Important as a distinctly different design type from that used in 
succeeding years. Fine $39.00; VF-EF $69.00; Extremely Fine, 

uncommon in this high grade .85.00 

1722 Hibernia halfpenny. Harp right as used on 1723 and 1724 issues. 

1722-dated pieces of this design are rare. Abt. Fine .39.00 

1723/2 Hibernia halfpenny. Fine .49.00 

1723 Hibernia halfpenny. Abt. Good $6.00; Good $8.00; Very Good 
$12.50; Fine $19.00; Very Fine $24.00; Extremely Fine $55.00; AU 


1767 Sou. Counterstamped “RF” for Republique Francaise. Counter¬ 
stamp is from an oval die deeply impressed into the obverse of the 
coin. Good $9.00; Fine $24.50; Very Fine $39.00; VF-EF $49.00; 

Extremely Fine .65.00 

Virginia Coinage 

1773 Halfpenny. No period after GEORGIVS. Good $12.00; Abt. Fine 
$25.00; Fine, holed $ 12.00; VF, not common in this grade. . 59.00 

1773 Halfpenny. Period after GEORGIVS. Abt. Good $6.00; Good 
$9.00; Extremely Fine $49.00; Attractive red and brown Uncircula¬ 
ted. Undoubtedly ex. Col. Cohen (Baltimore, 19th century) hoard. 

Becoming scarce in this grade .129.00 

Rhode Island Ship Tokens 

1778-9 Rhode Island ship token. Variety with wreath below ship. 
Extremely Fine. Very scarce in all grades. An especially desirable 

specimen. 595.00 

1778-9 Rhode Island ship token. Variety without wreath below ship. 
Extremely Fine. A nice specimen of this scarce colonial issue 449.00 
North American Tokens 

1781 North American Token. Abt. Fine $14.00; VF-EF $35.00: 
Extremely F ine .50.00 

9 - 


“Doing business with Bowers and Ruddy Galleries has been a 
wonderful experience. I am used to having to be careful as I go 
along and to ‘fight my way’ in order to get at least a reasonable 
percentage of my money’s worth. I am used to receiving all sorts of 
misleading advice depending upon what a particular dealer has for 
sale. With Bowers and Ruddy Galleries this is not so. Your firm is 
wonderfully different; a numismatic dream come true. I can readily 
see why you have been so successful over the years and why you 
will be successful in years to come. If you treat your other 
customers just half as well as you have treated me you will get all 
the business you can handle.” — an unsolicited comment from 
F.M.H. of New York City, New York. _ 

Nova Constellatio Coppers 

1783 Nova Constellatio. Pointed rays. Abt. Good. Several in stock for, 

each: .8.00 

1783 Pointed rays, large US. Very Fine.69.50 

1783 Pointed rays, small US. Fine $33.00; F-VF $49.00; Very Fine 

$65.00; VF-EF $79.00; Extremely Fine .99.00 

1783 Blunt rays. Legend misspelled “CONSTELATIO” (one L). Abt. 

Good $9.00; Very Fine .69.00 

1785 Pointed rays. Very Good $19.00; Very Fine $65.00; VF-EF 

$79.00; Extremely Fine .99.00 

1785 Blunt rays;“CONSTELATIO.” Abt. Good .8.00 

Copper Coins of Vermont 

We present an attractive selection of Vermont Copper coins. All 
pieces are attributed to Richardson/Ryder numbers. The Richardson 
monograph. The Copper Coins of Vermont, is available from us for $1 
postpaid. This booklet is quite interesting, and it is an excellent way to 
gain familiarity with the coins of the Green Mountain state. 

Vermont pieces are among the most fascinating of all state coins. 
There are enough major varieties—the sun-over-mountains design with 
variations, the Baby Head, and the curious BRITANNIA are 
examples—to make an interesting type set. A synopsis of Vermont 
pieces can be found on pp. 22-24 of A Guide Book of U.S. Coins. 

We are always interested in purchasing Vermont coins for our own 
stock, so please keep us in mind in this respect. 

1785 Vermont. Ryder-2. Sun-over-mountains design with VERMONTS 
spelling. Abt. Good $29.00; G-VG $69.00; Very Good $109.00; Fine 
$ 159.00; Very Fine, rare in this high grade $425.00; VF-EF, very 
rare in this even higher grade. 575.00 

1785 Ryder-4. Sun-over-mountains motif. VERMONTIS spelling. 
VF-EF, with small planchet defect (as is common on all Vermont 
issues). An excellent value for just. 249.00 

1786 Vermont. Ryder-6. Sun-over-mountains style. VERMON- 
TENSIUM ipdling. Abt. Good $23.00; G-VG $49.00; Very Good 
$69.50; Fine $195.00; Very Fine, some usual planchet defects 

$149.00; Very Fine $295.00; Extremely Fine, weakly struck in 
areas. Guaranteed to satisfy, as are all coins we list here .... 195.00 

1786 Vermont. Ryder-7. Sun-over-mountains type with VERMONTEN¬ 
SIUM spelling. Good $37.50; Abt. Fine $89.50; Very Fine $295.00;“ 
beautiful VF-EF $495.00; Sharp Extremely Fine. Vermont coins are 
rarely offered in such beautiful condition!. 795.00 

1786 Vermont. Ryder-8. Sun-over-mountains style as preceding. VER¬ 
MONTENSIUM spelling on the obverse. Abt. Good $29.00; VG/G 
$59.00; Abt. Fine $99.00; Fine $135.00; F-VF $195.00; VF 395.00 

1786 Vermont. Ryder-9. The popular Baby Head variety. Abt. Good 
$75.00; Fine, but retooled long ago to strengthen certain design 
features $99.00; G-VG .139.00 

1786 Vermont. Ryder-11. Bust left variety. Abt. Good $29.00; Very 

Good $99.00; Fine, rough planchet (as usual for Ryder 11; 95% of 
all known specimens are struck on flaked, striated, or otherwise less 
than perfect planchets) .159.00 

1787 Vermont. Ryder-12. Bust right. Fine .79.50 

1787 Vermont. Ryder-13. The curious and interesting BRITANNIA 
variety. This coin, struck at Capt. Thomas Machin’s private mint on 
the shores of Orange Pond, near Newburgh, N.Y., bears a Vermont 
design for the obverse. The reverse is from a worn discarded die used 
to make a counterfeit British halfpenny (making imitation British 
coins was apparently the main activity of the Machin mint). The two 
dies were apparently inadvertently combined to produce the illogical 
Vermont/BRITANNIA issue. Good $22.00; Very Good $39.00; Fine 
$69.00; VF-EF (note: grading is always by the obverse only on R-13, 
for the reverse is nearly smooth on all—due to the original use of a 
very worn die) $149.00; Extremely Fine Rare in this grade. 349.00 

1787 Vermont. Ryder-14. Bust right. Abt. Good $15.00; VF. .. 99.00 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-16. Bust right. Good, planchet defect $16.00; 

G-VG $27.00; Fine $69.00; Very Fine, a nice coin for a type set of 
colonial issues .99.00 


“I have been pleased with all of the coins I have bought from you 
in the past.” — an unsolicited comment from J.L. of Galesburg, 
I llinois.__ 

—Page 10— 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-20. Bust right. F-VF .99.00 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-21. Bust right. Fine .99.00 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-22. Very Fine. The Richardson plate coin used 
to illustrate R-22 in the Richardson monograph. A prize coin for the 
Vermont specialist. 325.00 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-23. Bust right. Good $36.00; Very Fine 

$165.00; VF-EF, ex. Ron Gillio collection. 275.00 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-24. Bust right. Obverse with crosses after legends 
as: VERMON+ AUCTORI+. Very Fine $149.00; Another Very Fine, 
this one struck 10% off center (while planchet defects are common 
among Vermont pieces, striking errors are not; off-center strikes 

among these issues are scarce) .149.00 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-25. Bust right, AUCTORI+ VERMON+ style as 
preceding (this same obverse die was used on R-24, R-25, and the 
rare R-26). Good $26.00; Very Good $45.00; Abt. Fine $57.00; 

Very Fine. . 149.00 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-27. Obverse with stylized bust of George III (but 
with Vermont legends) as found on certain 1788 Connecticut cents. 
Reverse with legend punctuated by stars: INDE*ET LIB*. Very 

Good $47.50; Abt. Fine .69.00 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-29. Bust right. Good. Obverse with characteristic 
weak striking and with angular die break from rim, across forehead, 
and through R of AUCTORI. Very scarce in all grades. From the 
collection of Ted Craige .185.00 

1788 Vermont. Ryder-31. GEORGIVS III obverse. Reverse with cross 
after INDE+ and LIB+. Obverse is attractive Very Fine grade. 
Reverse is Good. This disparity in grading is usual and is due to the 
difference in relief and die detail originally possessed by the dies. The 
obverse die is in deep relief; the reverse weak at the center and in 
shallow relief. A prize specimen of Ryder-31; one of the finest we 
have seen or owned .495.00 

Connecticut Copper Coins 

different styles illustrated in the Guide Book on pages 27 to 30. It is 
interesting to note that there are no tremendously high pnced pieces — 
in fact, most pieces are in the range of $10 to $50 each in Good 

In our Rare Coin Review No. 15 we offered Connecticut copper 
coins by die varieties attributed to dies classified by Henry Miller’s 
State Coinage of Connecticut. For an introduction to Connecticut 
pieces and a more detailed description of them we refer you to that 
Review issue, a copy of which we can supply for $2 postpaid. If you’re 
presently interested in Connecticut cents and have made a start toward 
collecting them, then we recommend our specialized listing in Review 
No. 15 to you. Many, many pieces in that listing have been sold, so be 
sure to include ample extra choices! 

If you’re interested in Connecticut copper coins and don’t own any 
yet and would like to start, then we present a plan which has been very, 
very popular: 

Connecticut Starter Sets 

Send us $100, $250, $500, or $1000 and we will pick out a Starter 
Set for you. We’ll give you a really good deal: we will pick out an 
interesting array of Connecticut cents, including at least one from each 
of the four years in which Connecticuts were minted: 1785, 1786, 
1787, and 1788 — and we ll give you a 20% discount from our regular 
price! In other words, if you send us $100 you will receive at least $125 
worth of coins, if you send us $250 you’ll get at least $300 worth, and 
so on proportionately. 

And, as a bonus we’ll include free of charge a copy of the previously 
mentioned Rare Coin Review No. 15 (a $2 value) on request. Please 
request this specifically, for if you already have one it would be 
redundant to send you another—especially when our supply of these 
issues is quite limited. 

GUARANTEE: The Starter Set offer is covered by our usual 
money-back guarantee: if you are not 100% delighted with the coins 
received, just return them within a week of receipt and we’ll send you 
an instant cash refund in full. If you don’t find the pieces to be 
fascinating or if they fail to please you for some other reason, return 
the coins and we’ll both forget about the whole thing! So, you aren’t 
taking a chance at all! 

On the other hand, your shipment of Connecticut cents may well 
open a new collecting door for you. You may find the series exciting 
and a lot of fun to study and collect. If so, we’ve accomplished our 
purpose. As a matter of interest we mention that Robert Vlack, 
prominent authority in the colonial field and author of the well-known 
Early American Coins book, began his interest in colonials by ordering 
a starter set of Connecticut coins from us fifteen to twenty years ago! 

Each starter set will be personally selected by James F. Ruddy and 
Q. David Bowers of our staff. Take your pick of one of these sets and 

send us your order today: 

Connecticut Starter Set No. 1 (value $125.00+) .$100.00 

Connecticut Starter Set No. 2 (value $300.00+) -. 250.00 

Connecticut Starter Set No. 3 (value $600.00+). 500.00 

Connecticut Starter Set No. 4 (value $1200.00+). 1000.00 

Connecticut Starter Set No. 5 (value $3000.00+). 2500.00 

Of course, the larger starter sets will contain many specialized die 
varieties in addition to the major design types. 

Consider collecting Connecticut copper coins! These pieces are 
interesting to collect and are quite inexpensive in comparison to many 
later United States issues. A general description of Connecticut coins 
begins on page 27 of the Guide Book of U.S. Coins. 

There are several ways to collect Connecticut coins. Perhaps the most 
basic is to form a type set — a set which contains one each ot the 

—Page 11 

Connecticut Copper Coins by Die Varieties 
For the advanced collector we offer die varieties of Connecticut 
cents attributed to Miller numbers as listed in his State Coinage of 
Connecticut. Due to our space requirements the present listing includes 
only rare die varieties or pieces in higher grades; it is a listing of pieces 
in our stock valued at over $100 each. We have a really fine stock of 
other Connecticut cents priced in the $10 to $100 range, and we 
recommend that you consult our earlier Rare Coin Review No. 15 for a 
listing of these. Of course, many of these earlier-listed pieces have been 
sold, so send a listing of second and third choices when ordering. 

As a matter of possible interest we mention that 75% of the 
Connecticut copper coins listed in our last Review issue (No. 17) went 
to dealers buying for resale. A strong market in colonial coins seems to 
be on its way! 


Rare varieties of Connecticut cents are listed below. After each coin 
we list the Miller number and the rarity (such as R-l, etc. — based on 
Miller’ s own rarity scale ranging from “common” to R-6 [the highest 
degree of rarity]). 

1785 Connecticut Cents 

1785 Bust right. Miller 3.1-A.3 (R-3). Extremely Fine, some planchet 

striations .129.00 

1785 Bust right. 3.1-L (R-4). Extremely Fine, some planchet striations 

$119.00; Extremely Fine .165.00 

1785 Bust right. 3.4-F.2(R-3). Extremely Fine .165.00 

1785 Bust right. 6.4-1 (R-3). EF, some planchet striations .... 129.00 
1785 Bust right. 6.4-K (R-5). Rare variety. Abt. Fine $105.00; Fine 

plus, some planchet defects.105.00 

1786 Connecticut Cents 

1786 Mailed bust left 4.1-G (R-2). AU, some planchet striations as 
commonly seen on this variety. Unusually fine condition. .. 199.00 
1786 Mailed bust left. 4.2-R (R-6). Very rare. Only infrequently does 
the opportunity to acquire Rarity 6 Connecticut pieces occur. Abt. 

Fine $119.00; Fine .149.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.1-H.l (R-5). F-VF .129.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.2-1 (R-3). VF-EF .105.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.2-L (R-6). Very Fine $295.00; VF-EF 495.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.2-0.2 (R-5). VF-EF.199.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.4-N (R-6). Very Fine. 295.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.5-M (R-3). VF-EF .105.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.6-M (R-5). F-VF .145.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.7-0.2 (R-5). Abt. Fine $109.00; VF-EF, some 

planchet striations.159.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.8-F (R-5). Uncirculated, some traces of original 

mint red. Exceedingly rare in this grade. 495.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.8-H.2 (R-5). F-VF $119.00; Very Fine 149.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.9-Q (R-5). Fine $105.00; Very Fine. . 159.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.10-L (R-4). Very Fine .105.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.10-P (R-5). Fine .149.00 

1786 Mailed bust left. 5.11-R (R-5). F-VF .105.00 

1787 Connecticut Cents 

1787 Mailed bust left. 3-G.l (R-5). Fine .110.00 

1787 “Muttonhead.” Very Fine .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 16.6-NN.2 (R-6). Very Good .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 24-FF (R-6). G-VG .100.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 25-m (R-5). Very Fine plus.129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 26-a.l (R-5). Abt. Fine .109.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 29.1-n(R-6). Abt. Fine $129.00; F-VF. 195.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 29.2-N (R-6). Very Good $129.00; Very Fine, 

some edge damage .139.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 30-hh.l (R-2). ETLIR. Extremely Fine. 139.00 
1787 Draped bust left. 32.4-Z.3 (R-5). Rotated dies. F-VF .... 109.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 32.2-X.4 (R-5). Very Fine.129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 32.4-Z.3 (R-5). Rotated dies. F-VF. .. 109.00 
1787 Draped bust left. 32.5-aa (R-3). Interesting variety with INDE 
over FUDE in the die — giving the result of “FNDE.” The engraver 
thought he was working on a Fugio die, began the FU of FUGIO, 
and then corrected his error by overpunching INDE. Interesting! 

VF-EF .119.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 32.6-X.6 (R-5). VF-EF .139.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 32.7-X.l (R-5). Very Fine.129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 32.8-aa (R-5). With INDE over FUDE as 
described earlier. Good obverse, Very Fine reverse $105.00; VF, 

weakly struck .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.1-Z.19 (R-5). F-VF $109.00; VF-EF 149.00 
1787 Draped bust left. 33.2-Z.12 (Common). Brown Uncirculated, 
softly struck at the centers $219.00; Another Uncirculated, .better 

strike than preceding. 279.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.2-Z.21 (R-5). F-VF $109.00; VF/EF 159.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.7-r.2 (Common). AU+ .169.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.7-r.4(R-6). Very Good .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.10-W.6 (R-6). Abt. Fine .129.50 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.10-Z.7 (R-5). F-VF .119.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.1 l-gg.J (R-5). Very Fine .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.13-Z.l (R-5). Very Fine.129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.13-Z.6(R-4). Extremely Fine .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.15-r.l (R-l). EF-AU .129.00 

We have a position available in our catalogue department — to 
help Q. David Bowers with the writing of our various Rare Coin 
Review and auction catalogue issues. A comprehensive numismatic 
knowledge and excellent writing ability are required. In return we 
offer you the chance to become a part of a growing and respected 
numismatic firm and to participate in an ever-changing panorama of 
numismatic events. Write to Q. David Bowers with your resume, 
examples of your previous work, and your salary requirements. All 
inquiries will be kept in strict confidence.__ 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.16-Z.15 (R-l). Extremely Fine .... 109.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.16-1.2(R-4). AU, weak in spot.129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.17-r.l (R-3). Extremely Fine .119.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.19-q (R-5). Very Fine .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.19-Z.l (Common). AU .149.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.20-Z.9 (R-4). EF-AU .159.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.25-W.3 (R-5). VF+ .139.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.25-Z.24 (R-5). Very Fine .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.31-gg.2 (R-5). Very Fine .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.34-W.2 (R-5). Very Fine, some planchet 

flaking $ 109.00;VF+ .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.34-Z.3 (R-5). VF-EF .149.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.34-Z.ll (R-5). VF-EF $169.00; Extremely 


1787 Draped bust left. 33.38-Z.l (R-3). Extremely Fine .119.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.39-s.l (Common). Extremely Fine. . 109.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.40-Z.2 (R-5). VF-EF .129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.44-W.3 (R-5). Fine.105.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 33.45-W.2 (R-5). Extremely Fine .199.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 37.4rk.l (R-l). Extremely Fine.109.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 37.9-e (R-3). Extremely Fine .119.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 37.10-RR (R-4). Extremely Fine, struck from 

injured dies (as on all 37.10-RR pieces we’ve seen) .119.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 37.13-HH (R-2). Extremely Fine .119.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 39.1-ff.2 (R-5). AUCTOBI spelling on obverse. 


1787 Draped bust left. 40-N (R-5). AUCTOPI variety. Very Fine 129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 43.2-X.4(R-5). CONNFC variety. VF. . 129.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 47-a.3 (R-5). F-VF .119.00 

1787 Draped bust left. 53-FF (R-4). Extremely Fine .129.00 

1788 Connecticut Cents 

1788 Mailed bust right. 5-B.2 (R-5). Struck over a Nova Constellatio 
copper, with portions of the undertype still visible. VF .... 159.00 

1788 Mailed bust right. 6-H (R-6). Abt. Fine .109.00 

1788 Mailed bust left. 7-E (R-4). AU, planchet defect .119.00 

1788 Mailed bust left. 7-F.2 (R-6). F/VF .195.00 

1788 Draped bust left. 14.1-L.2 (R-4). Very Fine.129.00 

1788 Draped bust left. 16.1-H (R-2). VF-EF $105.00; Extremely Fine, 

weakly struck on rims .139.00 

1788 Draped bust left. 16.3-N (R-2). Extremely Fine .119.00 

1788 Draped bust left. 16.6-H (R-5). Fine $105.00; Very Fine, 
planchet clip (as struck) .105.00 

New Jersey Copper Coins 

1786 Narrow shield. Good $14.00; Abt. Fine $32.00; Fine, holed 

$14.00; Very Fine .79.00 

1786 Wide shield. Good $23.00; Very Fine.95.00 

1786 Wide shield. Bridle variety, so-called due to die break extending 

downward from horse’s nose. Very Fine .95.00 

1787 Small planchet, outline to shield. Abt. Good $8.00; Very Good 

$25.00; Abt. Fine $29.00; Very Fine $59.00; VF-EF .89.00 

1787 Small planchet, plain shield. Abt. Good $8.00; Good $13.00; Fine 
$32.00; VF/F $39.00; Very Fine $59.00; VF-EF .89.00 

1787 Large planchet, plain shield. Abt. Good $8.00; Good $13.00; 
Very Good $29.00; Very Fine $69.00; Extremely Fine, a beautiful 

—Page 12— 

1787 New Jersey cent struck over imitation British halfpenny. 
Spectacular overstrike with about 50% of the halfpenny devices, 

including the head of King George III, still visible! Fine _ 295.00 

1787 Serpent variety. So-called because of the elongated shape of the 

horse’s neck. Abt. Fine .49.00 

1787 PLURIBS variety. Second U in PLURIBUS omitted. VG. . 49.00 
1787 Goiter variety. Abt. Good .19.00 

1787 Large planchet. Struck over a Connecticut cent, with some of the 

Connecticut devices (including the branch hand of the seated figure) 
still visible. Very Fine .99.00 

1788 Head right. Abt. Good $12.00; Good .19.00 

1788 Head left. Good .49.00 

Nova Eborac Issues (New York) 

1787 Nova Eborac. Seated figure left on reverse. Good $29.00; Very 
Good $35.00; F-VF $110.00; Very Fine $139.00; VF-EF .. 295.00 

1787 Nova Eborac. Seated figure right on reverse. Very Good $45.00; 
Abt. Fine $65.00; F-VF $159.00; Very Fine $199.00; EF, weakly 
struck on left edge $149.00; Extremely Fine, seldom seen or offered 
in such choice condition. A prize for the colonial specialist. 495.00 

Immunis Columbia 

1787 Immunis Columbia; eagle reverse. Fine $225.00; Extremely Fine, 
sharp and choice $995.00; Magnificent AU, one of the finest known 
specimens of this issue. 1295.00 

Massachusetts Copper Coins 

1787 Half cent. G-VG $19.00; Very Fine $55.00; Uncirculated, 
attractive glossy brown surfaces. An extraordinarily beautiful coin! 
$495.00; Uncirculated, with beautiful light brown and red surfaces. 
Massachusetts copper coins of this quality are seldom seen or offered 
for sale, and even the greatest collections are apt to lack them 595.00 

1788 Half cent. VF-EF $99.00; Extremely Fine .149.00 

1787 Cent. Abt. Good $8.00; Good $14.00; Very Good $22.00; | 

Lustrous brown Uncirculated. 595.00 



“Recently it was my pleasure to receive a copy of your Rare Coin 
Review No. 17 and to read your excellent article, “Our Changing 
Hobby—A Dealer’s-Eye-View”. Presently I am a college sophomore 
dealing part time in world coins. I attend two local coin shows per 
month and have a bourse table at each. It was certainly encouraging 
to read of your early experiences as a dealer. Yours is a great success 
story, and to learn that a vast company such as Bowers and Ruddy 
Galleries could grow from modest beginnings (with a great deal of 
work and dedication added, certainly), gave me quite a lift.” - an 
unsolicited comment from F.I.N. II of Midlothian. Illinois. _ 

1787 Cent. Horned eagle variety. Fine $27.00; F-VF $47.00; Lustrous 

brown Uncirculated. The first we have offered in this grade in many 
years .695.00 

1788 Cent. Period after MASSACHUSETTS. Fair $5.00; Good $13.00; 

F-VF $45.00; Very Fine .49.00 

1788 Cent. No period. Good .15.00 

Collection of Massachusetts Copper Coins 
We offer for sale a beautiful specialized collection by die varieties of 
Massachusetts half cents and cents of 1787 and 1788. We are 
considering breaking up this set to offer the varieties individually, and if 
this listing does not sell the set intact we will do this. The pieces are 
worth considerably more on a single-item basis. 

The set consists of the following coins: 1787 half cent, 8 different 
die varieties; 1788 half cent, 2 different die varieties; 1787 cent, 5 
different die varieties; and 1788 cent, 18 different die varieties. 

The grades range from Very Good to Uncirculated, with the average 
being Very Fine to Extremely Fine. This top-grade set was formed over 
a period of years and was constantly upgraded whenever a superior 
specimen could be found. It is a beautiful set and as such it will be a 
prized possession for its next owner. A real value for just .... 3495.00 

Auctori Plebis Tokens 

1787 Auctori Plebis token. A popular issue which bears a close 
resemblance on the obverse to the draped bust left issues of 
Connecticut. We offer a nice Very Fine example for $119.00; VF-EF 

$129.00; Extremely Fine, very rare in this grade.195.00 

Mott Tokens 

1789 Mott token. Thick planchet. Issued by William and John Mott of 
New York City. Very Good $47.00: Very Fine $129.00: Extremely 
Fine $229.00; AU. 495.00 


“The enclosed check in the amount of $-covers the shipment 

of coins received today on your invoice No. 32911. I just can’t 
thank you enough for the wonderful service — and I have never seen 
coins so beautiful in my life. I didn’t think they existed!” — an 
unsolicited comment from A.M. of North Bergen, New Jersey. 


Fugio Cents 

1787 Club rays, round ends. Good 137.00; Fine $89.00; Very Fine 
$179.00; VF-EF. 249.00 

1787 Abt. Good $12.00; Good, holed $12.00; Good $29.00; G-VG 
$32.00; Very Good $37.00; Fine $59.00; F-VF $69.00; Very Fine 
$79.00; VF-EF $95.00; EF-AU $119.00; Brown Uncirculated 

$199.00; Another specimen, red and brown Uncirculated. One of the 

nicest strikings we’ve seen. 299.00 

1787 Fugio. 8-pointed star on label. Good $35.00; Very Good. . 39.00 
1787 Fugio. Obverse without cinquefoils. Cross after date. UNITED 

STATES reverse. Very Good .69.00 

1787 New Haven restrike. With narrow rings on the reverse (and thus 
differing from regular issues). Copper. Extremely Fine $55.00; 
Brown Uncirculated .95.00 

(1792) Kentucky token.. Plain edge. VF-EF $59.00; Extremely Fine 
$69.00 (or wholesale group of 5 EF for $295.00); EF-AU $79.00; 

AU .89.00 

(1792) Kentucky token. Edge lettered: PAYABLE IN LANCASTER 
LONDON OR BRISTOL. VF-EF $69.00; Extremely Fine $79.00; 
AU .99.00 

Kentucky Tokens 

Franklin Press Tokens 

1794 Franklin Press token. AU $79.00; Red and brown Uncirculated. 

Scarce in this grade .149.00 

Talbot, Allum & Lee Cents 

1794 Talbot, Allum & Lee cent. With NEW YORK above ship. Very 
Fine $39.50; Extremely Fine .69.00 

1795 Talbot, Allum, & Lee cent. AU $69.00; Red and brown 

Uncirculated .125.00 


Theatre at New York Token 

(c.1797) Theatre at New York token (cf. page 50 of the Guide Book). 
Issued by the Park Theatre in New York. We offer a splendid 
Brilliant Proof specimen of this extreme rarity. Of the estimated 15 
to 20 Theatre at New York tokens known to exist, none exceeds the 
presently-offered specimen in quality, and few can come close to 
equalling it. A gem coin. A prize for the colonial specialist. 3495.00 

Washington Pieces 

We offer a nice selection of Washington pieces, including the 
extremely rare 1792 Roman Head cent—the first specimen of this 
variety we’ve ever owned. 

1783 Georgius Triumpho. Scarce issue, and one which is rarely seen in 
grades better than Fine. Good $32.00; G-VG $35.00; VG-Fine 

$45.00; Fine -;.85.00 

1783 Small military bust. Plain edge. VF-EF.59.00 

1783 Small military bust. Engrailed edge. G-VG $17.50; VG. .. 19.50 
1783 Large military bust. Abt. Good $6.00; Very Good $15.00; Very 

Fine $27.50; VF-EF $35.00; Extremely Fine .59.00 

1783 Draped bust. No button on toga. Fair $8.00; Very Good $17.00; 

Very Fine .35.00 

1783 UNITY STATES cent. One of the most interesting of all 
Washington pieces, the UNITY STATES cent was made during the 
very early 19th century. The reverse is copied from a circa 1803 U.S. 
large cent, except that the legend reads UNITY STATES OF 
AMERICA—probably as an evasion of the counterfeiting laws. The 
last time we offered a group of UNITY STATES cents they sold 
quickly. Now due to a special purchase of colonial coins put away 
about two decades ago we have about fifteen pieces in stock, mostly 
in the grade of Very Fine. Now is an ideal time to acquire one of 
these beautiful and interesting coins: Very Good $22.00; Fine 
$49.00; Very Fine $55.00; (five VF for $195.00); EF .89.00 

(1783) Washington Double Head cent. Of interest as an authentic 
original two-headed coin! Good $19.00; Fine $42.00; Very Fine 
$52.50; Extremely Fine $99.00; EF-AU $109.00; AU, very rare in 
this grade.129.00 

1791 Small eagle cent. With reverse reminiscent of the Great Seal of the 
United States. Fine $69.00; Extremely Fine $139.00; AU, prooflike. 
A splendid specimen of this scarce issue .195.00 


“I have heard all kinds of nice things about Bowers and Ruddy 
Galleries, and I am sure you do also every day. I am enclosing a 
letter from a collector and dealer whom I respect, and in judging 
dealers he sets your firm above all others.” — an unsolicited 
comment (accompanied by a copy of a letter from a Texas dealer) 
from W.J. of Rochester, New York. _ 



“I really enjoy your Rare Coin Review. It is the best coin ‘wish 
book’ in print! Your grading is of the highest caliber. I have been 
buying coins from you for years and your grading is really superb. 
Your firm has made the coin hobby most enjoyable over the years. 
A satisfied customer thanks you ever so much.” — an unsolicited 
comment from P.E.P. of Munising, Michigan. 

1791 Large eagle cent. Abt. Fine $45.00; Extremely Fine $125.00; 
EF-AU $169.00; AU $189.00; Brown Uncirculated. Rare in this 
grade $249.00; Brown Uncirculated, prooflike surfaces. Another 
prize specimen $350.00; Uncirculated, red and brown surfaces. Still 
another top grade example of one of the most desired of all 

Washington pieces. 389.00 


(1792) WASHINGTON BORN VIRGINIA cent. Copper. Obverse with 
portrait of Washington surrounded by legend: GEO. WASHINGTON 
BORN VIRGINIA FEB. 11, 1732. Reverse with biographical data in 
10 lines: GENERAL / OF THE / AMERICAN ARMIES / 1775 / 
1789. We offer a splendid Extremely Fine specimen with minor 
handling marks on the rim. The piece we offer is far superior to the 
Guide Book plate coin (which is exceedingly weak on the reverse). A 
choice example of a classic Washington item. 2495.00 

1792 Washington Roman Head Cent 

1792 Washington Roman Head cent. Edge lettered: UNITED STATES 
OF AMERICA. A splendid light brown Proof specimen of this 
important rarity. This offering marks the first time we have ever 
handled a 1792 Washington Roman Head cent. Considering that 
nearly every other variety of colonial coin listed in the Guide Book 
has passed through our hands during the past two decades, this is 
quite a significant statement. The desirability of this specimen is 
poignantly illustrated by these factors: (1) It is an extreme rarity; a 
coin lacking in nearly every major private or museum collection. No 
recent sales records are known to us. (2) The design of the coin is of 
special interest. The styling of the Roman Head portrait is different 
and unique—thus making this a major design type quite unlike any 
other contemporary issues. The reverse is important in that it bears 
the heraldic American eagle and the denomination spelled out as 
CENT. (3) The condition of the presently-offered specimen is 
unimprovable; it is a lightly toned brown Proof. (4) The price at 
which we offer our coin is quite reasonable, even very low, in our 
opinion. Our dealer friends, Stack’s, recently sold a Clinton cent (of 
which we have had two specimens in the past 20 years, although 
none was equal in grade to the Uncirculated Stack coin) for 
$34,000.00, indicating the great desire for choice colonial pieces. 
The beautiful Proof 1792 Washington Roman Head cent is offered 
for just .14,975.00 

We think you’ll enjoy doing business with Bowers and Ruddy 
Galleries, Inc. Since 1953 Jim Ruddy and Dave Bowers have been 
supplying discriminating collectors with what we consider to be the 
best buys in the business. We offer you QUALITY, VALUE, and a 
PLEASANT TRANSACTION - all of which will add up to an 
enjoyable numismatic experience.__ 

1793 Ship halfpenny. Obverse with portrait of Washington facing left. 
Reverse with fully rigged sailing ship. Edge lettered: PAYABLE IN 
ANGLESEY LONDON OR LIVERPOOL. One of the most popular 
of all Washington pieces of this era. Very Fine $85.00; VF-EF 
$89.00; Extremely Fine $99.00; AU .195.00 

1795 Grate cent. Large buttons. Diagonally reeded edge (with reeding 
at an angle as: /////). VF $39.00; EF $59.00; EF-AU $75.00; AU 

$99.00; Red and brown Uncirculated attractive!.139.00 

1795 Grate cent. Small buttons variety. Diagonally reeded edge. 
Lustrous brown Unc. A superb specimen of this rarity. 395.00 

1795 Liberty & Security halfpenny. Plain edge. Extremely Fine. 

Uncommon in all grades, even more so in such a top grade. . 199.00 
1795 Liberty & Security halfpenny. So-called “London edge.” Edge 
Fine $42.00; Fine $55.00; Very Fine $89.00; Extremely Fine 99.00 

1795 Liberty & Security halfpenny. So-called “Birmingham edge.” 
Edge lettered: BIRMINGHAM REDRUTH & SWANSEA. Scarce. 
VF-EF $159.00; Extremely Fine.195.00 

(1795) Liberty & Security penny. Massive coin depicting Washington 
on the obverse and an eagle on shield on the reverse. Edge lettered: 
thick planchet. One of the most impressive of all Washington pieces, 
and of special interest due to the sentimental-edge inscription noting 
as it does the appeal of America as a refuge from oppression. Very 
Good $49.00; Very Fine $115.00; VF-EF $139.00; Extremely Fine 
$159.00; EF-AU $179.00; AU $199.00; Uncirculated, red and 
brown. Rarely offered in such choice condition. $395.00: Brilliant 
Uncirculated, proof like. An unexcellable specimen of this important 

coin; a spectacular coin!. 595.00 

Washington SUCCESS TO THE UNITED STATES token. Small size. 
Plain edge. Very Fine .119.00 

Page 15— 

Washington SUCCESS TO THE UNITED STATES token. Large size. 
V ery Fine S 129.00; Extremely Fine $259.00; AU. 325.00 

(1795) North Wales halfpenny. Plain edge, one star at each side of harp. 
Good $39.00; Very Good $69.00; Fine $99.00; Very Fine $169.00; 
Extremely Fine, rarely seen this nice. 225.00 

1797 Washington inauguration medal in silver. An early restrike. Proof, 
an attractive coin.125.00 

(1800) Washington funeral medal. Pewter. Baker No. 166. Attractive 
AU .195.00 

$59.00; Very Good $89.00; Abt. Fine $139.00; Fine $159.00; Very 
Fine, a very attractive specimen of this date (actually, 1794 half 

cents are quite rare in grades better than Very Fine, and even Very 

Fines are not easy to find). 279.00 

1795 Plain edge, no pole to cap. Abt. Good (date not visible, but 
outline to head discernible and many letters readable), an inexpen¬ 
sive space filler for just $19.00; Abt. Good (date visible) $39.00; 
Very Good $79.00; VG-Fine $89.00; Abt. Fine $97.00; F-VF 195.00 

1795 Plain edge. Pole to cap. Punctuated date (1,795). Abt. Good 
$39.00; Good $55.00; Abt. Fine obverse, Abt. Good reverse $69.00; 
Very Good $79.00; F-VF “obverse. Good reverse $99.00; F-VF 

$195.00; EF, a beautiful coin for a choice type set!. 395.00 

1795 Lettered edge. Pole to cap. Very Good.79.00 

Exceedingly Rare 1796 Half Cent 

1796 half cent. Pole to cap. The classic rare date of the half cent series. 

The specimen we offer is a sharp VF-EF example which has some 
surface marks, but which has the designs, details, letters, etc. quite 
sharp. We offer this 1796 for what we consider to be a real bargain 
price: for less than the Guide Book valuation for just Fine! Buy this 
rarity for only. 2595.00 

1797 Plain edge. Low head variety. Date far too low on coin, and 

crowding date into border. Very Good obverse. Good reverse $79.00; 
Abt. Fine.110.00 

1797 Plain edge. Very Good .79.00 

1797 1 over 1 variety. Date started too high on the coin and then 
re-started and completed in the correct position. Interesting early 
diecutting error! Abt. Good, date bold $36.00; Good $49.75; 
Obverse VG, reverse Abt. Good.59.00 


Our selection includes specimens of scarce issues such as 1793, 1796, 
1802/0, and 1836 as well as popular issues for type sets. 

1793 First year of issue, and the only year with the Liberty facing left 

with pole and cap design. If you are building a choice type set or a 
date set of half cents, take your pick of these excellent values; Fair, a 
minimum-condition coin readily identifiable as to type $99.00; Very 
Fine. Priced at $100 to $200 below what comparable pieces have 
been selling for. Just $945.00; Sharp VF-EF, quite rare in this grade 
$1495.00; Extremely Fine, some surface porosity $945.00; Extreme¬ 
ly Fine, a splendid half cent for the type set collector who desires the 
best. 1793 half cents better than EF are rarely seen. Should a 
mint-state specimen appear on the market it would sell for several 
multiples of the price we are asking for this beautiful Extremely Fine 
pietf.. 2495.00 

1794 New type with Liberty facing right. Obverse portrait in bold 
relief, unlike the 1795-1797 issues. Also the 1794 head is quite a bit 
larger. Abt. Good $39.00; VG obverse, smooth reverse $49.00; Good 

1797 (variety Cohen-2) struck on a planchet made from a cut-down 
Talbot, Allum & Lee cent. This coin, in Extremely Fine grade, is one 
of the sharpest overstrikes we have ever seen! Many of the original 

—Page 16— 

l.A.&L. devices are still sharply visible on the obverse and reverse — 
as our enlarged illustration shows. A prize item for the half cent 
s P ecialist!. 495.00 

1802/0 Regular reverse. Scarce issue in all grades. Very Good $119.00; 
Fine $225.00; Very Fine, a prime rarity in this condition. For some 
reason nearly all 1802 half cents are in lower grades—from Fair to 

Fine. Very Fine or better specimens are qufte rare. 379.00 

1804 Plain 4. Stems to wreath. Very Good .22.50 

1804 Plain 4. Stemless wreath. Fine, rim bump $15.00; Glossy brown 
AU, a lovely coin! .129.00 

1804 Spiked chin variety. A thornlike projection extends from Miss 
Liberty’s chin! Very Good $13.00; Fine $22.00; Lovely AU. Very 

scarce in such high condition.149.00 

1806 Small 6. Stems to wreath. Rare variety. Abt. Good .15.00 

1806 Small 6. Stemless wreath. Abt. Fine $15.00; Very Fine $29.50; 


1807 Fine $18.00; VF-EF $49.00; EF-AU .89.00 

1808 Abt. Good $5.00; Very Fine .35.00 

1809/6 9 over inverted 9 in date. F-VF $22.00; Very Fine $25.00; 

VF-EF $35.00; Extremely Fine, sharp. A real buy for just. .. 49.00 

1809 G-VG $9.00; Very Good $10.00; F-VF $17.00; Very Fine 

$22.00; VF-EF $24.00; EF-AU $49.00; AU .79.00 

1810 Very Good $15.00; Abt. Fine $22.00; Fine $25.00; VF .. 39.00 

1811 Abt. Good. Date full and sharp .19.75 

1825 Very Good .10.00 

1826 Very Fine $18.50; Extremely Fine.29.00 

1828 12 star variety. Good $9.50; Abt. Fine $16.00; Fine $19.00; Very 
Fine $29.00; Brown Uncirculated, light rubbing. Very scarce in such 
high condition .195.00 

1828 13 stars. Very Fine.16.00 

1829 Fine $14.00; Very Fine .17.00 

1832 Very Fine $17.00; Extremely Fine $22.00; Uncirculated, light 

rubbing .49.00 

1834 Very Good $9.00; F-VF $14.00; Very Fine $16.00; VF-EF 

$18.50; AU .35.00 

1835 Fine $13.00; Very Fine $16.00; VF-EF .18.50 


“Dear Jim: Enclosed is my check covering the March shipment 
for my Collection/Investment Plan. I have enjoyed looking forward 
to each shipment, knowing that I would be pleased with the 
material chosen by you — both for its quality and for its interest. 
My only regret is that I didn’t discover your firm ten years ago. 
Keep up the good work!” — an unsolicited comment from R.H. of 
Garden City, Kansas. ___ 

Extremely Rare 1836 Half Cent 

1836 Half cent. Original struck from unbulged dies. Struck only in 
Proof condition, 1836 is one of the most important dates in the half 
cent series. The present 1836, a beautifully toned Proof, is one of 
just two specimens we have had during the past ten years. A prize 
specimen of a prime American rarity. Fewer than two dozen 
specimens are known to exist. First telephone call gets it for 1975.00 

1837 Half cent token. HALF CENT WORTH OF PURE COPPER. 
While our stock of a dozen pieces lasts we offer these at extra-special 
prices; at attractive reductions from catalogue, due to a special 
purchase we made: Very Fine $49.50; Extremely Fine $59.00; 
EF-AU $69.00; Sharp AU, very scarce in this high grade.89.00 

1849 Large date. First collectable date of the braided hair 1840-1857 
design type. VF-EF $32.00; Extremely Fine $39.50; Red and brown 
Uncirculated. One of the finest 1849 large date half cents we have 
ever seen. For some reason 1849 half cents (and those of 1853 as 
well) are the only half cent dates of the 1849-1857 later-date series 
which are not occasionally seen with traces of mint red. In 
Uncirculated grade 1849 large date is a great rarity. It is perhaps 25 
to 50 times rarer than an Uncirculated 1854 or 1855 half cent, for 

instance. This 1849:. 249.00 

1850 Very Fine $22.00; Extremely Fine.39.50 

1851 VF-EF $22.00; AU $39.00; Red and brown Uncirculated, a nice 

type set coin $149.00; Brilliant Uncirculated, quite rare in this 
condition. 249.00 

1853 Very Fine $19.75; VF-EF .23.00 

1854 Fine $16.00; EF $29.00; Brown Uncirculated .95.00 

1855 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated. Rare so. 295.00 

1856 Very Fine $24.00; Extremely Fine $32.00; Lustrous brown 

Uncirculated .97.50 

1857 Last year of the half cent series. Fine $24.00; Extremely Fine 

$39.00; Brilliant Uncirculated, a full Mint State 70 coin, and a rarity 
as such.310.00 


“Thank you for your latest copy of the Rare Coin Review. 1 have 
participated in your Collection/Investment Plan for approximately 
six months and I have received nothing but exceptionally high 
quality coins. I was faced with a difficult decision in placing my 
‘Review’ order as I know all of the items are of a high grade. My 
enclosed order [for a Liberty nickel] reflects my choice,” — an 
unsolicited comment from W.R.K. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin._ 

Page 17— 


‘“It has been really great to do business with you. 1 learned of 
your firm through an article about you in the New York Times. If 
you would do more advertising here on the East Coast 1 know you 
would have a lot more customers — for I know that a lot of other 
collectors would become steady customers once they saw your 
catalogues and ordered coins from you. Don’t keep your firm such a 
secret!” — an unsolicited comment from L.C. of Garden City, New 


We offer an interesting selection of United States large cents—pieces 
for the date collector as well as for the type set collector. Our offering 
includes specimens of the three major design types of 1793—the chain, 
wreath, and Liberty cap styles—plus scarcities among later issues, 1804 
and 1809 for example. 

1792 Copper Cent Pattern 
Without Silver Center 

1792 pattern cent, the specimen from the Century Sale (1965), and 
described there as: 1792 copper (or fusible alloy) cent without silver 
center. The act providing for the establishment of a United States 
mint required that all coins be of full weight and value. In 1792 
several ideas were tested to establish a one-cent piece having an 
intrinsic value equal to the face value. The Birch design cents were 
struck in pure or nearly pure copper. To meet the required value 
they were approximately the diameter of a half dollar. To alleviate 
this bulk an interesting compromise was made: a smaller diameter 
cent made of copper with a silver plug at the center to bring it up to 
the required intrinsic value was issued. Following the coinage of the 
silver center cents a few pieces were struck in a “fusible alloy,” 
copper and silver mixed together. The specimen offered here is one 
of those fusible alloy pieces. To the best of our knowledge there are 
only five of these cents known. Three are permanently impounded in 
public collections: the pieces now in the Smithsonian Institution, 
Massachusetts Historical Society, and John W. Garrett (Johns 
Hopkins University) exhibits. The specimen offered here is inG-VG 
grade with a granular surface. When you consider that nearly every 
outstanding collection formed during the past century has lacked a 
specimen of this coin in any grade the opportunity to acquire this 
piece becomes a truly once-in-a-lifetime event. So concludes the 
description we wrote for this coin in 1965. Since that time we have 
not had the opportunity to handle any others. We offer this prime 
rarity for just.$14,950.00 

1793 Chain Cents 

1793 Chain AMERICA cent. Obverse with Liberty facing right. Reverse 
with unique design of chain links encircling the denomination. The 
very first American cent type and, as such, of great interest. A 
necessity for type sets. We offer the following attractive specimens: 
Nice Very Fine $1545.00; Sharp VF-EF $2795.00; Beautiful AU, 
one of the very finest 1793 chain cents we’ve seen. A prize specimen 
for the collector or dealer who wants the finest available. . 4995.00 


“Thank you for the superb coins. You can be justifiably proud of 
the fine reputation you’ve earned here in Britain and in your own 
 j Janus** 

$1 Legal Tender. Series 1874. Allison, Spinner. F-19; Donlon X101-4A. 
In center, portrait of Washington facing left; at left, vignette of 
Columbus sighting land. Small red seal with rays. Crisp Una 165.00 
$1 Legal Tender. Series 1917. Speelman, White. F-39; Donlon X101-31. 
The design of this note is similar to that of the last, with minor 
variations in the placement of words. Crisp Uncirculated .... 26.95 
$1 Silver Certificate. Series 1896. Tillman, Morgan. F-224; Donlon 
'X201-17A. This is the famous “Educational Note” showing History 
Instructing Youth. We offer two grades of this beautiful note: 
Extremely Fine $85.00; Crisp Uncirculated, minor fold in center 
(almost unnoticeable) .119.00 

—Page 57 — 

Uuijju nvuciiiiri 

' I Silver Certificate. Series 1923. Speelman, White. Small blue seal. 

F-237; Donlon \20l-31 \. Fine S8.95; Crisp Uncirculated. .. 18.95 
$1 Federal Reserve Bank Note. Series 1918. Teehee, Burke / Dyer, 

Passmore. F-715; Donlon X401C-28A. Philadelphia. CU .19.00 

$1 F ederal Reserve Bank Note. Series 1918. Teehee, Burke / Keesee, 
Seay. F-721; Donlon X401E-28. Richmond. CU .49.00 

, 19 




MA Y m.l t)t4 


$1 Federal Reserve Bank Note. Series 1918. Teehee, Burke / Cook, 

Wold. F-734; Donlon X401I-28. Minneapolis. CU .165.00 

SI Federal Reserve Bank Note. Series 1918. Teehee, Burke / Clerk, 

Lynch. F-743; Donlon X401L-28. San Francisco. CU .49.00 

$2 Legal Tender. Series 1878. Allison, Gilfillan. Small red seal at left. 
Portrait of Jefferson facing right at left, vignette of Capitol in center. 

F-48; Donlon X102-7. Crisp Uncirculated .159.00 

$2 Silver Certificate. Series 1896. Bruce, Roberts. The famous 
“Educational” series note. F-248; Donlon X202-19. EF-AU. 249.00 
$2 Treasury or Coin Note. Series 1891. Tillman, Morgan. Vignette of 
General James McPherson and small red scalloped seal at right. The 
back design is an intricate lathe pattern which must be seen to be 
appreciated. F-357; Donlon 702-17. Crisp Uncirculated .... 239.00 
15 Legal Tender. Series 1862. Chittenden, Spinner. Design to left is the 
statue of Columbia on top of the U.S. Capitol in Washington. To 
right, the bust of Alexander Hamilton. Reverse with the wording of 
the First Obligation. F-6 la. Crisp Uncirculated. 259.00 

TJJt/l '/is SS/i/7 7>i/#//i/ "/*/ # //,/ I / /is / s/i/ i 

////. /////////f // 

/!/ //f/ZA a////// Z/'/, 


$5 Legal Tender. Series 1862. Chittenden, Spinner. Similar to last. 

F-63; Donlon X105-1 T3. One serial number. Crisp Unc.. .. 185.00 
$5 Legal Tender. Series B 1875. Allison, New. Portrait of Jackson to 
right, farm family and pet dog center. Small red seal with rays to left. 

F-67; Donlon X105-5B. Crisp Uncirculated.189.00 

$5 Silver Certificate. Series 1899. The famous Indian or “Onepapa” 
note after the Sioux Indian Chief pictured. F-273; Donlon X205-22. 

AU .125.00 

$5 Silver Certificate. Series 1899. “Onepapa” F-277; Donlon X205-27. 

AU $125.00;Crisp Uncirculated .195.00 

$5 National Gold Bank Note. 1870. First National Gold Bank of San 
Francisco. F-1136. These notes were issued in California, as at that 
time, this was a “hard money” only area and National Bank notes 
were disliked. Congress provided, through an amendment to the 
National Currency Act of 1863, for California banks to issue notes 
redeemable in gold coin—thus the National Gold Bank Notes. Very 
few of these notes were ever issued, and very few remain outstanding 


today. It is not often that one of these notes comes on the market. 
We currently offer two (!) different notes: F-1136 Very Good, 
exceptionally clean and far above average for $450.00; Fine, truly 
scarce in this outstanding condition [most Gold Bank notes are seen 

only in very worn and tattered condition] for just .. 795.00 

$10 National Bank Note. Second charter, second issue. Series of 1882 
with blue seal and with “1882-1902” on green back. Lyons, Roberts. 
F-545, Donlon B310-20 T2. The Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank 
of San Francisco. Charter number 5105. F-VF, an interesting note 

with “wild west” associations .95.00 

$10 Gold Certificate. Series 1907. Teehee, Burke. F-1172; Donlon 

X610-28. AU.59.00 

$10 Gold Certificate. Series 1922. Speelman, White. F-1173; Donlon 

X610-31. VF .39.00 

$20 Legal Tender. Series 1880. Vernon, Treat. Head of Alexander 

Hamilton to left, Victory advancing holding shield and sword at 
right. F-141; Donlon X120-17. Small red scalloped seal at right. Crisp 

Uncirculated .189.00 

$20 Legal Tender. Series 1880. Tillman, Morgan. Similar to last. F-144; 

Donlon X120-22. Crisp Uncirculated .189.00 

$20 Gold Certificate. Series 1906. Vernon, Treat. F-1181; Donlon 

X620-22. F-VF .65.00 

Set of Educational Notes. Includes the beautiful and scarce $1, $2 and 
$5 Silver Certificates issued beginning in 1896. The notes included 
are: $1, F-224 — design of History instructing youth: to right, the 
Constitution; in background, the Washington Monument and the 
Capitol; around the periphery, the names of great Americans in 
wreaths. $2, F-248 — design with Science presenting steam and 

electricity to commerce and manufacture. $5, F-268 — design of an 
allegorical group showing electricity as the dominant force in the 
world. The $5 note is Crisp Uncirculated, while the $1 and $2 are 
AU. This set would be the highlight of your currency collection. 
Priced at. 850.00 

Small Size Paper Money — Silver Certificates 

$1. F-1602. Series 1928B. Crisp Uncirculated .15.00 

$1. F-1611. 1935B. Crisp Uncirculated .14.00 

$1. F-1612. 1935C. Crisp Uncirculated .5.00 

$1. F-1613. 1935D. Crisp Uncirculated.4.00 

$1. F-1614. 1935E. Crisp Uncirculated .3.50 

$1. F-1615. 1935F. Crisp Uncirculated. Each $3.50; ten for .... 29.00 

$1. F-1615. 1935F. Star Note. Crisp Uncirculated. Each $4.75; three 

for .12.00 

$1. F-1616. No Motto. Crisp Uncirculated .3.00 

$1. F-1619. 1957. Crisp Uncirculated .2.50 

$1. Silver Certificate. HAWAII overprint. Crisp Uncirculated and 

unfolded original sheet of twelve notes, as printed. A gem sheet of 

this popular overprint issue in perfect condition. 1475.00 

$1. Silver Certificate. Yellow Seal. F-2306. Crisp Uncirculated and 
unfolded original sheet of twelve notes, as printed. Used lor the 
North African campaign during WWII. A showpiece .I 175.00 



BOTH preceding sheets, a complete “sheet set” of World War II 
emergency notes. These sheets are two of the most interesting and 
historical currency issues in American history and would make an 
eye-catching item for your home or office. The pair. 2795.00 

Extremely Rare Inverted HAWAII Overprint 

$10 Federal Reserve Note. Series 1934A. The well-known “HAWAII” 
overprint, but with the word HAWAII inverted on the reverse. This is 
similar to the famous U.S. 24c air mail stamp with inverted airplane. 
The error came about when one sheet (consisting of 12 notes) was 
placed in backwards and received the overprinting upside down. Only 
two inverted HAWAII overprints are known! Presumably the 
remaining ten were lost or destroyed. The note offered here is in 
Very Fine condition and is priced at. 2995.00 

Legal Tender Notes 

$2. F-1509. 1953. Crisp Uncirculated, each $6.95; two for $11.95; or 5 

for only.28.75 

$2. F-1510. Series 1953A. Similar to last. Crisp Uncirculated, each 

$6.95; two for $11.95; or 5 for.28.75 

$5. F-1525. Series 1928. Crisp Uncirculated .25.00 

Fractional Currency 

F-1230. 5c Postage Currency. Copy of a contemporary 5 cent postage 
stamp with the head of Jefferson. Brown obverse, black reverse. 
Straight edges and monogram ABC (for American Bank Note 

Company — the printer). Extremely Fine .6.50 

F-1265. 10c. Fifth issue (1874-1876). Head of William M. Meredith, 
Secretary of the Treasury, 1849-1850. Red seal with long key. Crisp 

Uncirculated, each $8.95; three for .25.00 

F-1266. 10c. Similar to last, but the red Treasury seal has a short key. 

Crisp Uncirculated, each $8.95; three for $25.00; five for .... 40.00 
F-1280. 25c Postage Currency. First issue (1862-1863). Five 5-cent 
stamps of contemporary design pictured. Brown obverse, black 
reverse. Style with perforated edges and no monogram. Crisp 

Uncirculated, some perforation missing on edge .39.00 

F-1311. 50c. Postage Currency. Five 10-cent stamps of contemporary 
issue, with portraits of Washington. Perforated edges; reverse without 
monogram. Green obverse, black reverse. Extremely Fine .... 22.00 
F-1332. 50c. Head of General F. E. Spinner, Treasurer of the United 
States, 1861-1875. Green reverse; design figures “1” and “a” on the 

obverse (left side). Crisp Uncirculated .65.00 

F-1381. 50c. Fifth issue. Bust of William H. Crawford, Secretary of 
both the War and Treasury Departments, 1815-1825. Variety with 
red seal and white paper with silk fibers and blue ends. EF $12.00; 
Crisp Uncirculated, one pinhole .17.00 

1847 Hawaii. Cent. Very Fine, porous .47.50 

1883 Hawaii 10c. Fine $11.00; Extremely Fine $39.50; AU $55.00; 

BU, rubbing.79.00 

1883 Hawaii 25c. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .89.00 

1883 Hawaii 50c. Very Fine $29.00; Extremely Fine $42.00; EF-AU 

$49.50; AU $55.00; BU, rubbing $99.00; BU .195.00 

1883 Hawaii $1. VF $79.00; VF-EF $85.00; EF.125.00 


This section contains regular United States coins, medals, tokens, 
printed items, ephemera, and all sorts of other things — items received 
too late for inclusion in the regular sections, items that were omitted 
from other categories, items for which we have no other categories, etc. 
The items are not in order. Look this listing over carefully. When 
ordering by telephone or letter, please mention that the item you are 
ordering is from the “Miscellany” section so we can locate it quickly! 
We’ve numbered the items as M-300, M-301, etc. and so on, for your 
convenience in ordering. 

There just might be a few treasures in this listing! Read it through 

M-300. Set of four gilt-edge bound (in gilt-tooled leather) volumes 
entitled Portraits and Vignettes Engraved by the Bureau of Engraving 
and Printing, Treasury Department, Washington, 1883. According to 
the former owner of these, just four such bound sets were produced. 
We have never seen another set, and inquiry (by the former owner) 
to the Smithsonian Institution revealed that this impressive set is not 
represented in that museum’s archives. Each volume is over 1” thick 
and contains steel engravings of presidents, prominent statesmen, 
allegorical scenes, topical subjects, and other vignettes, many of 
which were used on American paper money of the era. For anyone 
interested in Americana in its purest form these albums will be a joy 
to own. There are pages and pages of such vignettes as America 
Seizing the Lightning, Battle of Lexington, Civilization, Justice, 
Peace, Liberty and Union, Steamboat Landing, Loyalty, Columbia, 
The Pioneer, Eagle, Return of Peace, Reconstruction, Introduction 
of the Old World to the New, and Columbus Discovering Land, not 
to mention government buildings in Washington, famous United 
States ships, historical battle scenes, and other subjects. Each volume 
measures 6” wide by 7/4” high by I/ 2 ” thick. Each engraving is on a 
separate page with a wide border. There are hundreds of engravings 
in all. A prize acquisition for the currency collector, the numismatic 
museum or society, or the private collector. The set is in mint 

condition and is priced postpaid at. 1995.00 

M-301. I860 Lincoln/Hamlin ferrotype medal Ferrotype portraits of 
Lincoln and Hamlin on respective sides. Holed at top for suspension 

on a ribbon (as usual). Extremely Fine .95.00 

M-302. Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments. Written by Q. 
David Bowers, this book was recently designated as “one of the most 
valuable reference books of the year” by the prestigious American 
Library Association. The massive volume contains 1008 pages and 
thousands of illustrations about music boxes, coin-operated pianos, 
player pianos, circus organs, and related self-playing instruments of 
the 1750-1940 era. The book is 8 l /2xll” in size, is sturdily 
hardbound, and weighs seven pounds when boxed for shipment. 
Numismatists everywhere have found the book to be fascinating 
reading as the subject is related in a way. In any event, we guarantee 
that you’ll find it to be interesting, entertaining, and useful. Over 

-Page 59- 

4,000 copies have been sold, and not a single copy has ever been 
returned! Order your copy today. On request, Dave Bowers will 
personally autograph and inscribe a copy to you. Satisfaction 

guaranteed. Postpaid price: .25.00 

M-303. Columbian Exposition medal, Chicago 1893. Obverse with a 
frontier village scene depicting Chicago as it was in 1833. Reverse 
with microscopically detailed inscription giving attributes and 

statistics of Chicago. Aluminum. 45 mm. diameter. AU .14.50 

M-304. Exposition books. Five pictorial books, all different, giving data 
on the 1876 Centennial Exhibition and the 1893 Columbian 
Exposition. Interesting to read and look through or as a source of 

fascinating information. The lot:.49.50 

M-305. 10 Different postcards, black and white, from the 1915 Panama 

Pacific International Exposition. Unused. Mint condition.3.00 

M-30b. Back issue of the Rare Coin Review. Issue No. 10 .2.00 

M-307. Back issue of the Rare Coin Review. Issue No. 12.2.00 

M-308. Back issue of the Rare Coin Review. Issue No. 15 .2.00 

M-309. Back issue of the Rare Coin Review. Issue No. 16 .2.00 

M-310. Back issue of the Rare Coin Review. Issue No. 17.2.00 

M-311. The American Auction Association’s sale catalogue of the 
Armand Champa Collection and other important properties; sale of 
May, 1972. One of the most extensive and beautiful collections of 
U.S. pattern coins ever sold; plus famous rarities ($4 flowing hair and 
coiled hair gold Stellas; 1876-CC 20c, etc.); large cents; type coins; 
gold coins, etc. Includes list of prices realized. Collectors item! 5.00 
M-312. The American Auction Association’s sale catalogue of the 
Robert Marks Collection and other properties; sale of November, 
1972. An extensive collection of Uncirculated large cents; many 
examples of U.S. copper, nickel, silver, and gold coins; coins of the 

world, etc. Includes prices realized. A collectors’ item! .5.00 

M-313. The American Auction Association’s sale catalogue of the 
Terrell Collection and other properties; sale of May, 1973. A 
fabulous sale of over 1,500 lots of United States and world coins. A 
summary of the Terrell Collection sale appears elsewhere in this issue 
of the Rare Coin Review. We have fewer than 200 extra copies of the 
Terrell Collection sale catalogue left, so our price will be $7.50 af ter 
October 1st. Before then, you can obtain a copy (while supplies last), 

including prices realized for.5.00 

M-314. Group of six different railroad stock certificates, 19th century 
and early 20th century. Colorful and with ornate engravings. Ideal 

for display or framing. The lot .9.95 

M-315. State of South Carolina bonds. Genuine original bonds of 100 
pounds sterling value which originally sold for close to $500 each. 
All of the interest coupons are still attached. They have been slit 
cancelled (without removing any paper), so framed they look just 
like new. Where else can you find a 100-year-old genuine and original 
monetary decoration of this large size and beauty for less than $10? 
While our small supply lasts we offer them for $9.50 each postpaid; 

10 for $79.00; 50 for. 299.00 

M-316. Library Starter Special: Most collectors start their libraries with 
a copy of the Guide Book, so we won’t send you one of those—but 
we will send you at least $30 worth of other books (on a retail basis; 
our choice of titles). All will be different and all will be in new 
condition- This will make a nice start on a reference library!. 19.75 
M-317. Albums and holders for displaying or housing United States 
coins. Mainly the Whitman “Bookshelf’ brand. New condition. No 
duplicates. Our choice of albums. At least $20 retail value for just 

$9.95 postpaid. At least $40 retail value for just.19.50 

M-318. Large and impressive poster issued c. 1855-1859 by Rawdon, 
Wright, Hatch, and Edson, bank note engravers of New York. 
Measures about 2’6” wide by 3’3” high and is mounted in a glass 
frame. Contains hundreds of vignettes as used on early 19th century 
paper money. A stunning display item. Grover Criswell, noted 
authority in the paper money field, advises us that fewer than a half 

dozen of these are known. 1495.00 

M-319. Large and impressive poster from the 1850’s by Danforth, 
Wright & Co. of Philadelphia and New York, bank note engravers. 
This superb item is in its original frame and measures 3’2” wide by 
3’6” deep. Pictured are hundreds of designs used on paper money. 
Extremely rare. We have never seen another of this design. A 

museum piece!. 1595.00 

M-320. An offering of M-318 and M-319 as a pair:. 2995.00 

M-321. 1909 Alaska Yukon Utah “dollar.” HK-359. Bronze. VF 12.50 


“The coins I received from you were by far the highest quality I 
have found from any source. When ordering by mail a customer 
certainly appreciates this kind of service.” — an unsolicited 
comment from P.C. of Tyler, Texas. 

—Available from Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc.— 
Dealer’s Certificate of Title 
Guarantee of Genuineness and Registration 




,,1 PROFESSIONAL numismatists GUILD, INC. hrfri* «l. m* « 
SliringM, California ‘>0670 

t, the underxigiK-d (hereinafter referred to a* Seller). 

,. Raymond Duwyii 

■TidB 1 ’til Flon-mr W„uF; Sa..O Fr S 


t«ferml to as Purchaser) tire oumbniatk item  XX « EIGHT, G,.m.) $|* (nM* «<<»«*> 


... ■ wc sin*. sfi« alls identified !»> the following rovfiMY and/w edge. haracterfatfc*; or hj Jt 

T**. *!?? *.... ..... IU .E y.io.-iov AH-ixm KtRKTO Data to b»- tilled out m the aboeoce of idiot, .graphs > 








(Photo*, if available, are to he affixed In this area,) ^ 

Coding of enumerated charartrmtic*: 

AM - Adjustment Mork(s) PF - Plane het Flaw! % ) s ■ Scratch or Cut C - < omaion or Pitting 

I.M * Lint Mark(i) N*Nlck(») R - Bruise or Dent P - Hole.\Punc«x»rr.or Plug 

(Where applicable. DIAGNOSTIC surface rharacterutx- \hrmM ALSO he hown, t.e 
drawn, on the circular diagram ror wnpjnicl by a xmall "O" or “R" to indicate side.) 

Toned ( ); Twnwhtd l ); Stained ( ) Area, color. . 


"Bag Markusl” (great where mott serious). £ 







Creaawi .4,., .... ... .Tears; 

-, ..... ... ... Mend or Status,. 

Other ..... .. 

-.... MWR 





The preparation, execution and delivery of thix. ertifi. ale by the seller .airtitutes 11 representation by him that the information con¬ 
tained herein is according to the beat of his knowledge, information and Ix-lirf I lit- acceptance of this completed form by the purchaser indicate* 
hi* agreement with the information contained herein 

The right* of the purchaser under this certificate may lie assigned l»y appropriate endorsement on the hack of this instrument, but only 
when accompanied by sale or transfer of the item dexrnhed hr re in 

Afl claims hereunder are strictly between the purchaser ..r his ..signs and the seller in person am! shall lie limited by the agreed value 
above tot forth and only if made during the lifetime of the s. Her However. Professional Numismatists Gufid, Inc, will make all reasonable 
efforts to resolve any dispute arising between purchaser >-r hn assign' and seller, and if requested to do so by the purchaser or his assigns. 
Will implement its regulations providing for uftt'"“"‘* 


Z7wZ,»/■/»•//< «'/'■"'•/ 
,U 8 >' n«*« 



' fcw omi35^« 


I « 




on I 





n i 






. ; I, ,, /,/,.///S*//"'/ 

tun nullahs - />- a 


nAV tAC iiAifil. 4 

r ' "• '■;-//■ "S'""/, 

' ,,,///„. TEN»OLLAH» 

/A* At///*/ 



S.U a ■ « 

a* ’ 

■a ■ 

<• -A? nf *il 

»■( V 

Crisp Uncirculated, Original 

We have acquired a small old-time group of currency dating from the 1830-1860 
era. These original sheets, each containing four notes, were printed for banks before ^ 
the United States government began its own legal tender issues. Each sheet is over 
100 years old and is guaranteed to be original and genuine. * 

Measurements of a typical sheet are: SVi" wide by 14” long. They are of high 
quality printing and engraving. When framed, a sheet will make a colorful and 
intersting decoration for your home or office. We have a number of sheets 
and on display here at Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. 

Of particular “human interest” is the sheet with a real $3 bill! k 

The craftsmanship and design of these early colorful notes certainly equals the || 
beauty of our early United States notes, which would cost many hundreds or 
thousands of dollars per sheet! Many of the sheets we offer were printed by the 
famous American Bank Note Co. Many of the sheets are in two colors. We offer the 

HAvr.vr, iniV^niS 

„. . ' 

ti i»:n» 

r< AVrAi*, AAliT lS! 




framed l) <4k> 

*V. V® 

v trnmm/mi 


%. M 

following Specials: ,- 4 T 

Sheet No. 1 — With two $1 notes, one $2 note, and one $3 note. Crisp Uncirculated ^ A ^ 

( 3 

— and choice (as are all of the sheets we offer).$14.95 

Sheet No. 2 — With four bills, all of the same denomination (such as four $5 or four 

$20 notes), denomination of our choice. Crisp Uncirculated .12.50 

Sheet Special No. 3 — Three different sheets, including one with a $3 bill. Crisp ’ f 

^ ° 6 

Uncirculated, set of three sheets: .29.95 

Sheet No. 4 — Sheet with four $100.00 ($400.00 original face value!). Crisp 

’ I 




Uncirculated .14.95 

Sheet Special No. 5 — A Collector’s Dream! TEN DIFFERENT early sheets, 
including a sheet with a $3 bill and a sheet containing four $100 bills. A nice start 
on a specialized collection of early bank notes, or a beautiful way to decorate your 
home or office with numismatic items of rarity and lasting value. The collection of 

ten sheets, just .119.00 

Sheet Special No. 6 — Our largest and finest sheet collection: twenty different sheets, 
including a sheet with a $3 bill, sheets with $100 bills, and many other interesting 
types and designs. Each sheet is Crisp Uncirculated. As we only have few ot these 
sets on hand, we limit orders to just one Sheet Special No. 6 per collector or 
dealer: .199.50 





;= „ 


£) a^IALL AiA'j 





ten doe: 

, V >S'U>h l,, )( -V,J 

k. • m, 

'AM«naaBEj3 j* ^ 

&„ — ..- :j i. ^ ^ 

£T jJ 

J _ l.(j f 

, l X nw 


. tsuraaosiEo 

" 9 s ^ ' \ n^E 


N v 

Page 64 

James F. Ruddy and Q. David Bowers present Bowers and Ruddy Galleries’ 

Collection ‘Investment 

c Program 

Now, at last, you can participate in a program personally 
managed by experienced professional numismatists. The QUALITY 
and AUTHENTICITY of every coin is absolutely guaranteed. For 
many years James F. Ruddy, Q. David Bowers, and the other 
professional numismatists on our staff have helped collectors and 
investors make large profits in the field of choice and rare United 
States and world coins. This PROVEN SUCCESS is a matter of 
record. Now this experience and expertise is available for YOU. 
Right now we are accepting a limited number of new accounts in 
our Collection/Investment Program. If you are interested in rare 
coins as an investment we invite you to participate in what we 
consider to be the very best service available today. Read on. .. 

Our Service for Collectors and Investors 

What coins should I invest in? This question is often asked 
by the collector or investor who studies the bewildering array 
of “best bets,” “sure things,” etc. offered by so-called 
“investment advisors,” many of whom have little professional 
standing or numismatic experience. A glance at almost any 
numismatic publication will show dozens of confusing offers 
in this field. 

While short-term speculative profits (and whopping losses, 
too!) have been made in “special situations” from time to 
time, we have found in our many years of professional 
numismatics that the BEST, GREATEST, and MOST 
CONSISTENT PROFITS have been made by investors who 
buy QUALITY COINS — coins that are acquired as part of a 
meaningful collection and investment program combined. 

James F. Ruddy and Q. David Bowers have purchased and 
resold untold millions of dollars worth of coins during the past 

two decades. In the process we have helped to build some of 
the finest collection/investment portfolios ever assembled. 
Without exception, to our knowledge, these collections built 
by us have shown a very attractive profit if the coins were held 
for a five or ten year period or longer. In many instances the 
term has been shorter — a diversified $16,000.00 investment 
made by us for one of our clients more than doubled in three 
years, for example. Often the price we’ve paid has been 
double, triple, or quadruple the price the owner originally paid 
us for his coins. Often it has been even far, far more. 

Important Reasons for Choosing 
James F. Ruddy and Q. David Bowers 

In his recent and highly-successful book, How You Can 
Make Big Profits Investing In Coins, author Harry Forman had 
some nice words to say about us; words we consider to be 
quite important and significant inasmuch as they appeared in 
the first two pages of his book and inasmuch as WE WERE 
THIS REGARD! Now, Mr. Forman’s words: 

“Anyone can make predictions, and if he does so in a field 
in which he is already well known, they are sure to be widely 
read. Moreover, by waiting until people’s memories have 
somewhat blurred, and then by republishing only his successes, 
he can often build up a rather good reputation for himself. 

“In the numismatic field we have three different kinds ot 
forecasters. The first and commonest is the person who makes 
predictions simply as a promotional device to help sell 
whatever he has on hand. 1 don’t say that in all, or even most 

y&im % 

—Page 65— 


cases, this involves a deliberate deception. On the contrary, the 
very fact that a person has invested his own money to 
purchase one or another item would indicate a certain amount 
of faith in its market potential. But such predictions 
necessarily lack true discrimination, and depend for their 

success, if not on luck, then on the progress of the market as a 

“A second type of forecaster is the non-professional 
numismatist who dabbles in speculation and writes books or 
articles on market trends. Such an individual is more serious in 
his selections and understands that there are always 
widespread differences in the potential of various issues and 
series. But for all that, his livelihood is not dependent on his 
predictions, and even should they fail he is still reimbursed by 
his royalties. 

“The third and rarest type is the successful full-time dealer 
who forecasts, not for promotional purposes, but simply to 
share his insights with the general investing public. My good 
friend Q. David Bowers is one such forecaster, having given 
much excellent investment advice through the Empire Review 
and more recently through the Rare Coin Review (the 
periodical magazine issued by Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, 
Inc. of Hollywood, California).” 

James F. Ruddy of our staff has likewise been honored by 
many other writers and organizations. The Professional 
Numismatists Guild’s Distinguished Service Award is but one 
of the many professional recognitions he has received. 
Numismatic research and study have brought many rewards his 

Photograde, the book on coin grading, has been so 
successful that it has gone through many large printings and 
has been accepted as standard by leading dealers, collectors, 
and numismatic organizations everywhere. Many important 
numismatic discoveries have been made by James F. Ruddy. 
To cite but one of many examples, he first identified in our 
research department the 1888/7 overdate Indian cent. 

There is a Difference — An Important One ... 

There are many “numismatic advisory services” of one sort 
or another. We think it is important. Correction: we think that 

it is ESSENTIAL for your success that you exercise careful 
judgment when selecting a firm with which to do business. 

If you are contemplating investing in coins, be CRITICAL. 
Ask if the firm: 

Bowers and Ruddy Galleries and/or James F. Ruddy and Q. 
David Bowers are members of the Professional Numismatists 
Guild (as noted, James F. Ruddy received the PNG’s 
Distinguished Service Award), the prestigious International 
Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN), the 
American Numismatic Association (Q. David Bowers is life 
member 336; Janies F. Ruddy is life member 337), and other 
leading organizations worldwide. The firm has served as a 
consultant to numismatic organizations and government 
agencies on matters involving authenticity. 

Ruddy and Q. David Bowers have PROVEN EXPERIENCE 
On the front page of one of its issues The Forecaster, 
America’s leading coin investment newsletter, introduced an 
article by Q. David Bowers by stating that: “Mr. Bowers is a 
director of Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc., Hollywood, 
California. Famous author, scholar, and friend, David Bowers 
has a degree in finance and is conversant with the present 
international monetary instability. In the past when Dave 
made recommendations in confidential Forecaster articles, 
those who took his suggestions made nice profits.... His 
partner, incidentally, is the same Jim Ruddy of Photograde 
fame—the grading standard of the industry.” The comments of 
Harry Forman quoted earlier represent another example of 
recognized success. Other examples abound. 

Yes, it is important to ask the preceding questions and 
others before you spend a cent. Also ask: Can I be sure that I 
will receive the QUALITY and VALUE I pay for? (This is a 
most important question, for if you are not familiar with 
quality and value you are placing your investment in jeopardy 
if you do not buy from an established professional dealer.) 
Bowers and Ruddy Galleries absolutely guarantees the 
QUALITY and VALUE of each item sold. 

Can I have confidence in the firm? Are they sincerely 
interested in giving me GOOD ADVICE or are they mainly 

—Page 66— 

interested in just selling me coins? Ponder these questions 
carefully. We believe that Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Ine. 
comes up with the right answers to each. And, this is an 
important difference — a difference which is most important 
to your investment success. 

Our Collection/Investment Programs 

Our Collection/Investment Programs offer a number of 
advantages. You enjoy the prestige and satisfaction of doing 
business with one of the world’s largest and most respected 
numismatic firms; a firm which has handled millions of dollars 
worth of coins, including nearly every major rarity in the 
book; a firm of unquestioned financial reputation and 

By means of our Collection/Investment Programs you can 
build an IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL group of rare coins 
simply by making payments at your convenience. Over the 
years our clients have found rare coins to have been a 
wonderful hedge against inflation. Coins represent an 
outstanding investment with excellent potential for future 
appreciation. Our Collection/Investment Programs make it 
easy for you to assemble a group of really CHOICE and 

There are no service charges of any kind to pay. You pay 
just our regular competitive market price for coins—sometimes 
even less (in the instances of quantity purchases when we pass 
a special buy on to you), but NEVER more! There are no 
postage and handling charges, no advisory fees, no “extras” of 
any kind. 

YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION. You are not signing 
any tricky contract. If you are not 100% delighted with the 
coins you receive in our Collection/Investment Program you 
can cancel without notice at any time simply by discontinuing 
your payments. You won’t owe us a thing- and we won’t owe 
you a thing. By each maintaining our independence we are in 
the spotlight — we have your “command performance” to 
provide the QUALITY and VALUE you demand. 

FIRST CHOICE: When you participate in our Collection/ 
Investment Program you have first pick of the LARGEST 
U.S. COINS in existence and one of the finest stocks of world 

coins. As new collections and other purchases are constantly 
being added to our inventory you’ll get first pick of many of 
the most desirable pieces. 

James F. Ruddy PERSONALLY supervises the program and 
PERSONALLY SELECTS the United States coins you will 
receive, with the assistance ol Q. David Bowers. Karl Stephens 
selects coins of the world. The experience oi James F. Ruddy, 
Q. David Bowers, Karl Stephens, and other professional 
numismatists on our staff is an advantage that is priceless: an 
advantage that money can’t otherwise buy. 

Advantages for Us 

The Collection/Investment Program has two main advan¬ 
tages for us. In a way they are advantages for you, too! They 

(1) We are able to place directly many beautiful coins 
without the expense of “sold out” letters, credit problems, 
advertising preparation and listing, catalogue [(reparation, 
etc.—resulting in a savings for us. In a high-volume, 
low-margin-of-profit business tins savings can be quite 

(2) Our main problem is buying coins, not selling them! By 
placing with selected buyers such as yourself these choice 
coins we hope to have the opportunity to buy them back 
someday. There is no obligation for you to sell your coins 
back to us. You can sell them wherever you please—as the 
marketplace is free and competitive. However, it has been our 
happy experience that many, many collectors and investors 
who purchased choice United States coins from us back in the 
1950’s and 1960’s have kept us in mind—and we have bought 
their holdings when they were later re-oflered to us. Without 
exception, to our knowledge, each seller has realized a 
substantial profit! So, by selling you CHOICE COINS OF 
HIGH QUALITY today we hope you’ll keep us in mind in the 
future, and that you’ll help us with our purchase requirements 
five, ten, or fifteen years from now! 

How Our Collection/Investment Program Works 

Each month (or other interval you choose) we will sell you 
a group of choice high-quality coins. These pieces will be coins 

—Page 67- 

with established numismatic values (as opposed to recent 
speculative issues). Coins will be in HIGHER GRADES: 
Uncirculated or Proof, or in the instance of certain rarities or 
very early pieces, in Fine or better condition. 

If you are interested in short-term speculation, this program 
is NOT for you, and we respectfully recommend that you buy 
elsewhere. There are countless “investment advisors” in the 
field of modem speculative issues, and we're not among them. 

with a proud heritage to protect—and we are not about to 
change our stvle! You’ll receive CHOICE COINS OF PROVEN 

These coins will be like those which have paced the market 
in the past: scarce gold coins, Uncirculated silver dollars, 
choice United States type coins (coins needed for inclusion in 
type sets), key dates, and similar items. Circulated modern 
coins of the type that are not rare now, nor will they be rare in 
the foreseeable future, will NOT be included! Rather, you will 
receive the “blue chips” of numismatics. 

Each month (or other interval) you send us $100, $250, 
$500, $1000, or more. We will then send you choice coins as 
described above. Each coin will be graded carefully and will be 
priced and invoiced individually, so you can maintain a record 
of your purchases (and we will keep a record here also). 

GUARANTEE: Here is what we guarantee: We guarantee 
that you will find our grading to be accurate and the price paid 
to be reasonable. After receiving your coins you have seven 
full days to consider the coins, examine them, have them 
appraised by others, and to consider them in any other way 
that you wish. If, FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, you 
are not 100% delighted, your money will be refunded in full as 
per our guarantee. There is no red tape. In fact, no explanation 
is necessary! 

sold to you is absolutely guaranteed authentic. Over the years 
we have acted as consultants to government agencies, 
numismatic publications, and others in matters involving 
authenticity. You can be sure when you buy from Bowers and 
Ruddy Galleries, Inc. 

A Limited Program 

Even with our large inventory and unequalled buying 
facilities we cannot service a great number of participants in 
our Collection/Investment Program. By their very definition 
rare coins are rare—and, thus, we must limit the Program to 
the number of clients that James F. Ruddy, Q. David Bowers, 
and Karl Stephens can personally supervise and to the number 
for which we can supply choice coins. We offer this program in 
only a few selected places. We are not seeking a high-volume 
business in this regard. This is a custom program conducted on 
a very personal basis. We hope you’ll understand. 

Right now we offer the Collection/Investment Program in 
the following categories. Pick a favorite, if you have one. If 
not, then we respectfully suggest our general Collection/ 
Investment Program which covers a wide range of issues or, if 
you are among the many interested in gold coins, then we 
recommend our Gold Coin Purchase Plan. 

Here are the Programs we offer: 

Collection/Investment Program 

The basic Collection/Investment Program consists of 
investment in selected choice United States coins of various 
series. Over a period of time you will receive beautiful copper, 
nickel, silver, and gold issues, commemoratives, “key” dates, 
and other pieces similar to those which have been winners in 
the past The Collection/Investment Program is carefully 
diversified. If you are undecided as to which Program to 
choose or if you have no preference, we recommend the 
Collection/Investment Program as listed below. 

Program No. 2 .$ 100 per month 

Program No. 3 .$250 per month 

Program No. 4 .$500 per month 

Program No. 5 .$ 1000 per month 

Note: If you want to invest $50 per month or some amount less 
than our minimum $100 plan, then accumulate your money and 
send us, say, $100 every second month under our Program No. 2. 

-Page 68— 


' Selected Silver Dollar 

Collection/Investment Program 

The Selected Silver Dollar Collection/Investment Program 
offers the collector and investor the opportunity to buy 
choice, selected Uncirculated United States silver dollars of 
top quality—the quality referred to as gem, choice, or Mint 
State 65 or Mint State 70. 

You will receive selected hand-picked pieces in the Morgan 
(1878-1921) and Peace (1921-1935) series. If you’re interested 
in silver dollars and want top quality, this program is for you. 
And, in the silver dollar' market (as in other coin markets) an 
emphasis on QUALITY pays off when the time comes to sell 
your collection and investment. Here are the Programs 

. $100 per month 
. $250 per month 
. $500 per month 
$1000 per month 

Silver Dollar Program No. SD-2 
Silver Dollar Program No. SD-3 
Silver Dollar Program No. SD-4 
Silver Dollar Program No. SD-5 


The Commemorative Collection Plan features all different 
issues—from the first Columbian half dollars of 1892 through 
to the Washington-Carver issues of the 1950’s. The field of 
United States commemorative half dollars covers 48 different 
and distinctive types, each issued in celebration of an historical 
event. Your set will include one each of the 48 types plus the 
1893 Isabella quarter and the 1900 Lafayette dollar. The 
condition of each coin will be choice Brilliant Uncirculated: 
the BEST QUALITY available. With your first order we’ll send 
you a special album to house your collection. 

Note: We can build for you a complete set of all dates, 
mintmarks, and specialized varieties of commemorative silver 
coins—144 pieces in all. This will require a minimum payment 
of S250 per month. If you would rather have us start a 
complete set (rather than a type set), please note “Complete 
Set of Varieties” when you send your first payment of $250 
or more. Otherwise we will start a type set for you. 

The following Commemorative Collection Plans are avail- 

Commemorative Plan No. CP-2 .$100.00 per month 

Commemorative Plan No. CP-3. 250.00 per month 

Commemorative Plan No. CP-4. 500.00 per month 

Commemorative Plan No. CP-5. 1000.00 per month 

Your First Step to Investment Success 

To begin the program which interests you most, just send us 
a check representing the first month’s payment. As noted, you 
are under no obligation of any kind—either to keep the coins 
received or to continue the program in the future. On a 
month-to-month basis we’ll do our best to deliver to you what 
we consider to be the BEST VALUES in the coin field today. 
We think you’ll be really pleased! 

Send your check to the personal attention of J ames F. 
Ruddy. This will start what we hope will be a long and 
mutually beneficial relationship between you and Bowers and 
Ruddy Galleries, Inc. Others have found our way of doing 
business to be the ideal way to assemble a meaningful group of 
truly choice and beautiful coins. We are confident that you 
will be enthusiastic also. 


Karl Stephens, manager of our World Coins Department 
and Janies F. Ruddy will select for you each month a nice 
selection of top-quality Uncirculated or Proof coins of the 
world: desirable crowns, minor issues, and other choice pieces 
of the types which have been excellent investments in the pasl 
and which should be excellent investments for the future. 

World coins represent a fast-growing area of numismatics, 
and our Coins of the World Plan is an ideal way to invest in 
this growth. 

Pick the Coins of the World Plan which interests you the 


Coins of the World Plan CW-2 .$ 100.00 per month 

Coins of the World Plan CW-3. 250.00 per month 

Coins of the World Plan CW-4. 500.00 per month 

Coins of the World Plan CW-5. 1000.00 per month 

Coins of the World Plan CW-6. 2500.00 per month 

The Ideal Way to Buy Gold Coins! ^ ^ p(JRCHASE ^ The Ideal Way to Buy Gold Cons! 


Gold coins have been very much in the news in recent years. The 
beauty and appeal of gold coins—coins made of mankind s most 
famous metal—are being realized by collectors everywhere. 

How can I buy gold coins easily? How can I be sure I am getting 
genuine pieces? What about grading? These are questions which are 
asked by many buyers. 

Now those questions are answered for you. Bowers and Ruddy 
Galleries offers you an easy and convenient way to buy gold 
coins—our Gold Coin Purchase Plan backed by our famous 
money-back guarantee. 

We offer you a choice of ways to buy gold coins. You can pick 
the plan best suited to your own requirements. Here are the 

Quality and Value Guaranteed 

When you buy gold coins from Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. 
you are assured of receiving genuine, original issues. Each and every 
coin is absolutely guaranteed to be authentic. 

And each and every coin is covered by our money-back guarantee 
of satisfaction. You must be pleased with the value of each coin, its 
appearance, and the value received for your money—or the coins 
may be returned within seven days for an instant refund without 
question. We are not satisfied until you are! 

Each shipment will be sent to you postpaid. All transactions will 
be kept in strict confidence. Each coin will be in its own container 
and will be clearly marked with the date, mintmark (if any), variety, 
condition, and price paid. We take care of all the paperwork. Our 
Gold Coin Purchase Plan makes buying gold coins easy! 

Here are our Plans: 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 1 

This plan is for the buyer who wants to receive a high 
intrinsic or metallic value with each coin. Emphasis is placed 
on issues with a high gold content: United States $20 gold 
pieces, British gold sovereigns, Mexican 50-peso gold pieces, 
and similar issues. Scarce or rare dates are not included. You 
can make a one-time purchase for the amount of your choice, 
or you can order from us regularly each month or other 
interval of your choosing. All coins will be selected for you by 
James F. Ruddy and, as noted, are guaranteed genuine and are 
guaranteed to satisfy you. 

The following Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 1 options are 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 1-A.$250.00 per month 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 1-B. 500.00 per month 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 1-C. 1000.00 per month 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 1-D. 2500.00 per month 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 1-E. 5000.00 per month 

Or you can make a one-time (rather than on monthly or other 
regular payments) purchase of a group of gold coins for any amount 
(minimum: $250). 

You are under no obligation of any kind—either to keep the 
coins received or to continue our Gold Coin Purchase Plan in 
the future. As noted earlier, we accept (and enjoy!) the 
challenge of a “command performance,” and on a monthly 
basis we’ll do our best to deliver to you what we consider to 
be the best values. We are sure you’ll be pleased. 

To start: Just send us your initial payment of $250 or 
more—and tell us whether you want a one-time shipment or 
whether you would like to order from us regularly on a 
monthly basis. 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 2 

This plan is for the buyer who would like to form a 
collection of different date and mintmark varieties of United 
States gold coins—including scarce issues and scarce denomina¬ 
tions (such as $1, $2/2, and $3). Coins sent will all be 
different. We will keep a list of the dates and mintmarks you 
receive, so that over a period of time you will build a beautiful 
collection of American gold coins. 

As is true of our other Plans, there is no obligation to keep 
the coins received (any item may be returned within seven 
days for an instant refund) or to continue your participation 
in our Plan. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

The following Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 2 options are 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 2-A.$250.00 per month 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 2-B. 500.00 per month 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 2-C. 1000.00 per month 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 2-D. 2500.00 per month 

Gold Coin Purchase Plan No. 2-E. 5000.00 per month 

c U. G §. c Type Set 
Collection ^Plan 

A Convenient Way to Collect 

For the busy collector or investor who wants to assemble a 
choice set of coins but who hasn’t the time to spend 
intensively searching for each item we offer our U.S. Type Set 
Collection Plan. 

This plan enables you to build a set of major United States 
design types. To house your collection you’ll receive two 
Whitman “Bookshelf” albums free of charge with your first 
order. As each month’s selections arrive you can place them in 
the album for display. 

20th century issues in your type set will be in beautiful 
Uncirculated and Proof grades. 19th century issues will be 
Fine to Proof. The type set will contain representative 
examples of major design types. For instance, the series of 
U.S. nickel three-cent pieces from 1865 will be illustrated by a 
single coin—one of the inexpensive dates—from that period. 
(This is in contrast to a date set of coins which would include 
one of each date and variety.) 

As your type set grows you will enjoy watching the 
panorama of United States coinage unfold before you. For 
interest, educational value, and for investment for the future 
the U.S. Type Set Collection Plan has a lot to recommend it. 
This plan has been very popular over the years, and we have a 
large file of compliments from delighted participants! 

We Do the Work for You! 

We will keep a “want list” of the items you still need for 
your Type Set Collection Plan, so there’s no paperwork or 
other effort for you to do! When your coins arrive all you have 
to do is to check them (to be sure that they represent the 
condition and value you expect) and put them in your album. 
As your set grows it will be a beautiful display item you’ll be 
proud to own. 

True Numismatic Pieces 

The coins selected for your type set will be the quality you 
expect and will be true numismatic items. Our constant 
purchases of leading collections and rare individual pieces 

assures you of receiving the scarcer as well as the commoner 
issues in your type set at prices you’ll find to be excellent 

As selected United States type coins have increased in value 
handsomely over the years, your collection should be a nice 
“blue chip” investment for the future. Equally important, you 
and your entire family will enjoy the educational and 
historical aspects of these coins from America’s past. 

Some Comments We’ve Received 

We share with you some of the comments we’ve received 
concerning our United States Type Set Collection Plan: 

“I am thrilled with the first coins received from you. My set 
is already quite an attraction—and I can hardly wait until next 
month’s selections arrive.” 

"I like your quality on the other orders received from you, 
and if the coins in your Plan are as nice I know I’ll be 

“I am very pleased with my coins received so far. My family ( 
is getting interested too, and we’ve all been discussing what an 
educational opportunity the type set represents.” 

“It is nice to know that there is a monthly plan which offers 
truly desirable numismatic items of lasting value.” 

“My wife and children are fascinated with the coins you’ve 
been sending me. This is the first investment I’ve ever had 
which has captured the interest and enthusiasm of my whole 
family—and that’s great!” 

We are sure that you, too, will be equally enthusiastic when 
you receive your coins. In fact, we guarantee you’ll be pleased! 

How to Begin: 

To begin your United States Type Set Collection Plan 
choose which monthly payment suits you best—and send your 
first order to the personal attention of James F. Ruddy. 

The following U.S. Type Set Collection Plans are available: 

U.S. Type Set Plan No. 2 .$ 100.00 per month 

U.S. Type Set Plan No. 3. 250.00 per month 

U.S. Type Set Plan No. 4. 500.00 per month 

U.S. Type Set Plan No. 5. 1000.00 per month 

V7opI cl Goins Fop 


1 he Terms of Sale for World Coins are the same as those listed on 
page 2 of this catalogue, except that $2 postage and handling charge 
must be added to all orders under 150 to be shipped outside of the 
United States. On orders of $50 or more we pay the postage and 

The return privilege is extended to a period of 21 days (3 weeks) 
from the time shipment is made from our office. All remittances are to 
be made in U.S. funds (easily obtainable at leading foreign banks). 

Second choices will be appreciated as most items are one-of-a-kind in 
our stock. 

Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. is a member of the International 
Association of Professional Numismatists. 


We divide our listing of world coins and related issues into these main 
categories: (1) General coins of the world — minor coins, crowns, 
patterns, etc.;(2) World Proof sets; (3) World paper money;(4) World 
gold coins. Be sure to check each section for items of possible interest. 

Our listings of world coins were prepared by Karl C. Stephens, Jr. 
and Judy Cahn of our staff, with the assistance of Pamila Dodson. 

1926 5 Franka ArL Y-8; D-l. AMET ZOGU, president, on obverse with 
head facing right. Plowing scene, date, and value on reverse. A 
beautiful crown. Extremely scarce in choice condition. Lovely 
Brilliant Uncirculated. 349.00 


Special Price: 

“Standard Catalog of World Coins” 

The Standard Catalogue of World Coins, published by Krause 
Publications, has been a best seller at the cover price of $10. Here’s a 
Special Offer: With any order for $10 or more worth of coins from this 
issue — U.S. coins or coins of the world — you can purchase this book 
for just $6.95! This is our way of introducing you to the fascinating 
field of coins of the world. To get the special $6.95 price please request 
“Standard Catalog of World Coins Offer” when sending your 
remittance. That’s just $6.95 instead of the $10 regular price! 


In this section we offer general world coins - copper, nickel, and 
silver minor issues, crowns, patterns, and related issues. 


The offering of Andorran coins listed below comprises crown-size 
pieces in each instance. These relatively modern coins have become very 
popular with collectors. 

1960 50 Diners. D-2. Bust of Charlemagne. Scarce. Proof.49.00 

1963 50 Diners. Bust of J. Bendllock. Proof, attractively toned. 24.50 

1964 50 Diners. Bust of Napoleon I. Proof. Beautiful toning. .. 45.00 


1814 1 Macuta. C-35 (Joannes) Prince Regent 1779-1816. Scarce in 
better grades such as those we offer. Extremely Fine, attractive 
reddish-brown surfaces $37.50; Choice and beautiful AU to 

Uncirculated, most mint lustre adhering .55.00 

1921 1 Centavo. Y-12. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .25.00 

1921 2 Centavos. Y-13. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.29.50 

1921 5c. Y-14. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .32.50 

1927 50c. Y-21. Nice AU, lightly toned .9.75 

1948 50c. Y-24. Brilliant Uncirculated .4.75 


1926 10 Quinder Leku. Y-2. Red and brown Uncirculated .27.50 

1926 Zi Leku. Y-4. Sharp Extremely Fine .5.50 

1931 Zi Leku. Y-13. VF-EF.4.50 

1940 .05 Lek. Y-%7. Nice AU $4.50; Red and brown Uncirculated 6.50 

1939 0.20 Lek. Y-29. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.50 

1940 0.20 Lek. Y-29. Brilliant Uncirculated .4.75 

1930 1 Lek. Y-5. Brilliant Uncirculated .14.50 

1939 1 Lek. Y-31. EF $2.25; AU .3.50 

1939 2 Lek. Y-32. Very Fine .2.50 

1939 5 Lek. Y-33. Uncirculated .18.50 

1939 10 Lek, Y-34. Brilliant Uncirculated .67.50 

1927-R 1 Franka Ari. PROVA in silver. Head of King Zog on obverse. 

Reverse with two-headed eagle. Prooflike BU .54.00 

1926 2 Franka Ari. Y-7. Brilliant Uncirculated .110.00 


1967 Liberty dollar. Counterstamp on Mexico Hidalgo 1953 5 pesos. 
Y-67. Approximate mintage: 6,000. Very scarce. AU .22.50 


1870-A 1/8 Pence. Scott’s: p. 73, No. 2. Pattern issued by this small 
island in the mouth of Canada’s St. Lawrence River. Very scarce. 
Uncirculated .37.50 


Provincias del Rio de la Plata 




1927 2 Franka Ari. Y-7. Brilliant Uncirculated 

1813-J 8 Reales. C-15; E-l. Obverse: PROVINCIAS DEL RIO DE LA 
PLATA, sun with rays. Reverse: EN UNION Y LIBERTAD, coat of 
arms separating 8-R, and date. Lightly toned beautiful EF-AU. Much 
original lustre. Far, far above the average piece encountered. 169.00 
1926 2 Soles. C-24. Scarce. Abt. VF $15.00; Toned Abt. EF ... 27.50 

Buenos Aires 

1827 5/10 Real. C-43. Very scarce. Red and brown Uncirculated 27.50 

La Rioja 

1854 1/2 ReaL C-96. Only year of this type. VF.15.00 

1838-R 8 Reales. C-105; E-26. Obverse: REPUB. ARGENTINA 
CONFEDERADA, flags, muskets, and cannon crossed below 
coat of arms dividing 8-R. Beautifully toned Extremely Fine 179.00 


1893 2 Centavos. Y-2. EF, lustrous.2.75 

1882 10c. Y-3. Nice AU .4.00 

1882 10c. Y-3. 780,000 minted. Brilliant Uncirculated.8.00 

1883 10c. Y-3. AU .4.00 

1883 20c. Y-4. Brilliant Uncirculated .12.50 

1930 20c. Y-9. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.00 

1883 50c. Y-5. Brilliant Uncirculated .17.50 


1911 l A Penny. Y-5. George V. Brilliant Uncirculated .19.50 

1917 54 Penny. Y-5. George V. Red and brown AU.7.00 

1928 Penny. Y-6. Red and brown Uncirculated .22.00 

1910 3d. Y-16. Edward VII. Only year of this type. Brilliant 

Uncirculated .17.00 

1938 3d. Y-16. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .5.00 

1943-D (Denver Mint) 6d. Y-17. George VII. Choice BU .2.25 

1910 Shilling. Y-3. Edward VII. Only year of this design type. AU, 
scarce .24.00 

1912 Shilling. Y-ll. George V. Nice VF/EF .22.50 

1938 Shilling. Y-18. George VI. Choice BU.9.50 

1910 Florin. Y-4. Only year of this type. EF-AU .39.50 

1917-M Florin. Y-12. George V. EF $15.00; AU, beautiful.22.00 

1926 Florin. Y-12. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .55.50 

1927 Florin. Y-7. Establishment of Parliament at Canberra. Brilliant 

Uncirculated .9.75 

1934-5 Florin. Y-8. Centennial of Victoria and Melbourne commemora¬ 
tive. Brilliant Uncirculated .54.00 

1938 Florin. Y-19. George VI. Brilliant Uncirculated .12.50 

1951 Florin. Y-23. 50 year Jubilee commemorative. Choice Brilliant 
Uncirculated .4.75 

1937 Crown. Y-20. George VI. EF-AU $8.50; Toned Unc., some light 

bagmarks $18.50; Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .25.00 

1938 Crown. Y-20. George VI. Toned AU $21.00; BU, some light 

bagmarks (as nearly always with this issue) .35.00 



The Duchy of Austria as well as Styria, Carinthia, and Carniola came 
under the control of the House of Habsburg in the thirteenth century. 

From the early fourteen hundreds, when Albert V became Holy Roman 
Emperor, until 1806, the Habsburg rulers of Austria were, but for a 
brief gap, also Emperors of Germany. 

The struggle for power and lands caused the Empire’s territory to 
< hange often throughout the years, depending on the good or bad 
fortune of the Emperor. 

We are pleased to offer a well rounded selection of coins of the Holy 
Roman Empire and other Austrian principalities and Noble Houses for 
your consideration. 

Archduke Ferdinand I (1519-1564) 

Hungary 1536-52 K.B. (Kremnitz). Silver Groschen (various dates). 



“Received the two Estonian coins, Y-5a and Y-18, per your 
invoice No. 26268. They are very nice - and my customer was very 
happy with them.” — an unsolicited comment from A.S. of 
Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Obverse with legend and Madonna holding Christ child. Reverse:] 
legend, date and shield. Conditions range from VF to EF, many with 

traces of lustre. Each.6.00 

Rudolf II 

Hungary 1588 K.B. (Kremnitz mint). Taler. Toned VF. 275.00 

Tirol 1605 (Hall). Taler. Toned AU.425.00 

Tirol 1610 (Hall mint). Taler. Scarce type with Rudolf in armor. AU, 
considerable traces of original lustre. 375.00 

Teutonic Order under Grand Master Maximilian 
N.D. (circa 1610). 20 Kreuzer. Obverse: legend with Maximilian 
standing holding sword. Reverse: Emperor in armor mounted on 

horse surrounded by Austrian shield. Scarce. F-VF .40.00 

1612 54 Taler. Design same as above. Abt. EF .55.00 

Ferdinand II (1619-37) 

Bohemia 1629 (Prag). 3 Kreuzer (Groschen); Mint Master B. Huber. 

Lustrous EF, crude .8.50 

Styria 1617 (Graz) Taler. Ferdinand as Archduke. Toned EF, very 
scarce .475.00 

Bohemia 1624 (Prag) Taler. Toned VF+, sharp. 250.00 

Bohemia 1625 (Prag) Taler. Nicely toned VF-EF, slash near leg 179.00 

Hungary 1633 K.B. (Kremnitz). Taler. Fine .110.00 

Archduke Leopold (1619-32) 

Tirol N.D. Groschen (3 Kreuzer). AU, light verdigris .10.00 


Bowers and Ruddy Galleries — Known for Quality 

Tirol 1621 (Hall). Taler. VF+. 220.00 

Tirol 1623 (Hall). Taler. VF+. 220.00 

Tirol 1630 (Hall). Taler. Abt. EF, weak on obverse 9-12 o’clock. 155.00 

Ferdinand 111(1637-57) 

Hungary 1651 K.B. (Kremnitz). Taler. F-VF.139.00 

Leopold I “The Hogmouth” (1657-1705) 

Tirol N.D. Silver. 1 Kreuzer. Obverse: portrait. Reverse: shield with 
crosses. VF $4.50; lustrous EF-AU .9.00 

Note: The following is a listing of silver 3 Kreuzer pieces, also known 
as Groschen. We are able to offer several different mints and types, each 

with the distinctive “Hogmouth” portrait. 


Vienna 1665 Abt. VF $3.50; lustrous EF-AU .7.00 

Vienna 1669 VG-F .4.00 

Vienna 1693 Toned Abt. EF .6.00 

Tirol 1662 VF ..!.5.50 

Tirol 1667 VG-F .3.00 

Tirol 1668 F-VF, scarce date.6.00 

Tirol 1675 Lustrous toned EF.8.00 

Tirol 1678 Scarce date. Fine $5.75; lustrous EF-AU .15.00 

Tirol 1681 F-VF $3.00; VF-EF .6.00 

Tirol 1682 VF-EF, small planchet defect .3.00 

Tirol 1683 & 84 F-VF, each .3.00 

Tirol 1685 VF-EF .6.50 

Tirol 1686 VF .4.00 

Tirol 1689 F-VF $4.00; lustrous EF .8.00 

Tirol 1692 Toned VF-EF, some lustre.5.50 

Tirol 1694 Scarce date. VF+, some lustre .6.00 

Note: From the same mint there are often major changes in style 
and design from year to year in these coins. 

Styria 1659 (Graz) Very Good .3.00 

Styria 1665-S.H. (Graz) VG-F .2.50 

Styria 1696 and 97-1A (Graz) EF +, lustrous. Each .8.00 

Styria 1700-1A (Graz) Toned Abt. VF .6.00 

Styria 1704-J A (Graz) Toned Abt. VF .6.00 

Hungary 1696 C.H. (Pressburg) Very Good.2.50 

Hungary 1697 C.H. (Pressburg) F-VF .4.75 

Bohemia 1698 G.E. (Prag) Toned VF .5.75 

Silesia 1700 C.B. (Brieg) F-VF .6.00 

Silver 15 Kreuzer 

Vienna 1662 C.A. (for Mint Master Andrea Cetto). F-VF .12.00 

Vienna 1663 C.A. VF $14.00; EF .18.50 

Vienna 1664 C.A. Fine, with small clip $4.00; Nice VF $8.00; Toned 

VF+, sharp .9.50 

Vienna 1696 F-VF .7.00 

Hungary 1664 K.B. (Kremnitz). Reverse with Madonna and child. 
Beautiful lustrous AU, reverse weakly struck at 12 o’clock. An 

attractive coin for just .29-00 

Hungary 1675 K.B. F-VF .6.00 

Hungary 1680 K.B. VG-F $4.75; F-VF .6.00 

Hungary 1685 K.B. VG-F $4.75; F-VF .6.00 

Hungary 1687 N.B. (Nagybanya). Nice EF, scarce .15.75 

Hungary 1691 N.B. (Nagybanya). F-VF, scarce.11.50 

14 Taler 

Hungary 1694 K.B. (Kremnitz) F-VF .24.00 

Hungary 1699 K.B. VF+ .32.50 

Hungary 1701 K.B. VF+ .32.50 

Hungary 1695 N.B. (Nagybanya). Beautiful AU, scarce .43.50 

Zi T aler 

Hungary 1698 K.B. (Kremnitz). Toned EF, sharp.89.50 

Hungary 1703 K.B. VF+ .58.00 


Vienna 1670 Panther’s mask on shoulder, mint mark of flower on 

reverse. EF, 2 very small planchet marks. 249.00 

Tirol 1682 (Hall) Boxtaler. AU .125.00 

Tirol 1695 (Hall) Toned EF-AU 


Tirol 1696 (Hall) Toned EF-AU 


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“Your Friends in the Rare Coin Business 

Hungary 1660 K.B. (Kremnitz) Toned EF. 275.00 

Joseph I (1705-11) 

Vienna 1709 Taler. D-1013. VF, faint traces of edge repair. .. 125.00 

Charles VI (1711-1740) 

St. Veit 1714 Groschen. F-VF 


Tirol 1713 (Hall) Taler. D-1050. EF-AU, lustrous but once lightly 
cleaned .169.00 

Tirol 1732 (Hall) Taler. D-1054. Superb, lustrous toned AU+. 289.00 

Silesia 1740 (Breslau) Taler. D-1098. Abt. VF, scarce. 245.00 

Maria Theresia (1740-1780) 

Austria 1763 20 Kreuzer. C-39. VF.4.00 

Hungary 1779 B. 20 Krajcar. C-22a. VF .5.75 

Vienna 1742 Taler. D-1109. Rare. Beautifully toned EF-AU. . 475.00 

Vienna 1760 Taler. D-1112. Nice VF .66.50 

Vienna 1780 I.C.F.A. Taler. D-1117. VF-EF, once cleaned.35.00 

Tirol 1772 (Hall) Taler. D-1123. Sharp toned Abt. EF 


Hungary 1743 K.B. (Kremnitz) Taler. D-1126. Very nicely toned 

VF-EF .165.00 

Hungary 1779 B. (Kremnitz) Taler. D-1133. Type with S.K. — P.D. on 

reverse. Toned EF, some lustre .79.00 

Hungary 1780 B. Taler. Exactly as above. EF .79.00 

Austrian Netherlands 1762-B Kronentaler. D-1282; C-18. Attractively 

toned VG-F .29.50 

Francis I (1745-65) 

Hungary 1761 K.B. (Kremnitz) Taler. D-1157. F-VF .69.50 

Joseph 11(1765-1790) 

Austrian Netherlands 1788 1 Liard. C-19. Choice BU .19.75 

Austrian Netherlands 1789 2 Liards. C-20. Red and brown AU, a choice 


Austria 1769-A 20 Kreuzer. C-115. Toned EF+, sharp .8.00 

Hungary 1782-B (Kremnitz) Taler. D-1168; C-46. Obverse: 2 angels 
holding crown over Hungarian arms below. Reverse: Madonna and 

child. Lustrous EF $52.50; lustrous AU $89.00; superb AU .. 99.00 
Franz II (I) (1792-1835) 

Further Austria 1797 H. 6 Kreuzer. C-17. EF .15.00 

1802A 7 Kreuzer. C-154. Choice BU.39.50 

1804A 20 Kreuzer. C-166. Lustrous EF+ .10.75 

1804B 20 Kreuzer. C-166. VF.4.00 

1809B 20 Kreuzer. C-183. BU, prooflike field .17.50 

1814A 20 Kreuzer. C-183a. EF-AU, lustrous .6.00 

1824A 20 Kreuzer. C-183b. VF .5.25 

1828B 20 Kreuzer. C-183c. Superb toned AU.14.75 

1797C Vi Taler. Struck in Prag. F-VF .11.50 

1808-A Vi Convention taler. C-184. VF .39.50 

1828-A Vi Convention taler. C-184c, Toned VF-EF.46.50 

1795-H (Gunzburg) Taler. D-1180. Fine .15.00 

1815-A Taler. D-6. Abt. EF, some lustre.59.00 

1824-A Taler. D-7. Abt. EF, lustrous .56.50 

1826-C (Prag) D-9. EF, with some lustre.125.00 


Salzburg 1704 Silver Kreuzer. Johan Ernst. BU, prooflike .10.00 

Salzburg 1624 Taler. Paris Graf Lodron. EF, light tooling in field. 6.95 

Salzburg 1692 Taler. VF, trace of edge mount .38.50 

Olmuetz 1706 Taler. D-1211. VF-EF, faint trace of edge mount at 12 

o’clock. Expertly repaired .99.00 

Tirol 1809 20 Kreuzer. C-42. Struck during rebellion against Bavaria 
under Andres Hoffer. Uncirculated .39.50 

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Eggenberg 1654 Taler. D-33. Struck at Eggenberg Castle, west of the 
city of Graz, Austria. Portraits of Johann Christoph and Johann 

Seyfried facing. Very scarce. VF, small edge clip. 495.00 

Paar 1771 Taler. Lettered edge variety. D-1193. Struck by Prince 
Johann Wenzel Paar, who was in charge of the Austrian Postal 
System. An extremely rare issue with only 500 struck. Magnificently 
toned AU, with prooflike field .1175.00 

Schlick 1642 Taler. D-81. Struck by Heinrich IV of the Schlick family. 

EF, traces of lustre. 595.00 

Ferdinand 1(1835-1848) 

1846-A 3 Kreuzer. C-188. BU, prooflike.14.50 

. 1839-C 5 Kreuzer. C-189. Toned AU, choice .1.50 

1837-A 10 Kreuzer. C-190. BU .18.50 

■ 1844-C 20 Kreuzer. C-191. Toned Uncirculated .21.00 

1848-A 20 Kreuzer. C-191. Unc., light rubbing $5.50; Gem BU. 11.00 
1845-A 20 Kreuzer. C-191. AU .6.25 

1844-A Taler. D-14; C-193. AU, prooflike. A little gem!.139.00 

1847- A Taler. D-14; C-193. AU.115.00 

Franz Joseph (1848-1916) 

1885 5/10 Kreuzer. Y-6. Brilliant Uncirculated.3.00 

1860- A 1 Kreuzer. Y-7. Gem BU.3.25 

1878 1 Kreuzer. Y-7. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.00 

j 1848-A 2 Kreuzer. C-196. Red choice BU .16.50 

j 1858-A 5 Kreuzer. Y-9. Nice AU.7.50 

i 1859-M 5 Kreuzer. Y-9. Scarce date. Sharp Unc. .20.00 

1848- A 6 Kreuzer. C-202. Gem BU .12.00 

I 1864-V 10 Kreuzer. Y-10. Key date. Nice VF-EF .50.00 

1865-V 10 Kreuzer. Y-B10. Scarce. Beautiful AU .36.50 

1872 10 Kreuzer. Y-ll. BU.2.75 

1869 20 Kreuzer. Y-12. EF .2.25 

1859 Ya Florin. Y-14. BU.8.00 

1861- A Ya Florin. Y-14. Fine .5.75 

| 1862-A Ya Florin. Y-14D. Rare. Mark in obverse field at 9 o’clock. BU, 

prooflike .88.00 

| 1861-A 1 Florin. Y-I5B. Young Head. Some bagmarks. BU .... 12.00 
J862-V I Florin. Y-15. Rare. A choice example of an EF-AU. .. 70.00 

1869- A 1 Florin. Y-15. BU, light rubbing but very nice .51.00 

1870- A 1 Florin. Y-15. EF-AU, a little gem .35.00 

1877 1 Florin. Y-15. Choice BU .9.50 

1878 1 Florin. Y-15E. AU.7.00 

1884 1 Florin. Y-15E. AU.6.00 

1887 1 Florin. Y-15E. BU .7.00 

1892 1 Florin. Y-15E. BU .5.00 

1852-A Taler. D-17. Rare type. Some solder on rim but otherwise very 
nice. Toned VF $72.50;Superb prooflike toned AU. 239.00 

1853-A Taler. D-17. BU, faint rub on reverse. 249.00 

1857- A 1 Vereinsthaler. Y-l. Toned EF, sharp .38.50 

1858- A 1 Vereinsthaler. Y-1;D-21. VF-EF .34.00 

1866-A 1 Vereinsthaler. Y-l;D-26. Scarce. 2 year type. VF-EF. 64.50 
1866-B 1 Vereinsthaler. Y-l;D-26. EF-AU, lustrous.82.50 

1864-A 2 Florin. D-22. BU, prooflike surface with few faint hairlines in 


1879 2 Florin. Y-19; D-31. 25th Wedding Anniversary. EF $28.50; AU 
$34.50; BU $48.00; Gem BU .59.00 

1867-A 2 Taler. D-24. RARE. AU, sharp. 725.00 

Kronen Standard 

1892 20 Heller. Y-30. Rare date. BU, faint rubbing. A little gem! 65.00 
1918 20 Heller. Y-34. Choice Type coin. It is very unusual to find this 

iron coin in such fine condition. Choice BLI .3.00 

1908 1 Krone. Y-36. Jubilee issue. BU .b.00 

1916 1 Krone. Y-37. BU .3.00 

1912 2 Kronen. Y-38. Uncirculated .3. ‘ 3 

1913 2 Kronen. Y-38. Brilliant Uncirculated.5.00 

1908 5 Kronen. Y-40;D-35. Toned EF-AU.15.00 

1909 5 Kronen. Y-41;D-37. Choice toned Unc.38.50 

Austria Republic 

1924 1000 Kronen. Y-58. AU .2.25 

1931 1 Groschen. Y-60. Key of series. VF-EF, light corrosion. . 10.00 

1932 5 Groschen. Y-62. BU .3.25 

1947 10 Groschen. Y-88. Uncirculated, very scarce and hard to find 

this nice.6.00 

1934 50 Gr. Y-64. “Night Schilling”. Scarce 1 year type. BU ... 49.50 

1935 50 Groschen. Y-65. VF-EF.3.50 

1947 50 Groschen. Y-91. Proof.9.00 

1925 Yi Schilling. Y-67. BU, light rubbing .3.00 

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1925 l Schilling. Y-68. BU .3.50 

1947 1 Schilling. Y-92. Proof .21.00 

1952 1 Schilling. Y-92. Proof .19.00 

Commemorative Series (of Austrian Republic) 1928-37 

1928 2 Schilling. Y-69. Franz Schubert. Prooflike AU $4.00; BU. 8.50 

1929 2 Schilling. Y-70. Dr. Theodor Billroth. VF $5.00; Toned AU 

$ 11.75; BU, light rubbing .14.00 

1930 2 Schilling. Y-71. Vogelweide. Choice AU $7.50; BU.9.75 

1931 2 Schilling. Y-72. Mozart Scarce. BU.28.50 

1932 2 Schilling. Y-73. Haydn. Rare. Toned Unc., very nice .... 52.50 

1933 2 Schilling. Y-74. Dr. SeipeL BU .24.00 

1934 2 Schilling. Y-75. Dr. Dollfuss. Choice BU .14.50 

1935 2 Schilling. Y-76. Dr. Lueger. Choice BU .27.00 

1936 2 Schilling. Y-77. Prince Eugen. Choice BU .16.75 

Complete set of all 10 Commemoratives, Y-69—78, in beautiful BU 

condition. A rare and desirable commemorative set for any collector 
for only .195.00 

1947 2 Schilling. Y-93. Proof .19.00 

1934 5 Schilling. Y-79. AU .17.00 

1935 5 Schilling. Y-79. BU .26.00 

1936 5 Schilling. Y-79. EF-AU .67.00 

1957 10 Schilling. Y-99. Scarce. 1st year. Proof .12.00 

1955 25 Schilling. Y-96. Bundestheater Commemorative. Choice BU 

$19.50; Proof .58.00 

1956 25 Schilling. Y-97. Mozart Commemorative. BU .6.50 

1957 25 Schilling. Y-98. Mariazell Commemorative. BU .4.50 

1958 25 Schilling. Y-100. Welsbach Commemorative. BU.5.00 

1960 25 Schilling. Y-105. 40th Anniversary of Carinthian Plebiscite. 


1961 25 Schilling. Y-107. 40th Anniversary Burgenland. Choice AU 

$9.50; Proof .105.00 

1964 25 Schilling. Y-112. Grillparzer Commemorative. Proof .... 3.75 

1965 25 Schilling. Y-113. 150th Anniversary of Technical High School. 


1967 25 Schilling. Y-117. Maria Theresia (1717-1780) Commemorative. 
Brilliant Proof .13.25 

1959 50 Schilling. Y-101. Tirol Sesqui. BU $9.75; Gem BU .... 12.00 
1963 50 Schilling. Y-110. 600th Anniversary Union with Tirol BU 6.50 

1965 50 Schilling. Y-114. 600th Anniversary Vienna University. Choice 


1966 50 Schilling. Y-116. National Bank SesquicentenniaL BU. . 9.50 

1967 50 Schilling. Y-118. Center). of Blue Danube Waltz. Proof. 28.50 

1968 50 Schilling. Y-120. 50th Anniv. of the Republic. Proof. . 16.00 


1901 5 Reis. Y’-4. Red and brown Uncirculated .15.00 

1866 20 Reis. Y-3. Red and brown Uncirculated, scarce so choice 32.50 


1971 2 Dollars. Y-8. Elizabeth II obverse; flamingos, sun, and sea on 

reverse. Choice BU $12.00; Br. Proof .17.50 

1966 5 Dollars. Y-9. Elizabeth obverse. Crown and ship reverse. 
Uncirculated .15.75 

1969 5 Dollars. Y-9. Design as preceding. Choice BU .14.75 

1970 5 Dollars. Y-9. Proof, some light hairlines .13.50 

1971 5 Dollars. Y-22. Brilliant Uncirculated .13.50 

1972 5 Dollars. Y-22A. Brilliant Uncirculated.12.50 


1888 1 Centime. Y-l. AU $7.50; Red and brown Unc .10.00 

1888 2c. Y-2. Red and brown Uncirculated .7.00 

1888/7 5c. Y-3. Overdate. Red and brown Unc. $29.50; Brilliant 
Uncirculated .40.00 

1888 10c. Y-4. EF $10.00; Red and brown Uncirculated $19.50; 

nearly full BU .25.00 

1889 10c Y-4. Red arid brown Uncirculated .16.50 

1927 10c. Y-l8. Brilliant Uncirculated .9.50 

1887 50c. Y-5. Leopold IL Only 20,000 minted. EF-AU .37.50 

1887 5 Francs. Y-8. Only 8,000 struck. Leopold II. Extremely rare. 
Uncirculated, light peripheral toning. A tiny mark in the reverse field 
must be mentioned, but apart from this, the coin is very attractive in 

all respects. Very seldom offered in this outstanding grade. . 325.00 

1947 5 Francs. Y-25. Very Fine, light staining .... .. 3.00 

1944 50 Francs. Y-27. The scarce and popular “Elephant crown.” 
EF-AU, two minor rim dings. Once cleaned $42.50; Brilliant 
Uncirculated, a beauty $65.00; Choice BU, one of the nicest we’ve 
ever owned .79.00 


1912 1 Centime. Y-22. Flemish legends. AU .2.00 

1912 lc. Y-22. French legends. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.00 

1870 2c. Y-2. Brown Uncirculated .3.75 

1875 2c. Y-2. Brilliant Uncirculated .7.50 

1905 2c. Y-2. BU, a gem .8.50 

1910 2c. Y-23. Brilliant Uncirculated .6.00 

1923 5c. Y-24. Brilliant Uncirculated .4.00 

1853 10c format. Formerly listed as Craig No. 5; now considered to be 

a medal. Commemorates the marriage of the Duke of Brabant. 
Extremely Fine .25.00 

1862 10c. CR-7. Brilliant Uncirculated .6.50 

1863 10a C-7. Brilliant Uncirculated .8.50 

1924 10a Y-25. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.00 

1927 10a Y-25. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.00 

1861 20c. C-8. Prooflike BU .22.50 

1886 50a Y-5. Flemish. EF-AU .5.00 

1911 50a Y-33. BU, rubbing $3.75; BU .4.50 

1918 50a Y-41. Unc., some light corrosion. Lustrous.3.50 

1910 1 Franc. Y-34. French. Uncirculated .5.00 

1914 1 Franc. Y-34. French. Una, light toning $4.00; BU .6.00 

1867 2 Francs. Y-7. VF-EF .15.50 

1909 2 Francs. Y-18. French. BU, rubbing $7.00; BU.12.00 

1911 2 Francs. Y-35. Flemish. Brilliant Uncirculated .9.00 

1849 5 Francs. D-50; C-12. EF, some lustre .47.50 

1852 5 Francs. D-51; C-20. F-VF .6.25 

1853 5 Francs. D-52. Marriage of the Duke of Brabant (later Leopold 

II). 31,739 minted. Extremely Fine .125.00 

1869 5 Francs. Y-8; D-53. Nice AU.18.00 

1871 5-Francs. Y-8; D-53. Extremely Fine .12.50 

1873 5 Francs. Y-8; D-53. Very Fine $9.00; EF $12.50; AU+, lustrous 

$19.50; BU $25.00; Brilliant Uncirculated, a gem.32.50 

1880 5 Francs. D-54. Obverse with accolated heads of Leopold I and II 
right. Reverse with 1830-1880, figure holding tablet, lion, 
monument, and building. Issued for the 50th anniversary of the 

kingdom. EF, minute edge mark. Very Scarce.210.00 

1880 5 Francs in copper. Like D-54. Choice brown Unc.49.50 

1930 5 Francs. Y-30. Flemish. Nice EF.17.00 

1934 20 Francs. Y-36. EF $3.00; BU, light rubbing .6.00 

1935 20 Francs. Y-49. AU $3.75;BU .5.00 

1939 50 Francs. Y-50;D-58. AU.,. 10.50 

1940 50 Francs. Y-50. Brilliant Uncirculated .13.50 

1948 50 Francs. Y-60. Proof like, special striking .10.50 


“1 recently purchased from your World Coin Department some 
Swiss shooting talers — and I am sending you this letter of thanks to 
tell you of my appreciation for the nice coins I received. Please give 
my special thanks to Judy Cahn who was really a lot of help to me.” 
- an unsolicited comment from F.L.G. of Chicago, Illinois. 

1949 50 Francs. Y-59. Prooflike, special striking .7.50 

1958 50 Francs. Y-64. Flemish. Brilliant Uncirculated .6.75 

1958 50 Francs. Y-64. French. Brilliant Uncirculated .6.75 

1954 100 Francs. Y-61; D-59. Dedicated to the Belgian dynasty. 
Brilliant Uncirculated .6.50 


1959 Crown. Y-l. Brilliant Uncirculated.19.75 

1964 Crown. Y-2. Proof in case of issue .6.00 


1693 1 Real. PotosL Cob style. Fine .8.50 

1774 1 Real. C-15. Very Fine .5.75 

1766 8 Reales. Cob type. Choice, well-struck and fully rounded. 65.00 

1852 l A SoL Potosi. Y-13. Brilliant Uncirculated... 22.50 

1830 J.L. 1 SoL Potosi Mint. Bust of Bolivar on obverse. Reverse with 

llamas and trees. VF-EF .9.00 

1883 2 Centavos. Pattern in copper. Choice Uncirculated, a few minor 

spots .37.50 

1883 5c. Y-69a. Brilliant Uncirculated .20.00 

1883 10c. Y-70a. Brilliant Uncirculated .17.50 

1909-A 10c. Y-76. Prooflike BU .4.00 

1936 10c. Y-84. Prooflike BU .2.75 

1937 10c. Y-85. Choice BU, scarce in this grade .3.50 

1939 10c. Y-87. Prooflike BU .3.50 

1909-H 20c. Y-81. Nice EF $6.25; BU .14.00 

1856-F.J. 4 Soles. Y-17a. Laureated head; value indicated. VF. .. 9.50 

1909-H 50c. Y-82. AU .5.00 

1939 50c. Y-88. BU, prooflike .5.00 

1827 J.M. 8 Soles. C-55; E-75. Type 6. Obverse with llamas under tree, 
date, REPUBLICA BOLIVIANA. Reverse with military bust of 
Bolivar facing right, LIBRE POR LA CONSTITUCION. EF/AU 22.00 
1837 8 Soles. Y-5; C-55; E-87. Type I. Llamas; Bolivar. AU .... 35.00 
1861 F.J. 1 Boliviano. Y-31; E-121. Type 16. Bolivar; llamas under 
tree. Fully lustrous AU. Strongly struck obverse, weakly struck 

reverse (as usual). 49.50 

1867 F.E. 1 Boliviano. Y-49a; E-140. Type 19. Obverse: REPUBLICA 
BOLIVIANA, coat of arms with 11 stars below. Reverse: LA UNION 
ES LA FUERZA, 1 BOLIVIANO, and weight and fineness. 

Attractive EF-AU. 23.50 

1869 F.E. 1 Boliviano. Y-49a;E-143. Type 19. Toned Unc.59.00 

1872 F.E. 1 Boliviano. Y-64; E-152. Type 23. AU .23.50 

1872 F.E. 1 Boliviano. Y-59a; E-151. Type II. Extremely Fine $19.50; 

Uncirculated. :.29.50 

1873 F.E. 1 Boliviano. Y-64. 9 stars. EF .19.50 


1821-R 20 Reis. C-106. Toned Uncirculated .12.75 

1868 20 Reis. C-170. VF-EF .2.25 

1829 Rio Mint 40 Reis. C-128a. VG-Fine.3.00 

1889 20 Reis. Y-l. Red and brown Uncirculated .6.50 

1908 20 Reis. Y-l. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.75 

1889 40 Reis. Pattern proof in copper. Obverse with standing Liberty. 

Reverse with 40 REIS within circle of stars and legends. 30.5 mm. 

diameter. Red and brown Proof, light rubbing .45.00 

1889 40 Reis. Guttag No. 835. Pattern Proof in bronze. Obverse with 
standing Liberty. Reverse: globe with band, inscription and stars 
within a circle of stars and legends. 30 mm. diameter. Proof. . 45.00 

1889 40 Reis. Y-2. Red and brown Uncirculated .2.75 

1908 40 Reis. Y-2. Red and brown Uncirculated .3.75 

1932 100 Reis. Y-39. Cazique Tiberica colonization commemorative. 

Uncirculated .6:50 

1830-R 80 Reis. C-128a. Independent Empire, Pedro I. Chocolate 

brown Uncirculated.9.75 

1936 100 Reis. Y-45. National heroes — Tamandare commemorative. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .3.75 

1938 100 Reis. Y-45. Commemorative as preceding. BU.3.25 

1869 200 Reis. C-195. BU, rubbing $8.75; BU .9.50 

1932 200 Reis. Y-40. 400th anniversary of colonization. BU .... 6.00 

1936 200 Reis. Y-46. Maua commemorative. BU .4 (M) 

1858 500 Reis. C-192. 4th issue. Very Fine .4.50 

1862 500 Reis. C-192. Brilliant Uncirculated. 8 00 

1866 500 Reis. C-192. AU $5.95; BU, prooflike.. ! 7*50 

1907 500 Reis. Y-15. Lustrous AU .2.75 

1810-B 960 Reis. C-94; E-2. Toned Extremely Fine .22.50 

1816-B 960 Reis. C-94; E-22. Lustrous EF $22.50; AU .29.50 

1818-R 960 Reis. C-94;E-30. EF-AU $25.00; Toned Unc.. 32 50 

1820-R 960 Reis. C-117. AU.29.50 

1860 1000 Reis. C-193. Toned Uncirculated.12.50 

1900 1000 Reis. Y-9. Commemorates 400th anniversary of discovery. 

30,000 minted. Toned AU. r *,.00 

1913 1000 Reis. Y-19. Lustrous AU .^.50 

1907 1000 Reis. Y-16. Toned AU .9.50 

1935 1000 Reis. Y-51. National heroes commemorative. BU .... 7.75 
1858 2000 Reis. C-194; E-70. Scarce. Only 21,558 struck. Extremely 


1888 2000 Reis. C-210; E-83. Type 10. Obverse: PETRUS II, bust left 
Reverse: DECRETO DE 1870 above coat of arms. Brilliant 
Uncirculated, light rubbing .27.50 

1889 2000 Reis. C-201; E-84. Type 10. EF/AU $14.50; Brilliant 

Uncirculated .27.50 

1907 2000 Reis. Y-17. EF, toned $9.75; Toned Unc 25^00 

1913 2000 Reis. Y-20. Nice AU, small rim nick .15.50 

1929 2000 Reis. Y-24. BU, light rubbing .7.50 

1932 2000 Reis. Y-44. John III. Colonization commemorative. 

Uncirculated. 11.00 

1935 2000 Reis. Y-55. National Heroes. Caxias commemorative. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .6.75 

1938 2000 Reis. Y-54. National Heroes. Caxias. Commemorative. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .6.00 

1972 20 Cruzeiros. 150th anniversary of independence. Silver 
commemorative in plastic holder. Brilliant Uncirculated.11.50 


1955 50c. Y-7. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.25 


1813 Zi Stiver. C-4. VF-EF $9.00; EF .12.00 

1833 Zt Guilder. C-17. William IV. Toned Una, a little gem!. .. 35.00 

1888 4 Pence. Y-B2. Queen Victoria. Scarce issue. AU .18.25 

1891 4 Pence. Y-l. Victoria. BU, light marks in reverse field. .. 11.00 
1941 4 Pence. Y-5. George V. Brilliant Uncirculated, light rubbing 3.50 

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Karl Stephens, Jr. 


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1904 1 Cent. Y-6. Edward VII. Toned AU, small scratch $27.50; 

Brilliant Uncirculated, a gem. Rare so nice!.55.00 

1950 lc. Y-19. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.75 

1894 5a Y-2. VG/Fine .4.75 

1936 5a Y-12. Very Fine .4.25 

1901 25a Y-4. Very Good $4.75; Fine.9.50 

1919 25a Y-14. Fine .9.50 

1907 50c. Y-19. Edward VII. Fine .11.50 


1941-H la Y-3. AU .3.00 

1903-H 2Via Y-4. AU .4.75 

1903-H 5a Y-5. VF/EF.2.00 

1928-H 5a Y-5. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .8.00 

1940 5c. Y-5. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .7.50 

1941-H 5c. Y-5. Brilliant Uncirculated .7.50 


1908 1/10 Penny. Y-l. Brilliant Uncirculated .4.50 

1941-H Vi Penny. Y-23. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.50 

1942 Penny. Y-24. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.75 

1913 Shilling. Y-16. F-VF .2.75 

1913 2 Shillings. Y-17. Toned Brilliant Uncirculated .18.00 

1915 2 Shillings. Y-17. Scarce date. Abt. EF.15.95 

1938-KN (Kings Norton Mint) 2 Shillings. Y-28. George VI. Brass issue. 
BU, some light spots .9.75 


1822 1/16 Dollar. Cl. BU, prooflike .32.50 


1887 (1304) 1 Cent. Y-l. VF-EF .21.50 


1888 2Vi StotinkL Y-8. Brilliant Uncirculated.22.50 

1887 10 Stotinki essai (pattern). Arms/Inscription. Plain edge. 30.5 

mm. AU .40.00 

1910 1 Leva. Y-25. Prooflike BU .10.00 

1913 1 Leva. Y-28. Ferdinand I. AU $4.50; BU .8.00 

1913 2Leva. Y-29. Toned AU .6.00 

1885 5 Leva. Y-7. Ferdinand I. Nice VF .9.25 

1892 5 Leva. Y-15;D-61. Ferdinand I. VF-EF, some lustre .... 21.00 

1894 5 Leva. Y-15a; D-61. Ferdinand I. Toned EF .23.50 

1972 5 Leva. Alexander Lewsky commemorative. Proof.17.50 

1930 10 Leva. Y-37. Scarca Toned Uncirculated .10.00 

1930 50 Leva. Y-39. Only year of this type. Choice Brilliant 

Uncirculated .9.00 

1930 100 Leva. Y-45;D-63. Lustrous AU .8.95 

1930 100 Leva. Y-40. Boris III. Brilliant Uncirculated .16.00 

We arc pleased to make this unusual offer of the scarce silver 100 leva 
coins of Boris III of Bulgaria. These crowns were struck in 1934 and 
1937. The ravages of World War II and the communist takeover of the 
country took their toll on the number of pieces remaining. In recent 
year- these coins have become very scarce. We offer 1937 pieces as 
follows: EF-AU $6.95; three EF-AU pieces $19.50; Brilliant 
Uncirculated .15.50 

Judy Cahn 


1869 1/16 Rupee. Y-3. Abt. Very Fine .18.50 

1852 1/8 Rupee. Y-4. Nice VF $14.50;EF-AU.26.50 

1852 1/4 Rupee. Y-5. EF-AU $19.50; Beautifully toned AU. .. 29.50 


1847 1 TicaL C-22. Very Fine.55.00 

1860 10 a essai (pattern). Y-3. Choice red and brown Una .... 24.00 


1943 50 Centimes. Y-4. Brilliant Uncirculated .7.50 

1926 1 Frana Y-2. Very Fine .4.00 


Canada — One Cent Pieces 

1858 Victoria. The 1858, struck in the first year of decimal coinage, is 
the key to the entire cent series. With its low mintage of just 421,000 
pieces, the 1858 cent has always been in strong demand. Very Good 

$11.50; Fine $18.75; F-VF .23.00 

1859/8 Wide 9. EF, red and brown surfaces. Small rim cut .28.00 

1859 Re-engraved narrow 9. VG $12.50; Very Fine only .21.50 

1859 Red and brown Uncirculated, faint rubbing $19.00; Chocolate 
brown Uncirculated $27.00; Brilliant Uncirculated, small spot on 

obverse .29.50 

1876-H Extremely Fine.2.50 

1882-H Red and brown Uncirculated .13.00 

1888 Sharp EF-AU $2.75;Golden Uncirculated .12.50 

1891 Large date. Very Fine.5.50 

1891 Small date, large leaves. Fine, a pleasant coin.31.50 

1891 Small date, small leaves. VF+, cleaned long ago $44.00; 
Extremely Fine .56.00 

1893 Choice Uncirculated.13.00 

1894 Nice VF $7.50; AU, lustrous .17.50 

1899 AU .4.50 

1900-H AU .6.00 

1901 EF-AU $3.00; Red and brown AU .4.00 

1902 First Edwardian cent. EF-AU $3.00; Red and brown AU. .. 4.00 

1903 AU $3.75; Red and brown Uncirculated .7.00 

1905 Sharp Extremely Fine .4.25 

1906 EF $2.00; Red and brown AU .4.50 

1907-H Very Fine $10.00; EF.14.75 

1908 EF $2.50; AU (actually an Uncirculated piece which has been 

cleaned, so we’ll downgrade it) .4.00 

1910 EF-AU, sharp .3.00 

1911 George V. The 1911 large cent is in particular demand as the only 
year of this design type. The words DEI GRATIA were omitted on 
the decimal coins of 1911, causing them to be called graceless or 
godless issues. 1911 cents: EF, some lustre $4.25; AU $8.00; Dark 
chocolate-brown Uncirculated, some light rubbing $14.00; Choice 
red (50% of the surface) and brown Uncirculated $25.00; Golden 
Brilliant Uncirculated .35.00 

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1913 Attractive AU.2.75 

Canada — Small-Size One Cent Pieces 
To conserve copper the Canadian large-size cent was discontinued 
before all of the 1920 pieces were made. The small size cent made its 
appearance in that year. The coin is the same size as the contemporary 

U.S. cent. 

1920 George V. Red and brown Uncirculated .6.00 

1922 VG-Fine S3.75; F-VF $6.75; Very Fine .9.00 

1923 Very Good .5.25 

1924 Fine $2.50; F/VF .3.75 

1925 EF, faint scratch on obverse .15.00 

1926 Red and brown Uncirculated .19.50 

1927 Red and brown Unc., tiny rim nick .11.25 

1932 Brilliant Uncirculated .9.00 

1933 BU, 90% full mint color .11.50 

1936 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .9.00 

1941 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .10.50 

1943, 1945, 1947 maple leaf. BU set of 3 pieces: .3.75 

1953 Shoulder strap. BU .7.50 

1953-1957 5-piece set. BU .3.75 

Canada — Silver 5-Cent Pieces 

1858 Plain edge. Proof striking of adopted issue. Extremely rare and 

seldom offered for sale. 575.00 

1870 Flat border (as 6 n the earlier 1858 issue). Very Fine $7.75; 
Lustrous toned EF, a beautiful coin!.14.50 

1870 Raised border. EF $14.50; AU $25.00; Attractively toned 

Uncirculated, light rubbing .42.00 

1871 Very Fine $10.75; BU, light rubbing $36.50; Choice Brilliant 

Uncirculated .65.00 

1872-H VF-EF $10.00; AU $25.00; BU, traces of rubbing. Struck from 

clashed dies. Interesting! .35.00 

1874-H Plain 4. Fine .10.00 

1880- H Fine .2.50 

1881- H EF, lustrous $11.50; Toned EF-AU .18.75 

1882- H VG-Fine $3.25; VF-EF .10.00 

1883- H Toned AU $39.50; Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .85.00 

1885 VF-EF $9.50; Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.65.00 

1886 Large date. VF $4.50; Toned Uncirculated .38.50 

1887 Lustrous EF, light scratch $11.00; Nicely toned Uncirculated, 

faintest rubbing.75.00 

1889 Abt. EF $24.50; Choice Uncirculated .130.00 

1891 Abt. Very Fine $4.50; VF-EF $7.00; Choice Uncirculated, 

attractive toning .33.50 

1892 Extremely Fine plus.9.75 

1893 F-VF $2.50; VF $3.75; EF $6.50; AU $10.50; Sharp 

AU-Uncirculated .27.50 

1896 EF-AU $10.50; Brilliant Uncirculated .29.00 

1897 AU $14.00; Brilliant Uncirculated .30.00 

1898 Brilliant Uncirculated.52.50 

1899 Toned EF $4.00; AU $12.00; Brilliant Uncirculated .23.50 

1900 Oval “0” Extremely Fine.6.00 

1900 Round “0”. AU .20.00 

1901 Sharp AU $15.00; Toned Unc., light rubbing.16.00 

1902- H Small narrow H. Fine .5.50 

1902 EF $2.50; Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.10.50 

1903 AU $14.50;Toned Uncirculated .22.50 

1903- H EF-AU .4.50 

1905 AU ..9.00 

1906 VF-EF $ 3. 00 ; Extremely Fine plus .4.00 

1907 AU $9.00; Uncirculated, small hairline scratch.11.00 

1908 VF $5.00;EF $9.75;Brilliant Uncirculated .29.00 

1909 Toned Very Fine $3.00; VF-EF $3.25; EF $4.25; Brilliant 

Uncirculated .25.00 

1910 Extremely Fine, lustrous .2.75 

1911 F-VF $2.75; VF $4.00; AU $20.50; BU, light rubbing_29.75 

1914 EF $2.50; EF-AU .3.75 

1915 VG-Fine $3.00; Fine $3.25; EF+ $17.00; AU $24.00; Brilliant 

Uncirculated .42.00 

1918 AU $4.00; Brilliant Uncirculated .7.25 

Canada — Nickel 5-Cent Pieces 

1922 EF-AU $6.00; Toned Uncirculated $ 18.75; BU .22.00 

1923 Nice Uncirculated.26.50 

1924 VF-EF $3.50; EF $7.00; AU .13J)0 

1925 VG-Fine .15.00 

1928 Lustrous AU $12.00;BU, extremely light rubbing.22.00 

1929 EF $4.25; Brilliant Uncirculated .26.00 

1930 Lustrous AU. 12 00 

1931 ef-au .sioo 

1933 VF-EF $3.75 ; AU.16.00 

1937 Dot variety. AU $3.00; Brilliant Uncirculated .13.50 

1940 BU, faint rubbing $10.00; BU. 16 00 

1941 AU .4.00 

1942 Tombac issue. AU, fully brilliant .7.50 

1951 Commemorative. Choice BU .2.00 

1951 Beaver. Scarce. Brilliant Uncirculated.4.00 

1953 No shoulder straps. BU.2.25 

1953 Shoulder straps. BU. 3.95 

1955 BU, gem specimen from an original roll $3.75 per coin; entire roll 

of 40 pieces for just.140.00 

Canada — Silver 10-Cent Pieces 

1858 Plain edge Proof striking in silver. A major rarity, and a prize for 
the advanced collector of Canadian. Attractively toned Proof 650.00 
1858 Toned VF $19.00; Nicely toned Abt. EF $24.00; EF-AU $59.00; 

AU, lustrous $69.50; Toned Uncirculated .99.00 

1870 Fine plus $10.75; Beautifully toned Very Fine $15.00; Lustrous 

EF-AU $29.50; AU $39.50; AU, even choicer and sharper than the 

1871 Nice F-VF $16.50; Very Fine.19.50 

1871- H Fine .13.50 

1872- H VG+ $26.00; Fine.39.50 

1874- H Abt. VF $12.50; Pleasing VF $16.50; VF-EF .18.50 

1875- H Key coin. VG-Fine .53.00 

1880- H Extremely Fine, light rim mark .19.50 

1881- H Very Good .3.50 

1882- H EF+, cleaned long ago. Sharp .19.00 

1885 VF $28.00; AU .95.00 

1886 F-VF $15.75; Uncirculated, light rubbing .90.00 

1888 Specimen striking. Beautiful iridescent toned Proof. First Proof 

1888 we can recall having owned. A rarity!. 475.00 

1888 Brilliant Uncirculated, golden toning .95.00 

1891 Very Good .5.75 

1892 22 leaves. Good .2.75 

1893 Round top 3. Abt. Good, 3 in date weak but legible. Rare. 

Catalogues for $200 in Good.37.50 

1896 Fine plus. Extremely high wire rim on obverse and reverse $9.50; 

Very Fine .11.50 

1899 Small 9’s. Very Fine plus .12.00 

1899 Large 9’s. Extremely Fine plus.40.00 

1901 Abt. Very Fine $8.25; EF-AU $29.00; Toned AU $38.50; 
Brilliant Uncirculated .58.50 

1902- H AU $20.00; Brilliant Uncirculated .30.00 

1903- H Toned Uncirculated, very light rubbing .52.00 

1905 AU .39.50 

1906 Very Fine .10.25 

1908 Beautiful AU, minor rim mark .44.00 

1909 Large leaves. Abt. Fine $4.00; VF $9.00; EF .20.00 

1909 Broad leaves. VF $13.75; EF-AU .34.75 

1910 VF-EF $7.00; EF-AU .14.00 

1911 Fine $9.00; VF $22.50; AU $59.00; BU, light rubbing $119.50; 

Toned Uncirculated, choice.149.00 

1914 Brilliant Uncirculated, light rubbing. Attractive .32.00 

1912 EF-AU $11.00; BU, light rubbing. Full lustre.38.50 

1916 VF-EF $2.50; AU.14.00 

1918 AU, small spot on reverse .5.25 

1919 EF $4.00; AU $9.00; BU, light rubbing $22.50; Choice Brilliant 

Uncirculated .29.50 

1920 Brilliant Uncirculated .29.00 

1928 Brilliant Uncirculated .25.00 

1929 Brilliant Uncirculated.25.00 

1930 EF+ $4.50; Choice BU .34.00 

1931 VF+ .2.75 

1933 Scarce date. EF-AU .9.50 

1936 EF-AU $3.00; AU, lustrous $8.00; BU, light rubbing $14.00; 

Sharp Brilliant Uncirculated .25.00 

1937 Extremely Fine $400; AU $7.50; BU $13.00. BU, a gem. 16.50 

1938 VF $3.00; EF $7.00; AU $11.00;BU, light rubbing. Minting error 

on reverse $17.00;Toned Uncirculated, choice.24.00 

1939 EF $3.50; Toned Uncirculated .24.00 

1937 BU, light rubbing .6.00 


I '<48 Key date. Fine $5.00; Prooflike gem Uncirculated.42.50 

1950 BU, prooflike .4.00 

1951 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .3.50 

1953 With shoulder straps. Choice BU .6.00 

1953 Without shoulder straps. BU.3.00 

1955, 1956, 1959, 1960. Set of 4 BU pieces: .3.00 

1956, 1957. Pair of prooflike dimes:.3.75 

1956 and 1958. Pair of BU dimes: .2.00 

1958, 1959, 1960. Three prooflike dimes: .3.50 

Canada — Twenty-Cent Pieces 

1858 Only year of issue of the 20c denomination. Scarce in all 
conditions. Fine $46.75; Abt. Very Fine, some minor damage 
$44 00; Abt. Very Fine $58.50; Very Fine $72.50; VF-EF $85.00; 
Extremely Fine .98.00 

Canada — Quarter Dollars 

1870 Toned Abt. Very Fine $14.00; Very Fine $20.00; Brilliant 

Uncirculated, very scarce in this beautiful condition.125.00 

1872-H VF-EF, two small marks in field $11.00; VF-EF .14.00 

1874-H Very Fine $7.50; EF-AU $45.00; sharp Brilliant Uncirculated, 
a few light bagmarks .. 110.00 

1880 Narrow 0. Brilliant Uncirculated. One tiny mark. Rarely offered 
in such a high grade. 225.00 

1881- H EF $37.50; AU, lustrous. Light surface marks .69.50 

1882- H Fine plus.12.00 

1883- H Very Fine .11.50 

1885 EF+. An extremely high wire edge on both sides adds to the 

beauty of this scarce issue .169.00 

1886 Fine plus .9.75 

1892 AU .119.50 

1899 BU, light rubbing. A glittering little jewel! .69.50 

1901 Abt. EF, lustrous $12.50; Extremely Fine .20.00 

1902-H Edward VII. Toned EF, small obverse mark $13.25; Toned 

Extremely Fine .17.00 

1908 Abt. Fine .5.00 

1909 Brilliant Uncirculated 

1910 Abt. EF, lustrous. . 

. 14.00 

Each and every coin purchased from Bowers and Ruddy Galleries 
i-, absolutely guaranteed authentic. You can be sure when you buy 
from us. 

1911 George V. Only year of the “godless” design type. VG $6.00: 
VG-Fine $11.00; Abt. EF $59.00; EF, small dig in field $69.00; 

Lustrous EF $75.00; Beautiful AU .159.50 

1913 EF-AU .21.50 

1914 Very Fine $6.25; Extremely Fine.14.75 

1915 VG-Fine .6.5Q 

1916 Very Fine.5.00 

1917 Lustrous EF-AU $10.00; Brilliant Uncirculated .44.00 

1918 Sharp VF $4.25; Lustrous VF-EF $7.50; BU, slight rubbing 39.50 

1919 VF $3.75; EF $7.00; Uncirculated, light rubbing $31.50; Brilliant 

Uncirculated ...45.00 

1920 Lustrous EF $11.50; Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .65.00 

1921 Very Good $4.00; VG-Fine .6.00 

1927 Key date. VG-Fine .12.50 

1928 Nice Extremely Fine .7.25 

1929 EF, much lustre $7.00; Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .... 40.00 

1930 F-VF .2.75 

1934 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .95.00 

1935 Toned AU .41.00 

1936 Extremely Fine $8.50; Extremely Fine plus, an attractive 

example for just $13.25; Toned Uncirculated $29.50; Choice 
Brilliant Uncirculated, a good value for ..45.00 

1937 George VL AU $8.50; BU $12.75; BU, a gem .16.00 

1938 Brilliant Uncirculated. 27.50 

1939 Very Fine .* * • 2.75 

1942 Brilliant Uncirculated.*.. 8.00 

1943 Brilliant Uncirculated...*.* • • 6.00 

1945 BU, a gem striking .... 7.501 

1946 EF $3.00; Prooflike Brilliant Uncirculated ..27.50 

1947 AU $10.00; Brilliant Uncirculated ..39.50 

1947 Maple leaf. EF-AU $2.25; Choice Brilliant Uncirculated. .. 8.00 

1948 VF $2.25; EF $4.25; AU .10.00 

1949 Brilliant Uncirculated, prooflike.5.00 

1950 Brilliant Uncirculated, prooflike.5.00 

1951 Brilliant Uncirculated.4.50 

1952 Brilliant Uncirculated. 3.50 

1953 Large date, wire run. No shoulder straps. Choice BU .6.50 

1953 Small date, flat rim. Shoulder straps. BU, prooflike .6.00 

1954 Prooflike .21.00 

1955 Prooflike. 9.25 

1956 BU $2.40; Proof tike .5.00 

1957 Proof tike .4.25 

1958 Prooftike .4.00 

1959, 1960 Prooftike pair for ...2.20 

Canada — Half Dollars 

1870 LCW (For L.C. Wyon, the engraver) below bust Good $475; 
Very Good $9.25; Toned VF plus, two minor reverse rim marks 
$40.00; Sharp EF, tight planchet defect on obverse $75.00; Lovelyl 

EF $86.00; EF+ $99.50; Lustrous AU. 159.001 

1871 VF-EF .85.00 

-Page 82- 

1872-H Very Fine $32.50; BU, two tiny rim marks. One of the finest 
1872-H half dollars we’ve seen in a long, long time. Telephone us to 

reserve this at just. 379.00 

1902 Fine .11.50 

| 1906 VG-F $3.75; Toned AU. 239.00 

' 1911 “Godless” issue. Very Good.9.00 

1916 Lustrous EF-AU.59.50 

1918 Very Fine, sharp $8.00; Toned EF $33.00; Lustrous EF-AU 
$39.50; AU $97.50; BU, light rubbing .139.00 

1919 Very Fine $19.00; EF, light roughness but otherwise nice $24.00; 
Choice Uncirculated .159.00 

1929 Brilliant Uncirculated, a pristine gem! Rarely offered for sale in 

this condition. 350.00 

1931 Fine, small rim mark on reverse .9.25 

1934 Fine .9.25 

1937 EF $3.75; Choice BU .22.00 

1940 EF $2.55; EF-AU .4.00 

1941 Sharp AU .6.25 

1943 AU $4.00; Brilliant Uncirculated .12.50 

1944 AU $3.00; Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .14.50 

1945 EF-AU $2.75; BU, light rubbing.9.00 

1946 Design in 6. VF-EF $18.50; BU .29.50 

1947 Curved 7. Extremely Fine .4.00 

. 34.00 
. 40.00 


1948 VF+ $31.00; Lustrous EF $39.50; Brilliant Uncirculated. . 85.00 

1949 Hoof over 9. VF-EF, traces of lustre $6.00; AU .15.00 

1949 EF $3.00; Brilliant Uncirculated .10.00 

1950 Design in 0. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .7.00 

1951 Brilliant Uncirculated.. . 5 50 

1952 au.:; 2 ; 5 o 

1953 Large date. No shoulder straps. AU .39.50 

1953 Small date. No shoulder straps. EF-AU $2.50; BU $6.00; BU, 

prooflike. 10.00 

1953 With shoulder straps. BU, prooflike $25.00; Prooflike _35.00 

1954 VF $2.25;EF $4.00; Choice BU $18.00; Prooflike, rare. . 26.00 

1955 BU $7.50; Prooflike .15.00 

1956 BU $3.50; Prooflike. 9 00 

1957 BU $3.00; Prooflike. 7^25 

1958 Prooflike .g.50 

1959 Prooflike. 3.75 

1960 Proof like .2.60 

Canada — Silver Dollars 

Canadian silver dollars are becoming more and more difficult to 
locate in better grades. It appears that the values of the dollars are now 
beginning to move upward, in line with their scarcity. We anticipate 
that prices will advance sharply within the next few years. We believe 
that today’s market represents a favorable buying opportunity. Use this 
listing to start a collection of Canadian silver dollars or to add to your 
present set. 

1935 EF $14.00; EF-AU $17.50; Beautifully toned AU $24.50; 

Brilliant Uncirculated, light rubbing $26.75; Brilliant Uncirculated 
$31.50; Brilliant Uncirculated, a gem .38.00 

1936 Very Fine $9.50; VF-EF $12.00; EF-AU $15.00; AU $20.00; BU, 

light rubbing $26.00; Brilliant Uncirculated $31.50; Choice Brilliant 
Uncirculated .39.50 

1937 Brilliant Uncirculated .27.00 

1938 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .67.50 

1939 Very Fine $6.00; VF-EF $7.50; EF-AU $9.00; AU $12.50; BU, 
light rubbing $14.00; Brilliant Uncirculated $17.50; Choice Brilliant 

Uncirculated .22.50 

Note: Unlike the preceding issues, the silver dollars of 1945 through 

1948 tend to have a common characteristic; what appears to be a light 
“rubbing” on the cheek and neck. This is typical on almost all of these 
coins, even ones freshly taken from bank rolls. 

1945 Scarce. VF-EF, small edge mark $39.50; AU .69.50 

1946 BU, prooflike field. Minor handling marks .37.50 

1947 Blunt 7. EF-AU, prooflike $43.50; AU .49.00 

1947 Pointed 7. AU $99.50; BU, moderate bagmarks $127.00; BU, 

light rubbing .140.00 

1947 Maple leaf. BU, light rubbing $125.00; BU, light bagmarks 138.00 

1948 Rare. BU, once cleaned $225.00; BU, prooflike. One of the nicest 

1948 dollars we’ve owned. 395.00 

1949 Newfoundland commemorative. EF-AU $11.50; Prooflike BU, 

light rubbing $20.00; Prooflike BU .25.00 

1950 AU $6.50; BU, prooflike fields.7.50 

1951 BU, tight rubbing $9.50; BU, prooftike .15.00 

1952 No water tine. EF $7.50; BU $18.00; Prooftike BU. Some 

hairlines and rubbing.29.50 

1952 With water tine. Brilliant Uncirculated .11.50 

1953 Flat edge, shoulder strap. BU $6.00; Choice BU.7.25 

1953 Wire edge, no shoulder strap. BU, rubbing $5.00; Choice BU 8.00 

1954 EF-AU $6.50; BU, tight rubbing $11.00; Brilliant Uncirculated 

$1450; Prooftike .50.00 

1955 Arnprior variety. BU, some bagmarks as often seen .75.00 

1955 EF-AU $8.75; BU $14.50; Prooftike (from set) .52.50 

1956 EF-AU, badly cleaned $400; BU .18.00 

1957 One water line. AU-Unc. $12.00; BU .14.50 

1958 AU $3.50; Uncirculated .5.00 

1959 Choice BU $4.00; Prooftike .5.75 

1960 Prooftike .4.50 

1961 Prooftike .4.50 

1962 BU $2.00;Prooftike .3.25 

1963 Prooftike .3.25 

1964 Prooftike .2.10 

1965 Variety I. Prooftike .2.25 

1965 Variety IV. BU $3.25;BU, prooftike .19.50 

1965 Variety V. BU .10.25 

1967 BU .3.25 

1971 British Columbia Commem. Silver. Proof. Housed in ease. . 6.95 

1971 British Columbia. Struck in nickel Proof in case .3.50 

1972 Proof, in case .5.00 


1947 Maple leaf, curved 7. Rare issue. Very Fine, some lustre 

1947 Maple leaf, straight 7. EF $25.00; EF-AU. 

1947 Straight 7. Brilliant Uncirculated. 

Canadian Mint Error 

Mint error: 1969 lc struck over a 1969 dime. Both dime and cent 
details are sharp. Interesting and rare! .149.00 

Sets of Canadian Coins 

1947 Maple leaf set. lc through $1. Housed in plastic display holder. 

Brilliant Uncirculated coins, with usual minor handling marks 200.00 
1954 lc through $1. Choice prooflike set. lc without shoulder strap. In 

custom plastic case .85.00 

1958 lc through $1. Prooflike set in custom holder .37.50 

1959 lc through $1. Proof like set in custom holder .15.00 

1960 lc through $1. Prooflike set in custom holder .11.25 

1962 lc through SI. Prooflike set in cellophane as issued.5.80 

1963 lc through $1. Prooflike set in cellophane as issued.3.50 

1966 lc through $1. Prooflike set in cellophane as issued .4.00 

1967 Sets. Issued to commemorate the centennial year. Extremely 
popular with collectors worldwide. The coins beautifully depict 
Canadian wildlife. Set lc through $1 in cellophane as issued — 
prooflike $9.25; BU set in box issued by the Bank of Montreal 
$6.95; Proof set in custom plastic holder $12.00; Proof set in leather 

case of issue.16.00 

1968 lc through $1. Mint sets, types I, II, II in cardboard holders. 3 

complete sets.10.00 

1971 lc through $1. Prooflike set in cellophane as issued.6.50 

1971 lc through $1. Prooflike set in leather case as issued .17.50 

Canada — Tokens 

1852 Quebec Bank Halfpenny. Breton 529; Charlton 25. Very Fine 

$2.50; Nice VF-EF $3.50; EF .4.25 

1852 Quebec Bank penny. B-528; Ch-24. EF .5.50 

1854 Bank of Upper Canada halfpenny. B-720; Ch-102b. EF-AU $3.00; 

Sharp Extremely Fine .3.25 

1857 Bank of Upper Canada halfpenny. AU .3.75 


1854 Halfpenny. B-912; Ch-165. Victoria young head on obverse; 

sailing ship on reverse. Nice EF .6.50 

1843 Halfpenny. B-910; Ch-164. Sailing ship. Nice EF .6.50 

1854 Penny. B-911; Ch-163. Very Fine.4.75 

1864 Penny. B-907; Ch-160a. EF $5.00; EF+, some lustre .6.75 

1864 5c. Ch-159a. Toned EF-AU, a choice coin .85.00 

1864 20c. Ch-157; B-904. Fine plus .11.75 


1894 lc. Red and brown AU.12.00 

1894 5c. Fine .6.00 

1941-C 5c. AU, some rubbing .3.50 

1870 10c. Rare date. Only 30,000 struck. Good or slightly less. A filler 

coin for just.49.00 

1872-H 10c. 40,000 struck. Fine.8.75 

1873 10c. 23,614 struck. VG-Fine .10.50 

1876 10c. Toned Extremely Fine .98.50 

1882-H 10 a 20,000 struck. F-VF .11.50 

1896 10c. VG $2.00; Fine.4.00 

1941-C 10c. EF-AU $2.75; AU .3.75 

1943-C 10c. EF-AU.2.75 

1944 10c. EF-AU .3.75 

1888 20c. VG-Fine .2.50 

1890 20c. VF, light obverse scratches .2.75 

1900 20c. Brilliant Uncirculated .65.00 

1919-C 25c. Lustrous EF-AU $9.00; AU.14.75 

1873 50c. 37,675 struck. VF-EF, cleaned long ago.15.50 

1876 50a 28,000 struck. Extremely Fine.69.00 

1882-H 50a Nice Very Fine .11.25 

1899 50a Wide 9. 150,000 struck. AU, a very beautiful coin that many 
would grade as Brilliant Uncirculated. Rarely seen this nice. 145.00 
1899 50a Wide 9. Abt. Very Fine.5.25 

1907 50c, Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .99.50 

1908 50c. EF, small scratch on obverse.9.75 

1909 50a F-VF...4.00 

1917- C 50c. AU, a few small nicks on rim.38.50 

1918- C 50a AU .22.50 

1919- C 50a AU .22.50 


Undated (c.1815) Nova Scotia. J. Brown token. B-896; Ch-150. Very 


Undated Nova Scotia. Halifax Steamboat Co. Steamer on reverse. 

B-900; Ch-153. Brilliant Uncirculated. 4.25 

1856 Nova Scotia halfpenny. B-876. Very Fine .4.75 

1832 Nova Scotia penny token. C-128a; B-870. Fine .3.00 

1861 Nova Scotia penny token. C-131; B-877. EF $5.75; Red and 
brown AU .9.50 


1930 5 c, 10c, and 20a Y-l through Y-3. BU set of three coins. 12.00 

1949 50a Y-6. Brilliant Uncirculated .4.00 

1949 1 Escudo. Y-7. Brilliant Uncirculated .8.00 


1843 Wekande Mills token. Issued by George Stewart & Co. Obverse 
displays two figures pouring grain; reverse has inscription. Pridmore 

No. 96. A very interesting piece. Uncirculated .4.00 

1870 5c. Y-7. Victoria. EF-AU, mostly red color .18.50 

1892 10c. Y-8. Nice AU .4.00 

1907 10a Y-15. Brilliant Uncirculated .8.00 

1919-B 10c. Y-21. Brilliant Uncirculated .9.50 

1957 5 Rupees. Y-41. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated.12.50 


1851 1 Centavo. Y-10a. AU, red and brown .17.50 

1853 la Y-14. EF $14.00; EF-AU .17.50 

1904 lc. Y-70. Red and brown Uncirculated .12.50 

1919 la Y-70. Red and brown Uncirculated .12.00 

1919 2c. Y-71. Brilliant Uncirculated .25.00 

1904 2‘/2C. Y-72. Toned Uncirculated .25.00 

1893 Zi Decimo. Y-49. Brilliant Uncirculated .6.50 

1896 5a Y-66. Brilliant Uncirculated. Rare .27.00 

1896 10c. Y-67. Only year of this type. BU .16.50 

1866 20a Y-41. Very Fine .3.75 

1874 20c. Y-46. Very Fine .3.75 

1878 20a Y-51. AU-Uncirculated.5.00 

1880 20a Y-51. F-VF .2.50 

1881 20a Y-51. Lustrous AU+ .12.00 

1893 20c. Y-51. Brilliant Uncirculated .12.00 

1853 50c. Y-38. Toned VG-Fine.4.75 

1870 50c. Y-47. EF, once cleaned.19.50 

1942 50a Y-103. Only year of this design. Choice BU .2.75 

1843 2 Reales. Y-21a. Nice VF .6.75 

1797 D.A. 8 Reales. E-49. Type 5. Rare type. Beautifully toned 

EF-AU, seldom seen in such beautiful condition. 285.00 

1816 Santiago F.J. 8 Reales. C-81; C-69. Ferdinand VII. Sharp Very 

“I received my coins this afternoon. They were graded correctly 
and I am satisfied with them - as usual. You will be receiving 
another order from me soon.” — an unsolicited comment from D.l. 
of Gardena, California._ 

-Page 84— 











1822 F.L 1 Peso. C- 88 ; E-87. Beautiful AU, with light toning. An 

important opportunity for the specialist!. 225.00 

1854 J.S. 1 Peso. Y-A38;E-105. VF .29.50 

1854 J.S. 1 Peso. Y-A38; E-105. Superb AU+ with beautiful blue and 

gold toning. Another prize coin! .145.00 

1865 Copiapo 1 Peso. C-N14; E-CH-14. Type 6. Obverse: COPIAPO 
CHILE, shield dividing 1-P in center. Reverse with 1865 in center. 
The port of Caldera was blockaded by the Spanish Navy during the 
war with that country. Because of the scarcity of coins in circulation, 
the banks of Copiapo ordered a total mintage of one million pieces, 
to be comprised of 50c and 1-peso coins. These pieces were struck in 
the foundry of U.S. citizen Archibald Brower. We offer a lightly 
toned AU specimen of this popular and interesting provisional 

emergency coin for .65.00 

1932 1 Peso. Y-92. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.00 

1933 1 Peso. Y-91. Prooflike Brilliant Uncirculated .2.00 

1940 1 Peso. Y-91. Scarce. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.00 

1927 5 Pesos. Y-94. 0,9 variety. Full lustre. AU+ with minor rim marks 

on reverse .14.50 


General Issues of the Empire and Republic 
[1939 2 Hsien (20 cash and 2 cents). Y-354. Scarce WWII provisional 

issue. Fine .3.50 

1936-A 5 Fen. Y-348. Type 2. VF-EF.5.00 

1936-A 10 Fen. Y-349. Type 2. VF-EF.5.00 

I 1926 20c. (2 chio) Y-335. Republican issue. Lustrous AU .9.00 

Note: Catalogues vary in their use of English names for Chinese 
I denominations. For simplicity we will call them dollars and cents, 
unless specifically noted otherwise. 

1914 50c. Y-328. Toned Extremely Fine plus.9.50 

. [ 1911 1 Dollar. Y-31; Kahn-227. Obverse with dragon and denomination 
Reverse with Chinese characters and flowers. VF-EF $20.00; 

Lustrous AU .47.50 

[Undated (1927-1932) 1 dollar. Y-318A. Memento coin. BU $8.00; 

Choice BU .10.00 

i Undated (1912) 1 dollar. Y-319;K-603. Bust of Sun Yat-Sen. AU, very 

small planchet defect in field.99.50 

I 1914 1 Dollar. Y-329. Bust of Yuan Shih-KaL EF $4.75; AU .... 6.00 
j 1920 1 Dollar. Y-329; K- 666. Same design as foregoing. Choice Brilliant 

Uncirculated .18.00 

j 1934 1 Dollar. Y-345;K-624. No birds over junk (Chinese ship). Choice 
Brilliant Uncirculated. Not common in this nice grade. Add this 
choice specimen to your collection for just. 8.00 

line $5.00; Brilliant Uncirculated, very light toning ]‘> 50 

Kwantung 1929 20c. (2 Hao). Y-426. Choice BU ^ ^ 00 

Szeehaun 1912 50c. Y-455. Scarcer than the dollar issue. Niceh toned 

EF+, much lustre. >5 00 

Szeehaun 1912 dollar. Y-456. Very Fine $18.00; AU, lustrous ' 42 00 
Taiwan/Formosa (Nationalist China) 1965 set in custom holder of 5 
10, 50, and 100 cents. Y-537-540. BU set of 4 pieces for 15 00 
Yunnan 1916 50c. Y-479. Gov. TangChi-Yao. Extremely Fine $18.00; 


Chi-Tung (Eastern Hopei). Issued by a Japanese-controlled “puppet 
state” regional government. Set of 5 coins comprising 5 li, 1 and 5 fen 
and 1 and 2 chio. Y-516 to Y-520. Scarce. The BU set for 57 50 



1881 'A Decimo. Y-l. Nicely toned VF. 

1874 1!4 Centavos. Y-18. EF, light pitting. 

1881 2'Ac. Y-19. AU. 

1881 2'Ac. Y-20. AU. 

1886 2'Ac. Y-29. VF/EF. 

1880 5c. Y-13. Toned Uncirculated. Very scarce .17.00 

1886 5c. Y-25. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .8.75 

1881 10c. Y-14. Brilliant Uncirculated .12.50 

1892 10c. Y-30. Toned Uncirculated .5.00 

1897 10a Y-30. Lovely AU $4.00; Toned Uncirculated. 5 95 


1960 lc. Y-73. Commemorative 1810-1960. BU.2.50 

1942-B 10c. Y-47. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.27.50 

1947-B 10c. Y-64. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.3.00 

1897-B 20c. Y-31. Brilliant Uncirculated. 9.75 

1938 20c. Y-48. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated. 7.75 

1932-M 50c. Y-49; AL-748. AU+ .8.00 

1932-B 50c. Y-49; AL-747. Type I. BU.8.00 

1934 50c. Y-49a; AL-757. AU $6.00; BU .9.50 

1836 1 Real. G123. Fine. 5.75 

1848 10 Reales. E-34. Obverse with REPUBLICA DE LA NUEVA 
GRANADA, condor above coat of arms with flags. Reverse: DIEZ 
REALES within wreath, LEY 0.900 below. Beautiful AU+. 165.00 

1864 1 Peso. Y-5; E-48. Very Fine .19.50 

1956 1 Peso. Y-72. With the Casa de Moneda (mint) design. 1756-1956 
commemorative. Very popular issue. Choice BU.17.50 



Chihli (also known as Pei-Yang or Hopei) 1908 1 dollar. Y-73; K-208. 

EF-AU $28.50; Sharp toned AU .42.50 

Fengtien and Manchurian Province. Undated (1909) 20c. Y-213A; 
K-259. EF $14.00; Same, but K-263, Brilliant Uncirculated $27.50; 

Same, but K-265, EF-AU .16.00 

I Fukien undated 10 cash. Y-97. Type I. F.K. Custom-House. Beautiful 

red Uncirculated with some small areas of toning. 10.00 

(Fukien undated (1898) 10a Y-103; K-126. VF. Scarce .7.00 

! Fukien 1911 20c. Y-377. Only year of this type. Gem Brilliant 

Uncirculated .50.00 

(Fukien 1913 20c. Y-383; K-703. Scarce. F-VF .6.00 

;Fukien 1923 20a Y-381;K-706. Rare. Brilliant Unc .35.00 

(Fukien 1928 20c. Y-389;K-713. Commemorating Martyrs’ Memorial. 

Nice Very Fine .24.00 

j Hupeh undated (1896) 1 dollar. Y-127; K-40. Very Fine, one small 
chopmark on obverse, 4 very small chopmarks on reverse .... 19.75 
iKiangnam 1904 1 dollar. Y-145A; K-99. VF-EF lustrous $22.50; 

Similar, but K-102, EF-AU lustrous .40.00 

Kwantung undated 10 cash. Y-192. Choice BU .23.50 

Kwantung undated (1890) 10c. Y-200;K-29. Toned EF+.3.50 

(Kwantung undated (1890) 20a Y-201. Very Fine $ 3. 00 ; Extremely 

1868 lc. Y-30. Fine .4.00 

1903 2c. Y-46. Prooflike Brilliant Uncirculated .4.00 

1889 5c. Y-l7. Extremely Fine .2.25 

1892 5c. Y-17. EF-AU ..2.75 

1910 5a Y-39. Brilliant Uncirculated .4.75 

1912 5a Y-39. Brilliant Uncirculated .7.50 

1914 5a Y-39. Brilliant Uncirculated .6.50 

1889 25a Y-19. AU .8.00 

1893 25a Y-19. AU .6.00 

1921 25a Y-45. Lustrous AU .3.75 

1923 50c counterstamped over 1893 Y-43. AU+ $10.00; Toned 

Uncirculated .14.00 

1923 50 a Counterstamped on 1892. Y-43. AU $9.00; Brilliant 

Uncirculated, light rubbing .10.00 

1849 X A ReaL C-2. Extremely Fine. Scarce so nice.22.50 

1849 1 Real. C-3. Woman on obverse; coffee tree on reverse. Toned EF 
$30.00; beautiful AU .37.50 

1902 1 Colon c/s 1923 Y-44. AU .10.00 

1903 1 Colon c/s 1923 Y-44. AU .10.00 

-Page 85- 


1901 1 Lepton. Y-l. EF-AU $5.75;BU.15.00 

1900 2 Lepta. Red and brown Uncirculated .10.00 

1900 5 Lepta. Y-3. Very Fine .4.50 

1901 50 Lepta. Y-6. Fine .6.50 


1934 Pattern 50 kuna. Lightly toned Proof.79.50 

1941 2 kune. Y-l. Beautiful AU .5.75 


The collection of Cuban coinage we offer at this time is of 
exceptionally high quality and includes almost all denominations. 
High-grade Cuban coins are practically impossible to locate. We believe 
you’ll be very pleased with any items you select from this present 


1915 la Y-3. Uncirculated, light rubbing .4.50 

1920 lc. Y-3. AU .1.50 

1938 lc. Y-3. Scarce date. Brilliant Uncirculated .15.00 

1943 lc. Brass. Y-3a. Brilliant Uncirculated .1-75 

1953 lc. Brass. Y-20. Marti centennial BU .1-75 

1915 2c. Y-5. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.50 

1916 2c. Y-4. Scarce. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .10.00 

1915 5c. Y-5. Proof. Very rare .69.00 

1916 5c. Y-5. Scarce. AU .5.50 

1920 5c. Y-5b. Uncirculated, light rubbing .2.00 

1915 10c. Y-6. Uncirculated, light rubbing .5.75 

1916 10c. Y-6 Scarce. Extremely Fine .4.00 

1920 10c. Y-6. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.50 

1948 10c. Y-6. AU .1-50 

1949 10c. Y-6. Brilliant Uncirculated .1.75 

1952 10c. Y-17. Commemorating the 50th year of the Republic. AU+ 

$1.50; BU $2.25; Choice BU .2.75 

1915 20c. Y-7. Extremely Fine $3.00; BU .15.00 

1920 20c. Y-7. Extremely Fine.2.75 

1932 20c. Y-7. The nicest we’ve seen of this rarity. Lustrous AU 97.50 

1948 20c. Y-7. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.50 

1952 20c. Y-18. 50th year of the Republic. AU $1.50; Choice BU 5.00 
1962 20c. Y-25. Currency reform under Fidel Castro. Uncirculated 2.00 

1953 25c. Y-21. Extremely Fine.1.50 

1953 25c. Y-21. Marti centennial BU .5.00 

1915 40c. Y-8. Lustrous EF-AU .25.00 

1916 40a Y-8. Rare date. Fine $12.00; VF .17.50 

1952 40c. Y-19. 50th year of Republia BU .12.50 

1953 50a Y-22. Marti centennial BU .7.50 

1897 "Souvenir” pattern peso. SDNSA-la. Lismore type I, page 9. 
Silver. Only 828 struck. Made at the Dunn Airbrake Company 
(Philadelphia) from dies and silver furnished by the Gorham Co. 

Very rare issue. AU+, the nicest we have ever handled. 595.00 

1897 Souvenir peso. Type IIL Y-l. VG $14.00; Fine $18.00£F 
$69.50; Unc., light rubbing, once cleaned .89.50 

1915 1 peso. Y-9. EF .18.00 

1916 1 peso. Y-9. Star. Key. EF .35.00 

1932 1 peso. Y-9. Star. New. EF .18.00 

1933 1 peso. Y-9. Star. EF $15.00; EF-AU .22.50 

1934 1 peso. Y-9;E-9. Star. BU Light toning .25.00 

1939 1 peso. ABC Type. Y-16. Last year of issue. VF Toned. .. 42.00 
1953 I peso. Y-23. Marti Centennial Commem. BU, light toning 17.50 
1953 Marti Centennial Commemorative. 4 piece set. 1 centavo, 2 

<< ntavos, 50 centavos, 1 peso. Y-20,21,22,23. BU .29.00 


Remember the Maine token. Obverse with ‘hipand Cuban flag. Reverse 

with CUBA MUST BE FREE. Very Firu, holed .17.50 

Crntade to Free Cuba token White metal. THERE WILL BE NO END 

BUT VICTORY, April 17, 1961. Two freedom fighters on obverse. 

Uncirculated .12.50 

Santiago Garcia Colon 5-cent token. Copper-nickel. VF .22.50 

Central Santa Lucia Gibara. Obv. with palm tree in center. Reverse 
VALE POR UNA RACION, 1884. Very Fine .25.00 

Bronze oval medal 65x55 mm. Obverse with Neptune, chariot, and sea 
horses. Commemorates inaugural of the Havana water system. 
Reverse with listing of names of officials. 1858. Rare and interesting. 
Extremely Fine .125.00 


1816 3 Reaals. C-5. 1/5 peso. Countermarked in plain 3. William I. The 

Netherlands restored. Very Fine .35.00 

1822 1 Stuiver. Y-Al. William I. Nice Very Fine.29.00 

1900 'A Gulden. Y-2. Very Fine .6.50 

1944 2/2 Gulden. Y-10. Brilliant Uncirculated .10.50 


1938 9 Piastres. Y-29. George VI. AU .4.75 

1940 9 Piastres. Y-29. AU .4.75 

1938 18 Piastres. Y-30. Extremely Fine .5.75 

1940 18 Piastres. Y-30. EF, minor edge nick.5.75 

1928 45 Piastres. Y-21. 50th anniversary of British rule. Lustrous AU+ 
$27.50; Brilliant Uncirculated $35.00; Proof, very scarce in this 

grade. 325.00 


1928 5 Korun. Y-9. Brilliant Uncirculated .4.75 

1928 10 Korun. Y-ll. 10th anniversary of independence commemora¬ 
tive. Silver. Lightly toned BU .5.50 

1931 10 Korun. Y-12. Regular issue. Very Fine .3.00 

1954 10 Korun. Y-53. 10th anniversary of Slovak uprising. Obverse 
with standing soldier; reverse with standing lion. Silver. Proof. 5.75 

1955 10 Korun. Y-55. 10th anniversary of the liberation from the 
Nazis, May 9, 1945. Obverse with soldier and child. Silver. Proof 5.75 

1957 10 Korun. Y-59. 250th anniversary of the Technical High SchooL 
Bust of Willenberg. Silver. Proof .(>.25 

1964 10 Korun. Y069. 20th anniversary of 1944 uprising. Silver. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .3.75 

1965 10 Korun. Y-71. Jan Hus commemorative. BU.5.00 

-Page 86— 

1966 10 Korun. Y-74. Founding of Moravia commemorative. BU 3.75 

1967 10 Korun. Y-75. Bratislava University commemorative. Brilliant 

Uncirculated .425 

1934 20 Korun. Y-13. Prooflike BU, minor hairlines $7.25; Brilliant 
Uncirculated ... 7 75 

1937 20 Korun. Y-14. Commemorating death of President Masaryk. 

Brilliant Uncirculated $6.25; Gem BU.8.75 

! 1972 20 Korun. Y-87. Centennial of the death of Andrei Sladkovic. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .6.00 

) 1954 25 Korun. Y-54. 10th anniversary of Slovak uprising. Brilliant 

Uncirculated .7.50 

j 1955 25 Korun. Y-56. 10th anniversary of liberation from the Nazis. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .7.00 

j 1965 25 Korun. Y-70. 20th anniversary of Czech liberation. Brilliant 

Uncirculated .6.25 

, I * 1 1968 25 Korun. Y-77. Sesquicentennial of Prague National Museum. 

i| Brilliant Uncirculated .7.00 

I 1 1947 50 Korun. Y-40. Commemorating the Slovak uprising of August 
29, 1944 Brilliant Uncirculated .3.50 

1948 50 Korun. Y-41. Third year anniversary of Prague uprising. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .3.50 

1949 50 Korun. Y-45. 70th birthday of Stalin. Scarce. Brilliant 

Uncirculated .7.25 

1971 50 Korun. Y-85. 50th anniversary of the death of Pavel Orszagh. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .10.25 

1972 50 Korun. Y- 88. 50th anniversary of the death of Josef Myslbek. 

Scarce. Brilliant Uncirculated .12.00 

1973 50 Korun. 25th anniversary of Socialist government Brilliant 

Uncirculated .9.00 

1949 100 Korun. Y-44. 7th centennial of the mining privileges of 

Jihlava. Brilliant Uncirculated .7.00 

1949 100 Korun. Y-45. 70th birthday of Stalin. BU .6.75 

1951 100 Korun. Y-47. 30th anniversary of the communist party. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .6.50 

1955 100 Korun. Y-58. 10th anniversary of liberation from the Nazis, 

May 9, 1945. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.16.75 


1 1942 5 Halierov. Y-S19b. Zinc. Minimum of usual corrosion. BU 10.50 

1 1944 10 Korun. Y-S25. Type I with cross. Prooflike BU.6.00 

1944 10 Korun. Y-S25. Type II without cross. Scarce. Brilliant 

Uncirculated .7.50 

1939 20 Korun. Y-S26. Lustrous AU, a superb coin! .17.00 

1941 20 Korun. Y-S27. St. Cyril and Methodius. BU .7.25 

1944 50 Korun. Y-S28. 5th anniversary of Slovakia. BU.6.50 



I 1845 10 Skilling. C-16. Christian VIII of Denmark. F-VF .25.00 

; 1905 */2C. Y-5. Toned Una $15.00; BU .24.00 

1860 lc. C-27. Complete reverse brockage. A most unusual mint error! 

EF-AU, a prize for.125.00 

1905 lc 2/2 bit. Y-6. EF-AU .9.50 

1862 10a C-30. AU .32.00 

1905 10c. Y-9. AU .18.50 


1926 1 Pfennig. Y-l. Very Fine.2.50 

1937 1 Pfennig. Y-3. Brilliant Uncirculated.7.00 

1923 5 Pf. Y-5. Proof .32.50 

1923 10 Pf. Y-6. Proof .36.00 

1932 10 Pf. Y-14 BU, a gem.7.00 

1923 V 2 Gulden. Y-7. AU.19-00 

1932 Z 2 Gulden. Y-16. BU, prooflike. 39.50 

1932 1 Gulden. Y-16. Brilliant Uncirculated .32.50 


“Thank you for the things you’ve been sending me. I am only a 
small collector, and I think that your consideration for the persons 
who are not ‘big buyers’ is most commendable.” — an unsolicited 

1 comment from S.M. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania._____ 

1923 5 Gulden. Y-10. F-VF $95.00; AU $169.50; AU+, a shade finer 
than the preceding coin. A beauty! .189.50 

1935 5 Gulden. Y-20. Fully lustrous superb AU 



1852 Vi Rigsbank skilling. C-131. VF-EF.8.00 

1813 1 Rigsbank skilling. C-93. FREDERICUS VI DEI GRATIA REX. 

Red and brown Uncirculated.17.50 

1842 1 Skilling. C-120. Altona Mint Christian VIII. EF .8.00 

1867 1 Skilling. Y-2. Brilliant Uncirculated $10.00; Choice 

golden-toned Uncirculated .12.50 

1810 2 Skilling. C-88. EF-AU, once cleaned .3.75 

1842 3 R.B.S. Rigsbank Skilling. Choice lightly-toned Unc.37.50 

1870 4 Skilling. Y-4. BU, separated from the gem class only by some 

slight flatness of striking on the hair. Attractive!.27.00 

1856 16 Skilling. C-137; H-359. Christian VIL Very Fine $8.00; 

Lustrous EF $3450; Brilliant Uncirculated.39.50 

1854 Z 2 Rigsdaler. C-138. Superb lustrous AU+.89.00 

1854 2 Rigsdaler. D-77; C-143. Choice EF $210.00; Beautifully toned 

EF-AU. 269.00 

1899 1 Ore. Y-8. AU .3.00 

1913 1 Ore. Y-28. Red and brown Uncirculated .3.50 

1876 2 Ore. Y-9. VF-EF $59.00; EF .69.00 

1889 2 Ore. Y-9. Brown Uncirculated.10.00 

1902 2 Ore. Y-9. Extremely Fine .2.00 

1907 5 Ore. Y-22. Red and brown Uncirculated .6.50 

1919 5 Ore. Y-30. Extremely Fine .3.00 

1889 10 Ore. Y-ll. A very nice BU.32.50 

1897 10 Ore. Y-ll. Uncirculated .11.00 

1907 10 Ore. Y-23. AU .4.00 

1907 10 Ore. Y-23. Brilliant Uncirculated.6.00 

1910 10 Ore. Y-23. Frederik VIII. Choice BU.17.50 

1918 10 Ore. Y-36. Brilliant Uncirculated.6.00 

1919 10 Ore. Y-36. Brilliant Uncirculated.5.50 

1918 25 Ore. Y-37. Brilliant Uncirculated.6.00 

1875 1 Krone. Y-13. F-VF $7.25; AU, fully lustrous .34.50 

1892 1 Krone. Y-13. BU, very light rubbing .40.00 

1898 1 Krone. Y-13. Rare. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated. 275.00 

1916 1 Krone. Y-38. AU+. Sharp in all respects .19.00 

1875 2 Kroner. Y-14. VF $16.50; VF+.23.00 

-Page 87- 

1876 2 Kroner. Y-14. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .215.00 

1888 2 Kroner. Y-15. 25th year of reign. Toned AU.21.50 

1892 2 Kroner. Y-16. Golden wedding anniversary. Choice BU. 31.00 
1906 2 Kroner. Y-25. Death of King Christian IX and accession of 
Fcederik VIII. Uncirculated, cleaned long ago $17.00; BU, light 
toning .26.50 

1915 2 Kroner. Y-39. VF/EF, some lustre .25.00 

1916 2 Kroner. Y-39. VF/EF $17.00; BU, scarce condition.65.00 

1923 2 Kroner. Y-41. Silver wedding anniversary. EF-AU.9.75 

1924 2 Kroner. Y-35. Rare date in this short series. Fewer than 30,000 

struck. VF-EF .32.00 

1930 2 Kroner. Y-42. 60th birthday commemorative. BU .15.00 

1937 2 Kroner. Y-43. 25 years of reign. BU, light rim nick $10.50; 

Brilliant Uncirculated .14.50 

1939 2 Kroner. Y-35. Aluminum-bronze. Choice BU, scarce in this 

grade .22.50 

1945 2 Kroner. Y-55. 75th birthday. BU .15.00 

1958 2 Kroner. 18th birthday of Princess Margrethe. Choice Brilliant 

Uncirculated .9.50 

1960 5 Kroner. Y-65. Silver wedding anniversary. BU.9.00 

1964 5 Kroner. Y-73. Anne-Marie. BU .6.75 

1968 5 Kroner. Y-72. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.00 

1967 10 Kroner. Y-74. Margrethe. BU .6.00 

1968 10 Kroner. Y-75. Benedikte. BU .6.00 

1972 10 Kroner. Y-76. Death of Frederik IX and accession of Queen 

Margrethe IL Brilliant Uncirculated.7.00 


1844 !4 real. Y-Al. Crosslet 4, small star. R-A-lb. Very Fine .... 4.50 

1848 54 real. Y-Al. Fine+. 3,75 

1877 1 centavo. Y-l. Brass. 1 year type. Choice BU .12.50 

1888-A (Paris Mint). l'A centavos. Y- 6. AU.25.00 

1877 2Zz c. Y-4. Rare 1 year type. Toned Uncirculated, with light 
rubbing. 35 .OO 

1955 1 c. Y-15. Brilliant Uncirculated.3.00 

1944 5 centavos. Y-16A. (Philadelphia Mint) 1 year type. BU $22.00; 

GemBU. 25.00 

1891 10 c. Y-3. Choice Brown Uncirculated .22.00 

1937 10 c. Y-17. Brilliant Uncirculated.12.50 

1953 10 c. Y-17. Brilliant Uncirculated.5.00 

1959 10 c. Y-17. Brilliant Uncirculated.2.00 

1897 20 c. Y-12. EF-AU .17.00 

1952 25 c. Y-18. Brilliant Uncirculated.8.00 

1956 25 c. Y-18. Brilliant Uncirculated.4.00 

1963 25 c. Y-26. Brilliant Uncirculated.3.00 

1891 50 c. Y-8. EF-AU Lightly toned .29.50 

1963 Medio Peso. Y-23. Commemorating Centenary of Republic. 

Scarce. BU .10.00 

Early Pesos of Dominican Republic 
The first peso issued was struck in 1891 under the French monetary 
system. As adopted, the new unit of exchange was the “FRANCO” 
which was divided into 100 centesimos. The coins followed all coinage 
regulations as to weight, alloy, etc. These were high in silver content 
and quite beautiful in design: 

1891-A (Paris) 5 FRANCOS. T-I0, E-l. On obverse: “Republica 
Dominica”, coat of arms. Reverse: “CINCO FRANCOS”, date, head 
of female native. A very light dig in the obverse field at base of neck 
keeps it from being a select specimen. Still Uncirculated at. . 230.00 

The second crown size coins of the Dominican Republic were issued 
in 1897. The dies for the coins were made in Paris, France, but the 
actual striking was done at the Philadelphia Mint The Pesos were made 
with a bad alloy, containing a very low silver content, were not well 
struck and sometimes even broke in two. Most coins are found in very 
worn condition, and to find one in high grade takes a great deal of 
searching. We offer the following: 

1897 PESO. Y-14. VG $14.50; Fine $18.00; Beautiful STRONG 
EF-AU, way above average $85.00; superb AU-Unc. $175.00; a small 
planchet flaw (struck into the coin) does not harm this beautiful RARE 

Brilliant Uncirculated. 275.00 

1952 1 Peso. Y-20, E-4. Low mintage of only 20,000. Brilliant 

Uncirculated, fully lustrous.25.00 

1955 1 peso. Y-21, E-5. Commemorating 25th year of Trujillo Regime. 
Most of the Trujillo Commemoratives were melted down, with 
20,000 still remaining of the original 50,000 struck. EF $17.50; BU, 

fully lustrous.35.00 

1963 1 Peso. Y-28, E-6. Commemorating Centenary of Republic. 
Brilliant Uncirculated .17.50 


1906 25 cent. Y-7. Edward VII. AU Toned.12.50 

1941 1 shilling. Y-31. George VI. BU .7.50 


1808 20 Cash. C-114. Madras. Proof .37.50 


1852 */ 4 real. Y-8. AU .29.50 

1928 1 centavo. Y-44. BU .3.50 

1887 Zi decimo. Y-24. BU .7.00 

1912 Zi decimo. Y-27. Choice BU .5.50 

1915 Vi decimo. Birmingham. Y-27. BU .3.00 

1915 1 decimo. Birmingham. Y-28. Choice BU .4.00 

1916 1 decimo. Philadelphia. Y-28. BU.4.00 

1919 5 centavos. Y-38. Toned Unc. $4.50; BU .12.50 

1916 2 decimos. Philadelphia. Y-29. BU .4.50 

1942 20 centavos. Y-53A. Scarce brass issue. BU .5.00 

1937 5,10, and 20 centavos. Y-51—53. Set. BU .3.75 

1884 1 Sucre. (Birmingham Mint) VF-EF $10.00; EF.22.50 

1934 1 Sucre. (Philadelphia Mint) Y-49. BU .5.00 

1937 1 Sucre. (LeLocle Mint) Y-54. 1 year type. BU .2.25 

1944 2 Sucres. (Mexico City Mint) Y-55. BU .3.00 

1943 5 Sucres. (Mexico City Mint) Y-46. BU .5.00 

1944 5 Sucres. (Mexico City Mint) Y-56. BU .5.00 


1871 Yr.-lO. 40 Paras. Y-4. VF .2.50 

1917-H 1 Millieme. Y-35. British Protectorate. BU .10.00 

1327 AH. Yrs. 2-3. 1 Guerche. Y-29. Mohammed V. 250,000 mintage. 

GemBU .18.50 

1917 2 Piastres. Y-39. BU .10.00 

1293 AH. Yr. 22. 5 Guerche. Y-20. Abdul Hamid II. Gem Brilliant 

Uncirculated, prooflike .14.50 

1917 5 Piastres. Y-40. AU .8.00 

1939 5 Piastres. Y-84. Farouk I. BU .4.50 

1293 AH. Yr. 22. 10 Guerche. Y-21. Abdul Hamid II. Gem. Prooflike 
—Page 88 — 


}q 9 o tV n p r ' 6H ' 'v Gue ™ he> Y " 32 - Uncirculated. Light Toning 17.00 

1923-4 10 Piastres. Y-54. Fuad I. EF-AU $7.50; BU I ft 0(1 

1937 10 Piastres. Y-85. AU $6.50; BU. *" Jo?? 

132 7 AH. \ r. 4. 20 Guerche. Y-33. Choice BU. 85 00 

1327 AH. Yr. 6. 20 Guerche. Y-33. EF. 2 0 00 

1916-B 20 Piastres. Y-42, D-20. VF $7.50; Brilliant Uncirculated. Light 

rim nick. 75 00 

1917 20 Piastres. Y-42, D-20. Under British Protectorate. VF 9 50 

1923 20 Piastres. Y-55, D-21. VF $10.00; EF Toned ... 19 00 

1929 20 Piastres. Y-69, D-22. VF. m oo 

1937 20 Piastres. Y- 86, D-23. BU .’' ‘ ’ ’ ’ ‘ 37 ' 50 

1956 50 Piastres. Y-99. Evacuation of the British. AU $10.50’ BU 

$17.50; Gem BU Proof like. 24 00 

1970 1 pound. Y-130. BU. ~7 00 

1970 1 pound. Y-136. BU. 4 75 



1890 50 Centesimi. Y-l. Uncirculated. Toned, prooflike .75.00 

1890 1 Lire. Y-2. Traces of mint lustre. Lowest mintage in this three 

year series. AU .70.00 

1891 1 Lire. Y-2. Choice BU .86.00 

1890 2 Lire. Umberto. Y-3. A few minor edge marks. Verv Fine 

$47.50; EF-AU .. 85.00 

1918 1 Tallero. Y-5. Beautifully toned. EF $42.50; AU .51.50 

: 918 “Prova” Tallero. Y-5;Pag-391. Rare, prooflike BU. 350.00 


939 1 Sent. Y-1A. Red and brown AU $18.00; Red and brown 
Uncirculated .25.00 

931 5 Senti. Y-3. EF $4.00; Red and brown. Choice Uncirculated 6.50 

931 10 Senti. Y-ll. EF $4.00; BU .8.00 

935 20 Senti. Y-12. AU.4.00 

928 25 Senti. Y-13. VF-EF .7.75 

936 50 Senti. Y-14. BU .24.00 

922 1 Mark. Y-4. Toned Uncirculated .5.00 

922 5 Marka. Y- 6. Lustrous AU .8.00 

925 10 Marka. Y-7. VF .7.00 

933 1 Kroon. Tenth Singing Festival Y-18. BU .39.00 

934 1 Kroon. Y-15. Aluminum-bronze. VF $14.75; VF-EF $17.50; 

EF .21.00 

930 2 Krooni Y-16. Tallinn Castle. BU.25.00 

932 2 Krooni. Y-17. Tercentenary University of Tartu. AU $32.50; 

’ Brilliant Uncirculated .42.00 


931 10 Matonas. Y-25. Toned Uncirculated .5.00 

931 25 Matonas. Y-26. BU .5.50 

931 50 Matonas. Y-27. BU .7.00 

897 Zi Talari. Y- 8. Lustrous AU .42.50 

“Enclosed is another order for some coins. I know that they will 
if come up to my expectations. Bowers and Ruddy Galleries 
11 sometimes charges a little more for its coins, but so does a Cadillac 
I: cost more than a Volkswagen. What I mean is that you really get 
11 what you pay for at Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. — and the 

i quality of your coins and the accuracy of your grading is well worth 
1 the few extra dollars.” - an unsolicited comment from D.B. of 
1 Blytheville, Arkansas. 

18 94 (1887EE) 1 Talari. Y-9. 20,000 struck. BU Light rubbing. 
Prooflike. * 350 oo 

1897 (1889EE) 1 lalari. Y-9. Menelik II. Struck at the Paris Mint 
Toned F-VF $24.50; VF $26.00; AU, small rim nick .65.00 

1903 (1895EE) 1 Talari. Y-10. AU-Unc., beautiful, lightly toned 
$135.00;Choice BU, prooflike .189.50 


1952 5 Europinas (Crown size). Kenney-18. Struck for use in Europe 
following WW II. Proof .55.00 


1941 2 Ore. Y-2. Red and brown Uncirculated .12.00 

1941 10 Ore. Y-4. Extremely Fine. 6 00 

1941 25 Ore. Y-5. EF-AU ..’ 8.50 


1934 Z 2 Penny. Y-l. George V. BU, with light spots on obverse $6.50; 

Choice BU .10.00 

1950 * l /2 Penny. Y-18. George VI. BU.3.50 

1941 Vi Penny. Y-7. BU.7.25 

1934 1 c. Y-2. George V. BU. 5.50 

1942 1 c. Y- 8 A. George VI. Toned Uncirculated. Several spots. .. 3.00 

1947 3 Pence. Y-17. Edward VIII. 1 Year Type. BU .8.75 

1942- S Shilling. Y-12A. King Emperor to right of head. Unc.3.00 

1943- S Shilling. Y-12A. Uncirculated .3.50 

1942-S Florin. Y-13A. BU.6.50 


1908 1 Penni. Y-18. Scarce date. Red Unc. $10.00; Gem BU. .. 15.00 

1913 1 Penni. Y-18. Toned red and brown Uncirculated.3.75 

1917 5 Pennia. Y-28. Gem BU .7.75 

1918 5 Pennia. Y-32. AU .45.00 

1865 10 Pennia. Y-3. F-VF .6.50 

1894 25 Pennia. Y-13. VF.4.00 

1898 25 Pennia. Y-4. VF.8.00 

1909 25 Pennia. Y-4. VF.6.50 

1913 25 Pennia. Y-4. BU.7.00 

1915 25 Pennia. Y-21. AU $3.50; BU .4.75 

1916 25 Pennia. Y-4. BU.4.00 

1917 25 Pennia. Y-30. BU.4.75 

1917 25 Pennia. (Civil War Issue) Y-27. BU .4.00 

1874 50 Pennia. Y-5. Alexander II. Abt. EF .15.00 

1891 50 Pennia. Y-5. EF .12.50 

1914 50 Pennia. Y-5. BU.7.80 

—Page 89— 

1916 50 Pennia. Y-5. BU.4.25 

1917 50 Pennia. Y-31. BU.4.00 

1890 l Markkaa. Y-6. Nicely toned VF $7.00;Toned Unc.29.50 

1924 1 Markkaa. Y-38. Republic issue. Copper-nickel. BU .10.00 

1915 1 Markkaa. Y-6. BU, beautifully toned.15.00 

1908 2 Markkaa. Y-7. AU. 37.50 

1955 10 Markkaa. Y-49. BU .3.00 

1967 10 Markkaa. Y-62. 50th year of Independence. In case of issue. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .9.75 

1970 10 Markkaa. Y-63. Centennial of Julio K. Paasikivi’s birth. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .5.75 

1971 10 Markkaa. Y-64. BU, prooflike .5.00 

1955 20 Markkaa. Y-50. BU .3.50 

1955 50 Markkaa. Y-51. BU .7.00 

1960 100 Markkaa. Y-53. (Key date) BU .14.75 

1958-H 200 Markkaa. Y-54. BU .8.50 

1952 500 Markkaa. Y-52. Olympic Commemorative Crown (Extremely 

popular crown). BU.37.50 


1,5,10,25, and 50 Pennia. Y-27 through Y-31. 5 piece BU set ... 17.50 


L’An 6 One Centime. C-134. First Republic (Consulate) (Years 

1795-99) VF .4.25 

1848- A One Centime. Y-l. Second Republic. BU .6.50 

1849- A 1 c. Y-l. EF $2.50; BU .5.00 

1850- A 1 c. Y-l. AU .5.00 

1853- A 1 c. Y-14. Second Empire. Emperor Napoleon. Red and brown 

Choice AU.6.50 

1879-A 1 c. Y-41. Third Republic. EF-AU, Choice .3.75 

1914 1 c. Y-58. BU .4.50 

1874-A 1 c. Y-41. Uncirculated, once cleaned.12.50 

1855-A 2 Centimes. Y-15. Second Empire. Emperor Napoleon IIL 

Extremely Fine .4.75 

1877-A 2 c. Y-42. Third Republic. Uncirculated .7.50 

1884-A 2 c. Y-42. Brilliant Uncirculated .9.75 

1890-A 2 c. Y-42. Third Republic. AU .4.00 

1898 2 c. Y-59. Very scarce. Key date. Red and brown Unc.. .. 18.00 
1899-A 2 c. Y-59. Red and brown AU $3.75; BU .8.00 

1854- D 5 Centimes. Y-16. Second Empire, Napoleon IIL EF .... 3.50 
1886-A 5 c. Y-43. Third Republic. Dark EF/AU $3.00; Brown 

AU-Uncirculated .5.25 

1896- A 5 c. Y-43.Choice Red Uncirculated.9.00 

1903 5 c. Y-60. Red and brown Uncirculated .5.00 

1853- BB 10 Centimes. Y-17. Napoleon IIL Brown VF-EF .3.75 

1855- A 10 c. Y-7. Red AU-Unc. (once cleaned) .3.75 

1856- B 10 c. Y-17. Napoleon IIL VF .3.75 

1872-A 10 c. Y-44. Third Republic. AU, beautifully toned.4.25 

1897- A 10 c. Y-44. Red and brown Uncirculated. Light rubbing. 5.75 

1854- A 20 Centimes. Y-22. President Louis-Napoleon. VF .7.50 

1866-K 20 c. Y-27. Fine $7.50; Toned BU .27.50 

1918 Neuilly-Seine. 20 Centimes. Lamb-1. Solidarite Commerciale 

Et Industrielle (Aluminum-4 sided) Uncirculated .4.50 

1962 20c. Y-105. 5th Repub. Piefort-Essai. BU, prooflike.20.00 

1847-A 50 Centimes. C-199; Louis Philippe. Choice AU.7.00 

1847 50 c. C-198. F/VF .3.50 

1850-A 50 c. Y-2. AU-Unc., lightly toned.9.50 

1888-A 50 c. Y-48. Ceres Head. Gem BU .12.00 

1833- A Yi Franc. C-196. Loui^Philippe, 1830-48. Gem BU _27.50 

1834- W !4 Franc. C-196. Louis-Philippe. EF .6.50 

1842 Franc. C-196. F-VF .3.75 

1727 1/10 Ecu. C-39. F-VF.27.00 

1778 12 Sols. C-75. Louis XVI. Pre-constitutional issue. Scarce. Toned 

Very Fine .17.00 

1859-A 1 Franc. Y-24.5.00 

1866-BB 1 Franc. Y-30. Deeply toned AU .9.00 

1888-A 1 Franc. Y-49. Third Republic. Gem BU .12.50 

1912 1 Franc. Y-63. BU, lightly toned .3.25 

An 13-A (1804) 2 Francs. C-154. Counterstamped Republique 
Francaise Fleur-de-lis with anchor counterstamped on portrait of 
Napoleon Empereur. Uncatalogued, have never seen this piece listed 

before! Lustrous EF-AU .55.00 

1868-BB 2 Francs. Y-31. VF ... 7.00 

1944 2 Francs. Y-89. 1 year type. Scarce. BU, some toning .8.00 

1784 Ecu (crown). D-1333. Louis XVI. F-VF, toned .40.00 

1811 -A 5 Francs. D-85, C-165. Fine .12.00 

181 1 -H 5 Francs. D-85, C-165. Obverse: “Napoleon Empereur”. 
Reverse: Empire Francaise. Very Fine.15.50 

I8I2-B 3 Francs. D-85;C-165. Large dig on bust on obverse. VG-F 9.50 


1814 5 Francs. D-86; C-168. Louis XVIIL First Restoration. Louis head 
right on obverse. Reverse: crowned arms in sprays. F-VF, cleaned 

once .16.00 

1826-A 5 Francs. D-88, C-189. Charles X. Nice F-VF .9.75 

1834-A 5 Francs. D-91, C-204. Lustrous VF .12.50 

1834-B 5 Francs. D-91, C-204. Fine .6.00 

1842-B 5 Francs. D-91, C-204. EF .15.00 

1851-A 5 Francs. Y-6; D-93. Second Republic. Ceres head. An 

attractive F-VF specimen .14.00 

1837-W 5 Francs. D-91, C-204. Louis Philippe I. VF-EF .14.50 

1868- BB 5 Francs. Y-32, D-96. EF .13.00 

1869- A 5 Francs. Y-32, D-96. VF .8.00 

1870- A 5 Francs. Y-32, D-96. F-VF $8.00; VF .11.50 

1873-A 5 Francs. Y-52; D-92. Extremely Fine $7.50; Gem Brilliant 

Uncirculated .19.50 

1875-A 5 Francs. Y-52. Uncirculated. Bagging, 1 small rim nick. . 9.50 

1967 5 Francs. Y-l 10. Key. 700,000 minted. Proof .9.50 

1934 10 Francs. Y-86. BU, superbly toned .9.75 

1948 10 Francs. Y-86B. BU .3.75 

1933 20 Francs. Y-87. AU .7.00 

1938 20 Francs. Y-87. Becoming scarce. BU .15.00 


1839 5 Centimes. C-13. F-VF .3.75 

1829 10 Centimes. C-12. Sharp VF .10.00 


1948 5 Francs. Y-3. BU.2.75 


1879 2 Sapeque. Y-l. Nice red Uncirculated .19.0C 


1939 Vi Centime. Y-20. BU .3.0( 

1885 1 Centime. Y-2. Brown Very Fine .6.75 

1943 1 Centime. Y-V33. AU .2.0( 

1922 10 Centimes. Y-16. BU.6.0C 

1937 10 Centimes. Y-16. (10 pieces). A nice lot of these pretty silvei 
coins catalogue for $3.75 each, AU-Unc. 10 pieces for .13.0C 

1930 20 Centimes. Y-17. BU.14.75 

1937 20 Centimes. Y-17. 5 pieces. AU-Unc. .14.75 

1937 20 Centimes. Y-17. BU.8.5G 

1936 50 Centimes. Y-12. AU $6.00; Choice BU .9.50 

1895 1 Piastre. Y-13. Nicely toned EF-AU $12.00; BU.22.50 

1906 1 Piastre. Y-13. BU.22.5G 

1931 1 Piastre. Y-18. Lightly toned AU $14.50; BU, lightly toned with 

bagmarks $17.00; BU, choice prooflike frosty .21.50 

We purchased a collection of world crowns and a small group of French 
Indo China piastres was included. They apparently had some ligh 1 
corrosion at one time (heavy tarnish) and the owner had cleanec 
them. Though the cleaning is obvious and bagging occurs on most 
grade wise many are EF-Unc. and we are selling them at a price tha 
discounts any imperfections. Y-13. Assorted dates, 1900-1922. 1 foa 

$5.75; 3 different dates for .14.75 


1905-J Vi Heller. Y-6. Crude Uncirculated.6.00 

1908- J 1 Heller. Y-7. EF .2.00 

1890 1 Pesa. Y-l. Wilhelm II. Choice BU .7.50 

1891 1 Pesa. Y-l. Choice BU.8.00 

1892 1 Pesa. Y-l. AU .4.00 

1909- J 5 Heller. Y-9. Sharp VF-EF .25.00 

1891 'A Rupie. Y-2. Choice BU .55.00 

1904-A !4 Rupie. Y-13. EF, light mark on obverse .17.00 

1910- J l A Rupie. Y-13. Seldom offered, even in prooflike. Brilliant 


1891 54 Rupie. Y-3. Choice BU .69.50 

1890 1 Rupie. Y-4. Toned Uncirculated, once cleaned $22.00; BU 
$32.00; Brilliant Proof, very scarce in Proof. A gem!. 269.00 

1893 1 Rupie. Y-4. F-VF. 7.50 

1897 1 Rupie. Y-4. F-VF $9.00; Superb AU $32.50; Choice BU 49.00 

1900 1 Rupie. Y-4. F-VF .8.5(1 

1901 1 Rupie. Y-4. F-VF .8.50 

1904 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF $7.50; Rare Brilliant Proof. 269.0(1 






if) | 

1905 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF .7.50 

1906-J 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF.7.50 

1906- A 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF. 7 50 

1907- J 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF $7.50;EF-AU ..’ 11.75 

1908- J 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF .8.25 

1910- J 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF .8.50 

1911- J 1 Rupie. Y-15. EF .10.75 

1911- A 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF/EF .10.50 

1912- J 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF.9.25 

1913- J 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF .8.50 

1914-J 1 Rupie. Y-15. VF+ $9.75; EF-AU $13.50; BU, light rub 16.00 

1893 2 Rupiea Y-5. Only crown type of country. Very scarce. VF+ 
$179.00; Nice toned AU. 395.00 


i 1894rA 1 Pfennig. Y-l. Extremely Fine, moderate spotty corrosion 

$10.00; Red Brilliant Uncirculated .39.00 

1894-A 10 Pfennig. Y-3. Red and brown AU $34.50; Red and brown 
Uncirculated .41.00 


Anhalt - Bernburg 

■ 1855-A Mining Taler. D-504; C-76. EF _ 

Anhalt - Cothen 

1 1750 2/3 Taler. C-106. Toned EF+. 


1 1914 3 Marks. YS-20. Nice AU, prooflike. . 



1914 5 Marks. YS-21; D-512. Silver Wedding Anniversary. 1889-1914 
of Friedrich II and Marie. 30,000 pieces minted. Toned Uncirculated, 
a few small marks in the field. A very desirable specimen of this 
crown .145.00 

1871 1 Kreuzer. Commemorating Victory over France. C-145. VF-EF 

$6.00; EF .8.00 

1856 3 Kreuzer. C-131. Toned Uncirculated .18.50 

1901- G 2 Marks. Y-S20. Fine. 9.50 

1902 2 Marks. Y-S22. Comm. 50th year of Reign. VF-EF $9.25; 

Extremely Fine .1200 

1905-G 2 Marks. Y-S24. Extremely Fine.19.50 

1907 2 Marks. Y-S28. Death of Friedrich. BU, faint rub.24.00 

1876-G 5 Marks. Y-S19;D-532. Fine .24.50 

1907 5 Marks. Y-S28; D-537. Death of Grand Duke Comm. 60,000 

minted. BU, few light bag marks .119.00 

1908-G 5 Marks. Y-S40;D-538. Friedrich II. VF .28.50 

1852 2 Talers (354 Gulden) D-526; C-123. Sharp VF.115.00 


1829 22 MM Bronze medal comm. Ludwig I and Therese’s visit to the 

upper Danube. High relief. Uncirculated, light rub .12.50 

1797 3 Kreuzer. C-59. VF .4.00 

1846 1 Gulden. C-193. Toned VF, light surface scratches.15.00 

1870 1 Gulden. C-256. 72,000 struck. VF-EF.24.50 

1902- D 2 Marks. Y-S35. Otto III. Prooflike BU .25.00 

1907- D 2 Marks. Y-S35. Toned Uncirculated .22.00 

1911-D 2 Marks. Y-S38. 90th Birthday of Luitpold. Toned AU $12.50; 

AU $12.50; BU .16.00 

1914-D 2 Marks. Y-S45. Ludwig III. BU, faint rub .29.00 

1908- D 3 Marks. Y-S36. BU .18.50 

1910- D 3 Marks. Y-S36. VF/EF .6.50 

1911- D 3 Marks. Y-S39. Birth of Regent Comm. EF-AU $8.50; BU, 

light rub $12.00; BU .16.00 

1914-D 3 Marks. Y-S46. Ludwig II Commem. Very Fine $9.00; AU 
$16.00; Proof .55.50 

1874- D 5 Marks. Y-S27. Ludwig II. Abt. VF $28.50; Very Fine, once 

cleaned .31.50 

1875- D 5 Marks. Y-S27; D-616. Fine .9.25 

1888-D 5 Marks. Y-S34; D-617. Otto III. 1 year type. 69,000 struck. 

F-VF .99.50 

1901-D 5 Marks. Y-S37;D-618. F-VF .6.75 

1907-D 5 Marks. Y-S37;D-618. VF-EF $12.00; Toned Extremely Fine, 

some lustre .15.00 

1911-D 5 Marks. Y-S40. Birth of Regent. Beautiful AU $49.00; 

Brilliant Proof, light hairlines in obverse field .85.00 

1759 Madonna Taler. D-1952. F-VF .18.00 

1765 Madonna Taler. D-1953; C-35. Sharp VF .22.50 

1775 Madonna Taler. D-1953; C-35. Lustrous, strong VF.25.00 

1825 Taler. D-555. Comm. King Ludwig Coronation. Scarce. Sharp 
Abt. EF, once cleaned $239.00; another, lightly toned AU. . 395.00 
1828 Taler. D-562. Comm, the column erected by Schoenborn on the 
10th Anniversary of the Constitution of 1818. EF .310.00 

1641 City view 
Toned AU. 


Taler. D-5039. Ferd. III. Holy Roman Emperor. Scarce. 

. 435.00 


1870 1 Kreuzer. C-142. EF-AU. 



1839 2 Talers. D-583. Ludwig I Koenig (like D-581). For a statue 
erected to Maximilian I, first Elector of Bavaria. AU. 495.00 

1854 2 Gulden. D-600; C-232. Choice prooflike BU .92.50 

1855 2 Gulden. D-600; C-232. EF-AU, 2 minor rim marks .55.00 

1855 2 Guide a D-604; C-233. F-VF $14.00; EF $44.00; Brilliant 

Uncirculated .69.50 


1855 Vereinsthaler. D-604. Restoration of the Madonna Column in 

Munich. VF-EF .33.50 

1857 Ver. Taler. D-606; C-234. EF, once cleaned .29.00 

1865 Yer. Taler. l)-609;C-257. Nice Abt. VF .27.50 

1865 Madonna Taler. D-611;C-258. EF, cleaned, some lustre. . 21.00 
1871 Taler. D-615; C-259. Victory in Franco- Prussian War. EF, light 
edge mark $21.00; EF $24.75; AU $37.50; BU, prooflike. .. 59.50 
Brandenburg - Bayreuth 

1690 2/3 Taler. Friedrich III. Toned VF+ .52.50 

1752 Taler. C-43;D-2032. Fine.82.50 


1915-A 5 Marks. D-637; Y-S9. For the accession of the duke to the 

duchy in 1913. Only 1,400 struck. BU, prooflike surface. . 1500.00 

1859-B Taler. D-636; C-219. VF-EF. 33.50 

Brunswick - Luneberg 

1620 Taler. Wildman holding uprooted tree. Very Fine, light marking 

in field.92.50 

Brunswick - Wolfenbuttel 

1754 1 Pfennig. Wildman. C-3. Crude VF .3.50 

1760 4 Mariengroschen. Wildman. C-43. Superbly toned AU. .. 36.50 
1781 4 Mariengroschen. As C-45 (not listed by date). Extremely Fine, 

some lustre .23.0Q 

1789 12 Mariengroschen. As C-143. Nicely toned F-VF .19.50 

1789 16 Gutegroschen. C-149. Fully lustrous AU, a gem .62.50 

1686 24 Mariengroschen. Wildman. Lustrous sharp EF-AU.87.50 

1575 “Candle Taler”. Julius. Wildman holding candle and tree. Scarce. 
F-VF .175.00 

1595 “Rebel Taler”. Heinrich Julius. Wildman with torch and dog 

behind him/Korahs Gang. Abt. VF .149.00 

1632 Taler. Wildman holding uprooted tree. VF .115.00 


Undated 1 Kreuzer. C-23. Arms/city and river scene. VG-F .2.50 

Undated (1839) 1 Kreuzer. C-23. City View. EF-AU .9.50 

1849 1 Kreuzer. C-24. VF .2.50 

1772 Taler. D-2226. City View. Lustrous EF-AU. 375.00 

1843 Double Taler. D-640. Scene of city and river on obverse. Toned 

EF, few marks on obverse field. 200.00 

1845 2 Gulden. D-642; C-82. VF .38.00 

EF, few marks on obverse field. 200.00 

1845 2 Gulden. D-642; C-82. VF .38.00 

1849 2 Gulden. D-646;C-86. Goethe Comm. Toned Unc.130.00 

1855 2 Gulden. D-647. 300th Anniv. of the religious peace. Choice 

prooflike BU .119.00 

1859 Taler. D-650. Centenary of Schiller’s birth Comm. Abt. EF 

$46.50; EF .52.50 

1860 Taler. D-649;C-78. VF.18.50 

1863 Taler. D-654; C-81. Prince’s Day Comm. VF, some light moderate 

rim dings $22.50; EF-AU $87.50; AU+.99.50 

1861 Double Taler. C-91; D-651. EF-AU .69.00 

1862 Double Taler. C-91; D-651. Choice Uncirculated .92.50 

1866 Double Taler. C-91; D-651. Sharp Abt. EF.59.00 


1855 1 Sechsling. C-3A. No “A” under date. 97,000 struck. Prooflike 


1731 16 Schilling. J-12. Under Holy Roman Empire. VF .32.50 

1789 16 Schilling. C-27. Joseph II under H.R.E. F/VF .12.50 

1797 32 Schilling. C-35. Holy Roman Empire. VF, small rim clip 23.00 
1809 32 Schilling. C-39A. Reduced size of C-39. Sharp toned AU 66.00 

1876-J 2 Marks. Y-S2. VF .19.50 

1903-J 2 Marks. Y-S4. BU, light rim mark on obverse.44.50 

1907-J 2 Marks. Y-S4. Nice EF .18.75 

1909-J 3 Marks. Y-S5. AU.14.50 

1876-J 5 Marks. Y-S3;D-658. Fine .8.50 


1861-B Taler. D-682;C-97. George V. VF+.19.50 

1854- B Double Taler. D-681; C-102. F-VF .97.00 

1855- B Double Taler. D-681; C-102. VF .129.00 

Hesse - Darmstadt 

1904 2 Marks. Y-S23. 400th Anniv. of Philipp Comm. EF-AU .. 26.50 
1900-A 5 Marks. Y-S22; D-711. Ernst Ludwig. Abt. VF, light rim 

damage at 11 o’clock on obverse.89.00 

1904 5 Marks. Y-S24; D-712. 400th Anniv. of Philipp Comm. Nice EF 

$79.00; BU, reverse prooflike .108.00 

1862 Taler. D-707; C-160. Ludwig III. Toned EF .54.00 

1841 Double Taler. D-702. Sharp VF-EF .149.00 

Rowers and Ruddy Galleries — Known for Quality 

—Page 92 


1901-A 2 Marks. Y-Sl. BU, faint rub. . no 

1904-J 2 Marks Y-S2. First year of issue. 25,000 struck. Choice toned 

Uncirculated, faint rubbing. 74 50 

1752 32 Schilling. C-12. VF, trace of mounting mark on edge on 00 

1752 48 Schilling. D-2420;C-18. Pleasant VF. § ~ 69 50 

Mecklenburg - Schwerin 

1848 Trouble Oler”. D-727; C-lll. BU, light surface mark on obverse 
ld .95.00 


1833 3 Kreuzer. Toned Uncirculated. 


1806 1 Kreuzer. City view. Scarce. AU. 

1694 2 Kreuzer. Leopold. Obverse: eagle with value 
date and shield with legend. Uncirculated 



in circle. Reverse: 

1833-A Taler. D-763; C-130. EF .28.50 

1846 Mansfeld Mining Taler. D-770; C-151. VF .' 19.50 

1854 Taler. D-773; C-150-A. Abt. EF .17.00 

1860 Taler. D-775; C-152. Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Old head. Abt. 

Extremely Fine .14.00 

1861 Taler. D-775; C-152. Abt. EF .. 14.00 

1861 Coronation Taler. D-778; C-169. Abt. EF $ 16.75; AU _23.75 

1871-A Victory Taler. D-785;C-173. VF $10.00; EF $14.00; AU 18.75 
1842 Double Taler. D-766. EF. 99 50 

Reuss - Greiz 

1892-A 2 Marks. Y-S7. 10,000 struck. EF + 

Reuss- Schleiz 

1868-A Vereinstaler. D-803;D-42. VF-EF $99.50;EF-AU 

- 269.00 


Saxe - Coburg - Gotha 

1905-A 2 Marks. Y-S18. Carl Eduard. Extremely rare in Proof 1250.00 

Saxe - Gotha 

1608 Taler. Obverse: Johann Casmir and Johann Ernst facing each 
other. VF .95.00 

1754 Taler. D-2484. Francis. City view Taler. EF. 295.00 

1762 Taler. D-2486. Nicely toned VF .210 00 

1763 Taler. D-2490. VF .99.50 

1765 Taler. D-2490. Abt. VF .84.00 

1765 Taler. D-2494; C-80. City view. VF-EF $175.00; EF, traces of 

lustre. 225.00 


1823-A */ 2 Groschen. C-127. BU .23.00 

1823-A 1 Groschen. C-128. BU .21.00 

1871-C 1 Groschen. C-166A. Choice toned Uncirculated .8.25 

1852-A 2‘/ 2 Groschen. C-147. BU .12.00 

1862-A 2Vi Groschen. C-167. BU .12.00 

1876-A 2 Marks. Y-S30. Wilhelm I. F-VF .9.50 

1888-A 2 Marks. Y-S37. Fredrich III. Toned AU $24.00; Toned 
Uncirculated $31.50; Superbly toned Gem Uncirculated .... 34.00 
1901 2 Marks. Y-S46. 2nd Centenary of Kingdom. AU.7.00 

1913- A 2 Marks. Y-S52. 25th year of Reign. BU.9.25 

1910 3 Marks. Y-S44. Wilhelm II. BU .11.50 

1912-A 3 Marks. Y-S44. EF .5.00 

1910 3 Marks. Y-S48. Berlin University. EF-AU .19.50 

1911-A 3 Marks. Y-S49. Nice AU $26.50; Toned Unc.31.00 

1913 3 Marks. Y-S51. War of Liberation Comm. EF-AU $6.50; Brilliant 

Uncirculated .9.75 

1913 3 M. Y-S53. 25th year of Reign. EF $4.50; prooflike AU. 10.00 

1874- A (Small A) 5 Marks. Y-S31; D-786. Wilhelm I. VF .14.50 

1875- A 5 Marks. Y-S31;D-786. F-VF .12.00 

1888-A 5 Marks. Y-S38. Friedrich III. Very Fine, re-tooled on field and 

buffed .21.00 

1888-A 5 Marks. Y-S38;D-787. Choice toned Uncirculated, prooflike 

field. Faintest of rub $69.50; Choice BU.95.00 

1901 5 Marks. Y-S47; D-790. 200th year as Kingdom Comm. Lustrous 


1901 5 Marks. Y-S45. Wilhelm II. Gem BU.52.50 

1914- A 5 Marks. Y-S55. Bust of Wilhelm II. Lustrous EF $14.00; 

Brilliant Uncirculated .21.00 

1785-A Taler. D-2950. Abt. VF .18.50 

1794- A Taler. D-2603. F-VF.42.00 

1795- A Taler. D-2599. Wilhelm. EF .99.50 

1796- A Taler. D-2599. F-VF .40.00 

J818-A Taler. D-759; C-116A. F-VF .9.00 

I8I9-D Taler. D-759; C-116A. F-VF .18-00 

1831 -A Mansfeld Mining Taler. D-764;C-131. VF+ .24.00 

-Page 93 

Saxe - Weimar 

1910-A 3 Marks. Y-S13. Wedding comm. BU, rub on obverse. .. 32.00 

1908 5 Marks. Y-S12; D-849. Jena University. 40,000 minted. BU, 
proof like reverse .119.00 

1608 8 Brothers Taler. Portraits of 4 brothers on each side facing each 

other. VF .117.00 


1741 1 Groschen. C-9. Rider and throne. Center weakly struck. 

Lustrous AU .39.50 

1836-G 1 Pfennig. C-220. Toned Uncirculated .9.00 

1859-F 1 Pfennig. C-248. Choice BlJ .1 | 00 

1827 1/6 Reichtalcr. C-174. Comm, on death of Friedrich August. 
Choice BU .49.50 

1595 Zi Taler. John Casmir and John Ernst. 2 half length figures. Sharp. 

Nicely toned VF .110.00 

1767 2/3 Taler. C-117. Very Fine .30.00 

1775 2/3 Taler. C-118. Very Fine .36.00 

1792 2/3 Taler. C-122. AU .99.50 

1806 2/3 Taler. C-121. Lustrous EF .35.00 

1891 2 Marks. Y-S30. Albert. Very Fine.24.50 

1904 2 Marks. Y-S43. Death of Georg Comm. Toned Unc.39.00 

1909 2 Marks. Y-S51. Leipzig University Commemorative. EF+ $29.50; 

Brilliant Uncirculated .39.50 

1909-E 3 Marks. Y-S48. Lustrous Abt. EF .9.50 

1913-E 3 Marks. Y-S53. 100 year battle of Leipzig. AU .11.75 

1875-E 5 Marks. Y-S29;D-900. Albert. Abt. VF.22.00 

1900-E 5 Marks. Y-S31;D-901. VF.20.00 

1608 Taler. Obverse: armored bust of Christian II holding sword. 
Reverse: l A length bust of Johann Georg and August facing. VF, light 

mount repair on edge. 64.50 

1629 Broad Taler. Obverse: 3/4 length bust of Johann Georg - Duke of 

Saxony. Reverse: shield. EF .85.00 

1781 Conv. Taler. D-2695; C-131. VF.29.50 

1792 Conv. Taler. D-2699; C-136. VF-EF .46.00 

1853 Taler. D-878; C-235B. VF .21.50 

1857-F Taler. D-890; C-270. Very Fine.18.75 

Schaumburg - Lippe 

1911-A 3 Marks. Y-S14. 50,000 struck. Death of Prince George Comm. 
Choice BU .85.00 

Teutonic Order 

1603 Taler. D-5848. Obverse: Maximilian of Austria facing front in full 
armor. Reverse: armored rider and horse surrounded by ring of 
shields. Toned EF+. 499.00 


1830 III Pfennig. C-3. VF. 


1908- F 3 Marks. Y-S22. Wilhelm II. Proof 

1909- F 3 Marks. Y-S22. EF-AU. 

1912-F 3 Marks. Y-S22. AU-Unc.. 

- -.1U.OU 

1914-F 3 Marks. Y-S22. Superb AU, fully lustrous.9.25 

1911-F 3 Marks. Y-S24. Silver Wedding Comm. BU .17.50 

1( 25 'A I aler. Christopher F rancis. Faintest of cabinet friction. A 
choice piece. Extremely rare. Choice toned Uncirculated. .. 625.00 
1876 5 Marks. Y-S14;D-963. Karl. Fine .9.25 

- Page 

1901- F 5 Marks. Y-S23;D-964. Very Fine .8 75 

1902- F 5 Marks. Y-S23;D-964. Abt. VF.. 9*50 

1904-F 5 Marks. Y-S23. VF, several light rim marks .10.00 

1850 2 Gulden. D-957; C-189. A choice specimen. Sharp and beautiful. 

Toned EF-AU $69.50; Toned Uncirculated. 99 50 

1865 Taler. D-960;C-207. VF-EF. 59.00 

1870/71. 1 aler. D-962; C-208. End of Franco - Prussian War. 100,000 

minted. Nicely toned AU .47.50 


German Empire - Republic - Third Reich - Bundesrepublic 

1874-A 1 Pfennig. Y-l. Toned AU .6.00 

1874- C 1 Pfennig. Y-l. Toned AU, light corrosion .7.00 

1875- B 1 Pfennig. Y-l. Toned Uncirculated .12.50 

1875- H 1 Pfennig. Y-l. EF .49.50 

1876- C I Pfennig. Y-l. Red and brown Uncirculated .12.75 

1908-A 1 Pfennig. Y-3. Gem BU .4.00 

1923-A 1 Rentenpfennig. Y-32. BU .5.00 

1923- F 1 Rentenpfennig. Y-32. EF. ; .4.50 

N.D. 1 Pfennig. Y-37. Bold mint error. 70% off center. Toned AU 59.00 

1944-B 1 Pfennig. Y-A92. Uncirculated .4.75 

1944-E 1 Pfennig. Y-A92. Very Fine.2.25 

1944-F 1 Pfennig. Y-A92. EF .3.50 

1874- C 2 Pfennig. Y-2. VF-EF .7.00 

1875- D 2 Pfennig. BU, choice original color .14.00 

1924- A 2 Rentenpfennig. Y-33. Red and brown Unc. $1.75;BU. 3.25 

1940-J 2 Pfennig. Y-89. VF-EF .5.25 

1932-G 4 Pfennig. Y-39. Red Uncirculated .12.00 

1913-J 5 Pfennig. Y-8. Very Fine .9.00 

1937- G 5 Pfennig. Y-90. Scarce. VF-EF $5.50; BU .10.50 

1938- B 5 Pfennig. Y-90. EF-AU .3.50 

1939- E 5 Pfennig. Y-90. EF .3.50 

1943-A 5 Pfennig. Y-B92. AU .4.25 

1943-D 5 Pfennig. Y-B92. VF-EF .4.00 

1943- E 5 Pfennig. Y-B92. EF .7.00 

1944- E 5 Pfennig. Y-B92. EF .6.00 

1944-F 5 Pfennig. Y-B92. AU .4.00 

1949-F 5 Pfennig. Y-102. Toned Proof .19.50 

1876- H 10 Pfennig. Y-6. Fine .13.00 

1910-A 10 Pfennig. Y-9. Gem Proof .41.50 

1936- A 10 Pfennig. Y-41. BU .4.00 

1937- E 10 Pfennig. Y-91. BU .5.00 

1938- B 10 Pfennig. Y-91. EF .5.00 

1940- A 10 Pfennig. German Army Issues. Y-95; Jaeger-G19. Rare. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .26.50 

1943- B 10 Pfennig. Y-C92. VF-EF .11.00 

1944- F 10 Pfennig. Y-C92. AU .3.25 

1945- A 10 Pfennig. C-92. VF .8.00 

1948-F 10 Pfennig. Y-100. AU .9.00 

1873- A 20 Pfennig. Y-12. EF .14.00 

1874- B 20 Pfennig. Y-12. BU .16.50 

1875- G 20 Pfennig. Y-12. BU, several interesting die breaks .... 14.00 

1887- A 20 Pfennig. Y-7. Toned EF $11.00; BU .24.00 

1888- A 20 Pfennig. Y-7. VF $6.00; EF-AU $12.00; BU .24.00 

1888-E 20 Pfennig. Y-7. Sharp AU, very light pitting on obverse 21.00 

1890-A 20 Pfennig. Y-10. VF .13.50 

1890-F 20 Pfennig. Y-10. AU .28.00 

1892-A 20 Pfennig. Y-10. VF .13.50 

1892-A 20 Pfennig. Y-10. EF .19.00 

1912-A 25 Pfennig. Y-ll. VF/EF, light marks .3.50 

1877- E 50 Pfennig. Y-14. (Small eagle). VF, some corrosion. .. 35.00 

1896-A 50 Pfennig. Y-15. (Large eagle). Abt. VF .79.50 

1898-A 50 Pfennig. Y-15. A gem AU, very rare so nice.170.00 

1924-J 50 Rentenpfennig. Y-36. Dark VF-EF .9.00 

1927-J 50 Pfennig. Y-43. Uncirculated .3.00 

1938- A 50 Pfennig. Y-93. EF .21.00 

1939- A 50 Pfennig. Y-93. Uncirculated, small corrosion spots $27.50: 

Choice BU, minute rim mark.36.00 

1939- G 50 Pfennig. Y-92. F-VF .14.00 

1940- G 50 Pfennig. Y-92. EF .6.50 

1941- G 50 Pfennig. Y-92. VF .3.00 

1942- B 50 Pfennig. Y-92. VF-EF .10.00 

1874- F 1 Mark. Y-17. AU .17.50 

1875- A 1 Marks. Y-17. Toned EF-AU .9.00 

94 - 

1899-A 1 Mark. Y-18. EF. 

1902- A 1 Mark. Y-18. EF-AU. 

1903- E 1 Mark. Y-18. VF. 

1905-D 1 Mark. Y-18. Uncirculated .. 

1907-D 1 Mark. Y-18. BU. 

1912- A 1 Mark. Y-18. BU. 

1913- F 1 Mark. Y-18. VF+. 

1913- G 1 Mark. Y-18. VF+. 

1914- A 1 Mark. Y-18. Choice BU. 

1915- J 1 Mark. Y-18. BU. 

1924- A 1 Mark. Y-44. BU. 

1925- F 1 Mark. Y-44. Toned Uncirculated. 

1926- D 2 Marks. Y-44. EF-AU. 

1933- A 2 Marks. Y-78. 450th Anniv. of Martin Luther. VF. . 

1934- A 2 Marks. Y-83. Very Fine. 

1934-D 2 Marks. Y-83. First Anniv. of Nazi rule. AU. 

1934 2 Marks. Y-86. 175th Anniv. of Schiller’s birth. Sharp AU 

1936-E 2 Marks. Y-96. Key date. VF-EF, once cleaned. 

1922-A 3 Marks. Y-28. Brilliant Uncirculated. 

1924-A 3 Marks. Y-47. BU. 

1924-F 3 Marks. Y-47. Toned AU. 

. 4.25 
. 2.50 
. 4.25 
. 3.50 
. 4.95 
. 6.00 
. 4.50 
. 2.00 

. 6.75 
. 4.75 

. 2.25 

1952-D 5 Marks. Y-113. Nuremburg Museum Comm. Nice AU. 325.00 

1955-F 5 Marks. Y-114. Schiller Commemorative. Mishandled proof, 
still BU quality. 349.00 

1955-G 5 M. Y-115. 300th Anniv. of Ludwig von Baden. Proof 589.00 
1964-J 5 Marks. Y-118. 150th Anniv. Death of Johann Fichte. 
Proof like choice BU .110.00 

1966- D 5 Marks. Y-119. 200th Anniv. of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. 


1967- F 5 Marks. Y-120. 200th Anniv. Birth of Wilhelm and Alexander 

von Humbolt. BU $23.50; Proof .: 47.50 

1968- J 5 Marks. Y-121. 150th Anniv. Birth of Friedrich Wilhelm 

Raiffeisen. Proof .6.75 

1969- G 5 Marks. Y-124. Sesquicentennial Birth of Theodor Fontane. 


1969-F 5 Marks. Y-125. 375th Anniv. Death of Mercator. Proof. 6.95 

1970 5 Marks. Y-131. 200th Anniv. Birth of Beethoven. Gem BU 

$4.75; Proof .6.75 

1971 5 Marks. Y-132. Centennial of German Unification. BU $4.75; 

Proof. ..6.75 

1972 10 Marks. Y-126. 20th Olympic Games Comm. Choice BU. 6.50 

1972 10 Marks. Y-129. Olympic Village. Proof.8.75 

1972 10 Mark set. Mints D, E, G, and J. Y-129. View of Olympic 

Village. Brilliant Uncirculated .18.00 

1936 Crown-sized silver medal for Berlin Olympic Games. Obverse: 

female and legend. Reverse: bell with swastika and legend. In original 
box of issue. Toned Uncirculated .60.00 



Third Farthings (For Malta) 

1866 Y-2. Choice Uncirculated .16.00 

1878 Y-2. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated .20.00 

1902 Y-3. Choice BU. 5 25 

1913 Y-4. Red and brown Unc. $7.00; Gem BU .12.00 

Half Farthings (For Ceylon) 

1843 Y-2. Gem BU. 7 00 

1844 Y-2. Brilliant Uncirculated .6.00 


1665 Pattern. Peck No. 414. Charles II. Struck in silver. Lustrous toned 

17Y4 Anne. Lovely AU .175.00 

1749 George IV. Very Fine. 8-00 

1839 Victoria. Choice BU ."^'^2 

1857 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .19.  

1886 Red and brown AU .4.50 

1890 Toned Uncirculated .‘ ^ 

1913 George V. Toned Uncireulated, slight rub. 7 -00 

1924 Brilliant Uncireulated .5-00 

1925 Brilliant Uncirculated .^.00 

1930 Brilliant Uncirculated .^.00 


1931- F 3 Marks. Y-48. Brilliant Uncirculated. 230.00 

1925-A 3 M. Y-50. 1000th year of Rhineland. AU $23.75; BU .. 29.00 
1925-F 3 Marks. Y-50. 1000th year of Rhineland. Toned AU. .. 42.50 
1929-F 3 Marks. Y-62. 200th Anniv. of Lessing’s birth. EF-AU. 39.50 

'.1929-G 3 Marks. Y-62. Lessing Comm. EF-AU .44.50 

'.1929-A 3 Marks. Y-64. Waldeck-Prussia Union. Choice AU.89.50 

1929-A 3 Marks. Y-65. 10th year of Constitution. AU .24.00 

1932- J 3 Marks. Y-76. Death of Goethe. Toned EF-AU .59.00 

1927-A 5 Marks. Y-49. AU .39.50 

.1928-A 5 Marks. Y-49. Oak Tree. AU .46.50 

1931-A 5 Marks. Y-49; D-966. Oak Tree. AU .49.50 

,1925-D 5 Marks. Y-51; D-965. Thousandth year of Rhineland. VF-EF, 

, few light to moderate edge bumps.42.50 

1927-A 5 Marks. Y-54. Hundredth Anniversary of Bremerhaven. Gem 

BU, rare so choice. 475.00 

! 1933-D 5 Marks. Y-79. 450th Anniv. of Martin Luther. Lustrous 
EF-AU. 5750 

j 1934-A 5 Marks. Y-84. 1st Anniv. of Nazi rule. VF $8.75; Proof 225.00 

1935-A 5 Marks. Y-82. Von Hindenburg. Proof .145.00 

1935-A 5 Marks. Y-85. EF-AU .6.50 

1935- G 5 Marks. Y-85. Toned Uncirculated .25.00 

1936- A 5 Marks. Y-97. Von Hindenburg with swastika on reverse. 

Choice Proof .169.00 

1951-G 5 Marks. Y-l 12. Uncirculated, light edge ding .54.50 

1951-J 5 Marks. Y-l 12. VF-EF. 7 - 75 


1694 William and Mary. Red and brown Uncirculated, faint rub on 

reverse .122.00 

1721 40% off center. Date and bust clear. VF-EF .69.50 

1730 George 11. Stop, after date. Choice R&B Uncirculated .... 62.00 

1737 Peck-851. Rare unlisted. Tulip edge. Choice choc. Unc.. . 169.50 

1738 Ex-Peck collection. Choice Red and brown Uncirculated, light 

edge mark .59.50 

1746 Nicely toned VF-EF .18.00 

1749 Ex-Peck Collection. P-879. Brown Uncirculated $39.00; Choice 
red and brown Uncirculated .49.50 

1751 Ex-Peck collection. Nice Red and brown Uncirculated $40.00; 

Superb Red and brown Uncirculated, a choice specimen.55.00 

1752 Red and brown Uncirculated .38.50 

1753 Ex-Peck collection. Toned AU $29.50; Choice Red and brown 

Uncirculated .44.00 

1754 Beautiful chocolate AU .29.50 

1770 George III. Red and brown Uncirculated $38.50; Toned 

Uncirculated, choice prooflike surface .44.00 

No date. George III. Obverse brockage of a contemporary Yid. 
Counterfeit. Extremely Fine .22.00 

1771 Brockage of a contemporary Vi&. Counterfeit. VF-EF .... 22.00 

1771 VF/EF, small rim ding $22.50; Toned Uncirculated $40.00; Red 

and brown Uncirculated .40.00 

1772 Choice toned Uncirculated, needle sharp in detail .46.50 

1773 Red and brown Uncirculated .40.00 

1774 Scarcer date. Very nice AU .43.50 

1775 C-18. F/VF $8.00; Double struck VF-EF.55.00 

1790 Pattern. Peck-955. Late Soho striking. Proof .77.00 

1792 Lady Godiva. Choice red and brown Uncirculated, scarce. 29.50 
1799 C*19. 5 incuse gunports. Raised line along hull of ship. Lustrous 

EF/AU $16.50; Choice Uncirculated.31.50 

1799 Plain hull. Gilt Proof .95.00 

1806 Brown Uncirculated .34.00 

1807 C-20. Choice golden Red and brown Uncirculated .44.00 

No date. Victoria. Imitation young head. Halfpenny by Lauer. Brilliant 

Uncirculated. 3.50 

1841 Extremely Fine .7.50 

1853 Y-2. Some lustre. VF $4.00; VF-EF ... 4.75 

1854 Toned EF-AU.6.00 

1855 Beautifully Brilliant toned AU $10.00; Red toned Uncirculated, 

faint rub on reverse but a beautiful coin .15.00 

1860 Beaded border. Red and brown Uncirculated $18.00; Obverse 

BU, reverse. Red and brown Unc. $24.00; Choice BU .27.00 

1862 A very choice golden AU $12.00; Choice BU .24.50 

1868 Y-17. Proof. 87 50 

1871 Y-17. Key date. EF+ .89.50 

1877 Toned Red and brown Uncirculated, bright in spots .28.75 

1885 Brilliant Uncirculated.24.00 

1887 Red and brown Uncirculated $14.00; BU $21.50; Choice BU 
$23.50; Choice BU, prooflike field .27.00 

1889 Red and brown Uncirculated .18.00 

1890 Choice BU .22.50 

1891 Lovely lustrous AU $12.75; Choice BU .24.50 

1893 Choice BU, original color .18.75 

1894 Scarce date. Brilliant Uncirculated .42.50 

1897 Y-33. Veiled head. Choice BU .12.00 

1898 Scarce. Choice Red and brown BU... 16.00 

1901 Brilliant Uncirculated .7.50 

1912 George V. Brilliant Uncirculated .12.50 

1917 Golden Brilliant Uncirculated.12.00 

1951 George VI. 20,000 minted. Proof 


1216-72-London Mint. Silver penny. S-778. Henry III. Thin pointed 

face. Sharp VF .17.00 

1797 George III. “Cartwheel” issue. So called because of the massive 
appearance of this piece. The same appellation is given to the other 
1797 pieces on heavy planchets and broad flat rims (for example, the 
twopence). Soho Mint. Red and brown sharp AU $59.00; Red and 
brown Uncirculated $89.50; Choice red and brown Uncirculated, 
much original lustre $96.50; Uncirculated, an especially fine piece 

which retains 60% of its original color.110.00 

1806 C-22; P-1324. Brown Uncirculated $22.50; Proof .70.00 

1807 C-22. Choice Red and brown Uncirculated.36.50 

1812 Token. Bradford workhouse counterstamped on a Birmingham 

Union Copper Co. piece. S-67-73. Nice EF .20.00 

1825 George IV. Toned Red and brown Uncirculated.49.00 

1831 C-74. First year of William IV regular coinage. Beautiful Brilliant 

Proof. 150.00 

1860 Victoria. Toothed border. Bright red and brown Uncirculated. 

light rub $29.50;Choice BU .46.50 

1860 Toothed border. L.C.W. on truncation. L.C.W. incuse below 
shield. Choice BU $46.50; Choice BU, F in legend triple struck 49.00 

1862 Choice Red Brilliant Uncirculated .33.00 

1863 Toned AU $20.00; Gem BU .59.00 

1865 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .52.50 

1870 Key coin. Superb Brilliant golden AU. 95.00 

1874-H Y-18. Red and brown Choice Uncirculated.42.50 

1879 Choice toned AU, light hairline scratches on obverse .19.00 

1881- H AU .27.50 

1882- H VF-EF .6.00 

1885 Scarce date. Red and brown EF-AU .18.50 

1887 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .29.50 

1888 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .38.00 

1889 Red Brilliant Unc. $31.00; Choice BU .36.50 

1890 Choice golden toned Uncirculated .28.50 

1896 Brown AU $5.00; Red and brown Unc. $8.50; BU.11.50 

1897 Red and brown Uncirculated .9.50 

1901 BU $8.00; Choice BU .10.00 

1902 Y-48. Edward VII. High tide. Choice golden red Unc. .... 17.50 

1903 Choice AU $10.50; R&B Una $20.00;Choice BU .32.00 

1904 AU, small mark .16.00 

1905 Choice toned Uncirculated, light rub .18.00 

1907 Red and brown Uncirculated .15.00 

1907 Choice golden red Uncirculated .19.75 

1909 Choice BU .25.00 

1910 Gem BU .19.50 

1912 George V. Choice BU .25.00 

1918-KN Fine .4.00 

1921 Brilliant Uncirculated .10.00 

1928 Sharp Red and brown AU .4.50 

1937 George VI. BU .2.50 

1950 Key. Y-106. EF $10.50; EF-AU $12.50; AU $14.00; BU. . 20.00 

1951 Low mintage date, only 20,000 struck. Key. Red and brown Abt. 

Unc. $20.00; Red and brown Una $23.50; Choice BU $36.00; Proof, 
partial finger print.39.50 

1953 Brilliant Uncirculated.7.25 

“Enclosed is another order. At this time I would like to thank 
you for the previous orders I have received from you. I have ordered 
coins from many different dealers, and to date Bowers and Ruddy 
Galleries is the only one which I can put my faith in. I know I shall 
receive what I order. Thank you very much.” — an unsolicited 
comment from D.B. of Anchorage, Alaska._ 

-Page 96- 


1797 Soho Mint. “Cartwheel” twopence. Struck on a copper planchet 
the size of a crown, but twice as thick. A spectacular appearing coin, 
and of added interest as the only year that these pieces were ever 
made for circulation. Fine, moderate rim dings as usual $15.00; VF 
$29.00; EF $42.50; Sharp EF-AU $59.00; Red and brown Unc. 
$129.00; Sharp chocolate Proof, light rub, few cabinet marks in 

reverse field $139.00; Proof, thin variety, a rarity.195.00 


1573 F-641;S-1936. Elizabeth I, with rose. VF+ .35.75 

1856 Victoria. Y-A3. AU, weak strike in center .11.50 

i 1884 AU, once cleaned .6.50 

( 1889 Toned Uncirculated .7.50 

( 1892 Toned Uncirculated .7.50 

l 1893 Veiled head. Closed 3 in date. Rare. Lustrous AU .95.00 

11897 Toned Uncirculated .6.75 

I 1902 Edward VII. Choice toned Unc. $10.00; Choice BU.13.00 

IJ 1903 Lustrous EF .9.00 

11927 George V. Proof .42.50 

11937 George VI. Brilliant Uncirculated .2.00 

8 1946 EF, once cleaned ....49.50 

11949 Very rare BU, some spots as normal.139.00 

i 1951 Scarce Proof.13.50 

Fourpence (Groats) 

[ Undated (1461-70). Edward IV. Groat. EF, for coin.89.00 

3 Undated (1485-1509). Henry VII. S-1649. No M.M. Abt. Very Fine, a 
t scarce coin.85.00 

( Undated (1509-47). Henry VIII. S-1729. Nice VF .39.00 

1836 William IIII. Toned AU $12.00; Toned Unc., faint rub. .. 15.00 

1838 Victoria (young head). Choice toned Unc.19.50 

{1842 Choice toned Uncirculated.21.00 

1 1844 Toned Uncirculated .29.00 

1 1848/47 Re-engraved date. Very, very scarce. This is a little jewel 

1 Brilliant Uncirculated .89.50 

■ 1852 Extremely rare date of this brief coinage. EF, some lustre 125.00 

tl855 Toned Uncirculated .21.00 

1862 Brilliant Proof. A rare Proof-only issue; no 1862 groats were 
t issued for regular circulation. Another important opportunity for the 

i advanced collector. 395.00 

H888 Victoria. Jubilee head. Reverse, Britannia seated. This coin was 
struck expressly for use in the colonies. Ch. toned Unc.28.50 

Six Pence 

1693 William and Mary. Esc-1529. Conjoined, draped busts. Reverse: 
i cross of four shields with a W-M monogram in each angle. Toned 

Uncirculated. 265.00 

1696-Y (Small Y) George III. Esol539. Toned EF-AU.49.00 

! 1703 VIGO Anne. Superb toned AU.62.50 

1705 PLUMES Anne. Esc-1584. Superb AU, very rare so choice 149.00 

1746 George IL Lima below bust VF-EF .6.75 

1750 George II. Superb toned AU, a choice coin .82.50 

11757 George II. Nice EF. 7.75 

i 1758 George II. Nice EF. 7.75 

1787 George III. S-2980. Without hearts. EF .7.75 

1787 George III. S-2979. With hearts. EF .7.75 

1816 George IIL C-29. BU. 2 'J‘ (, 'J 

1817 George IIL C-29. Choice BU. •••••;•, 

1821 George IV. C-59. 1st head. 1st reverse, (different from the other 
, issues). Obverse: large, laureated head. Reverse: crowned arms 

flanked by a thistle and shamrock, a rose below. Toned AU. . 17.50 

1828 F-VF. 6 .oo 

1831 William IV. Choice toned Uncirculated .42.00 

1871 Victoria. Young head. Die No. 7. Nice Uncirculated, lightly 

clashed from die on reverse .45.00 

1877 No die number. Choice Uncirculated .26.00 

1886 EF-AU .10.75 

1887 Toned Uncirculated, faint rub $14.50; BU .20.00 

1890 Victoria. Veiled head. F-VF $2.50; Lustrous AU .9.75 

1893 Victoria. Veiled head. BU.12.50 

1896 Victoria. Veiled head. Choice toned Uncirculated .14.00 

1899 Nice VF .2.50 

1902 Edward VIL EF $5.75; Unc., light rub $11.50; Brilliant 

Uncirculated .17.50 

1903 Very scarce date. Lustrous EF .19.00 

1905 Key coin. Lustrous EF .28.00 

1906 Lustrous EF-AU $8.75; Toned Unc. $20.00; BU .29.50 

1907 AU $15.00; Brilliant Uncirculated .24.50 

1909 Choice BU .26.00 

1910 AU $15.00; Choice BU.21.00 

1912 Brilliant Uncirculated .22.00 

1918 Lustrous AU. ..6.50 

1926 Lovely AU .7.00 

1935 Choice toned Uncirculated.7.25 

1937 George VI. Y-87. Proof .9.00 

1938 Brilliant Uncirculated.8.75 

1940 Brilliant Uncirculated .3.75 

1942 Brilliant Uncirculated .2.50 

1943 Brilliant Uncirculated .2.50 

1950 Proof .8.00 

1951 Brilliant Proof .7.00 


N.D. 1547-53. Edward VI. S-1874. Front portrait. Toned VF .. 95.00 
N.D. 1554. Philip & Mary. S-1893. Full strike portraits. Rare. F. 95.00 
N.D. 1558-1603. Elizabeth I. F-632. Hammered. Portrait very weak. 


N.D. 1603-25-M.M. LIS. James L F-651. Toned VF-EF .87.50 

1707 3rd bust. Anne. E-1141. Lustrous toned EF-AU .87.50 

1708 3rd bust. E-1147. BU .89.50 

1708 Queen Anne. Plain. Absolutely beautiful BU .110.00 

1714 Toned EF .65.00 

1720 George I. Choice toned Uncirculated .110.00 

1723 SSC in angles. 1st bust. S-2872. BU, light rub $47.50; BU. 56.00 

1745 George II. Lima below. S-2929. VF .7.75 

1758 C-8A. F-VF $5.75;EF .10.50 

1787 George III. S-2975. (Without heart). EF $7.75; AU .9.75 

1787 S-2977. (With heart). EF $7.75; prooflike AU .10.25 

1819 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .25.00 

1826 George IV. F-VF $5.00; Toned Uncirculated .36.00 

1868 Victoria. Y-6. VF .6.50 

1887 Y-20. Jubilee issue. Brilliant Uncirculated .10.00 

1891 VF-EF .6.75 

1894 Brilliant Uncirculated .22.50 

1901 Choice BU .21.00 

1902 Edward VII. Choice Uncirculated.21.50 

1906 EF-AU $14.00; AU .18.00 

1910 Gem BU .35.00 

1911 George V. Choice BU .19.50 

1912 Lustrous AU.12.50 

1917 EF-AU .7.75 

1927 Superb AU $8.25; Brilliant Proof.27.50 

1936 Choice toned Uncirculated .11.50 

1937-S George VI. Proof.11.00 

1938 English Type. Y-88. Scarce. BU .12.50 

1939 English Type. Choice BU .7.50 

1940 Scottish Type. Y-89. BU .4.95 

1942 Scottish Type. BU .3.95 

1945 Scottish Type. BU .3.95 

1947 English Type. Y-96. BU .5.00 

1949 Scottish Type. Y-97. BU .4.. 5 

1950 English Type. Y-109. Proof .8.50 

1950 Scottish Type. Y-110. Proof.8.50 

Page 97— 

1959 Scottish Type. Elizabeth IL Scarce. BU .19.50 

1961 Scottish Type. BU .7.00 

F lorins 

18 t ( > \ ictoria. Godless Florin”. AU, a scarce and beautiful coin 56.00 

1853 Gothic Florin. Beautifully toned VF-EF .21.00 

1871 F-VF .10.50 

18,2 Die No. 96. Choice golden toned Uncirculated.77.50 

1873 Very Fine.10.00 

1877 No WW. Die No. 32. Fine.6.00 

1884 Choice Uncirculated.69.50 

188, Y-8. Last year of issue of Gothic Florin. Fine .5.25 

1887 Jubilee Type. Y-23. EF/AU $14.00; BU $20.00;Toned Pr. 51.00 

1888 BU, light reverse edge mark .21.00 

1893 Proof .55.50 

1900 AU .14.00 

1907 Edward VIL Sharp EF-AU .39.50 

1908 Fine .6.00 

1911 George V. Sharp VF+.3.00 

1916 Choice BU .22.50 

1919 Brilliant Uncirculated.27.50 

1933 Nice AU .11.75 

1949 George VI. Brilliant Uncirculated.5.00 

1950 Proof .11.00 

1951 Proof .10.00 


1625-49 London Mint Charles I. S-2117. VG-F .29.00 

1685 J ames II. E-493. 1st bust Primo edge. Toned AU, a rare coin so 

nice. 395.00 

1689 William and Mary. 1st bust. 1st shield. Fine $44.50; VF $55.00; 

VF+ $79.00; VF-EF .95.00 

1689 William and Mary. 2nd shield. Abt. EF, some lustre.110.00 

1696 William IIL Very Good.9.25 

1698 William and Mary. Rare. Uncirculated, minor planchet flaws as 

struck .135.00 

1703 Anne. VIGO below bust Very Fine .99.50 

1707 After union of England and Scotland. Lustrous EF .120.00 

1734 George II. Beautiful EF, traces of original red lustre .... 149.00 
1745-Lima. Lustrous EF+ .79.00 

I 773 4 Reales (of Spain, Seville Mint). Oval counterstamp of George III 
on coin. Much scarcer than counterstamp on 8 Reales. Counterstamp 

VF+, coin F-VF. 249.00 

1817 George III. Large, broad, laureate head of so-called “bull” type. 

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .59.50 

1817 Laureate head of normal dimensions. VG-F $3.25; BU. .. 59.00 
I 820 George IV. Choice BU .89.50 

1834 W.W. William IV. Beautifully toned AU, sharp in all respects 

$ 159.00; Golden toned Uncirculated .199.00 

1846 Victoria. A very pleasant toned F-VF.10.50 

1874 Brilliant Uncirculated, light rub. A choice piece.85.00 

1879 Very scarce VF-EF, once cleaned.39.50 

1833 Choice BU .89.00 

1884 Abt. EF, a nice coin .34.50 

1887 Veiled Head. Jubilee Issue. Choice Uncirculated .20.00 

1891 Very Fine.7.25 

1897 Brilliant Uncirculated.39.50 

1902 Edward VIL Extremely sharp. Choice toned Gem Unc.. .. 65.00 

1910 Choice BU .77.00 

1911 George V. Gem BU, lovely light toning .65.00 

1912 EF-AU .27.00 

1915 Very Fine.3.00 

1916 Choice BU .25.00 

1918 Nice toned Unc., faint rub $18.00; BU.24.00 

1927 Proof. ,...50.00 

1934 Nice AU .29.75 

1936 George V. Choice toned Uncirculated .14.00 

1945 George VI. Choice BU .7.00 

1947 Brilliant Uncirculated.7.00 

1948 Brilliant Uncirculated.6.00 

1949 Scarcer date. Brilliant Uncirculated .11.00 

1951 Gem BU, prooflike sheen $9.00; Proof.16.00 

1958 Elizabeth II. Scarce toned Unc. $15.50; BU.29.50 

1959 Scarce BU.29.50 

1964 Brilliant Uncirculated, mint error, 10% off center $27.50; 

Brilliant Uncirculated, 15% off center.34.50 

Double Florins 

1887 Jubilee Issue. Roman I in date. Brilliant Uncirculated .... 42.50 
1887 Arabic 1. Lovely toned Unc. $37.00; Choice BU .40.00 


1601 Elizabeth I. Friedberg-630. Crowned bust to left with orb and 
sceptre. Shield over long cross with 1 in the legend representing the 
last numeral of the date. Extremely rare. Nicely toned EF. 1195.00 

1644 Rose M.M. Charles 1(1625-1649). S-2410. Nice Abt. EF. 395.00 

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(i j 

5 i 



i, i 

(I i 

1653 Sun M.M. Commonwealth crown. Esc-6. Ex-Bridgewater 
Collection. Evenly toned, fully rounded. Almost mint state. Superb 

and rare AU. 1400.00 

1656/4 Sun M.M. Commonwealth crown. Esc-9. Abt.EF,sharp. 525.00 

1666 Charles II. Fine.72.50 

1673 Charles II. Very Good .26.50 

1679 Charles II. Esc-56. Primo edge. Abt. VF .79.00 

1687 James II. A nice Uncirculated specimen. 395.00 

1696 William III. Esc-89. Octavo edge year. VG-F .18.50 








1703 VIGO Queen Anne. D-1338. Struck from captured Spanish 
treasure. VF $175.00; Superb EF-AU, another lustrous piece with 
very minute flaws in field. 479.00 

1703 Queen Anne. D-1340. 1st bust. 3rd reverse. Roses and plume. 

Nice VF $169.00; VF-EF. 225.00 

|| | 1708-E (for Edinburgh). Queen Anne. G-VG .27.50 

1746 George II. 42 M.M. Esc-126. Similar to D-1350. Very rare 
Proof, superly toned and sharply struck. A rare Proof-only issue 
'll worth more than: .1100.00 

1750 George II. D-1351. Beautifully toned Uncirculated. 775.00 

1792 George II. Oval counterstamp on 8 Reales of Lima. Lustrous 

EFAU. 120.00 

1790 (Geo. II oval counterstamp) on 8 Reales of Charles IV. El-31. 
Bolivia. Rare so superb. Gem BU.495.00 

1804 Garter type. George III. Esc-182. Obverse: George III. Reverse: 
“Garter”, surmounted by crown which divides date, dollar below. 
Silver pattern. Choice toned Proof .800.00 

1804 Bank Dollar. D-101. George III. DEI GRATIA REX on obverse 
with portrait. Bank of England 1804, FIVE SHILLINGS DOLLAR 
on inner band, seated Brittania with shield. Coined over old 
Spanish dollars. Abt. VF $54.00; VF $82.50; EF $98.50; Prooflike 
BU. 325.00 


“The large cent I ordered from your ‘Rare Coin Review’ was 
really and truly beautiful. My two teenagers were absolutely amazed 
at the quality. Please keep up the good work you are doing for 
collectors all over the world. We love you!” - an unsolicited 
comment from Mrs. E.C. of Phenix City, Alabama. _ 

-Page 99 - 

1820 LX George III. Esc-219. Edge inscription ANNO REGNI LX 

DECUS ET TUTAMEN. Truly beautiful designs. George III portrait 
on obverse. St. George slaying the dragon on reverse. EF-AU $59.50; 
Choice toned Uncirculated .189.00 

1821 George IV. Esc-246. Secundo edge. George and legend on obverse. 

St. George slaying the dragon on reverse. Toned VF .47.50 

1831 William IV. Esc-271. Rarity 2. W.W. (for William Wyon). These 
exquisite crowns are highly sought after by collectors. We are pleased 
to offer this superb rainbow hued Proof. 3495.00 

1831 William IV. Esc-273. Rarity 4. Exceedingly rare variety with 
WYON spelled out. Silver. Plain edge. This is an opportunity to 
acquire a truly rare crown. This piece is delicately toned, a choice 
Proof. 4295.00 

1844 Victoria (Young head). D-105. Designed by William Wyon. 
Obverse: young head facing left. Reverse: crowned arms in wreath. 
VG-F $9.75; we offer a superb piece, rarely offered in this condition. 
Choice Uncirculated ... 795.00 


1845 Victoria (Young head). Young head on obverse. Reverse: crowned 
arms in wreath. An absolutely beautiful coin. Lightly toned. A 

Choice Gem Uncirculated. 795.00 

1847 Victoria (Young head). Description as above. A very lovely 

example. Toned EF. 295.00 

1847 Victoria. D-106. The beautiful and famous Gothic crown. 
Certainly one of the most popular of all world crowns. Undecimo 
edge. Light hairlines. A very minor edge mark on the reverse at 3 
o’clock does not detract from this lovely piece. Proof .... 550.00 

1853 Victoria. Esc-293. Rarity 3. D. SEPTIMO EDGE. Extremely rare 
variety of the Gothic crown. This was issued in proof only and is 
seldom found in such exquisite condition. Delicately toned. A 
beautiful pattern proof. 2200.00 

1853 Victoria. Esc-294. Rarity 5. No edge year on this exquisite Gothic 
crown. This is the plain edge variety. Lightly toned. A beautiful 
pattern proof. 3700.00 

1887 Jubilee. Victoria. Y-26; D-107. Light surface mark on obverse, 

otherwise AU $35.00; beautiful AU .41.00 

1888 Jubilee. Victoria. Reverse: St. George slaying the dragon. Just 


1889 Jubilee. Victoria. Same as above. EF .30.00 

1890 Jubilee. Same as above. Sharp EF-AU, light rim marks .... 32.00 

1891 Jubilee. Same as preceeding. Fine $11.00; Lightly toned AU, 

several minor rim marks .55.00 

1893 LVI. Victoria (Veiled head). Y-40; D-108. Reverse: St. George 
100 - 

slaying the dragon. Becoming very scarce in high grade. We offer a 
fully frosted (both obverse and reverse), superbly toned (light blues) 
Gem Proof. 525.00 

1896 LIX. Victoria. (Veiled bust). As above. Scarce. VF-EF_55.00 

1897 LX as above. Deeply toned, steel grey AU .99.50 

1900 LXIII as above. A sharp prooflike AU .98.50 

1902 Edward VII. D-109. Portrait of Edward on the obverse. Reverse: 

St. George slaying the dragon, date. VF $35.75; AU $65.00; BU 

$135.00; Matte Proof .189.00 

1927 George V. Proof-only issue. 15,030 struck. Brilliant Proof, a 
particularly nice example of this scarce and popular issue. .. 150.00 

1929 George V. 4,994 minted. Head facing left on obverse. Reverse: 

date, crown and wreath. Scarce year. Toned Uncirculated, faint rim 
mark. 190.00 

1930 George V. As above. EF-AU .165.00 

1931 George V. As preceeding. Toned EF $145.00; Brilliant 

Uncirculated, faint rubbing .195.00 

1933 George V. 7,132 struck. Scarce AU .140.00 

1934 George V. Only 932 minted. RARE year. Several very light edge 
marks on the obverse rim, nonetheless, choice toned Unc.. 1295.00 

1935 George V. D-lll. New reverse. The modernistic St. George and 

the dragon adorns this reverse. A one year type. EF-AU $10.50; AU 
$12.50; BU .25.00 

1936 George V. D-110. Only 2,473 minted. BU, exceptionally choice 

and very rare. 500.00 

1937 George VI. Coronation year. D-112. Head left and legend on 

obverse. Reverse: crowned and supported arms. EF $10.75; AU 
$16.50; BU .27.50 

1951 George VI. (Cupro-nickel) D-112A. Festival of Britain five 

shillings. Proofs $12.00; same in original box of issue .14.50 

1953 Elizabeth II (cupro-nickel). D-113. Coronation commemorative 

issue. Brilliant Uncirculated.6.00 

1960 Elizabeth II. D-114. BU $9.00; Proof $15.00; Proof in lucite 
holder .17.00 

British Trade Dollars 

These coins were issued by the British government for use in 
trade in the near east. It was minted at intervals from 1895 through 
1935. They were minted at the Bombay Mint in India, the Calcutta 


Mint and the Royal Mint in London. Many dates are extremely rare. A 
truly beautiful coin. We offer the following pieces: 

1899-B Y-T 1. BU, light rub. 12 50 

1901- B y-t i. bu. 13.50 

1902- B Y-T 1. Extremely Fine .6.50 

1903- B Y-T 1. Lovely AU .9.50 

1907- B Y-T 1. Scarce date. BU. 22 50 

1908- B Y-T 1. Choice BU. !!..... 15 00 

1911-B Y-T 1. Choice BU. 15.00 

1929- B Y-T 1. Toned AU $9.50; Choice BU .15 00 

1930- L Y-T 1. BU .li.oo 

1930-B Y-T 1. EF $6.50; Choice BU .15.00 

Individual Maundy Sets 

We offer for sale a nice group of individual Maundy sets - from 
Charles II to modern times. Unless noted otherwise, all sets contain 
four pieces: the silver penny, twopence, threepence, and fourpence. 
Except for very early years (which are graded as described) all sets are 
in Uncirculated or Proof condition. There is a nice opportunity to build 
a type set of Maundy sets or to start a date collection. Nearly every set 
is one-of-a-kind in our stock, so if you are ordering for a type set, please 
put “same type” as your second choice on your order blank. Thank 

Maundy sets of Charles II (1660-1684) 

Charles II. Type 2. Undated. Milled edge. TR-6. 1662-1670. Average 

nice Abt. VF .65.00 

Charles II. 1672/1-1679. Average F-VF $39.50; EF .42.50 

Maundy sets of Queen Anne (1702-1714) 

1710 Queen Anne. Complete set. The scarcest year set. Very rare. 

Lustrous toned AU .150.00 

Maundy sets of William III (1831-1837) 

1698-99. Mixed date set of William III. An absolutely beautiful set. 

Toned EF-AU .120.00 

Maundy sets of George II (1727-1760) 

1760 George II. Rare date. Lustrous toned EF-AU .100.00 

1799-37. George II. Assorted dates. Average EF .40.00 

Maundy sets of George III (1763-1786) 

1763-86. Mixed date set of George III. Choice toned AU .49.00 

1800 George III A very nice set. Average VF $42.50; EF-AU. . 53.00 
Maundy sets of George IV (1822-1830) 

1827 Maundy set. Uncirculated.59.00 

1830 Maundy set. Uncirculated.59.00 

1835 Maundy set. Uncirculated.65.00 

1836 Maundy set. Uncirculated.65.00 

Maundy sets of Queen Victoria (1838-1887) 

— Young Head — 

1843 Maundy set. AU .34.00 

1848 Maundy set. Uncirculated.49.00 

1851 Maundy set. Uncirculated.49.00 

1856 Maundy set. AU .34.00 

1862 Maundy set. Uncirculated.49.00 

1864 Maundy set. Uncirculated .49.00 

1865 Maundy set. Uncirculated.49.00 

1868 Maundy set. Uncirculated.49.00 

1872 Maundy set. Average AU $34.00; Uncirculated .49.00 

1874 Maundy set. Uncirculated.49.00 

1875 Maundy set. Uncirculated.45.00 

1877 Maundy set. Uncirculated.45.00 

1880 Maundy set. Uncirculated.45.00 

1881 Maundy set. Uncirculated.45.00 

1882 Maundy set. Uncirculated.47.50 

1883 Maundy set. Uncirculated.45.00 

1884 Maundy set. Average AU $33.00; Unc.45.00 

1886 Maundy set. Uncirculated.45.00 

1887 Maundy set. Uncirculated.50.00 

1891 Maundy set. Jubilee Head. Uncirculated.69.50 

Maundy sets of Queen Victoria (1893-1901) 

- Veiled Head - 

1893 Maundy set. Uncirculated.39.50 

1894 Maundy set. Toned AU .33.00 

1896 Maundy set. Uncirculated.39.50 

1898 Maundy set. Uncirculated.39.50 

1899 Maundy set. Uncirculated.39.50 

1900 Maundy set. Uncirculated.39.50 

1901 Maundy set. Uncirculated.39.50 

Maundy sets of Edward VII (1902-1910) 

1902 Maundy set. Proof .39.50 

1904 Maundy set. Proof .39.50 

1905 Maundy set. Proof .39.50 

101 - 

Maundy sets of George V (19 11-1935) 

19 U Maundy set. Proof .49.50 

1910 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1919 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1921 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1923 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1925 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1927 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1928 Maundy set. AU-Proof .34.00 

1931 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1932 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

Maundy sets of Edward VIII (1936) 

1936 Maundy set. These coins were actually coined for Edward VIII. 

They were distributed by him at the ceremony despite the fact they 
bear the portrait of George V. Proof .98.50 

Maundy sets of George VI 

1937 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1939 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1941 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1942 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

1949 Maundy set. Proof .46.50 

Maundy sets of Elizabeth II 

1956 Maundy set. Proof .55.00 

1964-68. Mixed date set. Proof .45.00 

Maundy Oddments — For the Type Collector 

We are pleased to offer a choice group of individual Maundy coins 
dating from Charles II (1660-1684) through Elizabeth II (1953 to 
date). We purchased this large group at what we consider to be a very 
low price — and we pass our savings right along to you. 

Consider adding a representation of Maundy money to your 
collection. We think you’ll find these coins to be interesting from both 
the historical and numismatic viewpoints. A number of ways to collect 
Maundy coins suggest themselves. You might consider one coin from 
each monarch or perhaps one of each denomination from each 

In addition to listing pieces by types, we list individual scarce issues. 
So you can order either way. 

SPECIAL MAUNDY OFFER: With every order we fill for $25 or 
more worth of Maundy coins from our oddment section we will send 
you on request a free copy of Richard Trowbridge’s new second edition 
of “Maundy Coins of Great Britain.” Request “Maundy Reference 

Offer” when ordering. 

Individual Maundy Coins of Charles II (1660-1684) 

(1662) Undated twopence. Tr-9. VF $14.00; EF .30.00 

(1660-1662) Undated twopence. Tr-4. VF $15.00; VF-EF .25-00 

Charles twopence, date of our choice: Fine $3.50; VF $5.50; EF $9.50; 

AU .11.00 

Charles II threepence. Date of our choice. VF $6.50; EF-AU .... 9.25 

1675 Threepence. Scarce date. Very Fine .12.00 

Charles II fourpence. Date of our choice. Fine $3.50; Very Fine $6.50; 

Nice Extremely Fine .9.25 

Individual Maundy Coins of James II (1685-1688) 

1687 Twopence. Very Fine $8.50; VF-EF .10.50 

1686 Threepence. Very Fine .7.00 

1687/6 Fourpence. Sharp VF-EF .13.00 

Individual Maundy Coins of William III (1698-1701) 

Threepence, date of our choice: Fine $6.50; VF .9.75 

Fourpence, date of our choice: EF-AU $8.00; Uncirculated .... 15.00 
Individual Maundy Coins of Queen Anne (1702-1714) 

Penny, date of our choice: VF, tiny hole .5.00 

Threepence, date of our choice: VF $10.00; EF .15.00 

1710 Fourpence. Scarce date. Nice Extremely Fine .24.00 

Individual Maundy Coins of George I (1714-1727) 

1720 Penny. Only Maundy denomination this year and hence a 1720 

Maundy set. EF-AU $21.50; AU .28.50 

1717 Twopence. EF .14.50 

Individual Maundy Coins of George II (1727-1760) 

Penny, date of our choice: EF-AU $10.00; AU $13.50; Unc.. .. 17.50 
1752/0 Overdate. Only denomination of this year (and hence a “set”). 


1754 Penny. Only denomination of this year. EF .10.00 

1756 Penny. Only Id and 2d issued this year. Uncirculated .... 18.00 

1758 Penny. Only denomination of this year. Nice AU.15.00 

1757 Penny. Only denomination this year. Uncirculated .18.00 

1760 Penny. Scarcer date. AU.17.50 

Twopence. Dates of our choice. EF $ 10.00; EF-AU $13.50; AU 16.50 
1740 Fourpence, Very Fine .8.00 

Individual Maundy Coins of George III (1763-1820) 

Penny, date of our choice. Type I, young head (1763-1786). AU $8.00; 

Uncirculated .15.00 


Penny, date of our choice. Type 2. “Wire Money.” VF $7.50; 

Uncirculated .14.00 

Penny, date of our choice. Type 3. Larger numerals. EF $5.25; AU 

$7.50; Uncirculated.12.00 

Penny, date of our choice. Type 4 (1817-1820). AU $6.00; 

Uncirculated .8.00 

1746 Twopence. EF-AU .13.50 

1772 Twopence. AU $11.50; Uncirculated .15.00 

Twopence, date of our choice. Type 3. EF $6.00; AU .8.25 

Twopence, date of our choice. Type 4 (1817-1820). AU $8.50; 

Uncirculated .10.00 

Threepence, date of our choice. Type I, young head (1763-1786). EF 

$7.00; AU $10.00; Uncirculated .14.00 

Individual Maundy Coins of George IV (1822-1830) 

Penny, date of our choice: AU $10.00; Uncirculated .15.00 

Twopence, date of our choice: AU $8.00; Uncirculated .14.00 

Individual Maundy Coins of William III! (1831-1837) 

Penny, date of our choice: AU $8.50; Uncirculated .12.00 

1837 Twopence. Uncirculated..'.. . 11.00 

1832 Fourpence. Uncirculated. 15.00 

1837 Fourpence. EF $8.00; Toned Uncirculated .19.00 

Individual Maundy Coins of Victoria (1838-1887) 

Penny, date of our choice: EF $5.75; AU $9.00; Unc.12.00 

Twopence, date of our choice: EF $5.75; Uncirculated .12.00 

Fourpence, date of our choice: EF $8.50; AU $12.00; Unc. .... 18.00 
Individual Maundy Coins of Edward VII (1902-1910) 

1902 Penny. Uncirculated.12.00 

1907 Twopence. Nice AU .8.00 

Individual Maundy Coins of George V (1911-1935) 

Fourpence, date of our choice. Uncirculated.9.00 

Individual Maundy Coins of George VI (1937-1952) 

Twopence, date of our choice. Type 2. Proof .8.00 

Fourpence, date of our choice. Type 1. AU $6.00; Proof .8.50 

Fourpence, date of our choice. Type 2. Proof.10.00 

Maundy Starter Collection Offer! 

We offer you a Starter Collection of Maundy coins. Send us $25, 
$50, $100, or $250 and we’ll make up a group of Maundy coins for 
you, all different, which will represent a value of at least 20% more 
than you pay (based upon our individual prices for the same coins). All 
coins and dates are of our choice. Specify “Starter Collection of 
Maundy Coins” when ordering! Your satisfaction is guaranteed (as 

Sets of Great Britain 

1953 Official mint set. Coronation issue. Farthing through halfcrown in 
plastic envelope plus the crown in a plastic holder — as issued. Scarce 
set. Uncirculated .21.00 

Please check the world proof set section for an extensive listing of 
Great Britain issues. 

Gold of Great Britain 

Please refer to listing in our separate World Gold Coins section for 
gold issues of Great Britain (and other countries as well). 

Miscellaneous Great Britain 

1757 George II. Indian Peace medal. Early 19th century restrike with 
cracked dies. A large and impressive medal. Uncirculated. .. 149.00' 


1833 1 Lepton. Pattern in copper by engraver, T. Ertel in Munich. 

Divo-P42. Red and brown Uncirculated. Rare.89.50 

1869-BB 1 Lepton. Y-l. George I, Young Head. Red Uncirculated 9.75 

1869- BB 2 Lepta. Y-2. Choice Uncirculated .15.00 

1878-K 2 Lepta. Y-ll. George I, Older Head. 8 above date line. 

Lustrous Toned Uncirculated .15.00 

1870- BB 5 Lepta. Y-3. Very Fine .2.75 

1878-K 5 Lepta. Y-12. Very Fine .2.50 1 

1831 10 Lepta. C-3. Very scarce. Strongly struck but once cleaned. EF 

$32.50; Strong. Small flaw on reverse. Extremely Fine. 38.00 1 

1869-BB 10 Lepta. Y-4. George I, young head. Fine.1.75-1 

1882 10 Lepta. Y-13. George I, old head. Red and brown. EF-AU 7.00* 

1894-A 10 Lepta. Y-17. AU .... 3.00 

1922 10 Lepta. Y-29. Scarce one year type. Only 120,000 minted. 

George II. BU .10.01* 

1831 20 Lepta. C-4. Weakly struck right on obverse, left on reverse. 

Nice, F-VF .18.51* 

1831 20 Lepta. C-4. Couple of small pits and flaws. Strong strike. 
Extremely Fine. 34.001 

102 - 


1874-A 20 Lepta. Y-5. George I, young head. BU .18.50 

1894 20 Lepta. Y-18. Older head. AU.4 50 

1912 Paris Mint. 20 Lepta. Y-21. BU ... ’ * ‘ * 3*25 

1874- A 50 Lepta. Y-6. George I, young head. EF $5.75; AU $8.50; 

Brilliant Uncirculated .22.50 

1883-A 50 Lepta. Y-6. Scarce date. VF.5.00 

1868 1 Drachmai. Y-7. Scarce date. VF. 8 50 

1873-A 1 Drachmai. Y-7. F-VF $3.50; VF .4^5 

1910 Paris Mint. 1 Drachmai. Y-22. George I, older head. BU. .. 15.00 
1926-B and 1926. 20 Lepta and 1 Drachmai. Y-31 & 33.Republic. 

Scarce so nice. 2 pieces. AU .4.00 

1911 Paris Mint. 2 Drachmai. Y-23. George I, older head. EF-AU. 9.50 

1833 5 Drachmai. D-115. No mint mark. Beautiful VF+.99.50 

1875- A 5 Drachmai. Y-14; D-117. VF $11.00; VF+ $15.00; EF/AU, 

once cleaned, small rim dig on reverse.32.00 

1876- A 5 Drachmai. D-117, Y-14. Scarce date. Lightly cleaned at one 

time. Uncirculated.73.00 

1930 5 Drachmai. Y-35. BU, light rubbing .4.00 

1930 20 Drachmai. Y-37. Restoration of Monarchy. George II. 

Commemorative. 1 year type. AU $11.75; BU .19.00 

1960 20 Drachmai (silver), 1959 10 Drachmai (nickel). Y-45 & 46. Paul 
I. 2 piece set. BU .3.25 

1963 30 Drachmai. Y-47. Centennial of Royal Greek Dynasty. 

Commemorative. BU .3.75 

1964 30 Drachmai. Y-48. Constantine II. Commemorating wedding of 

Constantine and Anne-Marie. BU .3.75 

1967 50 and 100 Drachma! Y-54, 55. Silver commemorative issue 

marking the revolution. BU pair for .42.00 

1935 100 Drachmai. Y-A37, D-119. Restoration of Monarchy. Only 
2,000 pieces struck. Rare. Silver. Proof. 525.00 


Issues struck at the Royal Mint in Copenhagen, Denmark, and used 
at Ivigtut by the Cryolite Mining & Trading Company. Listed by R.S. 
Yeoman in editions 1 through 5. 

1922 10 Ore. Y-l. Extremely Fine .25.00 

1944 5 Kroner. Y-9. “Polar Bear” on obverse, a most popular issue, and 
becoming scarce in high grade. Brass. Lustrous. AU-Unc.12.00 


For the Isle Desirade 

Center “bit” cut from an early Spanish dollar. C-31. Counterstamped G 
for Guadeloupe. As struck.100.00 

1794-Nueva Guatemala. M. 8 Reales. C-47, E-50. Obverse: “Carolus 1111 
Dei Gratia, date, Charles IV bust. Reverse similar to type 3. This is 
an absolute gem coin of the Charles IV portrait. A superb prooflike 
BU. 325.00 

1818-Nueva Guatemala. M. 8 Reales. C-77, E-79. Obverse: Ferdinand 
VII Dei Gratia. Reverse the same as Charles IV. This is a beautiful 

toned Uncirculated .149.00 

1821-Nueva Guatemala. M. 8 Reales. C-72, E-82. Ferdinand VIL 

Lightly toned, usual flat strike. A lovely coin. AU. . .-.55.00 

1824-Nueva Guatemala M. 8 Reales. C-95, E-84. Central American 
Federation (1824-1851). These 8 reales were issued when Guatemala 
was a separate state in the Republic of Central America. Obverse: 
“Republica del Centro de America”, date, sun rising behind the 
mountain range. Reverse: “Libre Cresca Fecundo. Nueva Guatemala 
10 Ds. 20Gs”. Tree separating. Auction prices are rising consistently 

on these coins. Prooflike BU .95.00 

1829-NG M. 8 Reales. C-95;E-84. EF, deeply toned.34.50 

1836-Nueva Guatemala. M. 8 Reales. C-95, E-94. Lustrous, lightly 

toned EF+.45.00 

1840-Nueva Guatemala M. 8 Reales. C-95, EL-100. Toned AU. 69.50 
1846-Nueva Guatemala. A. 8 Reales. C-95; E-106. Brilliant 

Uncirculated, prooflike surface .95.00 

1869-R. 1 Peso. Y-30; E-120. Obverse: “Rafael Carrera”; bust facing 

left. Light mark on reverse field. EF .25.00 

1882 1 Peso. Y-73, E-131. Fine-Very Fine .32.50 


1881 1 centavo. Y-68. Red and brown Uncirculated.27.00 

1884-G l A Real C-91. Prooflike BU.18.50 

1869 l A ReaL Y-l. Very scarce type. Lovely AU-Unc. .8.00 

1876 A ReaL Y-74. BU .5.00 

1881 'A ReaL Y-42. Doubled date. Only 7,000 minted. EF .7.50 

1893 'A ReaL Y-43. Choice BU .3.25 

1896 l A ReaL Y-74. BU .3.25 

1824-Nueva Guatemala. Vi ReaL C-92. Lightly toned Unc.22.50 

1868-R Vi ReaL Y-20. Choice BU .10.00 

1821-Nueva Guatemala 1 ReaL C-69. Ferdinand VII. Beautifully toned 

Uncirculated .32.50 

1824-NG 1 ReaL C-93. Scarce so nice. EF-AU, lustrous .29.50 

1881 2 Reales. Y-50. Type 7. Very scarce. VF-EF .32.50 

' 1947 5 Centavos. Y-99. Prooflike BU .5.50 

1881 10 Centavos. Y-71. Extremely rare. EF-AU .46.50 

1915 25 Centavos. Y-90. Provisional issue. AU .3.50 

1925 A Quetzal. Y-81. Reverse depicts the famous Quetzal bird of 

Guatemala Lustrous EF $25.00; Fully Lustrous AU .35.00 

1 1943 25 Centavos. Y-87. Scarce commemorative of the National Palace. 
AU .6.75 

1870-R 50 Centavos. Y-35. Scarce one year type. Nice EF .15.00 

We have a very nice selection of Guatemala 8 Reales and pesos ranging 
from 1794-1882. Auction prices are beginning to climb steadily on 
these issues. Add those missing types and dates before Latin American 
crowns follow the European trend upwards. 



Coinage of the Channel Islands has become extremely rare in 
Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We are sure you will find our offerings 

in Guernsey coinage to be a fine asset to any collector. 

1889-H 1 Double. Y-l. Choice red BU .5.75 

1902-H I Double. Y-l. BU.5.25 

1911-H 1 Double. Y-la. Choice BU.6.75 

1889-H 2 Doubles. Y-2. Gem BU .10.00 

1902-H 2 Doubles. Y-2. Red and brown Uncirculated.15.00 

1918-H 2 Doubles. Y-2a. Red and brown Unc. $10.00; BU.12.50 

1929-H 2 Doubles. Y-2a. BU .10.00 

1889-H 4 Doubles. Y-3. Choice red BU .8.75 

1914-H 4 Doubles. Y-3a. Choice red and brown Uncirculated .... 6.50 

1918-H 4 Doubles. Y-3a. BU .6.75 

1920-H 4 Doubles. Y-3a. BU .9.50 

1949-H 4 Doubles. Y-3a. BU .12.00 

1902-H 8 Doubles. Y-4. Choice BU .12.50 

1920-H 8 Doubles. Y-5. Once cleaned but nice. Choice AU .6.00 

1966 10 Shillings. Y-9. BU .2.75 


AN 15 6 Centimes. C-33. General Jean Pierre Boyer, in South Haiti 

1818-22. VF $59.00; Sharp, nice EF.89.00 

AN XI 12 Centimes. C-22. Alexandre Petion. President in South Haiti 


(1807-18); VG-F $9.50; F-VF .20.00 

AN 27 100 Centimes, C-37. VF $16.50; Lustrous EF .24.00 

AN 43 6 Centimes. C-53. Jean Baptiste Riche, President in the West. 

Scarce issue. 1 year type. EF .15.00 

188. 10 Centimes. Y-6. Provisional issue. Once cleaned. Toned VF 3.00 

1905 5 a Y-10. Pres. Nord Alexis. BU .7.25 

1863 20 Centimes. Y-Cl. Pres. Fabre Geffrard. EF .6.00 

1907 20 a Y-12. Pres. Nord Alexis. 1 year type. Gem BU .22.50 

1883 50 a Y-8. EF .9.00 

1887 50 c. Y-8. AU .17.50 

1895 50 a Y-8. AU $12.50; Uncirculated.15.00 

1907 50 a Y-13. Pres. Nord Alexis. BU .22.00 

1905-07 5,10,20 & 50 Centimes. Y-10—13. 4 piece set. VF-EF. . 5.00 

1882 1 Gourde. Y-9. AU $52.00; AU-Unc., prooflike .69.50 

1887 1 Gourde. Y-9. EF, once cleaned $25.00; EF-AU.37.50 


Counterstamped AL-HEJAZ on Turkish 20 Para. Y-45. EF .4.00 


1911 2 Centavos. Y-33. Crude VF.2.50 

1871 10 a Y-6. VF .59.50 

1952 20 a Y-43. Brilliant Uncirculated.2.25 

1871 25 c. Y-7. Very Fine.15.00 

1869 54 Real. Y-2. Very Fine.3.50 

1869 54 ReaL Y-3. Republic Issue. Brilliant Uncirculated .15.00 

1833 1 ReaL C-32. Nicely toned. Planchet imperfections as struck. Nice 

Very Fine .22.50 

1851 4 Reales. C-34. Base silver on bronze. Very choice condition for 
this particular coin. VF-EF .25.00 

1931 Un Lempira. Y-45. Very scarce. Brilliant Uncirculated .... 19.00 

1932 1 Lempira. Y-45. Scarce date. Brilliant Uncirculated .19.00 

1937 1 Lempira. Y-45. Toned BU.12.50 

1890 1 Peso. Y-25A. Extremely Fine .21.75 

1894 1 Peso. Y-25B, E-31. Clashed dies. Extremely Fine .40.00 


1901-H 1 Cent. Y-2. Victoria. Red and brown Uncirculated .4.00 

1902 1 Cent Y-13. Edward VII. BU .5.75 

1905-H lc. Y-9. AU .1.95 

1919-H lc. Y-14. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.00 

1903 5c. Y-10. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.00 

1904 5c. Y-10. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.00 

1935 5c. Y-16. AU .4.50 

1932 5c. Y-18. BU, rubbing $2.25; BU .4.00 

1897 10a Y-4. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .5.00 

1902 10a Y-ll. Brilliant Uncirculated .5.75 

1904 10a Y-ll. Brilliant Uncirculated .4.50 

1935 10c. Y-17. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.50 

1951 10a Y-25. Brilliant Uncirculated .1.25 

1884 20a Y-5. BU, prooflike .44.50 

1902 20c. Y-12. Edward VII. Only 250,000 minted. Very scarce issue. 


1891 50a Y-7. Very Fine .11.00 

1902 50a Y-13. Very Fine .15.00 

1905 50a Y-13. EF-AU $15.00; AU.19.00 

1866 Dollar. Y-8. Pridmore 1A. Very scarce in Uncirculated grade, and 

even rarer in Proof condition. We are pleased to offer a lovely Proof 
specimen for the very reasonable price of just. 675.00 

1867 Dollar. Y-8. AU, light rim nicks. Very beautiful coin.99.50 


1848 1 Krajczar. C-65. Revolutionary coinage. Choice red and brown 

toned Uncirculated .12.00 

1878 K.B. 1 Kra. Y-4. Issued under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

Brilliant Uncirculated, red. Scarce so choice .19.50 

1888 K.B. 1 Kra. Y-4. Brilliant Uncirculated.9.00 

1868 4 Kra. Y-2. EF-AU $9.00; Red and brown Uncirculated. . 14.00 

1845-B 10 Kra. C-60. BU, light rubbing .10.00 

1868 K.B. 10 Kra. Y-7. Choice BU .16.50 

1870 K.B. 10 Kra. Y-10. AU, a gem .8.50 

1848 20 Kra. C-69. BU .12.00 

1868 G.Y.G. 20 Kra. Y-8. Only year of this type. Prooflike gem BU. 

Scarce .25.00 

1892 1 Korona. Y-32. Regular issue. Lustrous Extremely Fine $4.00; 

BU, scarce .10.00 

1896 1 Korona. Y-31. Millenium commemorative. EF .3.25 

1915 1 Korona. Y-32A. Regular issue. Small head. BU .3.75 

1879 1 Forint. Y-13. Brilliant Uncirculated ..• • • • 6.00 

1886 K.B. 1 Forint Y-14. Scarce. Toned Uncirculated.9.00 

1892 1 Forint. Y-15. Restrike. Proof .6.50 

1927 1 Pengo. Y-42. Una, a few bagmarks.3.00 

1935 2 Pengo. Y-46. Rakoczi bicentennia. BU .6.50 

1936 2 Pengo. Y-47. 50th anniversary of the death of noted composer 
and pianist Franz Liszt BU, light rubbing $5.00; Strictly BU. . 7.25 

1907 5 Korona. Y-34. Extremely Fine .39.50 

1907 5 Korona. Y-35. Anniversary of Franz Joseph’s coronation. 

Extremely Fine .35.00 

1908 5 Korona. Y-34. VF $12.00; Select AU .32.50 

1909 5 Korona. Y-34;D-123. Very Fine.12.00 

1938 5 Pengo. Y-48. AU $5.75; Choice BU.9.75 

1939 5 Pengo. Y-49. Beautiful AU $5.50; BU, light rubbing.7.50 

1943 5 Pengo. Y-57. Prooflike BU .2.25 

1948 5 Forint. Y-67. Centenary of 1848 revolution. BU.5.00 

1966 5 Forint Similar to Y-66. Proof.8.50 

1961 50 Forint. Y-88. 80th anniversary of the birth of Bela Bartok. 

Prooflike Brilliant Uncirculated.14.00 


1942 5 Aurar. Y-3. Brilliant Uncirculated .2.75 

1925 1 Krona. Y-6. Scarce key date. Choice BU .32.50 

1930 Althing (Parliament). 3 piece commemorative set. Included in this 
beautiful set are the following: 10 Kronor, seated figure with two 
kneeling children on the obverse. Supported arms on the reverse. 
D-130. 5 Kroner, standing figure and legend dated 930-1930. 
Reverse: twined dragons. D-131. And the 2 Kroner, seated figure on 
obverse. Dragons and warrior on reverse. We offer the following: 
Choice Uncirculated set $275.00; one Choice Uncirculated set in its 
original case of issue (seldom offered). 295.00 

—Page 104— 


1840 1 Rupee. Y-4. Victoria. Type I. EF .9.00 

1840 1 Rupee. Y-4a. Very Good.5.00 

1862 1 Rupee. Y- 12. Uncirculated. 8.00 

1900 1 Rupee. Y-23. Toned Uncirculated .5.50 

1918 1 Rupee. Y-45. George V. Toned AU. 2 75 


1937 254 Kori. Y-74. George V. BU. 4.75 

1931 4 Kori. Y-12A. Brilliant Uncirculated.7.00 

1941 5 Kori. Y-21. George VI. BU .9^00 


1857 1 Lepton. C-24. Brilliant Uncirculated .12.00 

1851 30 Lepta. Abt. Extremely Fine .12.00 


1689 IIX Sept Shilling. R-T7. Brass. Large size. Fine .15.50 

1690 XXX May. Half crown. S-45806. Gun money. F/VF .16.50 

1690 Crown. F-178. James II. Gun money. Very Fine .47.50 

1806 1 Farthing (54 penny). C-3. Very Fine $2.50; Proof, a specimen 

striking .36.50 

1939 1 Farthing. Y-l. Brilliant Uncirculated .4.00 

1949 1 Farthing. Y-9. Brilliant Uncirculated.6.50 

1953 1 Farthing. Y-l. Brilliant Uncirculated .2.50 

1760 Halfpenny. George II. Choice red and brown Uncirculated 44.50 
1805 Halfpenny. C-6; SI-4621. Toned Uncirculated .22.50 

1939 Halfpenny. Y-10. Key date. Choice Unc., mostly original red 

coloration .55.00 

1805 Penny. Choice red Uncirculated. Uncommon in such beautiful 

condition! .37.50 

1952 Penny. Y-ll. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.00 

1934 Copper-nickel 3d. Y-4. EF $400; AU .8.75 

1956 3d. Y-12 A. Brilliant Uncirculated.5.95 

1806 Bank token for 5 pence. C-7. Scarce issue. BU .19.50 

1940 Sixpence (6d). Y-13. AU .2.50 

1955 6d. Y-16A. Brilliant Uncirculated.17.00 

1805 Bank token for 10 pence. C-8. EF, prooflike surfaces. .... 15.00 
1813 Bank token for 10 pence. C-8. Prooflike BU, a few light edge 

marks as often seen on this issue. Far, far above average .18.50 

1928 Shilling. Y-6. AU $7.50;Toned Uncirculated.13.50 

1940 Shilling. Y-14. Choice BU.30.00 

1954 Shilling. Y-14A. BU .5.95 

1962 Shilling. Y-14A. BU .4.00 

1940 Florin (2 shillings value). Y-15. Choice BU.37.00 

1941 Florin. Y-15. AU .16.50 

1954 Florin. Y-15A. BU .14.00 

1933 54 Crown. Y-8. F-VF.5.00 

1940 Z 2 Crown. Y-16. Choice BU .55.00 

1951 V 2 Crown. Y-16A. BU, very scarce .22.50 

1954 54 Crown. Y-16A. BU .15.00 

1955 l / 2 Crown. Y-16A. BU .15.50 

1959 Z 2 Crown. Y-16A. BU .8.50 

1964 Z 2 Crown. Y-16A. BU .3.50 

1966 10 Shillings. BU. Scarce as many pieces were melted down 12.00 


1709 Halfpenny. Pridmore 23. EF. 

1786 Halfpenny. C-3. Proof. 

1839 Halfpenny. C- 8. Toned Uncirculated. 

1731 Pennv P. 1 1 F.F. 





17ft6 P^rv., r.e;-P.lfi All _.. 


1792 Halfpenny token. Ship design. Red and brown Uncirculated 35.00 


1949 1 Pruta Variety sans pearL Y-2. Scarce. EF .10.50 

1949 100 Pruta. Y-10. BU. 4 - 75 

1949 250 Pruta. Y-13. BU. 1150 

1949 500 Pruta Y-14. BU. 25 00 

1961 Vi Shekel. Y-29. Issued for use as a token payment for the 
customary Jewish seasonal collection associated with the Purim 
festival in the month of Adar (February-March). Only 5,000 Proofs 

issued. We offer a nice specimen for just .145.00 

1958 Pound. Y-17. Law is light BU .15-00 


1965 Pound. Y-37. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.00 

1960 Pound. Y-l9. Deganya commem. Just 5,000 struck. Proof 149.50 
1958 5 Pounds. Y-16. Menora. In original wooden case of issue. 
Brilliant Uncirculated .25.00 

1921 1 Besa. Y-l. Vittorio Emanuele Ill. EF. .. 



Fano (City) 

1797 Baiocchi Cinque. C-2. Fine.18.00 


1814 10 Soldi. C-38. Toned VF-EF.10.50 

Kingdom — Napoleon I 

1813 5 Soldi C-5. Extremely Fine .25.00 

1811 10 Soldi. C- 6. Extremely Fine .35.00 

1808-M. 5 Lire. D-202; C-10; F-40. Very Fine .59.50 

1812-V 5 Lire. D-202. F-VF .35.00 


1848 5 Lire. D-206; C-22. Sharp and lustrous EF-AU .75.00 

1852-V 1 Centesimo. C-25. Choice BU .15.00 

1824 Venetia. 54 Lira. C-4. F-VF .22.00 


1805 5 Franchi. D-203. Lightly toned Abt. VF.59.00 


1773 1 Scudo. C-32. Francisco Ximenez de Texada, Grand Master. 

VG-Fine .27.50 


1839 5 TornesL C-147. Very Fine.10.00 

1848 5 Grana. C-149A. Choice BU .35.00 

1836 10 Grana. C-150A. Uncirculated .26.00 

1846 10 Grana. C-150B. Choice Uncirculated.24.50 

1736 Vi Piastra. B-35. Weak in spots, typical of this issue. Fine .. 16.00 
1796 1 Piastra. D-1409. Very Fine .69.50 

1805 1 Piastra of 120 granl D-162. Only year of this type. Ferd. IV. 

Very Fine, cleaned long ago .189.00 

1842 1 Piastra. D-174. VF-EF .22.00 

Papal States 

1818/6 2 Giulio. C-115; B-185; P-93A. Obverse is Uncirculated with 
light marks and rubbing. Reverse appears to be fully Brilliant 

Uncirculated .52.50 

1774 R.N. Vi Scudo. Sede Vacante. C-65. Beautifully toned VF. 75.00 
1823 Vi Scudo. Sede Vacante. C-123; B-201; P-113. Nicely toned sharp 
Very Fine plus.69.50 

1802 An. Ill Scudo. D-180. Allegory of church in clouds. Toned 
Uncirculated. Very rare issue. 289.00 

“Your friends in the rare coin business ” 


1818-B Scudo. D-183. Choice toned prooflike AU. 249.00 

1840-R Scudo. D-192. Scarce year. Toned EF .149.00 

1853-R Scudo. D-195. AU, some light edge marks. 275.00 

1848 AN. II Vi Baiocco. C-165. Very Fine.7.50 

1849 Vi Baiocco. C-165. Very Fine .6.00 

1801 R.N. 1 Baiocco. C-lll. Scarce one year type. EF.35.00 

1840-R. 1 Baiocco. C-146A. Red and brown AU .9.00 

1851-R. 1 Baiocco. C-168. VF-EF.6.50 

1853-R 1 Baiocco. C-168. VF-EF .6.50 

1850 5 Baiocco. C-170. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.54.00 

1850-R AN. IIII 10 Baiocco. C-172. Toned EF .10.50 

1863-R 10 Baiocco. C-172. Brilliant Uncirculated.32.50 

1834 10 Baiocchi. C-149. Only year of type. VF+ .22.00 

1858-R 20 Baiocchi. C-173. EF-AU .18.00 

1863-R. 20 Baiocchi. C-173. Scarce. AU, light rim mark.20.00 

1865-R 20 Baiocchi. C-173. VF-EF $12.00; EF .15.00 

1865- R 20 Baiocchi. C-173B. EF .15.00 

1834 50 Baiocchi. C-153; B-239; Choice brilliant AU .80.00 

1867-R 1 Centesimo. G180. Brilliant Uncirculated. Quite rare. . 49.50 

1867- R 1 Soldo. C-182a. EF $6.00; Red and brown Uncirculated, a 

very pleasing specimen .14.00 

1866- R 2 Soldi. C-183. AU .7.50 

1868- R 4 Soldi. C-184. EF-AU .12.50 

1866-R 10 Soldi. C-187. Rare date. Only 291,916 were minted. Choice 

proof like BU .57.50 

1867 10 Soldi. C-187. Brilliant Uncirculated.11.50 

1868 XXIII 10 Soldi. C-187. EF+ .7.50 

1869 XXIII 10 Soldi. C-187. Brilliant Uncirculated .11.75 

1866- R 1 Lira C-188. A very choice AU.11.00 

1867- R 1 Lira. C-188. Very Fine.8.50 

1868- R XXII. 1 Lira C-188. Lustrous AU .12.00 

1869- R 1 Lira C-188. Lustrous AU .9.50 

1867-R 2/2 Lire. C-190. Toned EF, some minor rim nicks and one 


1867-R 5 Lire. D-195; P-548. Only 5,804 minted. Rare. Nicely toned 

Extremely Fine. 240.00 

1870-R 5 Lire. D-195. AU.115.00 


1718 Aspice. Very Fine.20.00 

Roman Republic 

1798 2 Baiocchi. C-6. Extremely Fine.12.50 

1849 3 Baiocchi. C-23. Toned EF .19.00 

1849 8 Baiocchi. C-25. Brilliant Uncirculated, a little gem!.39.00 


1826 Genoa 5 Centesimi C-100. Uncirculated, planchet cracked during 

striking .15.00 

1843 Torino. 50 Centesimi C-110. Rarity-2. VF .99.50 

1824-L Torino. 5 Lire. D-135; C-105. Rare date and mint. VF. . 99.50 

1827 Genoa 5 Lire. D-135; C-105. EF, cleaned long ago .48.00 

1829-L Torino. 5 Lire. D-135; C-105. VF, light marks on edges and 

surfaces .35.00 


1815 Grani 2. C-44. F-VF .6.50 

Subalpine Republic 

1801 AN. 10 5 Francs. C-4. F-VF, light marks on reverse .49.50 


1859-B 5 Centesimi C-83. Brown EF-AU .11.00 

1830 5 Quattrini. C-65. EF .22.00 

1853 10 Quattrini C-66. BU .28.50 

1838 Paolo. C-70. Choice BU .'. .. 62.50 

1799 10 Paoli. D-1521. Obverse VF; reverse EF .99.50 

1685 1 Tallero. D-1498. Cosmus III de Medici. Very scarce issue! 
VF-EF .215.00 

1697 1 Tallero. Similar to D-1499 in design. Mount removed and once 
cleaned. Otherwise VF .120.00 

1769 Tallero. D-1513. Choice toned EF-AU. 539.00 


1848 15 Centesimi C-184. EF-AU $12.50; Brilliant Uncirculated, light 
rubbing .20.00 

1800 1 Lira C-161. Under Austria. Crude issue. Fine .22.00 

1802 lVi Lire. C-165. Choice Uncirculated .79.50 

1801 2 Lire. C-162. Overstrike on 24 K. 1800 issue. VF .36.00 

1848 5 Lire. D-208; C-185; P-178; J-272. An exceptionally nice 

example of this scarce piece. AU with prooflike fields .2 10.00 

—Page 106— 

ITALY — Kingdom Issues 

1862- N 1 Centesimo. Y-6. Key date. VG-Fine 9 cn 

1867-M 1c. Y-6. Sharp EF.2.00 

1904 lc. Y-35. Red and brown AU. 9 00 

1861-M 2c. Y-7. EF, some lustre. 9 9 ^ 

1867-M 2c. Y-7. EF. 3 75 

1900 2 c. Y-23. Red Uncirculated. 8 00 

1900 2c. Y-44. Red and brown Unc., slight rubbing .5.00 

1917 2c. Y-44. EF $2.00; Nice Uncirculated. 5 00 

1895 5c. Y-24. EF.” l^OO 

1921 5c. Y-61. Sharp EF-AU. 9 00 

1863 10c. Y-9. VF .‘ ‘ ] 3^0 

1893 B.I. 10c. Y-25. Red and brown Uncirculated .16.50 

1894 B.I. 10c. Y-25. Red and brown Uncirculated .12.00 

1911 10c. Y-57. Sharp EF $7.00; EF-AU $9.00; Uncirculated. . 13.00 
1924 10c. Y-62. Lustrous AU .2.25 

1927 10c. Y-62. Red Uncirculated .10.00 

1928 10c. Y-62. Key date. Nice VF $20.00; Red and brown AU 31.00 

1863- M 20c. Y-15. EF-AU .16.50 

1894 K.B. 20c. Y-26. This design struck only during three years. Sharp 

and lustrous AU $5.00; Choice BU, a real gem!.19.00 

1918 20c. Y-63. Overstruck on Y-26. BU .10.00 

1919 20c. Y-47. Key date. VF-EF $19,50; EF-AU .29.50 

1951 20c. Y-44. BU, light rubbing .3.00 

1963-M 50c. Y-ll. Scarce. Sharp AU .17.00 

1866- M Y-16. Sharp and lustrous AU .95.00 

1867- M 50c. Y-67. Lustrous EF .18.50 

1936 50c. Y-80. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .36.50 

1942 50c. Y-80A. Brilliant Uncirculated.2.50 

1861-F 1 Lira. Y-12. Scarce issue. Very Fine .95.00 

1863-M 1 Lira. Y-12. Sharp EF-AU $12.00; BU, small rim nick. 22.00 

1886 1 Lira. Y-28. Very Fine .7.25 

1899 1 Lira. Y-28. AU' .22.00 

1907 1 Lira. Y-28. Very Fine .8.50 

1913 1 Lira. Y-48. EF-AU $4.60; Choice AU .6.00 

1922 1 Lira. Y-65. BU V.4.25 

1936-R 1 Lira. Y-81. Brilliant Uncirculated .42.00 

1946 1 Lira. Y-95. Rare issue! Choice Brilliant Unc .64.50 

1949 1 Lira. Y-95. Brilliant Uncirculated .2.50 

1950 1 Lira. Y-95. Brilliant Uncirculated .17.00 

1863 N 2 Lire. Y-13. Extremely Fine .15.00 

1863-N 2 Lire. Y-18. VF, mounting marks on rim, only $6.00; Nicely 

toned Very Fine .17.50 

1905 2 Lire. Y-39. Scarce. Extremely Fine .49.00 

1911 2 Lire. Y-58. 50th Anniversary of the Kingdom. VF $18.75; Fully 

lustrous AU .34.50 

1912 2 Lire, Y-49. Very Fine .8.00 

1926 2 Lire. Y-66. Key date. Very Fine .11.50 

1936 2 Lire. Y-82. Brilliant Uncirculated .39.00 

1870- M 5 Lire. Y-14. Nice EF .22.50 

1871- M 5 Lire. Y-14; D-140. Very Fine $15.00; EF, much original 

lustre still remaining .21.00 

1879 5 Lire. Y-30. Umberto I. Abt. VF .32.50 

1927 5 Lire. Y-67. Nice AU $2.00; BU, light rubbing $3.00; Brilliant 

Uncirculated .4.00 

1927 10 Lire. Y-68. EF $12.50; BU .26.50 

1927 20 Lire. Y-69;D-145. Choice BU .139.00 

1958 500 Lire. Y-105. 1st year of issue. BU .4.75 

1966 500 Lire. Y-105. BU. 2 75 

1965 50 Lire. Y-107. Dante commemorative. BU .5.25 


1910 Farthing. Y-7. Edward VII. Toned Uncirculated 

1899 Halfpenny. Y-2. Very Fine. 

1905 Penny. Y-9. Fully struck gem BU. 

1907 Penny. Y-9. EF. 

. 4.00 
. 3.00 


1910 Penny. Y-9. Vertical shading in arms. Choice BU .22.00 

1937 Penny. Y-15. Only year of this type. Scarce. BU .6.50 

1966 Crown. Y-26. Commonwealth Games. Proof .7.75 

1972 $5. Y-35. Proof .17.50 

1972 $10 commemorative crown issued to observe Jamaica’s 10th 
anniversary. Y-37. Uncirculated $15.00; Proof .25.00 


1874 1 Rin. Y-15. Meiji reign. BU .12.50 

1879 (M-12) V2 Sen. Y-16. Abt. VF .20.00 

1875 (M-8) 1 Sen. Y-17. Square scales. Toned EF.4.50 

1876 (M-9) 1 Sen. Y-17. Square scales. VF .3.00 

1884 (M-17) 1 Sen. Y-17. VF-EF $4.00; Red and brown AU .... 9.50 
1918 (T-7) 1 Sen. Y-42. BU .2.25 

1875 (M-8) 2 Sen. Y-18. Square scales. Choice AU, brilliant .... 25.00 

1876 (M-9) 2 Sen. Y-18. Square scales. VF-EF .8.50 

1877 (M-10) 2 Sen. V-scales. VF $6.00; Red and brown AU, a nice, 

lustrous coin! .35.00 

1882 (M-18) 2 Sen. Y-18. V-scales. Sharp AU .18.50 

1877 (M-10) 5 Sen. Y-22. Lustrous EF-AU .21.00 

1875 (M-8) 10 Sen. Y-23. Lustrous AU.13.50 

1899 (M-32) 50 Sen. Y-25. Very choice AU .28.50 

1907(M-40)50 Sen. Y-31. EF .4.50 

1909 (M-42) 50 Sen. Y-31. EF .4.50 

1910 (M-43) 50 Sen. Y-31. EF .4.50 

1917 (T-6) 50 Sen. Y-37. Toned Uncirculated .9.75 

1870 (M-3) 1 Yen. Y-5. Rare 1 year type. BU, very light handling 

$685.00; BU, sharply struck. 725.00 

1874 (M-7) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Key date. VF, multiple chops $100.00; 
VF+, multiple chops .115.00 

1879 (M-12) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Rare date. EF, multiple chops $ 199.50; 

AU, two light chops. 1500.00 

1880 (M-13) 1 Yen. Y-28A. Gin left. EF.210.00 

AU, two light chops. 1500.00 

1880 (M-13) 1 Yen. Y-28A. Gin left. EF .210.00 

1880 (M-13) 1 Yen. Y-A25. BU, light rubbing. 339.00 

1881 (M-14) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Lustrous EF-AU. 295.00 

1880 (M-13) 1 Yen. Y-A25. BU, light rubbing. 339.00 

1881 (M-14) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Lustrous EF-AU. 295.00 

lowers at\d c j^uddy^ 


1882 (M-15) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Choice BU. 369.00 

1882 (M-15) 1 Yen. Y-28A. Gin right. Abt. EF.175.00 

1883 (M-16) 1 Yen. Y-28A. Gin right. EF-AU .210.00 

1886 (M-19) 1 Yen. Y-28A. Gin left. EF.149.00 

1887 (M-20) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Scarce. BU, light bagging. 575.00 

1889 (M-22) 1 Yen. Y-A25. BU, light rubbing .169.00 

1890 (M-23) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Strong AU+.110.00 

1891 (M-24) 1 Yen. Y-A25. AU .115.00 

1891 (M-24) 1 Yen. Y-28A. Gin left. AU .110.00 

1892 (M-25) 1 Yen. Y-A25. BU .135.00 

1893 (M-26) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Choice BU.139.00 

1894 (M-27) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Choice BU.139.00 

1896 (M-29) 1 Yen. Y-28A. Gin left. BU, reverse flatness $108.00; 

Choice BU .139.00 

1896 (M-29) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Choice BU. 139 00 

1905 (M-38) 1 Yen. Y-A25. BU. 110 00 

1912 (M-45) 1 Yen. Y-A25. Choice BU. 129 00 

1875 (M-8) Trade Dollar Y-14. Issued to compete in trade with the U.S. 
Trade Dollar and the more popular Mexico Peso. The effort was 
unsuccessful so a short three year mintage resulted. A very rare and 
desirable world crown. Prooflike AU. 1650.00 


1877 (M-10) Trade Dollar. Y-14. Key date. EF. 1700.00 

1914 (T-3) 1 Yen. Y-38. Only year of this design type. EF+, minor rim 
mark .59.50 


The beautiful coinage of this small (only 45 sq. miles in area) English 
Channel island is finally coming into its own in the numismatic world. 
Collectors now realize that many issues are really very scarce or rare in 
Uncirculated grade. We offer an interesting selection: 

1844 1/26 Shilling. Y-2. Victoria. Choice AU or better.34.00 

1909 1/24 Shilling. Y-9. Edward VII. Only year of this design type. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .17.00 

1935 1/24 Shilling. Y-15. George V. Red and brown Uncirculated, one 

small carbon spot .9.75 

1931 1/12 Shilling. Y-16. George V. EF, attractive red and brown 
surfaces .4.75 


1969 V* Dinar. Y-19. F.A.O. coinage. BU 



(German possession in China) 

1909 5c. Y-l. EF/AU .16.50 

1909 10a Y-2. EF-AU .16.50 


1882-3 1 Chon. C-6. Silver with blue enamel at center. Very Fine 37.50 

1908 (Yr-2) 20 Chon. Y-26. BU, faint rubbing .20.00 

1892 (Yr-501). 1 Yang. Y-7. Emperor Kojong. Choice AU .17.50 

1898 (Year 2). 1 Yang. Y-C10. Kuang Mu reign. AU+.22.00 

1908 (Year 2) Zi Won. Y-27. Yung Hi reign. VF $21.00; Choice 
Brilliant Uncirculated .89.00 


1932 2 Santimu. Y-2. EF-AU .4.00 

1922 5 Santimu. Y-3. EF .3.50 

1922 50 Santimu. Y-6. EF .5.00 

1929 5 Lati. Y-9. D-214. Choice BU .25.00 

1931 5 Lati. Y-9; D-214. F-VF $8.50; Choice BU .25.00 


1936 5 Piastres. Y-4. AU .3.00 

1940 5 Piastres. Y-4. AU .3.00 

1952 10 Piastres. Y-15. BU .3.00 

1952 50 Piastres. Y-17. BU .2.75 


1966 50 Licente (crown). D-38. Just 14,000 minted. Brilliant 
Uncirculated .11.00 


1833 One cent token. Y-l. Issued by the American Colonization 

Society. Very Fine .15.00 

1937 '/2C, lc, 2c set. Y-9 to Y-ll. 3 pieces. Brass. Scarce Una. . 17.50 

—Pago 108 — 

1937 Zic. Y-9. Uncirculated. 

1941 Vic. Y-9A. Uncirculated. 

1896-H lc. Y-4. VF+ $ 10.50; Choice BU 

1937 lc. Y-10. Uncirculated. 

1896-H 2c. Y-5. Brilliant Uncirculated. 

1941 2c. Y-11A. Uncirculated. 

1896-H 10c. Y-6. Nice AU $42.50; Choice Uncirculated, 

this outstanding condition. 

1906 25 c. Y-7. F-VF. 

1962-P 1 Dollar. Y-17. Brilliant Uncirculated $9.00; Proof 







very rare in 




We offer a choice selection of Liberian pattern coins, all Proofs. Most 
Q are °f extremely low mintage. They are listed by Krause numbers for 
easy reference and can be easily identified by referring to pp. 446-448 
of The Standard Catalog of World Coins. All are beautiful in design, 
extremely scarce, and in our opinion, very undervalued. 

1868 lc. K-16. Proof pattern issue .42.50 

1888 lc. K-19. Proof pattern. Several small spots .25.00 

1890 lc. K-30. Proof pattern issue .42.50 

1890 lc. K-32. Proof pattern issue .42.50 

® 1890 lc. Y-36. Proof pattern issue .42.50 

1868 2c. K-17. Proof pattern issue .45.00 

1890 2c. K-31. Proof pattern issue .45.00 

1 1890 2c. K-33. Proof pattern issue .45.00 

1890 2c. K-37. Proof pattern issue .45.00 

e - 



3 1900 1 Krone. Y-2. Toned EF-AU $12.00; BU .22.00 

1912 2 Krone. Y-3. VF-EF $14.50; AU $21.00; Unc .28.00 

1904 5 Krone. Y-4; D-216. VF $67.00; EF-AU $90.00; Lustrous AU, a 

choice specimen .129.00 

1910 5 Krone. Y-4; D-216. EF .62.50 

«. - 


1925 2 Litu. Y-7. Toned EF-AU .9.75 

1936 5 Litai. Y-12. Uncirculated, light rubbing.14.50 

1936 10 Litu. Y-13. BU .27.50 


1929 Zi Puffin. Unofficial coin issue; by Martin Coles Harman, 
proprietor of this offshore British island. The denomination name is 
derived from the puffin, an unlikely-looking fowl indigenous to 
Harman’s isolated outpost. Red and brown Uncirculated .6.95 


I 1908 5 Centimes. Y-8. VF-EF.2.25 

1920 25 Centimes. Y-14. BU, iron, very scarce .29.50 

1930 25 Centimes. Y-27. Brown Uncirculated .2.00 

1914 50 c. ESSAL Brilliant Uncirculated .37.50 

1929 10 Francs. Y-24. AU $6.50; BU .11.50 

1946 50 Fr. Y-34. John the Blind. BU .6.50 

1963 100 Francs. Y-38. BU.9.50 

1964 100 Francs. Y-40. BU.4.75 

1946 100 Francs, 50 Francs, and 20 Francs. Y-33, 34, 35. 3 pieces. 

Choice BU .34.50 


1952 5 Patacas. Y-5. BU .5.75 


1943 50 Centimes. Y-l. BU.7.50 


1964 ‘/a Crown. Y-4. Proof .5.00 

1971 1 Kwacha. Y-12. Proof.4.50 


1934 (Yr. 3) 5 Li. Ta Tung Reign. Choice BU 



1897 50 Centimes. Y-l. AU. 



1888 2 Cents. Y-2. Choice, sharp AU $18.00; BU 

1934 Zi Rupee. Y-10. Toned AU. 

1951 Zi Rupee. Y-21. Uncirculated. 

1934 1 Rupee. Y-ll. BU. 

1951 1 Rupee. Y-22. Uncirculated. 

1964 1 Rupee. Y-29. BU. 

. 9.75 
. 3.00 
. 4.00 
. 2.00 


1 Real. Charles and Joanne. Crude. VF-EF. 13 50 

1 Real. Phillip II. Crude. VF-EF. 10 'oo 

1861 ‘A Real. Buttrey. Pg.-44. Estado Libre. Very Good.4.00 

1737-Mo M.F. /2 Real. C-l. Philip V.D.G. Hispan, Et. Ind. Rex. Scarce 

so nice. Lustrous. Choice AU .29.00 

1823-Mo J.M. Zi Real Iturbide (1822-23). The First Empire. Scarce 

issue. Nice toned VF-EF .37.00 

1859/58 Zi Real Y-521. Scarce this nice. Toned Unc. as struck. 20.00 

1783 2 Reales. C-38. Charles III. Extremely Fine .12.50 

1789-Mo F.M. 4 Reales. C-74. Carolus IV previous bust of Charles III. 

Scarce. Very Good .29.50 

1883 1 Centavo. Y-4. Uncirculated .4.00 

1911 1 Centavo. Y-27. AU .2.25 

1914 1 c. Durango State Revolutionary. Prooflike Uncirculated. 10.00 

1915 1 c. Y-28. Scarce Zapata. 1 year type. Brown EF .15.00 

1898- Mo 1 Centavo. Y-2. Scarce 1 year type. Chocolate Brown. 

Uncirculated .35.00 

1906 2 Centavos. Y-29. Very Fine .3.50 

1939-Mo 2 Centavos. Y-29. Gem BU.3.50 

1881-Mo M. 5 c. Y-ll. Choice, prooflike AU .8.50 

1888-Go 5 c. Y-ll. Gem BU .15.00 

1900-Go R. 5 c. Y-16. Toned Unc., weakly struck .5.00 

1903 5 c. Y-16. Toned VF $2.50; Toned Uncirculated .5.00 

1904-Mo 5 c. Y-16. Brilliant Uncirculated.8.50 

1915 5 c. Y-R38. Revolutionary Issue. Copper red Unc.5.00 

1895-Zs Z. 10 Centavos. Y-12. EF .1.75 

1903- MoM. 10 c. Y-17. Gem BU .17.50 

1907 20 Centavos. Y-40. Curved 7 variety. Lustrous, toned AU. . 5.95 

1899- Mo M. 20 Centavos. Y-18. Several die breaks. Gem BU. .. 19.50 

1904- Mo M. 20 c. Y-18. Gem BU .22.50 

1881-Go 25 c. Y-13. Balance scales. Ex-Pradeau-Bothamley Auction 

(3/20/1971). Lovely toning. Gem BU .37.00 

1890 25 c. Y-13. Fine .2.50 

1866-Mo 50 Centavos. Y-S35. Lightly toned F $25.00; Lightly toned 


1862-Go 1 Real Y-S22. Republic. Gem BU .35.00 

1736-M.F. 2 Reales. V-680. AU, as struck.159.00 

1861-Mo C.H. 2 Reales. Y-S23. Republic. Prooflike Gem BU ... 35.00 

1741-Mo M.F. 8 Reales. E-18. Toned VF-EF .55.00 

1758-Mo M.M. 8 Reales. E-46. VF-EF, once cleaned.52.00 

1768- Mo M.F. 8 Reales. E-69. VF .49.00 

1769- Mo F.M. 8 Reales. E-70. VF-EF, once cleaned .49.00 

1770- Mo F.M. 8 Reales. E-72. VF .49.00 

1771- Mo F.M. 8 Reales. E-74. EF, once cleaned .65.00 

1787-Mo F.M. 8 Reales. E-100. Toned EF, very nice .30.00 

1794-Mo F.M. 8 Reales. E-110. Nicely toned VF .24.50 

1799 8 Reales. E-116. Nicely toned AU .45.00 

1804-Mo T.H. C-81, E-126. Carolus IIII. VF .15.00 

1913 1 Lari and 4 Lari. Y-5 & 6. BU. 


“Four friends in the rare coin business” 

—Page 109— 

1808-Mo T.H. 8 Reales. Mx-145. Carolus IIII. Insurgent counterstamp. 

1. Morelus, 2. Chilpanzango. VF-EF .155.00 

1816-J.J. 8 Reales. E-159. Ferdinand VII. Draped Bust. Type 10. Abt. 

Very Fine .15.75 

1821-Ga F.S. 8 Reales. E-MX 48. Ferdinand VII. F-VF, extremely 

scarce .49.00 

1821-Zs R.G. 8 Reales. C-121, E-MX97. Ferdinand VII. Emergency 
coinage. Royalist issue. Zacetacas Mint Lustrous AU .69.00 

1822-J.M. 8 Reales. E-163. Type II. Agustin Iturbide (First Empire of 
Mexico). Iturbide proclaimed Emperor in 1822, exiled in 1823. 
EF-AU, very scarce coinage. 299.00 

1794-Mo F.M. 8 Reales. E-174. “Hook Neck”. SCARCE. This nice 

Choice EF. 275.00 

Over a period of months, we have carefully selected the following 
Mexican 8 Reales and Liberty Cap Pesos to offer you at this time. The 
discriminating collector who appreciates the very finest in his 

collection, will be quick to order these beautiful pieces. Many are 
superb, prooflike specimens; others are magnificently toned, fully 
lustrous uncirculated coins seldom seen in such condition. Whether you 
collect world crowns or Mexican by type or mintmark, we know you 
will be happy you ordered. 

1829-Go M.J. 8 Reales. E-543. Fine .8.00 

1833-Pi J.S. 8 Reales. Y-S25, E-807. Superbly toned Choice BU, rare so 

choice .75.00 

1842-Pi P.S. 8 Reales. Y-S25, E-817. Choice BU, very scarce in this 


1842-Mo M.M. 8 Reales. Y-S25, E-701. Choice BU, prooflike. .. 55.00 

1858-Do C.P. 8 Reales. Y-S25, E-402. Struck slightly out of collar. 

Gem BU, a beautiful coin!.65.00 

1866-Mo 1 Peso. Y-S36. EF/AU .42.50 

1866-Pi 1 Peso. Y-S36, E-170. San Luis Potosi. Beautifully toned with 

some lustre. EF-AU .59.50 

1871-Mo 1 Peso. Y-15. Fine .10.00 

1873-Go S. 1 Peso. Y-15;E-991. Balance scale. BU.5.00 

1873-Go F.R. 8 Reales. Y-19;E-594. Rare. Gem BU, prooflike. 35.00 

1875- Go F.R. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-596. Gem prooflike BU, rare in this 


1876- Go F.R. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-597. Choice BU,prooflike field. 17.50 

1877- Go F.R. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-598. BU .12.00 

1879-Go S.M. 8 Reales. Y-19. 2 small chopmarks. VF .7.00 

1882- Mo M.H. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-744. Gem BU, prooflike. Rare this 


1883- Ca M.M. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-287. Choice BU, prooflike _17.50 

1886-Ca M.M. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-290. Choice BU, prooflike field 17.50 

1889- Mo M.H. 8 Reales. Y-19. EF.8.00 

1890- Ca A.M. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-355. BU .... 12.00 

1891- Ca A.M. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-356. BU .12.00 

1891- Zs F.Z. 8 Reales. Y-19. Choice BU, one small rim mark. .. 15.00 

1892- Ca A.M. 8 Reales. Y-19. BU, light rubbing .12.00 

1892- Zs F.Z. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-966. Choice BU $15.00; Beautiful 

Choice BU, light edge tone .17.50 

1893- Do N.D. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-448. BU .14.50 

1896-Zs F.Z. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-970. Choice BU .15.00 

1896- Go R.S. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-623. Choice BU, beautiful light toning 

on edge .17.50 

1897- Zs F.Z. 8 Reales. Y-19, E-971. Choice BU, prooflike field. 17.50 

1901-Zs F.Z. 1 Peso. Y-20. Nice AU-Unc.7.50 

1905-Cn R.P. 1 Peso. Y-20; E-1029. Beautiful AU, prooflike field. Rare 

so choice .42.00 

1909-Mo G.V. 1 Peso. Y-20. Nicely toned AU-Unc. .7.50 

1913 1 Peso. Y-42. Choice BU, fully lustrous. Rare so nice.39.00 

1915-Cha F.M. 1 Peso. E-MX192. Revolutionary Issues. Type 54 

“902.7”, “Army of the North”. BU .69.00 

1921 2 Pesos. Y-51. Independence Centennial. EF $25.00; EF-AU 
$45.00; Golden toned AU .65.00 

1947 5 Pesos. Y-54. BU.3.25 

1948 5 Pesos. Y-54. Gem BU .3.75 

1949 Troy Ounce. Buttrey. Pg-203. Lightly toned Choice BU $15.00; 

Gem BU .17.50 

1951 5 Pesos. Y-67. Hidalgo Commemorative. BU .3.25 

1952 5 Pesos. Y-67. Hidalgo Commemorative. EF $2.00; BU .... 3.25 

1953 5 Pesos. Y-68. Hidalgo Commemorative. BU, few bag marks 3.25 

1954 5 Pesos. Y-67. Scarce date. Lightly toned Unc., lustrous. . 44.50 

1957 10 Pesos. Y-77. Benito Juarez Constitution Centennial. 

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .17.00 

1968 25 Pesos. Y-82. Olympic Issue. BU.2.95 


1890-H H Rupee. Y-2. EF-AU.14.50 

1890-H Zi Rupee. Y-3. AU .24.50 

1888-H 1 Rupee. Y-5. EF+, some lustre .22.50 


1838 1 Decime. C-2. Brown AU-Unc. 22.50; Brown Unc. .27.50 

1924 1 Franc. Y-3. Toned Uncirculated .9.50 

1966 5 Francs. Y-19. BU.5.00 


Struck during the invasion of the West in 1219 A.D. Billion dirhem of 
Genghis Khan (1206-1227). Legend: “Just coin of the supreme 
Khagan”. VF .34.50 


1959 20 Mongo. Y-27. Aluminum. BU, prooflike .7.50 

1925 (Yr. 15) 50 Mongo. Y-7. Lustrous AU $11.00; BU.14.00 

1925 1 Tukhrik. Y-8. EF $18.00; Lustrous AU.25.00 


1913 2 Pare. Y-12. BU. 12.50 

1914 20 Paras. Y-14. Some lustre. EF-AU. 9.00 

1912 1 Perper. Y-15. Choice toned Uncirculated. 21.00 

-Page 110- 


1313 A.H. (1896). 'A Ryal (254 Dirhems). Y-6. 


1314 A.H. (1897). Vi Ryal (2Zi Dirhems). Y-ll. BU. .. 
Ii 1314 A.H. (1897). Vi Ryal (5 Dirhems). Y-12. 

[i Uncirculated. 







1352 A.H. (1934). 20 Francs. Y-39. Lustrous AU. 

1299 A.H. (1882). 1 Ryal (10 Dirhems). Y-8. Lustrous 

Lightly toned Uncirculated. 

1956 500 Francs. Y-54. AU $9.00; BU. 

1965 5 Dirhems. Y-57. BU .! 

Nice! Toned 



Choice toned 


. 12.00 

EF-AU $14.75; 

. 21.00 














1942 10 Centavos. Y-ll. BU. 

1936 50 Centavos. Y-3. Toned Uncirculated 

1936 1 Escudo. Y-4. BU. 

1935 254 Escudos. Y-5. Toned Uncirculated 

1935 5 Escudos. Y-6. Toned Uncirculated 

1938 5 Escudos. Y-9. BU. 

1936 10 Escudos. Y-7. BU. 

1938 10 Escudos. Y-10. BU. 

. 4.25 
. 8.00 
. 9.50 

Previously scarce date. Et $49.50; Another, which was Uncirculated, 
but has been cleaned and now commands an EF grade, for. .. 57.50 


1632 Patagon. Del-300. Under Spain. F-VF .39.50 


1760 1 Duit. C-F2. BU .18.50 

1764 1 Duit. Like C-F2. RARE trail piece in silver. BU, prooflike 85.00 

1751 10 Stuivers. C-F12. Toned Uncirculated.55.00 

1791 10 Stuivers. C-F12. Toned, EF-AU.26.50 

1764 1 Gulden. C-F13. BU, weakly struck in spots, but brilliant 55.00 
1775 Silver Ducat. D-1845. Mount marks. F .21.00 


1 1898 L A Anna. Y-3. VF-EF. 

1961 54 Ryal Y-15. 400,000 struck. BU. 

1959 1 RyaL Y-12. BU. 

. 3.00 


1968 10 Rupees. Y-94. F.A.O. BU ... 
1 I 





1590 1/5 Philipsthaler. Right bust, arms. RARE. Nice VF .42.00 

1624 Patagon. Del-293. Phillip IIII. Clipped planchet, but an especially 

sharp strike for this usually weak issue. F-VF, just .40.00 


1759 1 Duit. CR-A2A. Toned Uncirculated .25.00 


1765 Ducaton. D-1827. Silver Rider. Small planchet defect. Nice 


1750 Duit. CR-C2. RARE. Proof pattern in silver. Choice BU. . 85.00 
1719 2 Stuiver. Choice BU .18.00 

1655 Daalder (lion). Del-832. Rarity-3. Very scarce. F. 295.00 

0 versyssel 

1742 Ducaton. (Silver Rider). D-J830. Treasure from the wreck of the 
Dutch East-India Man “Hollandia”, sunk in 1743 off Scilly Islands. 

1767 V 2 Rijksdaaler (54 Ducat). C-F17, Del-1006. Corded edge. Rainbow 

toned, AU/Unc..199.00 

1793 Ducaton. Silver Rider. D-1832. VF-EF.98.00 

United Provinces 

1759 54 Gulden. C-A10. Much lustre. Toned AU .35.00 

West Friesland 

1787 2 Stuiver. C-G8. Lustrous AU.15.00 

1678 6 Stuiver. Variety 167-8. F-VF $18.00; VF .21.00 

1618 Daatder (60 Groat). Del-1073. VF, a beautiful piece .... 260.00 

1764 3 Gulden. D-1853. Choice BU .149.00 

Kingdom Issues 

1898 1 Cent. Y-4. Red and brown Uncirculated .6.00 

1850 5 c. Y-6. Toned VF .3.25 

1869 5 cents. Y-6. Some lustre. VF-EF .8.00 

1876 5 c. Y-6. Rough. VF .8.00 

1908 5 c. Y-33. AU .8.00 

1913 5 c. Y-34. BU .8.50 

1889 10 c. Y-7. Light obverse rim marks. BU .25.75 

1897 10 c. Y-20. Wilhelmina (child head). VF .10.00 

1904 10 c. Y-23b. Young head (small head). Nice. VF. 8.50 

1849 25 cents. C-89. BU .39.50 

1897 25 c. Y-21. (Child Head). AU .24.00 

1904 25 c. Y-24. Young Head. BU .34.50 

1914 25 c. Y-40. Toned VF-EF.8.25 

1917 25 c. Y-40. Adult Head. BU .17.75 

1868 Vi Gulden. Y-9. Fine.12.00 

1847 1 Gulden. C-91. F-VF.17.00 

1848 1 Gulden. C-91. Fine $13.50; Beautifully toned AU .39.50 

-Page III - 

I Gulden. Y-22. Faint hairline. Sharp HU, very choice!. .. 55.00 
I'HH* 1 Gulden. Ke\ date. 500,000 struck. Nice coin, VF-EF, traces of 

light cleaning.99.50 

1929 l Gulden. Y-46. BU .s’()0 

1931 1 Gulden. Y-46. BU .4.50 

1939 1 Gulden. Y-46. BU .4.50 

1940 1 Gulden. Y-46. BU .3.50 

1808 50 Stuivers. D-228. Louis Napoleon, King of Holland 

(1806-1810). Nicely toned AU. 335.00 

1845 2)4 Gulden. D-235, C-92. VF .42.00 

1847 2Yz Gulden. D-235, G92. Abt. EF .42.50 

1848 2/4 Gulden. D-235. VF $38.50;EF .45.00 

1849 2/4 Gulden. D-235, C-92. VF, scarce date.59.00 

1869 2/4 Gulden. Y-ll. BU.45.00 

1874 2)4 Gulden. Y-ll. EF $18.50; Choice AU .36.00 

1939 254 Gulden. Y-47. Small rim nick. Sharp BU .9.50 

1941 54 Crown. Y-13. BU, light rubbing .14.00 

I'M) I 54 Crown. Y-34. Low mintage. Choice BU .14.00 

1949 Crown. Y-27. Proposed Royal Visit Commemorative. BU, light 

rubbing $10.50; Choice BU .17.50 

1953 Crown. Y-35. Elizabeth II Coronation Issue Commemorative. 

Choice BU $15.00; Proof .22.50 

1967 Crown. Y-42. BU .4.00 

1974 1 Dollar. Commonwealth Games Commemorative. Brilliant 
Uncirculated .5.00 


1878 1 Centavo. Y-L Scarce, one year type. BU, prooflike.37.50 

1912-H 5 Centavos. Y-12. Choice BU .17.50 

1880 10 Centavos. Y-5. EF-AU .27.50 

1887 10 Centavos. Y-8. Nice AU.6.50 

1927 10 Centavos. Y-13. Lustrous AU .7.50 

1887-H 20 Centavos. Y-9. EF' .,.. .. 5.00 

1930 25c, Y-14. 20.000 minted. Rare. Key coin. Lustrous AU. . 30.00 

1929 50 c. Y-15. AU $17.50; BU, truly lustrous.25.00 

1912-H 1 Cordoba. Y-16, E-l. EF .62.50 


1946 2 Dong. Y-4. Very scarce. VF $21.00;EF, for issue .29.50 

1946 5 Hao. Y-2A. BU .12.00 


1964 254 Gulden. Y-7. BU .4.75 


1857 1/10 Gulden. Y-5. EF-AU .5.00 

1802 1/8 Gulden. C-39. Lustrous EF-AU .19.50 

1802 54 Gulden. C-40. Toned with lustre. EF $20.00; AU.30.00 

1834 54 Gulden. C-72. AU .25.00 

1840 54 Gulden. C-72. BU $45.00;Toned Uncirculated .85.00 

1834 54 Gulden. C-73. VF-EF .24.00 

1937 54 Cent Y-18. BU.4.60 

1920 254 Cents. Y-20. Red and brown Uncirculated .4.00 

1945 254 Cents. Y-20. BU .3.00 

1944 (2604) 10 Sen. Y-24. Japanese occupation issue during World War 

II. BU, light toning .55.00 

1943-P 254 Gulden. Y-47. BU .12.50 


1938 1 Shilling. Y-10. Uncirculated .2.50 


1966 10 Francs. Y-3. Brilliant Uncirculated .8.00 


No date. 1 Penny. Milner & Thompson Christ Church. Obverse: Maori 
Warrior. Reverse: Landscape and warrior. Choice red and brown 
Uncirculated .22.50 

1935 3 Pence. Y-1. Rare! Proof.150.00 

1936 6 Pence. Y-2. George V. AU .5.00 

1939 6 Pence. Y-10. George VI. AU .5.00 

1934 1 Shilling. Y-3. EF .5.00 

1935 1 Shilling. Y-3. EF .6.00 

1937 I Shilling. Y-ll. AU .5.00 

1934 J Florin. Y-4. EF-AU .7.00 

1411 I Florin. Y-12. Scarce date, AU .27.00 

1940 54 Crown. Y-14. Nice Uncirculated, light rubbing.20.00 


1656 2 Marks. Hobson-23. F-VF .27.50 

1870 2 Skilling. Y-8. VF .4.00 

1871 2 Skilling. Y-8. VF, small rim mark .3.50 

1856 12 Skilling. C-101. Toned, Abt. EF, 2 small rim marks on obverse 


1819 24 Skilling. C-81. VF .29.50 

1846 24 Skilling. C-102. EF-AU $35.00; Another which is a choice 

piece in sharp and lustrous AU .69.75 

1850 24 Skilling. C-102. F-VF, scarce date .21.00 

1884 1 Ore. Y-15. Uncirculated .7.75 

1876 5 Ore. Y-17. Brilliant Uncirculated.15.00 

1874 10 Ore.(3 Skilling) Y-21. Lustrous EF+ .26.00 

1882 10 Ore. Y-25. VF .10.00 

1892 10 Ore. Y-25. AU .12.00 

1903 10 Ore. Y-25. BU, light rubbing .12.50 

1917 10 Ore. Y-48. VF+ .2.25 

1900 25 Ore. Y-26. Key date. EF-AU .14.50 

1901 25 Ore. Y-26. F-VF .6.50 

1902 25 Ore. Y-26. VF .7.00 

1913 25 Ore. Y-49. Toned BU, scarce.11.00 

1895 50 Ore. Y-27. Fine .3.00 

1909 50 Ore, Y-50. AU, lustrous.10.00 

1877 1 Krone. Y-28. Abt. EF .17.50 

1897 1 Krone. Y-28. Choice toned Uncirculated.89.50 

1898 1 Krone. Y-28. EF .15.00 

1915 1 Krone. Y-51. BU .29.00 

1898 2 Kroner. Y-29. 50,000 struck. Toned AU, sharp.169.50 

1902 2 Kroner. Y-29. Light hairlines. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated, 
proof like .125.00 

—Page 112— 

Bowers and Ruddy Galleries - Known for quality. 

1904 2 Kroner. Y-29. Lovely AU, once lightly cleaned .100.00 

1900 2 Kroner. Y-47. Independence Commemorative. Toned AU 
$37.50; Brilliant Uncirculated .57.50 

1907 2 Kroner. Y-52. “Watch on the Border”. 27,000 struck. Toned 

AU ’ raf e .125.00 

1908 2 Kroner. Y-53. A choice piece with superb light toning. 

Uncirculated .65.00 

1914 2 Kroner. Y-53. EF, some lustre.13.50 

1915 2 Kroner. Y-53. VF .7.50 

1917 2 Kroner. Y-53. BU, light rubbing .23.50 

1914 2 Kroner. Y-54. Constitution Commem. EF $18.50; EF-AU, once 

cleaned, very attractive and lustrous $24.00; AU .30.00 

1964 10 Kroner. Y-84. Constitutional Sesquicentennial 

Commemorative. Brilliant Uncirculated .3.75 

1970 25 Kroner. Y-85. 25th Anniversary of Liberation 

Commemorative. Brilliant Uncirculated .8.50 

Any collector of Scandinavian coins will be interested in this 
Norwegian Wedding Medal This beautiful silver medal has the portrait 
of King Haakon VII and his bride on the obverse, and the reverse 
depicts a lovely cathedral scene with date and legend. Delicate blues, 
golds and muted rainbow tones greatly enhance the delicacy in detail of 
I this piece, said to have been originally presented to a German 
l Ambassador, who like other guests, received these at the wedding. This 
; truly beautiful medal is offered with its original case of issue. Certain to 
go quickly. 1906 Uncirculated .45.00 


1927 2 Mils. Y-2, Tp-12. Bronze. Red and brown Uncirculated. . 6.00 

1927 10 Mils. Y-4. Copper-nickel Brilliant Uncirculated .17.50 

1940 10 Mils. Y-4. Tp-33. Copper-nickel. BU .10.00 

1942 10 Mils. Y-4A. Btonze. EF, sharp.8.50 

1935 20 Mils. Y-5, Tp-43. Copper-nickel AU .15.00 

1935 50 Mils. Y-6, Tp-52. Bronze. EF $4.00; BU .10.00 

1 1927 100 Mils. Y-7. Bronze. Brilliant Uncirculated.27.50 


1904 5 Centesimos. Y-6. BU, light toning .22.00 

1916 5 Centesimos. Y-6. Key date. Very Rare!! AU $149 00; Toned 
Uncirculated .169.00 

1932 5 c. Y-4. Uncirculated with light rubbing .16.00 

1 1904 10 Centesimos. Y-7. 1 year type. Toned F $5.00; F-VF $7.50; 

VF, with edge toning $9.50; EF $16.00; Gem AU .42.50 

I 1930 1/10 Balboa. Y-13. EF, light rim dig .6.00 

1931 1/10 Balboa. Y-13. EF $8.50; AU $16.50; Uncirculated, light 

rubbing .21.00 

1932 1/10 Balboa. AU, sharp .23.50 

1933 1/10 Bal. Y-13. Reverse has light rim mark. EF $14.75; BU 70.00 

1934 1/10 Bal Y-13. Key coin, very scarce. F $8.50; Toned EF $22.00; 

Lustrous AU $37.00; Uncirculated .68.00 

> 1947 1/10 BaL Y-13. Choice AU.2.00 

1904 25 Centesimos. Y-8. VF $7.50; Choice EF-AU $28.50; AU, light 
toning $45.00; Choice BU, fully lustrous and nice fields. Rare this 
choice .75.00 

1930 ft Bal. Y-14. AU $10.00; Uncirculated, full lustre, light rubbing 

$19.50; BU .30.00 

) 1931 Vt Bal. Y-14. EF .69.50 

I 1932 J4 Bal. Y-14. Sharp EF-AU .17.00 

' 1933 V* Bal. Y-14. VF .3.00 

1934 y* Bal. Y-14. Choice AU $21.00; BU, lightly toned .75.00 

■ 1947 V* Bal Y-14. Choice BU, light edge mark .12.00 

i 1953 y* Bal Y-19. AU...2.00 

I 1930 Vi BaL Y-15. Choice toned Very Fine $8.75; VF-EF $15.00; Abt. 

Extremely Fine .17.50 

I 1932 Vi Bal. Y-15. 63,000 minted. F/VF.9.00 

j 1933 Vi BaL Y-15. VF, some light edge dings $3.00; AU, very rare. 

1934 Vi Bal. Y-15. VF, strong. 1000 

1 1953 Zi Bal Y-20. 50th Anniversary of Republic. Unc. $2.25; BU 3.50 


1961 J4 BaL Y-26. BU .2.00 

1967 Vi Bal. Y-15 A. Silver Proof .5.00 

1904 50 Centesimos. Y-9. Fine $12.50; VF, once cleaned $17.50; 

Brilliant Uncirculated .49.00 

1905 50 Centesimos. Y-9. F-VF $29.50; Abt. VF $35.00; Abt. EF, 
once cleaned $39.00; EF, once cleaned, very nice $42.50; AU 59.00 

1931 1 Balboa. Y-16. EF, small edge mark $7.00; Choice AU. .. 12.00 

1947 1 Bal. Y-16. BU ..6.00 

1953 1 BaL Y-21. 50th Anniversary of Republic. Nice Unc. .... 15.00 

1966 1 BaL Y-27. BU $8.00; Choice BU .9.50 

1966 1 Balboa. Y-27. Choice BU.9.50 

1968 1 Balboa. Y-27. Gem Proof .9.50 

1970 5 Bal Y-28. Commemorative of the 11th Central American and 

Caribbean Games. BU $7.50; Proof.17.50 

1972 5 Bal Y-30. F.A.O. Issue. Gem BU .12.50 

1953 1 Centesimo. Y-17. 10 pieces commemorating the 50th 

Anniversary of the Republic. BU, for set.4.95 

San Bias Island Coconut Token. Choice BU .1.75 


1845 1/12 Real. Y-l. Fine $8.00; VF $12.50; AU .35.00 

1845 1/12 Real. Y-1. Counterstamped E.B.C. EF .8.00 

1870 2 Centesimos. Y-3. VF $7.50; EF $10.00; BU, mint state. 35.00 

1870 4 Centesimos. Y-4, Brown EF-AU .13.50 

1900 10 Centavos. Y-7. AU.6.00 

1903 10 Centavos. Y-7. AU.6.75 

1908 20 Centavos. Y-ll. AU.17.00 

1925 50 Centavos. Y-12. BU .10.00 

1944-B 50 Centimas. Y-24. BU .4.50 

1889 1 Peso. Y-5, E-l. Obverse; “Republica del Paraguay 1889”. Star 
with rays within wreath. Reverse; “Paz y Justica” Un Peso, lion with 
pole topped by liberty cap. Very scarce. EF, nicely toned $189.00; 

EF-AU, some lustre .210.00 

1868 2 c. Pattern 30 M.M. Obverse: seated lion to right. Reverse: “Paz 
y Justica”. Dos Cents, five stars below. Pattern proof .89.50 


1917 (1335) 2000 Dinar. Y-72. EF-AU.7.00 

1902 (1320) 5000 Dinar. Y-29. EF, edge ding .5.00 

1928 5000 Dinar. Y-lll. EF, lightly toned $11.00; Choice BU. 15.00 

1929 5000 Dinar. Y-lll. EF.8.00 

1944 1, 2, 5, 10 RiaL Y-129-132. BU, 4 piece set .12.50 


1903 J.F. Vi Dinero. Y-18. Choice BU .2.75 

1906 Vi Dinero. Y-18. BU .5.00 

1916 F.G. Vi Dinero. Y-18. BU .3.00 

1870 1 Dinero. Y-19. Regular Issue. BU .7.00 

1954 20 Centavos. Y-58. Scarce. Unc., light rubbing.9.00 

1853 50 Centavos. C-137. Scarce one year type. BU .55.00 

1793 I.J. Lima. 2 Reales. C-74. Nice VF .17.50 

1774 M.J. 8 Reales. C-45, E-30. Carolus III. Nice VG-F .22.00 

1781 M.L Lima Mint. 8 Reales. E-39. Obverse: “Carolus III Dei 
Gratia”, date, bust of Charles III facing right. Reverse: “Hispan. Ft 
Ind Rex”, mint mark, “8R”, assayers, crowned coat of arms dividing 

pillars. Superb AU, exceptionally nice.165.00 

1793 I.J. 8 Reales. C-76, E-54. Charles IV. EF-AU .29.00 

1798 W. 8 Reales. C-76, E-60. Carolus I1II. Nicely toned EF ... 22.50 
1806 8 R. C-80; E-70. Carolus IIII. Struck out of collar. Nice AU 22.50 

1808 J.P. 8 Reales. C-76, E-72. Charles IV. VG-F $6.50; BU. lightly 


1809 J.P. Lima. 8 Reales. C-96, E-74. Scarce type. Nice VF .... 65.00 


1814 J.P. 8 Reales. C-l2l,E-82. F-VF $15.00; BU.45.00 

1814 J.P. 8 Reales. C-101, F-82. Type 8. BU, lightly toned _45.00 

1820 J.P. 8 Reales. C-121, F-88. Type 8. Ferdinand VU. Pleasantly 

toned BU.47.00 

1825 J.M. 8 Reales. E-100. Type II. AU, nicely toned .90.00 

1837 8 Reales. E-179. Toned EF.72.00 

1839 M.B. 8 Reales. C-132, E-130. AU-Unc., toned, with minor 

planchet flaws as struck.85.00 

1848 M.B. 8 Reales. C-139, E-158. Lustrous EF .57.00 

1880 B.F. 5 Pesetas. Y-24, E-234. F-VF, few minor rim dings $8.00; 

1882 L.M. (Ayacucho) Y-25, E-237. Very scarce type. EF $259.00; 
Gem BU, superbly toned. Absolutely the most beautiful specimen we 

have ever seen. 595.00 

1872 Y.J. 1 Sol Y-22, E-196. EF-AU .6.75 

1884 R.D. 1 Sol Y-22, E-212. Choice BU, proof like surface. .. 14.50 
1910 1 SoL Y-A45. Struck in silver. Scarce. Brilliant Uncirculated, light 

rubbing .27.00 

1914 F.G. 1 Sol. Y-22, E-231. Scarce BU, light rubbing $15.00; Choice 


1916 F.G. 1 SoL Y-22, E-233. Choice BU, prooflike.10.00 

1923-Lima. 1 Sol. Y-41, E-239. AU .6.00 

1924 1 SoL Y-41, E-240. AU .6.00 

1924 Struck at Philadephia Mint 1 SoL Y-41, E-240. Flatly struck. 

Small letters. BU .9.50 

1925-Philadelphia Mint 1 SoL Y-41, E-243. AU .6.00 

1925- Lima Mint 1 SoL Y-41, E-242. AU .6.00 

1926- Philadelphia Mint 1 SoL Y-41, E-244. AU.6.00 

1930-Lima Mint 1 SoL Y-41, E-245. Only 12,959 minted. Scarce date. 

Choice BU.15.00 

1934 1 SoL Y-41, E-249. Nice AU $6.00; BU $9.00; Choice BU .. 9.50 

1965 20 Sols. Y-64. 400th Anniversary of Lima Mint. Scarce. BU 

$2.75; Choice BU .4.00 

1966 20 Sols. Y-72. Commemorating Peru-Spain Naval Battle of 1866. 

Scarce. Choice BU.4.75 

1863 25 M.M. MedaL City of Callao. Reverse: Ship, legend, date, July 
28, 1863. BU, lightly toned.17.50 


1832 Lima M.M. 8 Reales. C-42. Peru C/S. F 70 and crown F/VF 42.50 

1903 Zi Centamos. Y-14. Brilliant Proof .15.00 

1904 Zi c. Y-14. Under sovereignty of the United States. Philadelphia 
Mint. Red Uncirculated, one small spot on reverse. Bronze .... 3.75 

1903 1 Centavo. Y-15. Red Uncirculated, spotting .5.00 

1904 1 Centavo. Y-15. Under sovereignty of the United States. Red 

Uncirculated .4.75 

1911-S 1 c. Y-15. Brilliant Uncirculated .7.00 

1940-M 1 c. Y-29. BU, weakly struck as usual.5.75 

1903 5 Centavos. Y-16. Brilliant Proof .20.00 

1904 5 c. Y-16. BU, lightly toned .5.50 

1921-M 5 Centavos. Y-16. Lustrous AU .6.00 

1868 10 Centimos. Y-3. BU, prooflike .55.00 

1885 10 Centimos. Y-9. Alfonso XII. BU .15.00 

1904 10 Centavos. Y-18. Mintage 11,355. Toned AU $15.00; Lightly 

toned Unc. .16.75 

1907-S 10 Centavos. Y-22. BU, prooflike .12.00 

1904 20 Centavos. Y-19. BU .17.50 

1910-S 20 c. Y-23. Unc., once cleaned now nice light toning. .. 11.00 

1885 20 Centimos. Y-10. EF.4.00 

1938-M 20 Centavos. Y-32. BU .6.00 

1885 50 Centimos. Y-ll. 1 year type. Alfonso XII. EF, several edge 
HMfk .12.50 

1903 50 Centavos. Y-20. EF, heavily toned $5.00; Imp. Proof. . 32.50 

1904 50 CentnM V 20. El toned .27.50 

1921 50 Centavo-,. Y-24. Ali, sharp $12.00;Unc., weak strike. .. 7.75 


1947 50 Centavos. Y-34. McArthur Commemorative. Choice BU. 5.50 
1947 1 Peso, 50 Centavos. Y-34^35. McArthur Commemorative. Choice 

BU set for .12.50 

1897 1 Peso. Y-13. VF, toned.19.50 

1904-P l Peso. Y-21. 11,355 minted. Very scarce. EF, lightly toned 
$32.00; Choice BU .79.50 

1907- S 1 Peso. Y-21. F-VF, toned.4.50 

1908- S 1 Peso. Y-25. Choice AU .12.00 

1936 1 Peso. Y-28. BU .65.00 

1961 1 Peso. Y-42. Rizal Commemorative. BU .5.00 

1961 1 Peso and Zi Peso. Y-42 & Y-41. Dr. Jose Rizal Commemorative. 

BU, 2 piece set .9.50 

1963 1 Peso. Y-43. Andres Bonifacio Commemorative. BU .5.00 

1964 1 Peso. Y-44. Apolinario Mabini Commemorative. BU .4.50 

1967 1 Peso. Y-45. Bataan and Corregidor Commemorative, 

commemorating Bataan Day. BU .3.25 

1970 1 Peso. Y-52A. Scarce. Visit of Pope Paul VI. Silver BU $10.00; 



1538 Silver Groschen. Gumowski-564. Sigismund I. F-VF .10.00 

Krakow (Republic in South Poland) 

1835 1 Zloty. C-13. Scarce. EF-AU, toned .42.50 

Grand Duchy of Warsaw 

1812 1/3 Talara (2 Zloty). C-86. Fredrich August I, King of Saxony. 
Scarce. A very choice piece in lustrous toned AU .89.50 


1780 Taler. D-1624. AU, lovely toning. 450.00 

Polish Republic 

1788 Taler. D-1621, C-64. Stanislaus PoniatowskL VF .75.00 

Under Russian Kingdom 

1840 10 Groszy. C-113A. VF/EF $5.00; Lustrous AU $8.75; 

Uncirculated, traces of rubbing on reverse but nice! .11.50 

1831 2 Zloty. C-123. Revolution. Toned Unc., light edge mark. 33.00 
1846 25 Kopechs(50 Groszy). C-131, H-323. Warsaw. Scarce. Lustrous 
EF .28.50 

1822 10 Zlotych. D-248. Fully struck, beautifully toned AU. . 439.00 
1833 St. Petersburg. 10 Zlotych (VA Rubles). D-284, C-134, H-338. 
VF-EF, some lustre $52.50; EF-AU, sharp, with very light traces of 

rim repair work at 12 o’clock not noticeable.75.00 

1835 St. Petersburg. 10 Zlotych (VA Rubles). D-284; C-134; H-338. 

EF-AU, lustrous but weak in spots from crude striking.72.50 

Polish "Republic 

1917 10 Fenigow. Y-6. EF .4.00 

1925-Philadelphia Mint. 2 Zlote. Y-16. Choice AU .21.00 

1936 2 Zlote. Y-30. EF-AU $4.25; BU .6.75 

1930 5 Zlotych. Y-19. Scarce. El’ .21.50 

1934 5 Zlotych. Y-25. Scarce, one year type. Lustrous EF-AU. .. 8.75 

1936 5 Zlotych. Y-28. BU, light rubbing.7.00 

1936 5 Zlotych. Y-31. Sailing ship on obverse. EF-AU .8.25 










1932-London Mint. 10 Zlotych. Y-22. Toned EF-AU $1475; BU light 

rubbing on obverse. 2^ 50 

1933 10 Zlotych. Y-23, D-254 VF-EF $9.00; EF-AU $15.00; Sharp 
AU, prooflike reverse. 24 00 

1933 10 Zlotych. Y-24;D-255. Scarce AU, sharp, fully lustrous. 22.50 

1934 10 Zlotych. Y-26, D-256. “S” in shield. 1 year type. Brilliant 

Uncirculated ..22.50 

1935 10 Zlotych. Y-29. EF .6.00 

1936 10 Zlotych. Y-29. Choice AU.8.50 

1939 10 Zlotych. Y-29. Brilliant Uncirculated .16.50 


1917 1 Centavo. Y-36. Red and brown Uncirculated .2.50 

1765 10 Reis. C-3. Jose (Josephus) I, 1750-1777. Nice VF .17.50 

1799 10 Reis. C-34. Maria I and Pedro III. Chocolate brown with small 

planchet chip. VF-EF .17.50 

1849 20 Reis. C-101. Maria II. F-VF .9.50 

1883 20 Reis. Y-7. VF $4.00; Lustrous red and brown EF $6.50; BU, 
disk shaped brockage with incuse rev. covering most of obv.. 125.00 

1813 40 Reis. C-52A. Joannes. Abt. EF, a nice coin .37.00 

1916 50 Centavos. Y-5t). Unc. $6.00; BU .9.50 

1945 50 Centavos. Y-54. BU .2.50 

1890 100 Reis. Y-21. Choice toned AU .9.50 

1910 100 Reis. Y-29. BU .7.50 

1891 200 Reis. Y-22. BU, prooflike .22.50 

1898 200 Reis. Y-25. EF-AU $7.25; Unc.17.50 

1816 400 Reis. C-59A. John VI. Abt. VF, once cleaned .35.00 

1854 500 Reis. C-119. Petrus V. EF/VF, once cleaned .35.50 

1891 500 Reis. Y-23. EF-AU $5.00; BU, rubbing .12.00 

1892 500 Reis. Y-23. BU .15.00 

1896 500 Reis. Y-23. Choice BU.17.50 

1898 500 Reis. Y-26. 400th Anniversary of Voyages of Discovery 

1498-1898. EF $12.00;BU .22.50 

1899 500 Reis. Y-23. BU, prooflike .15.00 

1898 1000 Reis. Y-27. 400th Anniversary of Voyages of Discovery 

1498-1898. BU .49.50 

1899 1000 Reis. Y-24;D-267. EF $17.50;Toned AU, scarce. .. 22.00 

1914 1 Escudo. Y-47. Toned EF-AU.15.00 

1915 1 Escudo. Y-51. EF $9.00; AU.11.00 

1916 1 Esc. Y-51. EF-AU $9.75; BU, light rubbing.17.50 

1963 2/i Escudos. Y-67. Prooflike BU Prova.4.50 

1960 5 Escudos. Y-64. BU .4.75 

1928 10 Escudos. Y-56. “Battle of Ourique 1139” Commemorative. EF 

$10.00; AU, few marks on obverse rim .12.00 

1954 10 Escudos. Y-63. BU ... 2.75 

1953 20 Escudos* Y-62. Commemorative Issue. 25 Years of Financial 

Reform. BU, bagmarks .6.00 

1960 20 Escudos. Y-66. Scarce. 500th Anniversary of Death of Henry 

the Navigator. Matte Proof .39.50 

1966 20 Escudos. Y-69. Salazar Bridge Commemorative. Brilliant 

Uncirculated .3.50 

1971 50 Escudos. “Tree”. Brilliant Uncirculated .8.25 


1952 20 Escudos. Y-ll. BU, lightly toned 


1896 5 Centavos. Y-l. F-VF $5.00; VF-EF. 9 25 

1896 10 Centavos. Y-2. F-VF $7.50; VF_.. .. .. . J0.00 

1895 20c. Y-3. VF, once cleaned $10.95; VF-EF $15.00; EF. .. 20.00 

Puerto Rican Tokens 

Copper (nickel size). No denomination. Obverse: San Jose C R 

Reverse: Esconjida de Cafe. VF.. j 5.00 

Brass (25 c. size). Vi over 1 Fanega (Counterstamped). Higgie-324. Very 

Fine. 5.00 

2 1 anegas. Obverse: Hacienda de Cafe Margarita de Magraner. Reverse: 
Lares Rio Prieto Puerto Rico, (Zi dollar size). Higgie-275. White 

metal. Uncirculated. 17 50 

1882 Copper-brass. Obverse: P.R. Lares Barrio Latorre 10, Mayo 1882. 
Reverse: Hacienda de Miguel Marquez y Ensenan. EF-AU $12 00' 
NiceAU .16.50 


1855 1 c. Token. Breton-920. F-VF .2.50 

1857 1 c. Token. Breton-919. VF. 4.00 

1855 1 c. Tokens. Breton-920 & 917. (N.D. Plough) 2 pieces. Fine 3.50 



1786 Copper cent. C-271. Blank reverse. Very scarce. F+ .14.50 


Assorted dates. 1, 2, 5, 10 & 20 Francs. Y-8-12.2.75 


1957 Z 2 Crown. Y-7. Very scarce BU, light bagging .49.00 


1882 5 Bani. Y-18. AU .3.00 

1906 20Bani. Y-36. Choice BU .6.50 

1906 1 Leu. Y-37. 40th Commemorative of Reign. F .4.25 

1914 1 Leu. Y-45. AU.4.00 

1912 2 Lei. Y-46. EF-AU .4.00 

1914 2 Lei. Y-46. EF-AU $3.50; BU, faint rubbing.6.25 

1880 5 Lei. Y-16; D-272. Charles I. EF, with some lustre.32.00 

1881-B 5 Lei. Y-16, D-272. Toned EF, sharp and lustrous .24.50 

1906 5 Lei. Y-38. VF $30.00; Choice BU, lightly toned .165.00 

1932 100 Lei. Y-62. Carol II. BU .19.50 

1936 100 Lei. Y-61. Carol II. BU .6.00 

1939 250 Lei Y-64. Carol II. BU, very light bagging.14.50 

1941 500 Lei. Y-79. 10th Anniversary of Reign of Carol II. 
Uncirculated, bag marks $6.00; BU, light rubbing $8.50; BU. 10.00 

1944 500 Lei. Y-80. BU, mark in obverse field .6.00 

1946 100,000 Lei. Y-87, D-277. Nice AU $5.75; Unc. $7.50; BU, light 
rubbing .9.95 


1903 1 Rupia. Y-19. Extremely Fine. 


1798-E.M. 1 Denga. C-93;H-186. Nice VF .7.50 

1899 Zt Kopek. Y-47. Nicholas II. Red and brown Unc. .2.95 

1852-E.M. Zi Kopek. C-148; H-261. Red Uncirculated .8.75 

1912 Zi Kopek. Y-48. Brilliant Uncirculated .2.25 

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I l >25 1 2 kopek. Y-75. Legend: C.C.C.F. 40,000 minted. R;ire. Red and 

brown Uncirculated.34.00 

1613-45 Moscow Mint. 1 Kopek. L-15. Tsar Mikhail. VF .8.50 

1838 l Kopek. C-136. Red and brown Uncirculated, beautiful prooflike 


1841 1 Kopek. C-144;H-271. EF .8.00 

1811-E.M. 2 Kopeks. C-l 18; 11-224. VF-EF .4.50 

1904 2 Kopeks. Y-10;H-434. BU .4.00 

1924 2 Kopeks. Y-77; H-480. Scarce reeded edge. VF-EF, minor rim 

dings. Rough obverse.4.00 

1903 3 Kopeks. Y-ll. Lustrous red and brown AU.4.25 

1915 3 Kopeks. Y-ll. Choice BU .7.75 

1763-E.M. 5 Kopeks. C-59; H-138. VF-EF .15.00 

1766-E.M. 5 Kopeks. C-59; H-138. VF-EF .15.00 

1778-E.M. 5 Kopeks. C-59; H-138. F-VF .11.50 

1780-E.M. 5 Kopeks. C-59; H-138. VF .13.00 

1784-K.M. 5 Kopeks. C-59; H-138. EF, few small plan, defects. 19.50 
1803-E.M. 5 Kopeks. C-115; H-229. VF, a nice, well preserved 

specimen .15.00 

1836 5 Kopeks. C-140;H-299. EF .10.00 

1857-E.M. 5 Kopeks. Y-6; H-282. VF-EF, sharp .5.00 

1866-E.M. 5 Kopeks. Y-6A; H-384. EF .5.00 

1866 5 Kopeks. Y-19;H-413. BU .6.75 

1889 5 Kopeks. Y-19; H-413. Alexander III. AU .5.00 

1823 10 Kopeks. C-127;H-233. Silver. Lustrous EF-AU.12.00 

1834-E.M. 10 Kopeks. H-305. Copper. EF .10.00 

1876-H.I. 10 Kopeks. Y-20; H-391. AU .4.50 

1891 10 Kopeks. Y-35; H-414. BU .7.50 

1915 10 Kopeks. Y-20; H-443. BU .6.00 

1878 15 Kopeks. Y-21; H-392. BU, prooflike .12.00 

1916-B.C. 15 Kopeks. Y-54; H-446. Nicholas II. BU .3.00 

1916-Osaka. 15 Kopeks. Y-54; H-447. Nicholas II. BU .4.25 

1922 15 Kopeks. Y-81;H-510. Proof .45.00 

1784 20 Kopeks. C-63; H-151. VF, small mark on obverse field. 18.00 

1875 20 Kopeks. Y-22; H-395. BU, prooflike .12.00 

1916-B.C. 20 Kopeks. Y-22; H-449. BU .5.00 

1766-E.I. 25 Kopeks (Polupoltinnik) C-17; H-152. RARE. G-VG 14.00 

1847 25 Kopeks. C-166;H-322. Lustrous, toned EF.12.75 

1856 25 Kopeks. Y-16; H-396. Nice AU $12.50; Choice BU_18.00 

1859 25 Kopeks. Y-23;H-398. AU $12.50;BU .19.50 

1870-H.I. 25 Kopeks. Y-23; H-398. Choice BU .39.50 

1877 25 Kopeks. Y-23; H-398. Toned Uncirculated, faint rub $13.50; 

Toned Uncirculated.15.75 

1880 25 Kopeks. Y-23; H-398. Nice AU .18.50 

1894 25 Kopeks. Y-44; H-418. EF .29.50 

1762-Moscow. Poltina (Vi Ruble) C-46; H-110. RARE. Far more scarce 
than Ruble. VF .139.00 

1817 Poltma (Vi Ruble) C-129; H-239. Toned AU, a sharp coin. 42.00 

1818 Poltina (Zi Ruble) C-129; H-239. F+.10.00 

1831 Poltina (Zi Ruble) C-160; H-326. Toned Unc., light rubbing 49.00 

1894 50 Kopeks. Y-45; H-420. AU .65.00 

1911 50 Kopeks. Y-58;H-451. BU .14.75 

1921 50 Kopeks. Y-83. VF .6.00 

1922 50 Kopeks. Y-83. VF $3.25; AU $10.75; BU .16.75 

1924 50 Kopeks. Y-89. BU .9.50 

1925 50 Kopeks. Y-89. VF .3.00 

1721 1 Ruble. D-1655. Peter the Great. Rare. Very nice EF, some 

lustre .145.00 

1726- Moscow. I Ruble. D-1664; H-ll. Catherine I. VF, some planchet 

defects on obverse $82.50; Toned VF, sharp.169.00 

1727- Moscow. I Ruble. D-1667;H-24. I year type. Peter II. VF 82.50 

1728- Mo sc. 1 Ruble. D-1668;H-26. Peter II. F-VF $69.00; VF+ 99.50 

1729- Moscow. 1 Ruble. D-1669; H-27. Peter II. VF .95.00 

1732-Mo scow. 1 Ruble. D-1670; H-38. Anna. VF+, light corrosion, but 

still nice.70.00 

1733- Moscow. 1 Ruble. D-1671; H-39. Anna. Superbly toned EF-AU, 

sharp in all respects. 289.00 

1734- Moscow. 1 Ruble. D-1672;H-40. Anna. VF .99.50 

1734-Moscow. 1 Ruble. D-1673;H-41. Anna. VF .72.00 

1738-St. Petersburg. 1 Ruble. D-1675; H-44. Anna. F/VF ..’... 75.00 
1744-Moscow. 1 Ruble. H-79; D-1678. VF, mount marks on obverse 

and reverse at 12 o’clock.45.00 

I749-St. Petersburg. 1 Ruble. D-I677; H-82. Abt. VF .70.00 

1754-I.M. St. Petersburg. 1 Ruble. D-1679;H-84. Nice VF, “5” in date 


1768-E.I. Moscow. 1 Ruble. D-1684;H-158. VF, weak date .... 55.00 

1772-St. Petersburg. 1 Ruble. D-1684; H-160. VF+ .65.00 

1780 1 Ruble. D-1685;H-161. Toned EF, traces of lustre .70.00 

1841-St. Petersburg. 1 Ruble. D-283;H-333. Choice toned Unc. 69.50 
1844-M.W. Warsaw. 1 Ruble. D-283; H-334. Scarce. EF-AU, lustrous 

and sharp.59.00 

1854-H.I. St. Petersburg. 1 Ruble. D-283; H-333. BU, prooflike. 65.00 
1875-H.I. St. Petersburg. 1 Ruble. Y-25;H-402. Toned VF+. .. 18.00 

1877- H.O. 1 Ruble. Y-25;H-402. Scarce moneyer. Nice VF-EF. 24.00 

1878- H.O. St. Petersburg. 1 Ruble. Y-25;H-402. Toned Uncirculated, 

faint rub .39.50 

1883 1 Ruble. Coronation Issue. Y-43;D-291. EF-AU $69.00; Brilliant 

Uncirculated .95.00 

1886 1 Ruble. Y-46; N-423; D-292. Toned VF .24.50 

1896 1 Ruble. Y-59; D-793. Toned EF-AU, beautiful and sharp. 16.00 
1912 1 Ruble. Y-59; D-793. Sharp BU .54.00 

1912 1 Ruble. Y-68; D-296. Centenary of Napoleon’s defeat 
1812/1912. Napoleon and his army invaded Russia and pushed all 
the way to Moscow in 1812. He was defeated soundly, however, by a 
cruel Russian winter, lack of supplies, and Russian guerrilla tactics. 
The obverse of the coin shows a two-headed Byzantine eagle with St. 
George and the dragon on the center shield. Surrounding are six 
coats of arms representing the various Russian provinces. The reverse 
inscription translates to read; “1812 — This famous year has passed 
by but the heroic deeds accomplished during it never fade — 1912.” 
Only 26,500 minted. Beautifully toned Abt. Uncirculated. . 199.00 

1913 1 Ruble. Y-70;D-298. 300th Anniversary of Romanoff Regime. 

Lightly toned BU .32.50 

1921 1 Ruble. Y-84. Brilliant Uncirculated, light rubbing $22.50; 
Brilliant Proof, some very light handling marks. The 1921 ruble is 
extremely rare in Proof grade, and specimens are infrequently met 
with in the numismatic marketplace. We consider this one to be an 
exceptional value for just .149.50 

°aee I 16— 


1955 100 Franken. AU. 


1922 1 Ruble. Y-84. Lightly toned Br. Proof, very light handling 149 50 
1924 1 Ruble. Y-90. Brilliant Unc., light rub $18.00; Sharp BU 22 00 
1965 1 Ruble. Y-135. Uncirculated. o rn 

SENEGAL (Dakar Province) 
1920 25 a L-13. Chamber of Commerce Issue. EF 



1912 5 Para. Y- 6. Obrenovich III. Toned AU 
1868 10 Para. Y-3. Superb Chocolate AU .... 

1917 10 Para. Y-20. Peter I. BU. .!!!!!!!!'.!!!'* 

1917 20 Para. Y- 8. Obrenovich IV. AU $4.50; BU. ... .. .. .. 

50 Para. Y-22. With designers name. BU, rubbed $4.00; BU 

1897 1 Dinar. Y-16. AU. 

1912 1 Dinar. Y-23. BU .. 

1915 1 Dinar. Y-23. With designers name. BU. 

1875 2 Dinara. Y-ll. Toned VF+. 

1897 2 Dinara. Y-17. EF .’ * ' .. 

1915 2 Dinara. Y-24. BU, rubbed 

1942 2 Dinara. Y-28. World War II Issue. Choice BU ! !. .. .. . ' 

1879 5 Dinara. Y-12, D-304. F-VF $27.50; VF 

1904 5 Dinara. Y-25. VF $29.50; Nice VF+ .. ” ’ 

. 2.75 

. 6.75 
. 9.50 
. 7.00 
. 8.00 
. 9.75 
. 9.00 
. 6.00 




1892 1 Centavo. Y-3. Extremely scarce coin. VF .85.00 

1892 5 Centavos. Y- 8. Nice toned Uncirculated, scarce.42.00 

1911 5 Centavos. Y-22. BU, rubbed $9.50; BU .12.50 

1892 10 Centavos. Y-9. Extremely Fine .89.50 

1952 10 Centavos. Y-21a. BU. t 00 

1892 20 Centavos. Y-10. Scarce one year type. Toned VF .15.00 

1943 25 Centavos. Y-28. BU. 4.75 

1892 50c. Y-4. Scarce type (Flag variety). VF, minor rim nick. . 55.00 

1895 1 Peso. Y-7, E-5. F-VF. 9.75 

I 1904 Un Peso. Y-7. AU, prooflike.17.50 

Salvador Token 

2 Real. “La HabranzU”, the tilled land. Vale 2 Dos Reales. Tree on 
reverse. EF .12.50 


1894-R 5 Centesimi. Y-l. Copper. VF-EF, faint rim dings $4.00; Mostly 

red BU.32.50 

; 1938 5c. Y-14. BU .5.25 

• 1875 10 Centesimi. Y-2. Scarce date. VF, light edge ding .10.00 

I 1893-R 10c. Y-2. VF-EF, small rim dings .3.75 

1 1898-R 50c. Y-3. BU, small edge ding .29.50 

1 1898-R 1 Lira. Y-4. 20,000 minted. Sharp BU .50.00 

I 1906-R 1 Lira. Y-4. BU, light bagging on obverse $41.00; Choice toned 

Uncirculated, faintest of rub .77.50 

1935 5 Lire. Y-9. EF .7.50 

1938 5 Lire. Y-9. BU.17.50 

1931 10 Lire. Y-10. BU.37.50 

i 1932 20 Lire. Y-ll. Choice BU. 200.00 


1948 1 Cent Y-5. BU. 2 00 

1963 1 Cent. Y-14. BU. . 975 

1948 2 Cents. Y- 6. BU. . 2 00 

1963 2 c. Y-15. BU. . 2 00 

1948 5 c. Y-7. BU. . 3 0 0 

1964 5 c. Y-16. BU. 3.90 

1943 10 c. Y-l. Only 36,000 minted. Scarce, VF $8.00; BU .... 29.50 

1951 10 c. Y- 8. EF $3.00; BU. 9 50 

1953 10 c. Y-10. BU. .5 00 

1954 25 c. Y-ll. BU. 475 

1960 25 c. Y-ll. BU. 5 75 

1964 25 a Y-17. BU .3.75 

1954 Vi Rupee. Y-12. Copper-nickeL BU.7.50 

1960 Z 2 Rupee. Y-12. BU .6.50 

1954 1 Rupee. Y-13. Choice BU .8.00 


1964 5 Rupees. Kennedy Commemorative. BU 



No date. (CS 1236-44) Vi Att. Y-17. AU .3.00 

No date. (CS 1249) ‘A Att. Y-21. Toned Uncirculated.7.50 

No date. (CS 1876-1902) 1/8 TicaL Y-32. BU.^. 5.00 

1897 2/2 Satang. Y-24. BU .12.00 

No date. (CS 2456-61) 1 TicaL Y-45. Toned Uncirculated .6.00 


| 1933-H Vi Cent. Y-13. BU .3.75 

[ 1889-H 1 Cent. Y-7. Brown Unc., prooflike surface .19.00 

f 1920 1 Cent. Y-15. C.V. Brooke, Rajah. Nice AU .10.50 

1937-H 1 Cent. Y-14. BU .4.00 

i 1934-H 10 Cents. Y-17. BU, prooflike .10.00 


f 1348 AH 1 Ryal. Y-14. Beautiful unlisted Proof. An opportunity for 
the crown collector. 275.00 


1791 1 Penny. C-2. Lightly impaired Proof $49.50; Toned Bronze 


1972 10 Dollars. Y-9. Very limited issue. As we understand it, these are 
sold at banks in Singapore on their New Years eve, and are used as 
gifts to people born in that cycle. BU .14.50 



1896 3 Pence. Y-2. Paul Kruger, Pres. 1883-1902. F-VF .5.00 

1897 6 Pence. Y-3. 220,000 minted. BU .15.00 

1897 1 Shilling. Y-4. BU .29.00 

1896 2 V 2 Shillings. Y- 6. F-VF .4.25 

1897 2Zi Shillings. Y- 6. Mintage: 149,168. Very scarce so choice. 

Uncirculated. .. 

.. 32.00 

Guaranteed Authenticity 

Each and every item in this issue of the Hare Coin 
Review is guaranteed to be authentic. You can be 
sure when you buy from Bowers and Ruddy Gal¬ 
leries, Inc. 

—Page 117 — 


1892 5 Shillings. Y-7. Kruger Crown (single shaft). One nicely toned 
with minor rim mark. EF-AU $225.00; another, EF-AU, once 

cleaned, highly lustrous. 235.00 


1932 !4 Penny. Y-23. George V. Bronze. Uncirculated .9.50 

1948 Zt Penny. Y-40. George VI. Bronze. Only 1,120 Proofs minted. 

F.D.C. Proof .6.50 

1937 fi Penny. Y-32. Bronze. Uncirculated.10.50 

1948 l /2 Penny. Y-41. Bronze. Choice Uncirculated .2.00 

1950 1 Penny. Y-42. Bronze. Gem BU .2.50 

1954 1 Penny. Y-61. Elizabeth II. BU .2.00 

1937 3 Pence. Y-34. Silver. Toned Uncirculated .10.00 

1945 3 Pence. Y-34. Silver. BU .3.00 

1948 3 Pence. Y-43. 1,120 Proofs minted. F.D.C. Proof.10.00 

1948 6 Pence. Y-44. 1,120 Proofs minted. F.D.C. Proof.10.00 

1961 10 Cents. Y-75. BU .2.50 

1940 1 Shilling. Y-36. AU, several minor rim nicks.6.00 

1948 1 Shilling. Y-45. Mintage: 1,120. Rare date as low regular 

mintage. F.D.C. Proof .45.00 

1937 1 Shilling. Y-36. Toned Uncirculated .19.00 

1954 1 Shilling. Y-64. BU .3.25 

1937 2 Shillings. Y-37. Toned Uncirculated .18.00 

1948 2 Shillings. Y-46. Rare date. F.D.C. Proof .45.00 

1954 2 Shillings. Y-65. BU .5.00 

1923 2/2 Shillings. Y-21. AU .19.00 

1937 2/2 Shillings. Y-38. Toned Uncirculated .19.50 

1943 2/2 Shillings. Y-38. BU, rubbing .6.00 

1954 2/2 Shillings. Y-66. BU .6.00 

1954 2/2 Shillings. Y-66. 3,150 minted. Proof.12.00 

1960 2/2 Shillings. Y-66. 15,528 low mintage. BU, prooflike. .. 18.00 

1947 5 Shillings. Y-39. Uncirculated .12.50 

1948 5 Shillings. Y-48. George VI. Choice toned EF.8.50 

1948 5 Shillings. Y-39. Gem BU, prooflike .27.50 

1950 5 Shillings. Y-48. AU $12.00; Rare date Proof.45.00 

1952 5 Shillings. Y-56. BU, light rim ding $9.50; BU, prooflike. 17.50 

1953 5 Shillings. Y-67. Elizabeth II. BU $9.00; BU, prooflike $14.00; 

Special select prooflike .24.50 

1954 5 Shillings. Y-67. Special select prooflike.45.00 

1955 5 Shillings. Y-67. BU, lightly toned $22.00; BU, prooflike. 29-00 

1956 5 Shillings. Y-67. Uncirculated .4.75 

1957 5 Shillings. Y-67. BU .19.00 

1958 5 Shillings. Y-67. BU $19.00; Choice BU, prooflike.24.00 

1960 5 Shillings. Y-70. 50th Anniversary of Union Commemorative. 

Una $6.50; Superb special select Prooflike .15.50 

1961 50 Cents. Republic. Obverse: Jan Van Riebeeck. Uightly toned 

special select proof like .8.75 

1962 50 Cents. Y-77. Republic. Jan Van Riebeeck. Special select 

proof like .10.00 

1963 50 a BU $5.00; BU, lightly toned, special select prooflike. 10.00 

1964 50 Cents. Y-77. BU $5.00; BU, prooflike $10.00; Toned Brilliant 

Uncirculated, prooflike .12.00 

1966 1 Rand. Y-86. Select prooflike BU .15.00 


1941 Z 2 Crown. Y-21. George VI. King Emperor to right of head. 

Extremely Fine .7.00 

1944 Zi Crown. Y-21. Choice BU .17.00 

1947 '/i Crown. Y-21A. BU .14.00 

1951 I Penny. Y-28. Red and brown Uncirculated .4.00 

1953 Crown. Y-34. Elizabeth II. Commemorating the birth of Cecil 
Rhodes. BU .17.50 

Phillip II 

No date (Circa: 1556-98) 4 Reales. Calico-282A. Scarce. Lustrous 

toned AU .150.00 

Phillip IV (1621-65) 

1624 8 Maravedis. Vin-Type 50. Crude F+ .8.50 

Phillip V (1700-1747) 

1723- Mallorca. Treseta. Crude Fine, small planchet .7.00 

1719-Zaragoza. 4 Maravedis. Vin-61. F-VF .5.50 

1722-S.J. (SeviUe). 2 Reales. V-588. VF-EF .24.00 

1724- A (Madrid). 2 Reales. V-596. F+ .9.00 

Carlos III (1760-89) 

1770-P.T. (Madrid). 2 Reales. C-33; V-2728. Nice VF .12.00 

1774-C.F. (Seville). 2 Reales. C-38; V-2764. Abt. VF .16.00 

1788-C (Seville). 2 Reales. C-38; V-2865. Toned VF.20.00 

Carlos IV (1788-1808) 

1793-M.F. (Madrid). 2 Reales. C-69; V-4403. Lustrous toned EF+ 18.50 

Jose Napoleon (1808-14) 

1810-M.A.I. (Madrid). 4 Reales. C-90; V-5389. Scarce. Fine $24.00; 

Abt. AU, as struck.139.00 

1810-A.I. (Madrid) 20 Reales. D-308; Vin-5419. F+, once cleaned 99.50 
Ferdinand VII (1808-1833) 

1827-Segovia. 2 Maravedis. C-116; V-5481. VF.6.00 

1830-Segovia. 2 Maravedis. C-116; V-5484. EF .8.00 

1833-Segovia. 2 Mar. C-116; V-5488. VF .6.00 

1819-Jubia. 4 Mar. C-114; V-5539. F-VF .6.00 

1815-M.G.J. 8 Reales. D-323; V-6427. Lovely toned AU. 249.00 

1821- S.R. (Madrid). 10 Reales. C-138; V-6267. Struck over French Z 2 

ecus. F-VF.19.50 

1822- S.R. (Madrid). 20 Reales. D-325; V-6515. F-VF.57.50 

1823- S.R. (Madrid). 20 Reales. D-325; V-6525. Rare. Abt. VF. . 75.00 


1812 3 Quartos. C-L38; V-5524. F-VF.12.00 

1838 3 Quartos. Y-48; V-6994. EF+, scarce so choice.18.50 

1841 6 Quartos. Y-49; V-7073. EF, scarce so nice .22.50 

Majorca Island 

1821 30 Sous. D-326; C-L-53. Emergency issue. EF .75.00 

Isabel II (1833*1868) 

1866-Barcelona. Z 2 centimo de escudo. Y-36; V-6898. Choice BU, 

scarce mint .40.00 

1853-Segovia. 1 Decima de ReaL Y-16; V-6936. Toned EF.8.00 

1846- Segovia. 2 Maravedi. Y-4; V-6925. Choice BU .7.50 

1847- Jubia. 4 Mar. Y-A-4; V-6982. Red and brown Uncirculated. 6.50 

1840-Segovia. 8 Mar. Y-B4; V-7043. Toned EF-AU .12.00 

1862- Segovia. 25 Centimos de Real. Y-26; V-7014. Toned EF-AU 8.50 
1868-Seville. 5 Centimos de Escudo. Y-39. Nice, sharp AU, red as once 

cleaned .11.00 

1852- Seville. 1 Real. Y-19; V-7122. BU, light toning $35.00; Gem 

toned BU.42.50 

1853- Seville. 1 Real. Y-19; V-7125. BU, light rub.28.50 

1863- Seville. 1 ReaL Y-27; V-7152. EF.14.00 

1858- Madrid. 4 Re. Y-29; V-7290. Lustrous toned EF-AU, sharp 20.00 

1859- Madrid. 4 Reales. Y-29; V-7293. Gem toned Uncirculated. 45.00 

1866-Madrid. 40 Centimos. V-7316. Nice VF+ .18.00 

1854- Seville. 10 Reales. V-7343. Toned EF+ .67.50 

1850-Madrid. 20 Re. D-332; V-7387. 1 year type. Superb AU. 329.00 
1850-M-CL 20 Reales. D-332; V-7390. F+, light mark in field. . 35.00 

Page I IB— 

Bowers and Buddy Galleries Known for quality. 

1852-Seville. 20 Reales. Y-23; D-333; V-7397. Few Ught rim marks on 
reverse. Once lightly cleaned but still nice VF $39.50; another VF 
$57.50; Toned VF+. 72 00 

1854- Seville. 20 Reales. Y-23;D-333; V-7399. Nice VF, scarce 75 00 

1855- Madrid. 20 Reales. Y-23; D-333; V-7400. Nice VF. 59.00 

1855- Seville. 20 Reales. Y-23; D-333; V-7401. VF. 67 50 

1856- Madrid. 20 Reales. Y-31;D-334; V-7402. F-VF. 39*50 

1857- Seville. 20 Reales. Y-31; D-334; V-7406. Rare date and mint. 

VF-EF, once cleaned. Light rim and surface marks .85.00 

1858- Madrid. 20 Reales. Y-31; D-334; V-7407. AU .85.00 

1862-Madrid. 20 Reales. Y-31; V-7413. VF+ .72.50 

1867- Madrid. 2 Escudos. Y-44; D-335; V-7423. VF+, nice coin $79.00; 

Toned EF-AU, lustrous .115.00 

Provisional Issue 

1868- Segovia. 25 Milesimas de Escudo. Y-A50; V-7029. Commemorat¬ 
ing Battle of Bridge of Alcolea. Toned Uncirculated .159.00 

Peseta Monetary Systems (1869-Present) 

1906 1 Centimo. Y-96. Alfonso XIII. Red and brown AU $3.25; 
Uncirculated .6.00 

1911 2c. Y-99. Uncirculated .450 

1912 2c. Y-99. BU, prooflike .6.00 

1878 5c. Y-69. Alfonso XIL Nice Una, slightly imperfect planchet 6.00 

1937 5c. Y-103. Iron. 1 year issue. BU, rare so nice .17.00 

1870 20 Centimos. Y-55. Rare. Only 5,000 minted. A pleasant 

specimen of this rare coin. Nice F-VF .410.00 

1925 25c. Y-100. Nickel-brass. BU .5.50 

1880 50c. Y-A76. Alfonso XII. Toned EF .7.00 

1889 50c. Y-79. Alfonso XIII. Fine .6.50 

1892 50c. Y-79. Toned EF-AU .8.75 

1894 50c. Y-83. Nice AU .14.50 

1926 50c. Y-102. 1 year type. BU, lightly toned.6.00 

1937 50c. Y-105. Republic. Choice BU.3.50 

1949 50c. Y-115. BU .4.00 

1951 50a Y-115. Arrows down. Scarce. AU $2.00; BU .4.00 

1893 1 Peseta. Y-84. Alfonso XIII. Nice EF, some lustre .12.50 

1896 1 Peseta. Y-88. Choice BU .10.00 

1933 1 Peseta. Y-108. Republia Scarce BU .9.00 

1870 2 Pesetas. Y-59. Sharp VF .8.00 

1873 2 Pesetas. Y-59. VF/EF .8.00 

1882 2 Pesetas. Y-C76. Charles VII. VF .4.00 

1905 2 Pesetas. Y-95. Alfonso XIII. Choice BU .15.00 

1937 2 Pesetas. Asturias and Leon. V-8185. Toned Una .15.00 

1868 5 Pesetas. Pattern. Bronze. Crowned female reclining, branch in 
extended right hand. Gibralter at left. Plain edge. AU .140.00 

1870 5 Pesetas. Y-60; D-336. Abt. VF $13.00; Nice toned VF $16.50; 

Beautifully toned EF+.42.00 

1871 5 Pesetas. Y-61;D-337. Amadeo I. Sharp EF-AU.21.50 

1871 (74) 5 Pesetas. Y-61; D-337. The true date is found in tiny 

numerals in the stars which flank the large date. EF .18.00 

1875 5 Pesetas. Y-74; D-339. Alfonso XIL F-VF $6.00; VF $7.50; 

VF-EF .9.00 

1876 5 Pesetas. Y-75;D-340. VF+ $11.00;LustrousEF-AU-24.50 

1877 5 Pesetas. Y-75; D-340. Nice toned EF-AU .17.50 

1878 5 Pesetas. Y-75; D-340. VF-EF.8.00 

1888 5 Pesetas. Y-82; D-342. Alfonso XIII. Baby head. Lustrous EF 

$16.50; AU .81.00 

1890 5 Pesetas. Y-82; D-342. VF .9.00 

1891 5 Pesetas. Y-82; D-342. VF .9.00 

1892 5 Pesetas. Y-86;D-343. Young head. F-VF .10.25 

1893 5 Pesetas. Y-86;D-343. VF, small rim ding on reverse $14.00; BU, 

edge slightly rough .79.50 

1894 5 Pesetas. Y-86; D-343. AU. 37 - 50 

1896 5 Pesetas. Y-89;D-344. Sharp and lustrous EF-AU .18.50 

1897 5 Pesetas. Y-89;D-344 F-VF .8.50 

1898 5 Pesetas. Y-89;D-344 Choice BU. 1750 

1950 5 Pesetas. Y-117. Franco. BU .2.95 

1966 100 Pesetas. Y-122. Gem BU. 


1968 100 Pesetas. Y-122. BU. 3 50 

Viscayan Republic 

1937 2 Pesetas. Y-2. Brilliant Uncirculated .7.50 


1908 /4 Cent Y-17. Edward VII. Red and brown Choice Una 

1916 */4 Cent. Y-27. George V. BU. 

1920 1 Cent. (Square) Y-30. Red and brown Una. 

1935 5 Cents. Y-33. BU. 

1927 10 Cents. Y-34. BU, rubbed .!!.'!!. 

1926 20 Cents. Y-35. EF-AU. ......!. 

1891 50 Cents. Y- 6. Victoria. Once Proof, now prooflike AU 

1896 50 Cents. Y-16. Prooflike BU, some bag marks. 

1901 50 Cents. Y-16. VF. 

1908 50 Cents. Y-24. AU. 

1920 50 Cents. Y-36. BU .. ’ ‘ ‘ 

1904-B Dollar. Y-25. EF. .!!.!!!!!!!.! 

1920 Dollar. Y-37. Uncirculated. 

... 4.95 
... 4.00 
... 2.75 
.. . 4.00 
... 3.75 
... 3.50 
.. 37.00 
.. 39.00 
... 7.00 
... 7.00 
... 5.00 
... 9.95 
.. 12.00 


1821 V 2 Penny. C-l. Mark on reverse. VF-EF $17.50; AU-Unc.. . 30.00 

1951 10 Escudos. Y-14. BU. 


1962 1 Gulden. Y- 6. BU .2.25 

1962 lc, 5c, 10c, 25c, and 1 Gulden. 5 piece set. BU .3.50 


1718 1 Daler. Emergency token coinage. Warrior w/ sword. VF-EF 6.75 

1852 1/16 Riksdaler. C-173. VF .9.00 

1803 1/6 Riksdaler. C-86. Uncirculated .6.00 

1832 1/6 Riksdaler. C-125. Red and brown Una .10.00 

1776 Riksdaler. D-1735. Nice VF .145.00 

1802 over 1769 Zz Skilling. C-81. Gustaf IV Adolph. Lustrous EF 13.00 

1857 Zz Ore. C-185. Uncirculated .22.50 

1683 1 Ore. S.M. H-169. Karl XI. 46 M.M. Crossed arrows. Reverse 

rough. F-VF .29.50 

1719/18 1 Ore. Struck over Degortz daler. VG-F .5.50 

1740 1 Ore. S.M. H-254. Frederick I. Crossed arrows. EF-AU. .. 21.00 

1858 1 Ore. C-186. Abt. VF .4.50 

1866 1 Ore. Y-2. Scarce date. Red and brown Uncirculated, bright, 

hght rim planchet defect .20.00 

1876 1 Ore. Y-14. Nice F-VF .40.00 

1921 1 Ore. Y-44. Toned Uncirculated .3.00 

1871 2 Ore. Y-3. Uncirculated .16.00 

1889 2 Ore. Y-15A. VF-EF, once cleaned .2.00 

1874 5 Ore. Y-16. Abt. EF .6.00 

1870 10 Ore. Y-5. Fine .5.00 

1874 10 Ore. Y-19. F-VF $7.00; VF+.10.00 

1876 10 Ore. Y-19. Lustrous EF .49.00 

1882 10 Ore. Y-27. Key coin. F+ .39.00 

1907 10 Ore. Y-35. AU .7.00 

1929 10 Ore. Y-47. Uncirculated .8.00 

1938 25 Ore. Y-48. BU, hght rubbing .5.75 

1875 50 Ore. Y-21. Fine .13.00 

1875 1 Krona. Y-22. VF .15.00 

1887 1 Krona. Y-22. F-VF .8.75 

1923 1 Krona. Y-50. Gem BU, hght rubbing.22.00 

1928 1 Krona. Y-50. BU, hght rim mark.29.50 

1935 1 Krona. Y-50. EF-AU .4.00 

1939 1 Krona. Y-50. AU .3.75 

—Page 119— 

18.6 E.B. 2 Kronor. Y-23. Oscar II. Fully lustrous choice Uncirculated, 

extremely rare in this condition. 795.00 

18^7 2 Kronor. Y-31. Gem BU, beautifully toned .27.50 

1907 2 Kronor. Y-39. Oscar II. VF $18.50; VF-EF, some lustre. 25.00 

1907 2 Kronor. Y-40. Wedding Anniv. Commem. EF-AU .18.50 

1921 2 Kronor. Y-58. Gustaf Vasa. 400th Anniversary of political 

liberty. BU .17.50 

1932 2 Kronor. Y-59. 300th Anniversary of Death of Gustaf II Adolf 
Commemorative. Gem BU.24.50 

1934 2 Kronor. Y-51. Gustaf V. BU, very light planchet defects on 

obverse field .16.00 

1936 2 Kronor. Y-51. Gem BU .15.50 

1938 2 Kronor. Y-51. Lustrous Uncirculated, light rubbing $10.50; 
Gem BU .12.50 

1938 2 Kronor. Y-61. 300th Anniversary of Swedish Settlement in 

Delaware 1638-1938. BU ..'.14.00 

1939 2 Kronor. Y-51. BU, prooflike .7.75 

1947 2 Kronor. Y- 68. Uncirculated, light rubbing.4.75 

1950 2 Kronor. Y- 68. BU .9.50 

1935 5 Kronor. Y-60. 500th Anniversary of the Riksdag. Nice AU 

$13.50; BU $15.00; Choice BU .17.50 

1952 5 Kronor. Y-81. King’s 70th Birthday Commemorative. BU 

$49.50; BU, prooflike .59.50 

1954 5 Kronor. Y-80. Gustaf VI Adolf 1950-. Uncirculated, rubbed and 

light corrosion. 9.75 

1959 5 Kronor. Y-82. Sesquicentennial Constitution of 1809. BU 14.00 
1962 5 Kronor. Y- 86. Uncirculated, some bagging $50.00; BU. . 69.50 

1966 5 Kronor. Y-87. Parliament Reform Commem. BU .6.00 

1971 5 Kronor. Y-80. Brilliant Uncirculated.3.00 



1793 Billion Kreuzer. C-4. Choice Uncirculated .21.00 

1798 Billion Batzen. C-ll. BU .31.50 

1808 5 Batz. C-81. Pleasant F-VF .18.00 


1839 10 Centimes. C-67. BU.26.00 

1847 10 Centimes. C-70. Nice AU.12.50 

1839 25 a C-68. AU .16.00 

1844 25 c. C-68. Toned EF, lustrous.9.00 

1848 5 Francs. D-375. Choice toned Uncirculated, a choice piece with a 
small mark on obverse field but otherwise a prooflike surface 600.00 
1851 10 Francs. D-374; D-168. Only 678 struck. Mounted in plastic. 

Superb Brilliant AU. 945.00 

Canton Luzern 

1816 5 Batz. C-34b. Toned EF+ .28.00 

1814 4 Franken. D-364. EF, some lustre $210.00; Sharp EF-AU 

$279.00;Beautifully toned AU. 335.00 

Canton Vaud 

1820 I Batz. C-4. BU, proof like .29.50 

Zuri eh 

1768 I aler. D-1789; C-33. Obverse: Lion with sword. Reverse: Date in 
frame and sprays. F-VF .98.50 


1813-B 40 Batz. D-366. EF. 225.00 


1853-B 1 Centime. Y-18. F-VF $39.50; VF .49.50 

1866-B 1 c. Y-18. EF-AU, small spot .39.00 

1870-B 1 c. Y-18. F-VF.. 22.00 

1872- B 1 c. Y-18. Toned EF-AU .24.50 

1889- B 1 c. Y-18. VF-EF, a key coin .12.00 

1890- B 1 c. Y-18. AU .10.00 

1900-B 1 c. Y-18. VF, a key coin .6.00 

1870-B 2 Centimes. Y-19. Nice VF-EF, a key coin .18.50 

1886-B 2 Centimes. Y-19. EF-AU .5.00 

1897- B 2 c. Y-19. Brown Uncirculated .15.00 

1898- B 2 c. Y-19. Bronze. AU, a gem piece.19.50 

1946-B 2 c. Y-19A. BU .17.50 

1850-BB 5 c. Y-20. Fine .3.00 

1873- B 5 c. Y-20. Sharp VF .18.00 

1874- B 5 c. Y-20. EF .26.00 

1873-B 10 c. Y-21. VF-EF .15.00 

1919 10 c. Y-24. BU .5.25 

1850-BB 20 c. Y-22. EF-AU, lustrous ...28.50 

1892-B 20 c. Y-25A. AU .3.75 

1898-B 20 c. Y-25A. VF/EF .5.00 

1879-B */2 Franc. Y-30. VF .41.00 

1894-A Vi Franc. Y-30. BU, rare so nice .129.00 

1850- A 1 Franc. Y-31. VF .92.50 

1851- A 1 Franc. F+, weak reverse, otherwise very nice.41.50 

1861-B 1 Franc. Y-27. VF.33.50 

1877-B 1 Franc. Y-31. VF-EF $15.50; AU .54.00 

1887-B 1 Franc. Y-31. BU, faint rub.51.00 

1894^A 1 Franc. Y-31. Gem BU .98.00 

1940- B 2 Francs. Y-32. EF-AU .2.25 

1850-A 2 Francs. Y-32. VG.65.00 

1860-B 2 Francs. Y-32. Lustrous EF-AU, very nice.98.00 

1879-B 2 Fr. Y-32. VF-EF, once cleaned .17.00 

1920-B 2 Fr. Y-32. Nice AU .3.75 

1960-B 2 Fr. Y-32. BU, prooflike .3.50 

1923-B 5 Fr. Y-34. AU $49.50; Gem BU, light edge toning .... 99.50 

1935- B 5 Fr. Y-36. Choice BU .11.00 

1936- B 5 Fr. Y-46. EF-AU $17.50;BU .27.00 

1939-B 5 Fr. Y-49. Laupen Commemorative. Choice BU .185.00 

1939 5 Fr. Y-50. Zurich Exposition. Uncirculated, light rubbing 

$32.50; BU .39.00 

1941- B 5 Fr. Y-51. 650th Anniversary of Confederation (1291-1941). 

BU $33.50; Gem BU .38.00 

1948 5 Fr. Y-53. Centennial of Swiss Confederation. Choice BU 12.50 

1963 5 Fr. Y-56. Red Cross Centennial BU .7.50 

Swiss Shooting Talers 

1859 (Zurich) 5 Francs. Y-5-S;D-379. Choice toned Unc.240.00 


1865 (Shaffhausen) 5 Fr. Y-8-S. 10,000 minted. BU.115.00 

1867 (Schwyz) 5 Fr. Y-9-S;D-383. Lustrous EF+, sharp .105.00 

1872 (Zurich) 5 Fr. Y-ll-S;D-385. 10,000 struck. Sharp AU ... 89.50 

1874 (St. Gallen) 5 Fr. Y-12-S; D-387. EF-AU $43.50; AU _52.00 

1879 (Basel) 5 Fr. Y-14rS; D-388. EF-AU $44.50;Toned AU. .. 52.50 
1881 (Fribourg) 5 Fr. Y-15-S; D-389. Toned EF $35.00; EF-AU, edge 

ding on reverse $39.00; EF-AU $41.50; BU .65.00 

1883 (Luzana) 5 Fr. Y-16-S; D-390. EF-AU, rim ding on reverse 

$39.50; AU $45.00; Nicely toned AU $50.00; BU .65.00 

1885 (Bern) 5 Fr. Y-175; D-391. AU $44.50; Choice toned 

Uncirculated .69.00 

1934 (Fribourg) 5 Fr. Y-44. BU, proof like .45.00 


1970 50 Baht. Y-95. 20th Anniversary of the World Fellowship of 


1948 10 Avos. Y-l. Gem BU, becoming scarce .4.00 

1951 10 Avos. Y-l. BU, becoming scarce .4.00 

1958 6 Escudos. Y-9. 1 year type. BU.6.00 


1968 1 Pa’anga. Y-24. BU .3.00 

1968 2 Pa’anga. Y-25. BU .3.50 

TORTOLA (Spanish West Indies) 

(CS 1805-24)54 cut of 8 Reales. C-19. Counterstamped “Tirtila”. Sharp 
EF, scarce .47.50 


1891 1 Centime. Y-ll. Red Uncirculated .10.00 

1891 2 Centimes. Y-10. Choice Uncirculated .10.00 


1327 AH (Yr. 4) 2 Piastres. Y-48. Brilliant Uncirculated, light rim 

planchet clip (mint error) .7.75 

1327 AH (Yr. 3) 5 Piastres. Y-49. AU .7.50 

1327 AH (Yr. 9) 20 Piastres. Y-51. Nice AU .24.50 

1336 AH (Yr. 4) 40 Para. Y-58. Unc., weak strike .4.50 

1971 50 Lira. Y-120. 900th Anniversary of Defeat of the Byzantines. 
BU, prooflike .9.50 

1898 (Neuchatel) Shooting MedaL H-168. So called Taler. 3,009 
minted. Brilliant Uncirculated.29.50 

1 1901 (Lucerne) Shooting MedaL H-156. So called Taler. Brilliant 

Uncirculated. 2450 

1887 (Geneva) Shooting MedaL H-109. So called Taler. 3,903 minted. 
Beautifully toned BU. 

“Your friends in the rare coin business 

1969 1 Crown. Y-l. BU. 



1869-H 1 Centesimo. Y-7. EF. 4.00 

1869-A 2 Centesimos. Y-8. Red and brown Uncirculated $8.00; Toned 

Uncirculated .25.00 

1869-A 4 Centesimos. Y-9. EF/AU $8.50; Red and brown 

Uncirculated .17.50 

1869-H 4 Centesimos. Y-9. Red and brown BU, scarce so choice 29.50 

1857-D 5 Centesimos. Y-4. AU .9.00 

1909 5 Centesimos. Y-17. AU .3.00 

1936 10 Centesimos. Y-19. BU .5.00 

1840 20 Centesimos. Y-2. VF $45.00; rare grade of EF .89.50 

1920 20 Centesimos. Y-20. AU $6.00; BU, light rubbing .8.50 

1930 20 Centesimos. Y-21. BU. 

1954 20 Centesimos. Y-32. BU .“ D 

1943 50 Centesimos. Y-26. BU. 4 - (R) 

1917 50c. Y-22. EF $9.50; AU $15.00; BU, light rubbing .22.50 

1844 1 Peso. Y-10; E-l. Type I. The beautiful Montevideo peso. 
Obverse- “Republica Oriental del Uruguay 1844 ", coat of arms 
encircled by wreath. Reverse: “Sitio de Montevideo. 1054 Ds. Un 
Peso Fuerte” within nine stars. Only 1,500 of these rare coins were 
struck and many have been lost to wear and damage. Very rarely 
offered and seldom found in this condition. We offer a superb. 

Page 121- 

General World Coins — World Proof Sets 

light 1\ toned EF (light adjustment marks as struck on reverse) at 

$725.00, and a superb lightly toned AU .005.00 

1803 l Peso. Y-14, E-6. Toned VF, minor rim nick .25.00 

1805 1 Peso. Y-14. Fine .22.50 

1017 1 Peso. Y-23, E-8. Lustrous AU $52.50; lightly toned Unc. with 

original mint lustre and rare so choice, some bagging .05.00 

1061 10 Pesos. Y-30. BU.3.25 

1060 1000 Pesos. Y-53. F.A.O. BU .6.50 


1863 2 Centimos. Pattern. Obverse: bust of Ciudadano Esclarecido. 
Reverse: date, within wreath — Republica de Venezuela — E below. 

Red toned AU .60.50 

(1)751 2 Reales. C-12. Lion, castle, pillars and legend. A scarce coin. 
Choice strike .37.50 

1852 Zt Centavo. Y-4. EF .15.00 

1843 Zi Centavo. Y-2. Fine, scratches on reverse.5.00 

1852 1 Centavo. Y-6. EF/AU .15.00 

1945 1 Bolivar. Y-22A. BU .3.00 

1935 1 Peso. Y-24. BU .29.50 

1936 5 Bolivares. Y-24. Lustrous EF-AU $16.75; BU .29.50 


1925 (1344 AH). 1 Imadi (Ryal). Y-7;D-352. BU .15.00 

1963 (1382 AH). 1 Ryal. Y-31. BU.4.00 

l^orlij Proof |§>ets; 


The response to our last listing of world proof sets was so 
enthusiastic that we have added many new sets for your selection. We 
suggest that you order early as many sets are extremely scarce and 
much in demand. 


1966 6 piece decimal proof set in plush case. 1 c. through 50 c.. 29.00 
1970 6 piece proof set in original holder. 1 cent through 50 cents. All 
coins are gems and frosty first strikes .20.00 


1964 Winter Olympics special commemorative set including the 1963 
50 schillings, Tirol Y-110 Proof; 1964 50 schillings, Olympics Y-l 11 
Proof; and the official gold restrike 1642-1963 ducat. Archduke 
Ferdinand Charles, for Tirol (similar to Fr-159). A scarce set In 

official case.99.50 

1965 Vienna University proof set. 5,10,25 and 50 schillings. Silver 

proofs in beautiful leather case of issue .22.50 

1971 9 piece set as issued. 2 Groschen—50 Schilling. Proof.10.95 


1966 9 piece specimen set in case of issue. 1 c. through 5.00. .. 50.00 

1969 9 piece proof set in plush case of issue. 1 Cent through 5.00. Only 

10,381 struck by the Royal Mint in London.59.00 

1970 9 piece proof set in plush case of issue. 1 Cent through 5.00. 

22,827 minted by the Franklin Mint .59.00 

1971 9 piece proof set in plush case of issue. 1 Cent through 5.00. 

30,493 minted. Struck at the Franklin Mint.55.00 

1972 9 piece proof set in plush case of issue. 1 Cent through 5.00. 

Struck at the Franklin Mint 34,789 minted.49.50 


1966 4 piece proof set. 25 Paisa through the 3 Rupee in silver. 6,000 


1955 7 piece proof set in original case of issue. Zi Cent through 50 
Cents. This is an extremely scarce British Commonwealth set. Only 
2,000 minted.65.00 


1957 2 piece proof set Only 400 minted. RARE issue. 1 Rupee and 5 
Rupees. Beautiful set.59.00 


1955 5 piece proof set in original case of issue. Another scarce British 
Commonwealth Issue with a mintage of 2,000. The coppers are toned 


lightly as most are. A very desirable set .35.00 

1963 5 piece set in custom plastic vinyl as issued.12.00 

1963 5 piece set as above but boxed.12.00 


1966 6 piece proof set in original plush case. 1 Penny through 4 
Shillings. A 5,100 mintage makes this a desirable set.12.50 


1958 7 piece proof set (some coins toned) in case of issue. 1 Penny 
through the “NKRUMAH” silver crown. 20,431 minted.18.00 


1950 9 piece proof set in original case. 17,513 minted. Zi Penny 

through the Halfcrown. Becoming difficult to locate.77.00 

1951 10 piece proof set in original case. Only 20,000 minted. Zi Penny 

through the Crown (George V).99.50 

1953 10 piece coronation set in case of issue. Extremely popular 
“Coronation” issue.70.00 

1970 proof set (decimal changeover). A must for type collectors. Priced 
near issue price.9.75 


1965 7 piece proof set in original custom plastic.holder. 10 Lepta 
through 10 Drachmai. This set has a modest mintage (4,987) and was 
struck at the Austrian mint. This is the only modern proof issue of 

Greece and destined to be highly collectable.25.00 


1966 4 piece proof set (double set). 4 Doubles and 8 Doubles. Struck at 
the Royal mint in London. 10,000 minted.14.50 


1971 Decimal set, proofs in case of issue. This is the only proof set 

issued since 1928. A popular set. Zi Pence through 50 Pence. . 11.95 


1965 Prooflike set in original case of issue. 6 pieces. 1 Agoro through 1 
Lirot. Priced near issue price.3.00 


1970 1 Cent through the scarce 1000 Lire. Prooflike special specimen 
set in custom plastic holder as issued. Minted in Rome .19.50 


1969 6 piece proof set in original case of issue, I Cent through 1.00. A 
beautiful first year of issue set struck at the Royal Mint in London. 

122 - 













World Proof Sets — World Pup er Money 

Only 8,530 were struck and highly sought after by world proof set 
collectors. Priced at. 39 50 

1970 6 piece set struck at the Franklin Mint. 1 Cent through 1.00 

(Bustamente, Prime Minister on crown). 11,540 mintage.35.00 

1971 7 piece proof set in original case of issue. Another Franklin Mint 

issue with a mintage of 12,696. Priced at .54.50 

1972 6 piece set in original case of issue. 1 Cent through 1.00. The 

latest in a beautiful series of Jamaica proofs. Priced at .47.00 


1964 4 piece proof set ( L A Shilling [2] 1/12 Shilling [2]) issue in 
original case. 10,000 were minted and priced at a modest .... 15.00 

1966 4 piece (double set) proof issue in original case. 1/24 of a Shilling 

(2) and 1/12 of a Shilling (2). With a 15,000 mintage and design 
change, this set is a must for the specialist. Priced at .12.00 


1970 6 piece set minted at the United States mint and housed in its 
original holder. 1 Cent through 1.00. Only 3,464 minted. A key set 
in the Liberia series with a price of .20.50 


1970 6 piece proof set struck by the Indian mbit. 2 Baizah, 5, 10, 20, 
50 and Zi Dhufari Ryal. In the original envelopes of issue. A very 
scarce set with only 2,000 struck. The only proof set in tins modern 
series. Priced at .29.50 


1972 7 piece proof set. 1 Paisa through 50 Paisa. Struck at the United 
States Mint with a low mintage of 3,943. Priced at .18.00 


1967 7 piece proof like set in plastic holder. 1 Cent through $1.00 

(Decimal Commemorative). A frosty set priced at.15.00 

1969 7 piece Cook Commemorative issue in case of issue. 1 Cent 
through 1.00. An extremely popular set commemorating the 
Re-discovery of New Zealand. Priced at .25.00 


Note: All of the Panama Proof Sets listed below contain the 1 

Centesimo piece through the beautiful silver BALBOA crown. Many of 

these sets are low mintage. Now is the time to add one or more to your 


1966 Panama Proof set. 12,701 minted. Each .43.50 

1967 Panama Proof set. 19,983 minted. Each .23.50 

1968 Panama Proof set. 23,210 minted. Each .19.50 

1969 Panama Proof set. 14,000 minted. Each .25.00 


1972 8 piece prooflike specimen set in vinyl and box of issue. “Monete 
Dello Stato. Designed by the sculptor Monassi, they depict 
important scenes of San Marino life. Among these are the founder 
Saint’s journey from his native Rab Island to Mount Titano(L. 100 ), 
the donation of the Mount by Donna Felicissima to the Saint (L. 
50), as well as the beautiful three towers, the theme of peace in 
freedom in the outstanding interpretation of the figure of a woman 
lifting her child (L. 500). The set contains the 1 Lira through 500 
Lire. Very scarce.45.00 


1952 9 piece set in case of issue. Farthing through 5 Shillings. A lovely 
set with a mintage of 12,000. Priced at .39.00 

1954 9 piece set in case of issue. Farthing through 5 shillings. Another 
choice set priced at. 55.00 

1964 7 piece set in case of issue. Farthing through 50 Cents (crown 
size). The last year the crowns were struck in the proof set. . 15.00 


1964 4 piece proof set in original case of issue. 1 Fils through 50 Fils. 

10,500 struck. Priced at. 9 75 


1966 5 piece set in original case. First year of issue. .24.00 

1972 8 piece set struck at the Franklin Mint 1 Cent through $10.00; A 
beautiful set housed in its original case of issue. Priced at .... 52.00 


1969 Pseudo-silver 1 -dinar commemorative set. Struck by the Franklin 
Mint. As issued, in case .79.50 


1964 3 piece proof set in original case of issue. 6 Pence, 1 Shilling and 2 
Shillings. Only 5,000 sets issued. Priced at .18.00 

World Pap er Money 


The popularity of world banknotes has encouraged us to add a new 
listing to the Review with this issue. We will be building a nice stock of 
scarce to rare issues. So, if you are selling or buying, please keep us in 

This month we offer the following choice notes for your 
consideration and collecting pleasure. 


1937 10 Shillings. Sten-A256-A. George VI. Two slight folds on 

obverse. H-W-54. Otherwise VF.6.50 

1936 1 Pound. George V. Sten-A255-B. A very nice note (becoming 

scarce). Light staining. Crisp and choice EF .27.50 


1898 Dollar. The Dominion of Canada. Hand signed. March 31st, 
Ottowa issue. Very scarce as are all the early Canadian issues. 
Sten-C125-G. A decent filler. No tears or holes. Just G-VG .... 8.00 


1900 20 Centavos. “El Banco Del Estado”. Popayan, October, 1900. 

AU, each .5.00 

1900 20 Centavos. “El Banco National”. Bogota, Marzo 25,1900. 

Extremely Fine, each .5.25 

1883 1 Peso. “El Banco Pamplona”. Hand signed. Bradbury, Wilkinson 

& Co., Engravers, London. Crisp Uncirculated, each .6.00 

1888 Un Peso. “Banco Nacional de Republica de Colombia. Bogota, 
Marzo 4 de 1895. Issued by the American Banknote Company, New 
York. VF, each. 4 -95 

1947 Un Peso Oro. “El Banco de la Republica”. Bogota. Sten-C790B. 
Issued by the American Banknote Company. A beautiful note. 

Uncirculated, each.5.00 

1953 Un Peso Oro. “El Banco de la Republica”. Sten-C790B. Issued by 

the American Banknote Company. Uncirculated, each .5.00 

1938 Cinco (5) Pesos Oro. “La Republica de Colombia”. A beautiful 
note with the portrait of Cordoba. Issued by the American Banknote 
Company. Uncirculated, each .9.50 

We offer the scarce “BANCO DEL NORTE’ set of 1, 5, 10. and 20 
pesos. Issued in 1882. Lit. De D. Paredes, Bogota, printer. Beautiful 
portraits and vignettes adorn these lovely notes, running horses, a 
train, dog, and military bust. A scarce set in nice EF, one small pin 
hole in one note .55.00 

—Page 123 — 

World Paper Money — World Gold Coins 


1920 1 Peso. “El Banco International de Guatemala”. Abril 5 de 1920. 
National Banknote Company of New York. Extremely Fine, one 

tight center fold.15.00 

1923 1 Peso. “El Banco International de Guatemala”. 18 de Mayo. 
Issued by the National Banknote Company of New York. Scarce 

Uncirculated .20.00 


1955 500 Pruta. Haffner-N-16. Bank of Israel, third issue. Printed by 
Thomas de la Rue and Company, Ltd. London. Color: red on light 

blue-green background. A choice clean EF (no folds) .5.00 

1955 1 Israel Pound. Haffner-N-17. Color: Blue tones with pink and 
orange. Pictures a view of the upper Galilee landscape. EF .... 5.00 


After many heroic years of struggle, the army of the three 
Guarantees, headed by its leader, commander General Agustin de 
Iturbide marched triumphantly into the capital of New Spain. The 
struggle for Independence that began with Miguel Hidalgo y Castilla in 
1810, culminated with the Iturbide victory. 

He was proclaimed “Emperor of Mexico” on May 21st, 1822. His 
reign proved to be a short one and the coinage and currency issued 
during this brief time is highly sought after by collectors. 

It was during this 1822-1823 period that the very first paper money 
of Mexico was ever issued. Un and Dos Peso notes were issued on 
parchment like paper and watermarked. These notes did not meet with 
the approval of the public and after the formation of the new Republic 
they were accepted only as part payment for taxes. 

We are very pleased to offer, the very scarce Un peso Iturbide note. 
Catalogued in Gaytan No. D.F. 60. This note has sold for over catalog 
value of $240.00 in the past. We purchased a very small group (ten 
pieces) which enables us to pass a savings along to you. We offer in 
choice Uncirculated condition, the famous Iturbide Un Peso at .85.00 


1948 One Palestine Pound. Haffner N-7. Size 150 X 75 MM. Light blue 
on greenish background. The Anglo- Palestine Bank limited. Tel-Aviv. 

YF, light center fold .14.50 


1921 Un SoL “Cheque Provisional”. Province of Iquitas. A very scarce 

provisional issue. VF .15.00 

1921 Una Libra Peruano de Oro. Province of Iquitas. Very scarce! A 

nice EF note .22.50 


1942 February 4th. Four shilling note. Government of Tonga treasury 
note. Printed by Thomas de la Rue & Company of London. A large 
note, brown on cream background. Palm trees in background. An 
extremely scarce note. Condition F-VF.19.50 




1927 20 Franka Ari. Y-10; F-2. Obverse: Pres. Zogu. Reverse: eagle. 
Brilliant Uncirculated .199.00 

1938 20 Franka Ari. Y-22; F-14. Wedding of King Zog Comm. Dated 
27 IV (April 27), 1938. Choice BU. 325.00 

1927-R (Rome) 100 Francs. F-l. 2 stars. King Zog I. BU. 695.00 

1927-V 20 Franka Ari. Y-12; F-6. Obverse: bust of Skanderbeg. 
Reverse: winged lion. Brilliant Uncirculated .219.00 

1937 20 Franka Ari. F-12. 25th year of Independence Comm. Only 
2,500 struck! Brilliant Uncirculated. 285.00 



1883 5 Pesos. F-14. Liberty head. Rev: arms. BU, faint rub. .. 139.00 
1896 5 Pesos. Y-ll; F-14. Obverse: Liberty head. Reverse: arms. 
Second lowest mintage in series: 196,543. BU .165.00 


1912-S Vi Sovereign. Y-A13; F-41. George V. Reverse: St. 

George/Dragon. Mbit mark on ground below horse. Choice BU 34.50 
1865 1 Sovereign. F-9. Sydney-Type. Victoria, young head. Choice 

lustrous AU, scarce so nice .98.00 

1866 1 Sovereign. F-9. F-VF .58.00 

1867 1 Sovereign. F-9. Abt. VF .59.00 

1870 1 Sovereign. F-9. VF $67.50; Superb AU .110.00 

1875-S 1 Sovereign. F-l 1. Victoria, young head/Shield. EF-AU. 55.00 
1877-M l Sov. Victoria, young head/Dragon. BU, light bagging .47.50 

World Gold Coins 

1884-M 1 Sovereign. Victoria, young head/Shield. EF-AU $55.00; 

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated. 139.00 

1884-M 1 Sovereign. Victoria, young head/Dragon. EF-AU .... 41.50 

1884- S 1 Sovereign. Young head/Shield. Sharp lustrous AU .... 67.50 

1885- S 1 Sovereign. Victoria, young head/Shield. Choice BU. . 139.00 

1888- M 1 Sovereign. Jubilee head. AU .41.50 

1889- M 1 Sovereign. Jubilee head. BU, light bagging.55.00 

1896- M 1 Sovereign. Old Veiled Head. Reverse: St. George slaying 

dragon. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated .47.50 

1897- M 1 Sovereign. Choice AU .43.50 

1898- M 1 Sovereign. Choice BU .47.50 

1899- S 1 Sovereign. Choice BU .47.50 

1902- M 1 Sovereign. F-33. Edward VII. Reverse; St. George. Mintmark 

below horse on ground. Brilliant Uncirculated .47.50 

1903- S 1 Sovereign. F-32. Brilliant Uncirculated.47.50 

1906-M 1 Sovereign. Choice BU .47.50 

1915-S 1 Sovereign. George V. Reverse: St. George. Mintmark on 

ground below horse. Scarce date. BU .60.00 

1917-S 1 Sovereign. Brilliant Uncirculated .47.50 

1924-M 1 Sovereign. Rare date. A choice piece. Brilliant Uncirculated, 

some lustre, faint rub .110.00 

1931-P 1 Sovereign. Choice BU .55.00 

1908 100 Corona. Y-46; 1-429. Jubilee Comm. Plain edge. Obverse: 
Plain head, Francis Joseph. Reverse: Female reclining on clouds. 
60th year of Reign. Lustrous EF, light edge marks. 695.00 


1865 20 Francs. F-7. 1 year type. Leopold I. Plain head. Reverse: value. 

Lustrous AU .69.50 

1875 20 Francs. Y-19;F-8. Leopold II. Reverse: arms. BU .39.00 

1914 20 Francs. Y-37; F-13. Albert. Reverse: arms. Flemish legends. 
Brilliant Uncirculated .75.00 


1841-L.R. /i Escudos. F-30; H-20. Small laureate head of Bolivar to 
right, his name below. Reverse: arms. BU, minute planchet flaws as 

struck .145.00 

1841-L.R. 8 Escudos. F-26; H-33. Small laureate head of Bolivar to 
right, his name below. Reverse: arms. Triple rarity!! Choice 
Uncirculated, light rub. 1900.00 




1786-B (Kremnitz) 1 Ducat. F-300. Joseph II. Laureate head. Reverse: 

Double eagle. Fine.95.00 

1836-A (Vienna) 1 Ducat. F-370. Ferdinand I. Obverse: Laureate head. 

Reverse: Double eagle. AU .110.00 

1853-B 1 Ducat. F-389. Francis Joseph. Reverse: Double eagle. AU, 

light rim damage .95.00 

1896 10 Kronen. Old laureate head. BU, faint rub .32.50 

1908 10 Kronen. Y-44; F-431. Plain head. 60th year Jubilee. Scarce 

one year type. VF+ $27.00; BU $45.00; prooflike BU .52.50 

1909 10 Kronen. Y-47. Bust. 1 year type. BU, prooflike .34.50 

1909 10 Kronen. Y-49; F-428. Head. Better date. BU, prooflike 34.50 

1910 10 Kronen. Y-49; F-428. Plain head. BU, prooflike .26.50 

1911 10 Kronen. Y-49; F-428. Plain head. BU, prooflike .26.50 

1893 20 Kronen. F-421. Old laureate head. Sharp AU .45.00 

1926 25 Schillings. Y-82; F-436. Eagle. Reverse: value between 

branches. Brilliant Uncirculated .65.00 

No date. Trial striking in tin of 4 Ducat Gold Pattern. Francis Joseph in 

military uniform. 8 sided. Reverse blank. Uncirculated.46.50 

1902 4 Ducats. F-385. Francis Joseph. Obverse: Oldest bust with thick 
whiskers. Reverse: Double eagle. Only 69,380 struck. Field abrasions 
from having been cleaned once. VF-EF, few rim marks.280.00 

1914 4 Ducats. F-385. Francis Joseph. AU, prooflike. 350.00 

1752 1000 Reis. F-75; H-3. Joseph I. Obverse: Arms and value. 
Rev: Plain cross in quadrilobe. 11,000 minted. EF-AU. . .169.00 

1747-R (Rio) 6400 Reis. F-46. John V. Obverse: Laureate head. 
Reverse: Italic arms. Mint state. 550.00 

1753-B (Bahia) 6400 Reis. H-25. Joseph I. Laureate head. Reverse: 
aims. RARE. Brilliant Uncirculated. 725.00 

1786-R 6400 Reis. F-76;H-26. Mary 1 and Peter HI. Conjoined busts. 
Reverse: arms. Choice AU. 475.00 

—Page 125 — 

World Gold Coins 

1794-R 6400 Reis. F-87; H-28. Mary I. Bust in decorative headdress. 
Reverse: arms. Brilliant Uncirculated. 650.00 

1808-R 6400 Reis. F-93; H-29. John, Prince Regent. Obverse: Laureate 

bust. Reverse: arms. Lustrous sharp EF-AU .400.00 

1851 20,000 Reis. F-121; H-47. Peter II. Obverse: Bearded head. 
Reverse: Arms without mark of value. AU. 325.00 

1900 20,000 Reis. F-124; H-50. Republic. Obverse: Liberty head. 
Reverse: The stars of the Southern Cross. Without the mark of value. 
Only 7,551 struck. Nice AU, light hairline on obv. under nose 775.00 


Y unnan 

1919 10 Yuans. Y-482; F-10. Gen. Tang Chi Yao. Reverse: Crossed 
flags. Numeral 1 under flags. BU, very rare and in demand. . 975.00 


1924 2Vi Pesos. F-l 11; H-99. Small head of Bolivar. BU .52.00 

1925-28 5 Pesos. Y-56. Date our choice. BU .>.. . 42.00 

1846-R.S. 16 Pesos. F-69; H-69. Draped Liberty head. Reverse: Arms 
and “BOGOTA”. ExtremelyFine. 600.00 

1846-U.M. 16 Pesos. F-70; H-70. Draped Liberty head. Reverse: Arms 
and Popayan. Small planchet defect near forehead on obverse. 
Lustrous AU. 625.00 


1921 2 Colones. F-22; H-24. Head of Columbus. Reverse: arms. Rare 
date. 3,000 struck. Brilliant Uncirculated .135.00 



1894 20 Leva. Y-22; F-3. Ferdinand. Obverse: Head facing left. 

Reverse: arms. Scarce one year type. EF-AU.110.00 


1911-C ISov.BU, light rub $49.50; BU .59.50 

1912 5 Dollars. George V. EF-AU .150.00 

1912 10 Dollars. Strictly VF $269.00; EF-AU .310.00 

1913 10 Dollars. Toned EF $289.00; EF-AU $310.00; AU_ 339.00 


1882-H 2 Dollars. Victoria. Mintage only 25,000. Nice AU .... 140.00 
1888 2 Dollars. Lustrous AU $140.00; BU .189.00 


1915 2 Pesos. Y-ll; F-6. Scarce. Brilliant Uncirculated.159.00 

1916 2 Pesos. Y-ll;F-6. BU $95.00;Choice BU.115.00 

1916 4 Pesos. Y-12; F-5. Head of Marti. Rev: arms. EF-AU ... 165.00 

1915 5 Pesos. Y-13; F-4. Scarcer mintage. AU .61.50 

1916 5 Pesos. Y-13; F-4. Toned EF-AU $62.50; AU, a choice coin 

$67.50; BU $85.00; BU, prooflike .95.00 


1923 1 Ducat. Y-15; F-2. 5th Anniv. of Republic. St. Wenzeslaus on 

obverse. Reverse: Shield. BU .55.00 

1924 1 Ducat. F-2. 32,814 struck. Brilliant Uncirculated .55.00 

1926 1 Ducat. F-2. Brilliant Uncirculated .55.00 

1930 1 Ducat. F-2. 11,338 struck. Brilliant Uncirculated .55.00 


1904 4 Daler. F-2. Head of Christian IX of Denmark. Reverse: Seated 
female. Brilliant Uncirculated. 385.00 

1860 1 Peso. F-48; H-47. Liberty standing at altar. Reverse: value in 

wreath. V1 -EF .80.00 

1895 5 Pesos. Y-64; F-50. Head of Liberty wearing cap. Reverse: arms. 

\( $75.00; BU .98.50 

1859 10 Pesos. F-45; H-52. Draped Liberty head with coiled hair. 

Luatrous AI. 225.00 

1926 20 Peaoa. Y-98; F 56. Choice BU .65.00 

1926 100 Pesos. Y-100; H-60. Uncirculated $98.50; Choice Brilliant 
1 n< ir< ulated .117.50 

—Page 126- 


World Gold 

1^61 12 Marks. F-269. Frederick V. Reverse: Crown and value. Abt. 




1908 10 Kroner. Y-26; F-298. Frederick VIII. BU. . ns no 

1909 10 Kroner. Y-26; F-298. BU.. 95 0() 

1913 10 Kroner. Y-44; F-300. Christian X. BU, proof like surface' 90 00 

1873 20 Kroner. Y-19; F-295. Christian IX. BU, light rub $91.50; 

Select Brilliant Uncirculated. 99 50 

18 1 6 20 Kroner. Y-19; F-295. BU, light bagging. 95 qq 

1890 20 Kroner. Y-19; F-295. Choice BU. 99.50 

1911 20 Kroner. Y-27;F-297. Frederick VIII. BU .90.00 

1913 20 Kroner. F-299. Christian X. BU.90.00 


1955 30 Pesos. F-l. Trujillo Commemorative. 25th year of his rule. 
Only gold coin of the country. BU .175.00 


marks in hair on obverse; reverse: proof like .69.50 

1863-BB (Strasbourg) 5 Francs. F-326. Laureate head. VF ..... 344)0 
J 868 -A 5 Francs. F-325. BU, rare so choice .79.50 

1850- A 10 Francs. 1-313. Napoleon III, bare head. Reverse: value. 

KVF. 29 00 

1857-A 10 Francs. F-313. VF. 31.59 

1863-BB 10 Francs. F-324. Laureate head. VF .34.00 

1896-A 10 Francs. F-334. Head of Ceres. Reverse: Value in circle. BU, 

very scarce so nice. 44 00 

1912 10 Francs. Y-65; F-337. Head of the republic. Reverse: Rooster. 

Uncirculated. 29 50 

1814-A 20 Francs. C-170; F-265. Uniformed bust. Reverse: arms. 

Scarce. Abt. Extremely Fine .59.00 

1817-A 20 Francs. F-278. Louis XVIII, bare head. Rev: arms. 

Extremely Fine, some lustre .69.50 

1820-Q (Perpignan) 20 Francs. F-285. Scarce mint, only 60,000 struck. 

VF ' EF .75.00 

1849-A 20 Francs. Y- 8 ; F-329. Second Republic. Obverse: Angel 

writing. Reverse: value. F-VF .34.50 

1849-A 20 Francs. Y-10; F-331. Head of Ceres. Reverse: value. Low 
mintage of 52,508. EF-AU .55.00 

1851- A 20 Francs. Y-10; F-331. Nice VF $35.00; EF $39.00; AU 

$45.50; BU, faint rub .65.00 

1853-A 20 Francs. F-310. Napoleon III, bare head. Rev: value. VF-EF, 

some lustre. 55.00 

1865-68-BB 20 Francs. Y-40; F-322. Laureate head. Reverse: arms. 

Date our choice. VF-EF, each .37.00 

1876-A 20 Francs. Y-55; F-330. Angel writing. Reverse: value and date. 

Extremely Fine .35.00 

1901 20 Francs. Y- 66 ; F-336. Head of the Republic. Reverse: rooster. 

Brilliant Uncirculated .36.50 

1905 20 Francs. Y- 66 ; F-336. BU .36.50 


1938 50 Piastres. F-37. Farouk. Military bust. Rev: legend. BU. 90.00 
1888 100 Piastres. F-23. Abdul Hamid Toughra in floral circle, value 
below. Reverse: legend and date. On larger flan than earlier date 100 

piastres. Lustrous EF-AU .112.00 

1916 100 Piastres. Y-43; F-24. Husein Kamil. Obverse: Arab legend. 
Reverse: value and date in English. BU .115.00 

1858-A 100 Francs. F-306. Napoleon III, bare head. Abt. Uncirculated, 

once cleaned .495.00 

1910-A 100 Francs. Y-57; F-327. Angel writing. Reverse: arms. 
Uncirculated. 375.00 

1922 500 Piastres. F-26. Civilian bust to right. Reverse: Legend. Choice 
BU, rare and desirable. 850.00 


1913 10 Markkaa. Y- 8 ; F- 6. Nicholas II. Gem BU, beautiful. . 210.00 

1903 20 Markkaa. Y-9; F-3. Nicholas II. Brilliant Uncirculated. 210.00 

1911 20 Markkaa. Y-9; F-3. Nicholas II. Very scarce. BU .210.00 

1912 20 Markkaa. Y-9; F-3. Nicholas II. Brilliant Uncirculated. 210.00 

1935 100 Francs. F-338. Bazor design. Winged head of the Republic. 
Reverse: value. Most pieces were melted by an official decree of 
September 1936 and only a few pieces remain. Scarce! BU. . 520.00 


1859-A (Paris) 5 Francs. F-315. Napoleon III, bare head. Reverse: 
value. Scarce so choice. Sharply struck Uncirculated, light friction 

Page 127— 

1900 10 Sucres. Y-32; F-10. Head of General. Reverse: arms. Choice 

Brilliant Uncirculated. 225.00 

1928 1 Condor. Y-43; F-l 1.Head of Bolivar. BU, light rub .... 189.00 
1845 8 Escudos. F-7. Large head of Bolivar to left. Reverse:Flagpoles 
do not show below arms. Strong VF, very rare & desirable 1750.00 

1857-A 50 Francs. F-308. Napoleon III. Bare head. Reverse: arms. 
VF+, small edge mark. 229.00 

World Gold Coins 


191b 15 Rupees. F-l; Jaeger-728b. Obverse: Elephant. Reverse: Eagle. 
Only gold coin of country. Very scarce. EF-AU $475.00; Beautiful 
AU ..'. 675.00 



1875-G 10 Marks. Y-S33; Fr-9. Friedrich (1852-1907). BU _99.50 

1904- G 10 Marks. Y-S37; Fr-11. Friedrich. Gem BU.99.00 

1906-G 10 Marks. Y-S37; Fr-11. Friedrich. Nice AU.90.00 

1913-G 20 Marks. Y-S42; Fr-13. Friedrich II. BU .115.00 


1878- D 10 Marks. Y-S31; Fr-18. Ludwig II (1864-1866). EF. .. 75.00 

1910-D 10 Marks. Y-S44; Fr-23. Otto III (1886-1913). VF+ ...65.00 

1872-D 20 Marks. Y-S31; Fr-15. Ludwig II. Choice Unc. .88.50 


1872- C 10 Marks. Y-S32; Fr-73. WilUam I (1861-88). EF-AU. .. 82.50 

1873- C 10 Marks. Y-S32; Fr-73. Lustrous AU.85.00 

1874- B 10 Marks. Y-S32; Fr-75; William I. VF .65.00 

1888-A 10 Marks. Y-S35; Fr-74. William I. Scarce date of this mint 

Sharp AU $105.00; BU .129.50 

1888-A 10 Marks. Y-S39; Fr-81. Friedrich III. One year type. Choice 
Brilliant Uncirculated .98.50 

1893- A 10 Marks. Y-S59;Fr-87. William II. Lustrous AU.71.00 

1896- A 10 Marks. Y-S59; Fr-87. EF .62.50 

1898- A 10 Marks. Y-S59; Fr-87. VF-EF .62.50 

1903-A 10 Marks. Y-S59; Fr-87. VF-EF .62.50 

1906- A 10 Marks. Y-S59; Fr-87. EF-AU .66.50 

1872- C and 1873-C 20 Marks. Y-S33;Fr-67. EF-AU, each .62.50 

1874-C 20 Marks. Y-S36; Fr-70. William I. Very Fine $59.00; 

Extremely Fine .62.00 

1879- A 20 Marks. Y-S36; Fr-70. William I. BU .85.00 

1887- A 20 Marks. Y-S36; Fr- 68. EF .65.00 

1888- A 20 Marks. Y-S36; Fr- 68. EF $92.50; BU.110.00 

1889- A 20 Marks. Y-S58; Fr-82. EF+ $62.50; BU, prooflike. .. 75.00 

1899- A—1911-A 20 Marks. Y-60; Fr-83. Assorted dates. William II. 

Nice AU, each .59.00 

1897- A — 1909-A 20 Marks. Y-S60; Fr-83. Assorted dates. If you have 

a preference of date, please submit it on the above groups. If it’s 
available we will send your first choice. If not, we will send an 
alternate date. Nice BU .65.00 

1905- J 20 Marks. Y-S60;Fr-84. Scarce date. AU .64.00 

1911 -J 20 Marks. Y-S60; Fr-83. BU, light edge mark .59.50 

1912- J 20 Marks. Y-S60;Fr-84. BU, light rub .62.50 

1913- J 20 Marks. Y-S60; Fr-85. Military bust. Wilhelm II. Choice 

Brilliant Uncirculated .72.50 

1914- A 20 Marks. Y-S61; Fr-85. BU .69.50 


1905- E 10 Marks. Y-S45; Fr-101. Georg. BU .99.50 

1907- E 10 Marks. Y-S45; Fr-101. Friedich August IIL Gem BU 109.00 

1873- E 20 Marks.-Y-S27;Fr-91. Johann (1854-1873) Brilliant Uncircu¬ 
lated, faint rub .105.00 

1894- E 20 Marks. Y-S39;Fr-94. AU .82.50 

1895- E 20 Marks. Y-S39; Fr-94. BU .99.50 

1903-E 20 Marks. Y-S46; Fr-98. Choice BU .140.00 


1877-F 10 Marks. Y-S18; Fr-125. Karl (1864-1891) AU.75.00 

1906- F 10 Marks. Y-S26; Fr-129. Sharp AU.69.50 

1907- F 10 Marks. Y-S26; Fr-129. BU, light rub .75.00 

1873-F 20 Marks. Y-S16; Fr-122. Charles (1864-1891) AU. . .92.50 
1894-F 20 Marks. Y-S27; Fr-128. Wilhelm II (1891-1918) Brilliant 

Uncirculated, light rub .85.00 

1897-F 20 Marks. Y-S27; Fr-128. Nice AU .75.00 

1900- F 20 Marks. Y-S27; Fr-128. Brilliant Uncirculated.89.50 


1713 Zi Guinea. F-188. Anne. Draped bust, without symbols below 

bust. Reverse: Cross of four shields. F+ .125.00 

1798 Zi Guinea. 1-227. George III. Laureate head. Reverse: “Spade” 

shaped arms. Lustrous AU.120.00 


1801 Zi Guinea. F-228. Laureate head. Reverse:Arms within the Order 

of the Garter. Brilliant Uncirculated.195.00 

1891 Zi Sovereign. F-258. Jubilee bust. Rev: arms. VF .32.50 

1894 Zi Sov. F-262. Old veiled bust. Reverse: St. George slaying the 
dragon. Very nice AU .36.00 

1901 Zi Sov. Y-42; F-262. Choice BU .48.50 

1902 Zi Sov. Y-56; F-266. Edward VIL Reverse: St. George. Choice 

Brilliant Uncirculated .45.00 

1903 Zi Sovereign. Y-56; F-266. Choice BU .45.00 

1912 Zi Sov. Y-17; F-270. George V. Rev: St. George. Sharp AU 38.00 

1913 l / 2 Sov. F-270. AU .35.00 

1686 1 Guinea. F-161. Lustrous EF-AU 


1689 1 Guinea. F-169. William & Mary. No symbol. Lovely AU 925.00 
1781 Rose Guinea. F-220. George IIL 4th head, larger. Laurel divides 

legend. Lustrous EF-AU. 205.00 

1787 Spade Guinea. F-221. Laureate head. Reverse: Spade shaped 

arms. Nice EF $149.00; Very nice AU. 205.00 

1790 Spade Guinea. F-227. Laureate 5th head. Reverse: Spade shaped 
arms. F-VF .90.00 

1830 1 Sovereign. F-242. George IV, bare head. Reverse: arms. A real 

jewel Choice BU, rare so nice!. 385.00 

1853 1 Sovereign. F-252. Victoria, young head. Reverse: Shield. Very 

Fine, heavily bagged obverse .54.00 

1864 1 Sov. Y-H; F-252. Die No. 49. VF .54.00 

1868 1 Sov. F-252. Die No. 14. Abt. VF.54.00 

1869 1 Sov. F-252. Die No. 53. EF+ $69.00;Gem BU.150.00 

1871 1 Sov. F-252. Better date. Choice BU .150.00 

1872 1 Sov. F-252. Die No. 90. EF-AU, fully lustrous.75.00 

1872 1 Sov. F-253. Young head/St. George slaying dragon. VF-EF 

$52.50; AU+ .65.00 

1891 1 Sov. F-257. Jubilee bust. Reverse: St. George slaying the 

dragon. Brilliant Uncirculated .47.50 

1900 1 Sov. Y-43; F-261. Old veiled bust. Reverse: St. George slaying 
dragon. Brilliant Uncirculated .47.50 

Undated I Laurel (Unite) F-105. James I (1603-25). Laureate bust. 


World Gold Coins 

Reverse: Crowned arms. EF-AU, scarce so choice 


1684 2 Guinea. F-150. Charles II. Choice EF, faint trace of rim repair, 

expertly done. 720.00 

1887 2 Pounds. F-256. Victoria. Jubilee bust. Reverse: St. George/dra¬ 
gon. BU, light rubbing $365.00; Brilliant Uncirculated. . .375.00 
1893 2 Pounds. F-260. Old Veiled bust. Reverse: St. George/dragon. 
Brilliant Uncirculated. 435.00 

1653 20 Shillings. F-135. Commonwealth of England. Shield of St. 
George and Ireland with Roman numerals for value. EF-AU, some 
lustre. 775.00 

1887 5 Pounds. F-255. Jubilee bust. EF 



1870-K.B. 4 lorint (10 Francs) Y-17. Francis Joseph. Brilliant 

Uncirculated, re-strike but still scarce. 35.00 

1885-K.B. 4 Forint (10 Francs) F-89. Abt. EF.33.50 

1887-K.B. 4 Forint (10 Francs) Y-17; F-89. EF .40.00 

1905-K.B. lOKorona. Y-36;F-94. Ruler standing. EF.21.00 

1910-K.B. lOKorona. Y-36;F-94. BU.26.50 

1912-K.B. 10 Korona. Y-36; F-94. AU, scarce date .35.00 

1874-K.B. 8 lorint (20 francs) Y-18; F-87. Laureate head. Reverse: 

arms. Nice EF-AU .38.50 

1878-K.B. 8 Forint (20 Fr.)F-87. Nice EF-AU .38.50 

1884-K.B. 8 Forint (20 Fr.) F-87. BU .45.00 

1902-K.B. 20 Korona. F-92. Ruler standing. BU.41.50 

1765 Kremnitz. Double Ducat. F-73. Maria Theresia, crowned Empress 
standing right. Rev: Madonna and arms. Choice Unc.775.00 



1903-11 1 Mohur. F-224. Persian type minaret or mosque. Reverse: 

legend. Struck under the Nizam Mir Mahbub. BU.97.00 

1918-1 1 Sovereign. Y-A46. George V. Reverse: St. George slaying 

dragon. AU $46.50; Brilliant Uncirculated .55.00 

India Gold F anams 

Our most popular offer in the gold section in the last “Review” was 
the beautiful Indian Fanam of Travencore (Indian state). We have 
decided to once again make this special offer to our customers. We 
know it will be a sell out, so we suggest you order early to avoid 

This offering gives the collector the opportunity to acquire many 
different types from Mysore, Malabar, Tanjore, as well as other exotic 
states, and we will enclose an easy to read identification chart with each 
order. We know if you buy one of the little “gold jewels” you’ll want 
more.everyone does. 

We offer one “gold Fanam” (type of our choice). VF-EF at $6.75 
each; three different VF-EF at $19.50; five different VF-EF at 32.50 


1884 20 Drachmai. Y-S26; F-9. George I, old head. Reverse: arms. 
VF-EF $70.00; AU .98.00 


1860 4 Reales. F-37; Y-13. Head of Carrera. Reverse: Value in wreath. 

EF, sharp, some lustre.42.50 

1869-R 5 Pesos. F-42; H-36; Head of Carrera with title as“Fundator” 
(Founder). Reverse: arms. Mintage: only-48,401. Lustrous EF 225.00 


1874 5 Pesos. Y- 66 ; F-45. Liberty head with flowing hair. A truly rare 

piece so perfect. Pristine F.D.C. 525.00 

1926 5 Quetzals. Y-105; F-50. Quetzal on column. Reverse: arms. EF, 
nice highly lustrous $185.00; Uncirculated. 225.00 

1926 10 Quetzals. F-49; H-49. 18,000 struck. Lustrous EF+. 395.00 



1850 (Eagle head mint mark for Turin) 20 Lire. C-126; F-1146. Victor 

Emanuel II. 1st year of type. Very Fine.55.00 

1851-P (Eagle head mint mark for Turin) 20 Lire. C-126; F-1146. 


1859-P (Anchor mint mark for Genoa) 20 Lire. F-1147. VF. . .55.00 
1882 20 Lire. Y-32;F-21. Humbert I. Choice BU .51.00 


1946 10 & 20 Franken Set. F-17,18. Only 10,000 struck. Prooflike 

Brilliant Uncirculated. 265.00 

1956 25 & 50 Franken Set. Y-15,16; F-20,21. BU set for ... 279.00 


1853-Mo Zi Escudo. Y-S26;F-107. Hand with Liberty cap over book. 
Reverse: Eagle facing right. Choice, fully lustrous Uncirculated, 
weakly struck on high spots.99.50 

Zfr A. 

vA >'§&■. 

1787-Mo F.M. 1 Escudo. F-36. Charles 111, older bust. Reverse: arms. 
Fully lustrous AU, a beauty!. 225.00 

—Page 129— 

IFor/d Gold Coins 

No date. 2 Escudos. F-7B. Cob type. Type of 1700-15. Philip V. 
Beautifully lustrous, as struck. 389.00 

No date. Mo mint 4 Escudos. Mint state. 


1807 8 Escudos. C-89;F-43. Charles IV. EF-AU. 495.00 

H-57. Rarely does a coin of such quality and rarity come upon the 
numismatic market. As you can see from the plate picture, this coin 
is truly superb. The-1822- Mo. J.M. 8 Escudos was the only gold 
denomination of Iturbide for this year. It carries the bust of Agustin 
(small head) and was thought to be struck shortly after he was 
proclaimed “Emperor” of Mexico. The reverse shows the small eagle 
on the “Nopal” (which was first used on the 8 reales) with the 
addition of a pile of arms. This particular coin is one of the finest 
“Iturbides” known, and we suggest a phone call to order this truly 
spectacular coin. Superb AU. 3550.00 

| immure SSIOmA 

rr vvV»uuo *in oj 

[ ienemirr | 

1870-C (Culican) 8 Escudos. F-66. BU. 675.00 

Early date Mexico decimal gold coins are very difficult to find in 
top grades, as most type and date collectors know. We are pleased to 
offer a nice selection of Choice and Gem Brilliant Uncirculated 

1896-Mo 1 Peso. Y-21; F-157. Choice BU .179.00 

1897-Mo 1 Peso. AU $149.00;BU.179.00 

1901-Mo 1 Peso. Choice BU .179.00 

1903- Mo 1 Peso. AU $149.00;BU .179.00 

1904- Mo 1 Peso. Brilliant Uncirculated .179.00 

1920 2 Pesos. F-170. BU $19.00; Gem BU, very scarce .21.00 

1879-Mo 2/4 Pesos. F-148. Only 400 minted! AU. 450.00 

1918 2*4 Pesos. F-169. AU.15.00 

1945 2/2 Pesos. Y-56. Brilliant Uncirculated.10.75 

1906-M 5 Pesos. Choice BU $24.00;Gem BU .26.50 

1907 5 Pesos. F-168. BU $40.00; Gem BU.28.00 

1918 5 Pesos. F-168. Choice BU $28.00; Gem BU.31.00 

1920 5 Pesos. F-168. Choice BU.24.00 

1906 10 Pesos. F-166. Choice BU $42.00; Gem BU .44.50 

1907 10 Pesos. Y-58. BU.42.00 

1908 10 Pesos. Y-58. BU $43.00; Choice BU .46.00 

1910 10 Pesos. Y-58. BU $44.50; Choice BU .48.50 

1917 10 Pesos. Y-58. BU $42.00; Gem BU .47.50 

1917 20 Pesos. F-171. Scarce date. BU, light rubbing $83.00; Brilliant 


1918 20 Pesos. F-171. BU, light rub $79.00; BU.82.00 

1919 20 Pesos. F-171. BU, light rub $79.00; BU.82.00 

1920 20 Pesos. F-171. Key coin. BU, light rub.99.50 

1921 20 Pesos. F-171. BU, light rub .83.00 

1959 20 Pesos. F-171. Brilliant Uncirculated .77.50 

With the soaring price of gold on the world market, the demand for 
coins with bulk gold content and numismatic value has had a dramatic 
increase. And, there is no question that the Mexican 50 peso gold coin 
continues to be the strong leader with the collector and investor alike. 
This is truly the coin that offers something to everyone: gold value, 
beautiful design, numismatic interest. We offer the following: 

1921 50 Pesos. F-172. 1st year of type. Only 180,400 minted. BU, light 
to moderate bagging $379.00; BU $399.00; Choice BU. . .410.00 

50 Pesos. In stock, while supply lasts, most dates from 1922-30 
(excluding 1926) in Choice and/or Gem Brilliant Uncirculated condi¬ 
tion. Dates our choice. We will try to comply to you choice of Choice 
BU at $199.00;Gem BU at ...213.00 

1926 50 Pesos. Choice BU $249.00; Gem BU. 269.00 

1931 50 Pesos. Last year of early date issues. Lowest mintage of series, 
only 136,860 reported struck. BU $265.00; Choice BU $282.00; 
GemBU. 299.00 

Bowers and Ruddy Galleries — Known for quality. 

— Rage 130 — 


/2 & I 1 oman. I*-63-64. 2 piece set Bust of the ruler Nasredin. Reverse: 
Legend in wreath or circle. VF-EF. 4Q Oft 


1381 (A H’) 15 Rials. Y-17; F-l. Said Bin Taimur. BU.179.00 


World Gold Coins 


1863-Y.B. 5 Soles. F-72; H-55. One year type. Superb AU. .225.00 

1917 1 Libra. F-73. Brilliant Uncirculated .49.50 

1904 100 Francs. Y-l; F-13. Albert head. Reverse: arms. Brilliant 
Uncirculated, faintest of rub. 425.00 



1776 1 Ducat. F-95. Holland. Scarce. VF .82.50 

1777 1 Ducat. F-95. Holland. Scarce. AU .98.50 

1912 5 Guilders. Y-31; F-25. Wilhelmina, small older head with 

coronet Reverse: arms. 1 year type. BU .170.00 

1875 10 Guilders. F-19. William III. BU .38.00 

1876 10 Guilders. F-19. BU .41.00 

1879 10 Guilders. F019. BU .41.00 

1889 10 Guilders. F-19. BU .45.00 

1897 10 Guilders. Y-28; F-22. Wilhelmina. Girl head. BU. .. .65.00 

1898 10 Guilders. Y-29; F-23. Large youthful head with coronet. 

Reverse: arms. One year type. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated 289.00 
1917 10 Guilders. Y-30;F-24. Small older head with coronet. BU 32.00 

1925 10 Guilders. Y-32; F-26. Mature head. BU.31.00 

1932 10 Guilders. Y-32; F-26. BU .31.00 

1861 2 Pesos. F-2. Isabella II. Lustrous EF-AU .76.50 

1868 4 Pesos. F-l. EF-AU, nicer than usual .125.00 


1817 25 Zlotych. F-35. Alexander I of Russia. VF-EF, lustrous 369.00 
1831 1 Ducat. F-43. Revolutionary issue. 1 year only. Similar to Dutch 
Ducat except for small eagle mint mark. EF, very scarce. . 325.00 
1925 10 & 20 Zlotych. Y-32-33; F-44-45. This two-piece set was issued 
to commemorate 900 years of independence and self-rule. Each piece 
has a portrait of King Boleslav I, who is remembered as the greatest 
soldier and statesman in Polish history. Not since his death (in 1025) 
has Poland reached such heights of prosperity and power. Recent sale 
records for this set are in the $160 range. Our price for this Brilliant 

Uncirculated set is quite reasonable at just .139.00 

1925 20 Zlotych. F-45. BU .87.50 


1818 (Utrecht mint) 1 Ducat F-17. Knight standing. Reverse: Legend 
in square tablet. Scarce. Very Fine .55.00 




1874 20 Kroner (5 Species) F-15. Oscar II. Reverse: Lion shield and 

two values. Brilliant Uncirculated. 225.00 

1876 20 Kroner. F-17. Obverse: Head. Reverse: Lion shield. Gem 

Brilliant Uncirculated. .. 
1886 20 Kroner. Y-31;F-17. BU 



1910 10 & 20 Kroner. Y-55-56; F-19-20. Haakon VII. Crowned head. 
Reverse: St. Olaf standing. BU set for. 385.00 

1734 400 Reis. F-79. John V. Obverse: Cross. Reverse: Crown over 

name. A scarce piece. EF $95.00; AU .199.00 

1741 400 Reis. F-79. VF+ .79.50 

1862 5,000 Reis. F-179. Louis I, young head. Reverse: small arms in 

palms. AU. . ..199.00 

1886 5,000 Reis. F-132. BU, prooflike .210.00 

1879 10,000 Reis. F-131. Louis 1, older head. Reverse: Large draped 
arms. Fully struck BU, prooflike field. 325.00 

—Page 131 — 

World Gold Coins 


1777 Vi Ruble. F-101. Catherine II The Great. VF-EF .99.50 

1779 1 Ruble. F-100. Abt. EF, light crease .195.00 

1841 3 Rubles. F-123. Nicholas I. Platinum. Eagle. Reverse: Value and 
date. Mounted in custom holder. Rare date. AU. 579.00 

1832 5 Rubles. F-118. Very scarce in Proof. 895.00 

1834 5 Rubles. F-118. VF .99.50 

1854 5 Rubles. F-l 18. EF .159.00 

1883 5 Rubles. F-129. Alexander III. VF-EF .110.00 

1890 5 Rubles. F-132. EF .77.50 

1897 7 Vi Rubles. F-138. Nicholas II. One year type. EF-AU $110.00; 

lustrous AU .120.00 

1899 10 Rubles. F-139. AU .47.50 

1902 10 Rubles. F-139. Lustrous AU .47.50 

1909 10 Rubles. F-139. Only a small rim mark keeps this from being a 
gem piece. Proof. 950.00 

1923 10 Rubles (1 Chervonetz) Y-85; F-141. Sower scattering seed. 
Reverse: Hammer and sickle. The only gold coin of the Soviet Union. 
Brilliant Uncirculated. 375.00 

1897 15 Rubles. F-137. Nicholas II. EF-AU $99.50;Sharp lustrous AU 
$105.00;Brilliant Uncirculated .118.00 


1892 2/i Pesos. F-4; H-l. Liberty 
597. Uncirculated. 

head. Reverse: arms. Mintage: only 
. 1000.00 

1892 5 Pesos. F-3; 11-2. Only 558 pieces struck. Superb AU, nearly full 
prooflike surface. 925.00 

1892 10 Pesos. F-2. Only 321 struck. Very rare. AU. 1600.00 


1898 1 Pond. Y-9;F-3. Head of Kruger. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated, 

scarce so nice. 225.00 

1925-S.A. Vi Sovereign. Y-A21;F-6. AU.38.00 

1928-S.A. 1 Sovereign. BU.60.00 


1756-M (Madrid) Vi Escudo. F-129. Ferdinand VI. Fine 

1772-M Vi Escudo. F-145. Charles IIL F-VF. 

1817-M Vi Escudo. F-170. Ferdinand VII. F-VF. .. 




1802 1 Escudo. F-46. Charles I and Johanna. Lustrous EF. . 269.00 

No date. 2 Escudos. F-63. Philip III (1598-1621). VF-EF. .. 189.00 

1788/83 4 Escudos. F-139. Rare unlisted overdate. EF .... 425.00 
1867 4 Escudos. F-188. Isabella II. VF-EF.99.50 

1899 20 Pesetas. Y-A89;F-199. AU .109.00 

1877 25 Pesetas. Y-78; F-193. Nice EF $72.50; BU .98.00 

1878 25 Pesetas. F-193. EF .72.50 

1881 25 Pesetas. Y-78A; F-195. Superb AU .96.50 

“Your friends in the rare coin business’' 

—page 132— 




World Gold Coins 

1938 100 Francs. F-15. Only 30 pieces struck. BU. 395. 


1729-Seville. 8 Escudos. F-96. 1 st year type. Extremely Fine, rare so 
choice. 1 sos on 

17 I 8 p M p d. nd P 'n‘ n ESC r^° S ' F ‘ 137, Sma11 P la »ichet defect inside D of 
LUj. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated. 395 qq 



n 8 ®°* ivares - Y-31;F-6. 1 year type. BU. 59.00 

aris. 25 Bolivares. F-4;H-2. Very scarce. 1 year type. Fine 95.00 


1931 1 Ducat ; Y-All; F-3. Alexander I. Hallmarked head. Brilliant 

Uncirculated, prooflike. r Q ft n 

1932 1 Ducat. \ -All; F-3. BU, proof like. 57 00 

1933 1 Ducat. Y-All;F-3. Scarcer date. BU, prooflike .72.50 

1868 1 Carolin (10 Francs). F-69. Charles XV. AU. 269.00 

1881 5 Kronor. Y-24;F-72. Oscar II. Only 65,000 struck. Gem Brilliant 
Uncirculated. ^45 qq 

1925 20 Dinars. Y-10; F-l. Alexander I. BU.165. 


1931 4 Ducats. F-2. Conjoined heads of the King and Queen. Brilliant 
Uncirculated, prooflike surface, light hairlines. 375.00 




1899 5 Kronor. Y-24;F-72. BU .130.00 

1901 5 Kronor. F-72. Last year of issue. Nice AU .105.00 

1920 5 Kronor. Y-62; F-74. 1 year type. Gustave V. Brilliant 


1901 10 Kronor. Y-25b;F-71. BU.105.00 

1889 20 Kronor. F-70. Oscar II. BU .195.00 

1925 20 Kronor. F-73. Gustave. One year type. Brilliant Uncircu- 

late d. 875.00 


1912-B 10 Francs. F-10. Girl head against Alps. AU .75.00 

1915 10 Francs. Y-42;F-10. 400,000 struck. Unc.71.50 

1922-B 10 Francs. Y-42;F-10. Choice BU .79.50 

1883 20 Francs. Y-40; F-5. BU .80.00 

1890 20 Francs. Y-40; F-5. Choice BU.87.50 

1892 20 Francs. Y-40; F-5. Uncirculated, prooflike surface. . .80.00 

1896-B 20 Francs. Y-40; F-5. Lustrous AU .69.50 

1927 20 Francs. Y-41; F-7. BU .40.00 


1950 l A Pound. F-2. Eagle. Reverse: Legend in rectangular pane. Choice 

Brilliant Uncirculated. 49.00 

1950 1 Pound. F-l. Choice BU.92.00 


1891 20 Francs. Y-19;F-12. (French Protectorate) AU .35.00 

1892 20 Francs. Y-19; F-12. EF .32.00 

1892 20 Francs. Y-19; F- 12. Uncirculated.39.00 

1903 20 Francs. Y-26; F-12. BU.42.50 

1904 20 Francs. Y-26;F-12. Uncirculated .39.00 

1935 100 Francs. F-14. BU .92.50 


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“Dear Jim and Dave: Thank you for your American Auction 
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comment from Dr. R.A. of Portland, Oregon. _ 

—Page 133— 

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—Page 134— 

A special guest article. .. 


by Maurice M. Gould 

Maurice M. Gould, internationally-knoum numismatic writer, has 
prepared the following article especially for this issue of the Rare Coin 

In my more than fifty years of involvement in the 
numismatic hobby, both as a professional dealer and as a 
collector, I have covered almost every country and every facet 
of the field, including “odd and curious,” tokens, paper 
money, and errors—but there is one specialty which has never 
ceased to fascinate me from the time I was nine years old: the 
colonial coins of the United States. Numismatics has been my 

I avocation, then my vocation, and now my avocation again, 
and I am still involved with colonials. 

I lived in the Boston area most of my life. This presented a 
great opportunity to acquire these coins, so I have built up a 
fine collection over the years. “What are the possibilities of 
assembling a choice collection of colonials today?,” you might 
ask. Some may say it is too late to start collecting coins of this 
early period of our country, but the time to start is the 
present, as in 1976 we will have the bicentennial year of our 
country and many thousands of new collectors will be looking 
for this material. Of course, there will be fewer of these coins 
available at that time. 

As I became more involved with colonials I became 
completely enamored with the historic impact of this coinage, 
the great men who participated in the history of the times, and 
it all became familiar to me. The background, economics, art, 
and history of the times gave me much insight into the forces 
which had impelled our forefathers to mint their own coins. 

The trials and errors they had to endure were tremendous. Yet 
they persevered. Today colonial coins survive as mementoes 
of those long-ago days. 

There are a number of ways to collect colonial coins. Some 
try to acquire them all, including all dates and major die 
varieties. Some collect specific areas such as pieces 
manufactured in this country or pieces struck in England for 
distribution in America. Finally there is the “type” collector. 


Collecting by types is the most practical method today. Even 

this can be broken down further to suit one’s [(articular needs 
or desires. 

The very earliest pieces, such as the New England (NE) 
coinage as well as the Willow Tree, are quite rare and seldom 
offered for sale. However, both Oak Tree and Pine Tree 
pieces of great historical significance, are usually available. The 
Oak Tree comes in the following denominations: twopence 
(which is dated 1662), and the 1652-dated three[ >ence, 
sixpence, and shilling. The Pine Tree coinage comes in three 
denominations: threepence, sixpence, and shilling, all dated 
1652. To my mind the Pine Tree pieces are among the most 
historic of all American colonial coins. 

When the Massachusetts Bay Colony established its early 
mint, John Hull of Boston was selected as its director. He was 
a successful and skillful silversmith and had excellent 
qualifications for the position. His compensation was to retain 
one shilling out of every twenty he produced. Robert 
Sanderson became his associate. The General Court of 
Massachusetts ordered that a “mint house made of wood, to 
be 16’ square and 10’ high, be erected upon the land of John 

When Hull was ready to commence his operation all persons 
who had bullion, silver plate or Spanish silver coins were 
allowed to bring them to the mint and to wait while their 
pieces were being melted, refined, and alloyed. They then 
obtained a receipt from the mintmaster. The receipt could 
then be exchanged for shillings, sixpence pieces, or other coins 
produced by the mint. 

The pine tree was a favored symbol of the Massachusetts 
authorities. It was used on the state flag and on many other 
state insignias. 

An interesting story, probably more fiction than fact, that 
has never been authenticated, pertains to Mintmaster Hull, 
who became one of the wealthiest men in the colony due to 
the mint’s operations. When his daughter married Samuel 
Sewall he gave her a dowry of Pine Tree shillings equal to her 
own weight. She was placed on one side of the scales and the 
shillings were placed on the other side until the scales 
balanced. According to records from a diary she weighed 125 
pounds, which would have been equal to nearly 50,000 

Many of these coins in collections today are clipped or 
damaged as they originally saw quite a bit of hard usage. Top 
grade specimens are always in strong demand. 

The later Massachusetts colonial coinage of 1787 and 1788 
consisted of copper pieces of the denominations of half cent 
and cent. These were the first American coins to actually bear 
the “half cent” and “one cent” values. Previously, such pieces 
were designated as halfpennies and pennies. 

135 - 

Joshua W itherle was appointed master of the mint in May, 
1787. When the necessary equipment was ready the order was 
given to produce $70,000 in copper cents and half cents. 
Witherle established his works on The Neck and at Dedham. 
I'he copper was first carted to Dedham to be rolled out in 
strips for planchet making. Then it was carted back to Boston 
to be coined. 1 lived only a few miles from the Dedham 
historic site for many years. A number of times I went out to 
try to locate some memorabilia from this early mint, but I 
never had any success. 

Massachusetts cents and half cents were struck for just two 
years, 1787 and 1788. Coinage was suspended when it was 
learned that each coin cost twice its face value to produce! 
Specimens of copper coins of these years are still available 
today in sharp condition for fairly reasonable prices. 

1787 Fugio cents were made during the same era. These are 
sometimes called “Franklin cents.” Struck on a contract basis 
in New York and Connecticut by private coiners, these Fugio 
cents were the first coins issued by the official authority of the 
United States government. There are numerous die varieties of 
Fugio cents. A great deal of research has been done on these 
pieces. Eric Newman, a prolific author in the colonial field, has 
produced a listing of die varieties of Fugio coins. 

“Mind Your Business,” the slogan which appears on Fugio 
coins, is the excellent suggestion of Benjamin Franklin. 

The popular and historic Fugio cents can still be obtained 
for fairly reasonable prices for many pieces were struck. 
During the 19th century the New Haven restrike Fugio cents 
were made. These coins have narrower rings on the reverse and 
are recognized as separate varieties by collectors today. 

Numerous medals and tokens have been struck to honor the 
Father of our Country. Collecting these has become very 
popular in recent years. The classic reference on Washington 
material is The Medallic Portraits of Washington, by W.S. 
Baker. This book is available today in reprint form. 

Many Washington pieces were struck in England after the 
conclusion of the Revolutionary War. Some of these are from 
beautifully engraved dies. Even though they were struck 
abroad, these coins have been accepted as part of the 
American colonial series. 

Collected also are Washington funeral medals. Most known 
specimens are in white metal or silver, holed at the top for 
suspension from a ribbon. A few pieces are known in gold. 
These funeral medals were issued in 1800 and were worn in 
various processions and other observances honoring the 

One of the most unusual and rare Washington medals is the 
famous “Ugly Head.” This satirical medal of the famous 
statesman, in profile, shows him without his wig and with his 
false teeth removed, giving him a grotesque appearance. The 
reverse of this coin has a chain of 13 rings, each bearing the 
name of one of the 13 colonies. In the center are the figures 
“84,” probably for the year 1784. The face of the medal has 

Very little is known concerning the origin of the “Ugly 
Head” piece. Most of the few specimens discovered have been 
found in the Boston area, lending credence to the belief that 
they were probably struck by a group of Tories who would go 
to any length to belittle and besmirch the great hero of the 

If you wish to begin your collection of colonial coins with a 
series priced very reasonably, try Connecticut coinage. These 
pieces are dated from 1785 through 1788 and cover many 
fascinating varieties, crude and imperfect planchets, and other 
interesting features. Popular varieties bear such names as 
“Muttonhead,” “African Head,” “Hercules Head,” “Mailed 
Bust,” “Draped Bust,” and “Horned Bust,” the latter having a 
hornlike die break projecting from the portrait! To top it off 
we have the “Laughing Head” variety. 

New Jersey cents are also quite reasonably priced. These run 
from 1786 through 1788. There are some rarities, the 
Washington obverse, the Iminunis Columbia, and the date 
under plow beam being examples. However, there are many 
popular and inexpensive varieties as well. Interesting among 
these are the “Serpent Head,” “Running Fox,” and “Bridle” 

Some Vermont varieties 17HS-1788 

—Page 136— 











Copper coins issued by the state of Vermont are also dated 
from 1785 through 1788 and come in many varieties. One of 
my personal favorites is the 1786 “Baby Head.” I have studied 
this coin for years and feel that it is undervalued on today’s 
market. Many of the Vermont pieces are crudely or weakly 
struck. Well struck specimens are worth a good premium. 

On the whole, New York colonial pieces are more difficult 
to obtain than are specimens from the three states previously 
mentioned, but there are a few dated 1787, called the “Nova 
Eborac” issues, which are still obtainable for relatively low 

Virginia had very few different pieces struck. All are 
considered to he patterns, with the exception of the 1773 
halfpenny. This variety is still obtainable for a nominal sum in 
choice condition, as a keg of Uncirculated pieces was 
discovered many years ago. This is possibly the only colonial 
coin which can be relatively easily obtained in Uncirculated 

While some of the other states had coinage, they issued just 
a few different pieces and not a wide range of dates, types, or 
die varieties. 

Very few dealers specialize in this field of numismatics. In 
my opinion it is advisable to deal with someone who is 
knowledgeable in this specialized area. In this connection I 
have many nice memories of my dealings over the years with 
Jim Ruddy and Q. David Bowers. It was Dave Bowers who 
gave me a clue in my collecting of United States 
counterstamped large cents that some pieces might be the 
hallmarks of early silversmiths. Eventually I published a listing 
of the Bowers discoveries plus my own findings. 

During the early years of United States numismatics, 
American colonial coins and currency were among the most 
popular items. The auction records of sales held during the 
19th century show that many of the highest prices realized 
were for colonial issues. Tradesmen’s cards, tokens, and 
medalets were also popular and brought astounding prices. 
Habits of the collector have changed a number of times during 
the past hundred years. Now tokens, medals, and especially 
colonial coins are coming again into their own. Even so, many 
of these pieces are sharply undervalued in comparison to what 
far commoner U.S. mint issues of the 19th and 20th centuries 
sell for. 

While it is usually not thought of as a colonial coin, the 
famed Pillar Dollar, one of the world’s greatest trade coins, 
should have a spot in each collection. This piece was legal 
tender in the United States until 1857. Many of the old 
collections I have appraised over the years have had at least 
one specimen of the Pillar Dollar in them. The stories about 
these pieces are legendary, from pirates to shipwrecks. In 
recent years a fairly large number of them have been recovered 
from the depths of the ocean. They are still priced within 
reason and are worthy of a place in your colonial collection. 

Over the years a number of hoards of colonial coins have 
been found. One group called the “Castine Deposit” was 
discovered in Castine, Maine in 1840. This contained 
approximately 2,000 pieces of old Spanish dollars, French, 
Belgian, and Portuguese coins, and had about 25 to 30 
Massachusetts Pine Tree shillings and sixpence pieces. Many of 
the pieces were in excellent condition, giving numismatists and 
historians the opportunity to study the varieties and types 
which came to light. 

Other pieces have been unearthed in various areas of New 
England, sometimes by bulldozers, sometimes by plows. They 
have even been found in the eaves of old farmhouses. I wo of 

the largest finds of Pine Tree coins were made in Roxburv, 
Massachusetts and Exeter, New Hampshire. 

Again 1 repeat, it is timely to start your collection of 
colonial coins now. Do not delay, as many sources are drying 
up and dealer stocks will become weaker. These coins are part 
of the heritage of our great country, are relatively inexpensive, 
and are fascinating to collect. 

-Maurice M. Gould 




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k «*. r ' U. 1 


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^ Ayktos*#*# | ** 

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—Page 137— 

(©utsUton anb 

We invite our readers to submit questions pertaining to any aspect of 
numismatics within the purview of this catalogue. The questions of the 
most general interest will appear in this column. 

QUESTION: Is the current legend that President George Washington 

supplied silverware to make 1792 half dismes correct?-A.E.L., 

Kansas City, Missouri 

ANSWER: It is extremely doubtful that George Washington would 
have contributed silver in wrought or crafted form to be melted down 
to make coins. It would be more reasonable to assume that he would 
have contributed silver in bullion form or guaranteed a personal bond 
to enable the Mint to acquire silver bullion. During the early days at 
the Mint the various officials had to post personal bonds which in some 
instances were of unreasonably high amounts. 

Possibly to expedite the situation President Washington might have 
made some sort of a guarantee for the bulk silver from which the 
approximately 1,500 1792 half dismes were struck. This would not 
have amounted to a great deal of money in any event. 

Concerning the 1792 half disme Don Taxay notes (cf. page 187 of 
Scott’s Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins) that “President Washington himself 
deposited the first silver and was repaid with 1500 half dismes, which 
he presented to his friends here and abroad.” 

A LETTER from C.R.B. of Louisville, Kentucky: 

Dear Dave: Since I am now 66 and retired I suppose I can address 
you by your first name! I greatly enjoy and learn quite a bit from your 
column in “Coin World.” I never had the time to devote to the real 
study of coins so I am very interested in your informative column. I am 
really amazed at your knowledge of coins. I have collected since 1917 
so I find much fun in looking over my coins to see if I have any you 
mention. I think your recent discussion of Longacre’s preference for 
italic or slanting 5’s [such as in the 1855 large cent] is interesting. I 
have examined some of my other 1855 coins and find that they have 
italic 5’s — with the 5’s of my 1855-S $5 gold piece slanting even more 
than on the 1855 cent. By the way, the enclosed clipping from “Coin 
World” might be interesting to you, knowing as I do of your interest in 
colonial coins: 

“Found Shillings: A hoard of 6,000 New England shillings ‘scarcely 
discolored’ was found in jars by William Brown, according to the July 
21, 1737, Boston Weekly Newsletter.” 

ANSWER: Thank you for your nice comments. The interesting thing 
about Longacre’s italic 5’s is that only the 5’s in the 1855 dates are 
italic; the 1 and 8 are of upright form as: 1855. To be consistent the 
entire date should either be 1855 or 1855. The 1856 large cent variety 
with just the 5 italic appears even more inconsistent: 1856. 

A LETTER from T.S. of Alexandria, Virginia: 

I have just finished reading your Rare Coin Review No. 17, and I 
must say that your catalogues are collectors’ items in themselves. I 
enclose an order for several items from this latest issue, and I know that 
they will be in line with the other fine items I have received from you 
in the past. 

I read your article, “Our Changing Hobby — A Dealer’s-Eye View,” 
and it prompted me to think back to the early 1950’s when the prices 
of coins were low indeed. I too was a high school student in those days 
in an average-size town in middle New Jersey. I too went from bank to 
bank in search of scarce coins to fill up my coin albums. I collected the 
various series from Indian cents through Washington quarters. 

Buffalo nickels were easy to find in circulation then. Most dates were 
in the 1930’s, but there were also a goodly number from earlier years, 
although earlier pieces were in lower grades. 1932-D and 1932-S 
Washington quarters were not uncommon, and I found quite a few 
lower-grade ones among the many bank rolls I examined. 

Once in a great while I would come across a we 11-circulated Indian 
cent. It was not difficult to fill up any of the coin sets with the 
exception (as you pointed out) of the really rare issues in each series. 
Liberty nickels were also fairly easy to find, with the exception of 1883 
with CENTS, 1885, 1886, and 1912-S. 

Today I wish that I had spent more time with coins and had 
purchased more scarce issues when prices were lower. However, as you 
have stated we must look ahead and not back. The future of coin 
collecting seems very bright, and with greater numbers of people 
jumping on the coin bandwagon we can expect a greater hobby to come 
out of it all with monetary appreciation to reward us for our efforts. 

With the economic unrest we are now experiencing throughout the 


^nsitocr Jforum 

world (and God only knows where it will all end), there is very little in 
the way of an investment vehicle that the average man can afford 
today. Coins, I feel, are such a vehicle. 

FOLLOW-UP: We have always been intrigued by the mention in 
numismatic literature of a large cent having been struck at the New 
Orleans Mint in 1837. We have invited further information on this in 
our “Coin World” column and also from time to time in our catalogues. 
Recently Dr. Warren A. Lapp, editor of “Penny Wise,” periodical 
publication of the Early American Coppers Club (EAC), sent the 
following information to us. We quote from Dr. Lapp’s letter and 

“In reference to your request for information on the large cents 
struck at the Mint in New Orleans, I am enclosing some copies of pages 
from earlier issues of Penny Wise which will answer your question. 

“It should be noted also that Walter Breen in his monograph The 
U.S. Minor Coinages 1793-1916, page 13, lists the large cent struck at 
the New Orleans Mint as being the 1836 Newcomb variety 7, State IV, 
and notes that it was struck in 1837. However, since the 1836 N-7 was 
struck from the same obverse die as the N-6 for that year, the variety 
number variation is only one of semantics. 

“Since the publication of the Breen monograph, it has been reported 
by Julian and others that only one die, the obverse for the 1836 N-6, 
was found in one of the presses when they arrived at the New Orleans 
Mint. Consequently, if any large cents were struck at the New Orleans 
Mint, they most likely were uniface and the quantity struck was 
extremely limited. 

“I very much enjoy your column in Coin World and am grateful for 
your catalogues.” 

Dr. Lapp’s enclosures consisted of a “Penny Quiz,” by Capt. John D. 
Wright, which appeared in Penny Wise, Vol 2, pp. 14-15, January 15, 
1968, and an article, “Surviving Mementoes of the First U.S. Mint,” by 
Dr. Lapp himself in Vol. 3, p. 116 (July 15, 1969) of the same 

The Capt. Wright quiz asked as question number eight: “What large 
cent was struck, not at the Philadelphia Mint, but at one of the six 
branch mints, and at which branch mint was it struck?” 

The reply was given as: “The 1836 N-6, State IV, was struck at the 
branch mint in New Orleans in 1837, using dies sent from Philadelphia 
for setting up and adjusting the presses for the new branch mint there. 
These presses were later used in 1838 for the coining of dimes and half 
dimes. This subvariety of large cent, the 1836 N-6 IV, bears no mint 
mark, of course. W.E. Johnson lists this coin as rarity 6, but his rarity 
studies are as yet incomplete.” 

The July 15, 1969 issue of Penny Wise updates the situation: “More 
recently an article by R.W. Julian, titled “Dimes First Flow in New 
Orleans,” appeared in the Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine of 
September 1968. In the article Julian reports that one of the coin 
presses sent to New Orleans was found to contain an obverse die for an 
1836 cent. No reverse die was found, however. Julian suggests that the 
press might have been an old one which formerly had been used at the 
Philadelphia Mint or that it had been tested there before being shipped 
to New Orleans. In any event, there is some question as to whether or 
not the 1836 N-6, State IV was struck in New Orleans. Statistics for the 
New Orleans branch mint’s output, as cited by Julian, do not record 
any striking of cents.” 


“When I received my first copy of the Rare Coin Review I was 
tempted not to order several things which were on my want list, for 

I saw the same coins offered for several dollars less in-[a 

leading numismatic publication — Ed.]. I ordered the same coins 
from you and from the other dealer, thinking I would return yours 
as per your advertised ‘Comparison Test’ once I had your coinsand 
the other dealer’s side-by-side. Both shipments arrived on the same 
day, and I compared the coins. This took me only about two 
seconds to do, for yours were Brilliant Uncirculated, as you 
advertised, and the others were barely AU. So your ‘Comparison 
Test’ won with flying colors — and you now have another steady 
customer: me! I was puzzled at first, but now I know what’s what” 
— an unsolicited comment from H.E. of Chicago, Illinois. 







Text by Ed Reiter 
Sketch by Bill King 

uas been 
m corns 

2-0 YEARS 

oNVY )H. 


A6E OT \fc>. 


uis oiwer New 



Partner own tne 
MEYANiSR ms\u. 
museum in 


The following article recently appeared as a “ Who’s Who in 
Numismatics’’ feature in Numismatic News, published by Krause 
Numismatic Publications, Iola, Wisconsin. This adaptation is used with 
the permission of that organization. The text is by Ed Reiter of the 
Numismatic News staff. The sketch is by Bill King. 

Q. David Bowers wasn’t exactly born with a silver spoon in 
his mouth—but he did have a silver dollar in his baby book. 

“I found out about it while looking through family 
artifacts,” Bowers says. “An 1886 silver dollar was listed as 
one of the gifts I received. I don’t know whatever happened to 
it, but that was my first coin.” 

It was the first of a great many, for Bowers went on to 
become one of the nation’s biggest and best-known coin 
dealers. The coin business he and his partner, James F. Ruddy, 
now operate in Hollywood, California, is a multimillion- 
dollar-a-year operation. 

Bowers didn’t jump straight from crib to bourse floor. He 
did become interested in coins at an early age, however—and 
once he got his feet wet it didn’t take him long to advance 
from novice collector to experienced dealer. 

“1 started collecting coins in 1953, when I was 14, he 


recalls. “I had started collecting rocks and minerals previously, 
and one day, while 1 was visiting Robert Rusbar, our local tax 
collector who shared my interest in that hobby, he showed me 
his coin collection, too. 

“I found the whole idea terribly fascinating. The prospect 
of finding a rare date Lincoln cent in circulation absolutely 
amazed me. So I got some Whitman folding hoards and started 
picking cents from circulation.” 

Bowers was living in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, at the time. 
He had been born in Honesdale, Pa., and also had lived in 
Baltimore for a short time during early boyhood. Forty Fort, 
though, was the town where he grew up. 

Within months after taking up coins as a hobby he had 
found enough—and learned enough—to become a vest-pocket 
dealer. He borrowed a few hundred dollars from his father to 
help get his business off the ground. Then he began running 
advertisements in local newspapers and hobby publications. 

“At first I had to take the bus when 1 went to see customers 
on the other side of town,” he recalls. “Or my father had to 
drive me. 1 wasn’t old enough to drive; you had to be 16. 

139 - 

I>\ the time lie reached his senior year in high school his 
business was flourishing, and coins were his principal 
extracurricular activity. He didn’t neglect his studies, though: 
he was a finalist in the first National Merit Scholarship 
competition in 1956 and went on to win further academic 
distinction and a degree at the Pennsylvania State University. 

Bowers attended his first American Numismatic Association 
convention in 1954 in Cleveland, and was thoroughly 
impressed with the proceedings. The following year, at the age 
of 16, he impressed a lot of other people by getting his own 
bourse table at the ANA convention in Omaha. His stature as a 
national hobby figure has been growing ever since. 

Bowers first joined forces with Jim Ruddy in 1958. 

“Jim’s parents lived near Forty Fort,” he recalls, “and one 
day he came down to see me to buy some coins. I had 
continued my coin business while attending college, and Jim 
was operating the Triple Cities Coin Exchange in Johnson 
City, New York. 

“We found that our talents and interests blended quite well, 
so we combined our interests and formed the Empire Coin 
Company in Johnson City. I handled my part of the business 
from college until 1960, when I graduated, and then I moved 
to Johnson City.” 

From almost the beginning, Bowers’ business had been 
oriented primarily toward mail orders. Empire Coin Company 
followed the same pattern, and in the early 1960’s—when the 
hobby in general and the mail order coin business in particular 
enjoyed an unprecedented boom—Empire became one of the 
nation’s leading companies. 

Paramount International Coin Corporation acquired Empire 
in 1965, and for the next year Bowers was associated with 
Paramount in Englewood, Ohio. At that time he left the 
business side of coins (but continued his extensive numismatic 
writing) to indulge in another one of his great loves: automatic 
musical instruments. 

He and Terry Hathaway of Santa Fe Springs, California, 
formed Hathaway and Bowers, Inc.—a company which grew in 
less than two years into the world’s largest music box dealer. 

“I became interested in automatic musical instruments in 
1960,” he relates. “It was at an antique show. I saw this old 
Regina music box, made around 1905, and decided I had to 
have it So I bought it and this became my hobby.” 

Coins, he says, are strictly his business now, but automatic 
musical instruments—music boxes, player pianos, nickelode¬ 
ons, and the like—are still a hobby, business ties 

Bowers has given up his association with Hathaway. Four 
years ago he formed a new coin dealership—Bowers and Ruddy 
Galleries, Inc.—as a continuation of his relationship with Jim 
Ruddy. He’s still active on the business end of music boxes, 
though, as co-owner (with Claes 0. Friberg) of the Mekanisk 
Musik Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark—the largest museum 
in Europe for such instruments and one of Denmark’s prime 
tourist attractions. 

One of the greatest assets Bowers has brought to his 
hobbies—artd businesses— has been his thirst for knowledge. 

"I have a fantastic interest in everything I get involved in,” 
he declares. T read voraciously—every bit I can—and the more 
I read the more interested I get.” 

I his interest is reflected in the vast reference library 
Bowers and Ruddy Galleries maintains. 

“We have thousands of volumes,” Bowers reports. 
'Whenever we hear about a book we feel may be significant, 
we go out and buy it Just the other day we bought $200 
worth of books. 

“As far as I’m concerned, the best expenditure we can make 
is for a useful reference book.” 

He himself has made many important contributions to 
numismatic literature, for apart from coins and music boxes, 
writing has been the number one hobby in his life. 

His contributions include a book on U.S. half cents, a book 
of reminiscences and reflections titled “Coins and Collectors,” 
and the weekly columns he has written for Coin World since 
the early ’60’s. His work has appeared in every other major 
publication in the hobby, including Numismatic News.Weekly 
and Coins Magazine. 

He has done his share of writing about music boxes, as well, 
and his 1,008-page “Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical 
Instruments,” recently selected by the American Library 
Association as one of the outstanding reference books of our 
time, is considered by collectors to be the standard source in 
that field. 

His writing ability has come in handy from a business 
standpoint, too: he takes personal charge of preparing the 
Rare Coin Reviews issued periodically by Bowers and Ruddy 
Galleries, and also strings the words together for the sale 
catalogues of the American Auction Association, Inc., the 
company’s sister firm. 

He’s a skilled and widely sought speaker, also, and has 
participated in numerous educational forums at coin shows 
around the country. 

Bowers travels extensively—throughout the United States 
and abroad, too. He chose Southern California as his base of 
operations, he says, because it offers “an ideal combination of 
coin activity and a pleasant climate.” 

His two sons, Wynn, 11, and Lee, 9, have developed an 
interest in coin collecting and often attend conventions. 

Q. David Bowers has made quite a name for himself in the 
realm of coins. One thing that puzzles many, though: What 
does the “Q” stand for? 

“It stands for Quentin,” Bowers says. 

“I was named after my father, but I decided to use my 
middle name so as not to cause confusion in the family.” 

There’s no confusion about where Dave ranks in the 
'‘family” of numismatists. That bus he caught in Forty Fort 
has taken him right to the top of the heap. 

—Page 140- 


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Directors: James F. Ruddy / Nancy Ruddy / Q. David Bowers 

(American (^Auction (^Association, °Inc. 

Suite 810 / 6922 Hollywood Boulevard / Hollywood, California 90028 

Telephone (213) 466-4595 (multiple lines) 

—Page 141 — 

The Terrell Collection Auction 


The Terrell Collection Sale 

For two days—May 18th and 19th—the attention of the 
numismatic world was riveted on the American Auction 
Associations sale of the Terrell Collection in Hollywood, 

Under the auctioneer’s hammer went 1,570 lots of choice 
and rare coins of the United States and other countries. 
Enthusiastic bidders from all over America, Europe, and Asia 
competed to acquire the many superb pieces in the sale. When 
all was said and done, over $600,000.00 worth of pieces had 
found new owners, and many new price records had been set. 

The catalogue noted that: “The Terrell Collection was 
formed over a period of years—beginning years ago when 
choice coins were more plentiful than they are now. Emphasis 
was placed on quality, with price being of secondary 
importance. The result was the assembly of one of the finest 
collections we have ever had the privilege of offering for sale; a 
collection replete with many gems, great scarcities and rarities, 
and other desirable pieces. As the individual catalogue 
descriptions indicate, there are many pieces here which have 
not appeared on the market for many years and which will 
probably not appear again on the market within the 
foreseeable future.” 

United States Half Cents and Cents 

The sale opened at 7 o’clock Friday evening in the orange- 
and beige-decorated Blossom Room of Hollywood’s famous 
Roosevelt Hotel—the scene of many outstanding events in the 
past, but perhaps none so important to the numismatist as the 
Terrell Collection sale! 

First on the block were several beautiful half cents. For the 
guidance of readers who have a copy of the Terrell Collection 
catalogue we give lot numbers in brackets, [4 | for example, 
throughout this article. A 1793 half cent |1| described as 
very beautiful EF-AU” started things with a realization of 
$1550. Next on the list was a splendid AU example of the 


famous 1 over 1 variety of the 1797 half cent [2] which set a 
new record price at $1850. Following on the heels of that was 
a lovely glossy brown Uncirculated 1800 half cent [3] which 
was knocked down at $450. Later in the sale a choice Brilliant 
Uncirculated 1835 half cent [119] fetched a new record price 
of $225. 

“Large cents appeared in several places throughout the 
Terrell Collection sale. An Extremely Fine 1793 Chain cent 
[6] fetched $3,500, followed by an EF 1793 Wreath [7] at 
$1,250. A 1797 cent [9], an Uncirculated example from the 
Nichols Find, went quite reasonably at just $850. An 1814 
brown Uncirculated cent [10] commanded a new level at 
$1,600. Nearly 150 Uncirculated large cents of the 1816-1857 
years [appearing in the sale as lot numbers 1106 through 1250 
inclusive] brought prices mainly in the $100 to $200 range, 
although some scarce and early issues went higher. 

Several outstanding small cents in the Terrell offering set 
new price records. An 1858 large letters flying eagle cent in 
BU grade, a gem striking [14], set a new level at $425. An 
1859 Brilliant Uncirculated cent [15] fetched $275. An 1880 
Proof Indian cent [17 ] cost the buyer $95. 

Considerable attention was focused on the auctioneer, 
George Bennett, as lot 189, a specimen of the 1888/7 Indian 
cent, came up for sale. The coin, described as “attractive red 
and brown Uncirculated with prooflike surfaces in areas,” was 
one of the two specimens originally disqovered by James F. 
Ruddy and announced to the numismatic fraternity via news 
articles in 1970. The previous auction record of $2,600 for 
one of these pieces was quickly shattered as the coin sold for 
$4,000 to a prominent midwestern numismatist. 

2c, 3c, and 5c Pieces 

The question “what is it worth?’’ concerning an 1865/4 
overdate two-cent piece [18] in choice Uncirculated grade was 
answered when the piece found a new home at $450. The 
consignor to the sale must have been delighted for the piece 
was, in the cataloguer’s words, “acquired years ago as a regular 
1865 by the owner of the Terrell Collection.” 

Nickel three-cent pieces in the sale continued the strength 
of other series. An especially sharp 1868 [214] BU piece 
fetched $90. An example of the rare proof-only 1878 [250] 
brought $250., and a scarce Proof 1886 [19] sold for $140. 

In the silver three-cent series a BU 1852 [20] at $110 and 
another example [225] of the same date at $135 made new 
levels for this date. A beautiful 1862/1 overdate [228] went 
to a successful bidder at $230. 

Prices realized for nickel five-cent pieces included $185 for 
a sharply struck 1866 [230] with rays; $225 for a Proof 
1879/8 [236 ]; $140 for a BU 1881 [237 ]; $60 for an 1883 
Liberty nickel without CENTS [238 ] in BU grade; and $23 
each for two examples of the popular 1938-D over S 
“overmintmark” [249 and 250]. 

Half dimes were well represented throughout the American 
Auction Association sale. Lot 28, a BU 1795, fetched $2000. 


Lot 58 - $16,000 

Lot 395 - $4,800 

Lot 844 - $2,300 

Lot 75 - $6,800 

Lot 897- $2,600 

Lot 69 - $1,700 

—Page 143— 

An 1800 [30] in similar grade went tor $2,600. An 1837 
L ibert) seated Lialt dime without stars [32 J realized $460. A 
little later on in the sale another 1837 [645] was knocked 
down at $440—thus fairly definitively establishing a current 
market value for select examples of this popular issue. A 
number of choice specimens of Brilliant Uncirculated bust 
type half dimes were represented in the Terrell offering and 
mostly sold in the $200 to $250 range. A BU 1853 half dime 
with arrows [34] broke a new price barrier and realized $275. 

Throughout the sale a number of purchases were made by 
leading dealers who flew to Hollywood from all over the globe 
to attend the sale. It has been said that dealers often sense the 
strength of the market a few months before the general public 
does. If this is the case, good market times are ahead! Dealer 
bidding was enthusiastic as they strove to acquire pieces for 
commissions they were representing and also for their own 

United States Dimes and Quarter Dollars 

Dimes in the Terrell sale included a Brilliant Uncirculated 
1796 [36] at $4,600; an Uncirculated 1820 [654] at $1,050; 
a prooflike gem 1827 [37] at $1,700 (to a major buyer who 
attended the sale from New York and who considered this to 
be one of the nicest of his many purchases at the event); a 
prooflike 1830 [38] at $775; and two 1837 without-stars 
pieces at $900 each [39 and 661 ]. 

Among later Liberty seated issues we might mention an 
Uncirculated 1844 [284] at $660; an 1853 with arrows [40] 
in the same grade at $375; an 1866 BU [662] at $275; an 
1873 with arrows BU [42] at $500; an 1874 BU [663] BU at 
$525; and an 1880 BU [43] at $250. A specialist in the dime 
series carried home a gem example of the 1870-S [287] at 
$ 1, 200. 

A choice BU 1901-S dime [298] fetched $840. The year 
1942 is remarkable in the dime series for two overdates: the 
1942/1 (struck at the Philadelphia Mint) and its Denver 
counterpart, the 1942/1-D. Choice Uncirculated examples of 
these are rarely offered for sale. The Terrell Collection sale 
represented an unusual opportunity, and both of these coins 
set new records when they came up on the auction block. Lot 
308, the 1942/1, brought $960. Lot 309, a 1942/1-D, fetched 
$2,000 (against a mail bid of $2,400, thus saving the mail 
bidder $400, for the next underbid was $1,900). 

Twenty-cent pieces of interest included an 1875 Uncircula¬ 
ted [672] at $575; an 1875-S [673] in the same grade at 
$400; an 1877 [674] Proof at $800; and an 1878 [45] Proof 
at $725. 

Among quarter dollars the 1796 has always been a 
landmark. The piece has three qualities which give it a special 
appeal: (1) It is the first year of issue of the quarter 
denomination. (2) It is the only year of the design type with 
the small eagle reverse. (3) It has a very small mintage. The 
Terrell Collection specimen [46], described as magnificent 
Lncirculated with prooflike surfaces on both obverse and 
reverse, promised to be one of the highlights of the sale. And 
indeed it was! The coin sold for $17,000 into one of America’s 
finest private collections. 

Prices for early bust type quarters were mixed and ranged 
mostly in the $900 to $2000 range, the latter figure being for 
a Brilliant Uncirculated 1825/3 [48]. Among Liberty seated 
quarters an 1853 with arrows and rays [50] in BU grade 
fetched $775, and a coin of the following year, 1854 [679], 
brought a new record price of $650. A Brilliant Uncirculated 
1873 quarter with arrows [52 | sold for $500. 


“The reference books will have to be rewritten in view of 
the Terrell Collection results,” noted a spokesman for the 
American Auction Association. Prices such as $270 and $300 
realized for two 1879 BU quarters [689 and 690], $300 for a 
BU 1881 quarter [691], $375 for a BU 1882 [692] and $360 
for another of the same date [693], not to mention $430 for a 
BU 1885 [695] and $400 for a BU 1886 [696] point this out 

U.S. Half Dollars 

Half dollars appeared in several places throughout the large 
illustrated sale catalogue. Record prices established included 
$16,000 for the famous Westwood Collection example of the 
1797 half dollar [58] in AU grade, one of the very finest 
of this rare year known to exist. $4,800 for a BU 1801 [395 |, 
$2,300 for an Uncirculated 1803 [398 |, and $2,300 for an 
Uncirculated 1806 [59 | are other examples. 

Half dollar specialists will long remember the spectacular 
collection of that series which appeared in the Terrell 
Collection sale beginning with lot 392. Particularly memorable 
are the prices fetched by Liberty seated half dollars in choice 
condition. The following dates were all described in the 
catalogue as being Uncirculated: 1841-0 [476] $230; 1842 
small date [477] $500; 1845-0 without drapery [487] $650; 
1846 small date [488] $400; 1846 tall date [489] $700; 
1852-0 [504] $1,050; 1859-S [524] $412.50; 1862-S [532] 
$350; 1864 [535] $360; 1870-S [550] $500; 1871-CC [552; 
described as “with some bagmarks in field”] $3,200; 1873-S 
arrows [561] $1,700; 1874-CC arrows [563] $2600; 1874-S 
arrows [564] $900, plus several hundred dollars apiece for 
scarce Uncirculated issues of the 1880’s. 

Silver Dollars 

Among silver dollars we can cite record prices for $3,600 
for an AU 1795, type of ’94 [70]; $3,600 for a 1795 small 
eagle [71 ] in BU grade with some light rubbing; $4,500 for a 
sharply-struck Uncirculated 1802 [72]; $675 for a beautiful 
Proof 1866 [925]; and $6,800 for the extremely popular and 
very rare Proof 1895 [75 ] Morgan issue. 

Trade dollars were likewise very strong in the sale, with 
Uncirculated “S” mintmark coins of common dates bringing 
mostly in the $250 range, and with scarce dates and Proofs 
going higher. 

Gold Coins 

Gold coins in the American Auction Association event were 
highlighted by two prime rarities: the 1841 quarter eagle and 
the 1876 $3 issue. 

The 1841 quarter eagle, affectionately called “The Little 
Princess” by cataloguers over the years, was in Very Fine 
grade. Only six specimens are known in collectors’ hands. The 
coin, sold as lot 1009, fetched $10,050 and is now a part of a 
large eastern collection. 

Lot 1002 was described as: “1876 $3 gold. Brilliant Proof, a 
gem. This is the finest 1876 $3 we have ever owned. Usually 
Proofs of this date are seen in impaired form. The offering of a 
gem is very, very unusual...” This magnificent showpiece 
quickly found a new owner at $16,000 — a new record price 
for the rare 1876 date. 

Other United States Issues 

An offering of United States coins of the year 1872, a 
collection formed by the Red Devil Co. (manufacturers of 
144 - 

Lot 1545 - $1,650 

Lot 1316 - $275 

Lot 1559 - $550 

Lot 1319 - $4,000 

Lot 1435 - $4,000 

Lot 1324 - $975 

Lot 1436 - $7,700 

Lot 1515 - $7,500 

Lot 1443 - $1,800 



Y r -- ■ 

-Page 145— 

hardware supplies) tor use in the firm’s 1872-1972 centennial 
observation, featured many different regular and pattern 

A beautiful Proot example of the 1872 pattern Amazonian 
halt dollar [615] was knocked down for $4,000, thereby 
beating by $900 the previous price record of $3,100 set a year 
earlier in the American Auction Association sale of the 
Armand Champa Collection. The 1872 pattern Amazonian 
silver dollar went reasonably for $4,500. A string of 1872 
Barber pattern designs for gold coins commenced with an 
aluminum striking of an 1872 gold dollar [622] at $700 and 
concluded with an aluminum impression of Barber’s pattern 
double eagle [630] at $1,500. 

Coins of the World 

Coins of the world in the Terrell Collection sale comprised 
many different issues. Outstanding was a specialized collection 
of pieces with the portrait of Leopold I, “The Hogmouth,” of 
the Holy Roman Empire (Austria). Dealers and collectors from 
Germany, Austria, Japan, England, and other countries 
competed with their American brethren to set new price levels. 

Outstanding among the Leopold I coins were a double taler 
of Styria [1286] at $1,325; a 1684 taler of Silesia [1290], a 
1695 broad taler of Hungary [1305], a beautiful undated 
double taler of Nuremberg [1319] with a city scene on the 
reverse at $4,000, an undated double taler of Tirol [1323] at 
$1,100, and a very rare triple taler of Tirol [1326] at $1,300. 

An undated (year 1890) taler of Kwangtung Province of 
China [1378] fetched $220; a 1917-B Proof Egyptian 20 
piastres [1386] sold for $310; and an undated broad medallic 
taler of Lubeck [1401] sold for $225. 

The Terrell Collection offered some choice English crowns, 
the likes of which had not appeared on the market in a long 
time and which are not likely to appear again for a great 
duration. A 1656/4 Commonwealth crown [ 14271 was 
knocked down at $650, followed shortly by a 1706 crown in 
EF grade [1429] at $760. A 1732 pattern issue of George II 
[1431] fetched $1,400. The 1817 “Incorrupta” crown of 
George III [1432] set a new level at $1,775. An 1825 pattern 
silver crown of George IV [1434] realized $1,450. 

Particularly outstanding were three pattern crown issues of 
William IV. 1831 crowns are rare even in their most 
“common” form — as issued in the specimen Proof sets of that 
year. The Terrell Collection featured three very rare varieties, 
and the competition for them was intense. An 1831-dated 
variety with the name of the engraver, Wyon, spelled out 
[1435] sold for $4,000. Two undated 1831 crowns [1436 and 
1473] realized $7,700 and $7,650 respectively. 

Close on the heels of the 1831 pieces was an 1846 Gothic 
crown [1438], issued a year earlier than most Gothic pieces 
(which are dated 1847). This 1846 coin, a splendid Proof, 
found a new home at $3,650. A 1910 pattern crown [1443] 
brought $1,800, and a complete 1746 silver Proof set [1445] 
fetched $2,800. 

A date run of Japanese yen set some new values, including 
$450 for a piece of 1870 [1458], $1,400 for an 1874 issue 
[1459], and $2,900 for the rare 1879 [1460]. 

An 1841 Russian set of three coins commemorating the 
marriage of the future Alexander 1J to Maria brought $7,400, a 
new record. An 1888 15-kopeck piece [1516], described as 
one of only seven pieces struck, found a buyer in enthusiastic 
bidding competition at $520. Gold coins of the world saw a 
number of new record [trices, including $1,650 lor an 1851 


gold eight escudo piece of Bolivia [1545 | and $1,800 for a 
very rare Proof 1869 5 drachmai pattern issue of Greece 

In Conclusion 

The main consignor to the Terrell Collection sale, 
interviewed shortly after the event, had this to say: 

“Naturally I am delighted with the sale. The coins were fun 
to collect and to own, and I hope that the new buyers share 
my same enthusiasm for them. I bought the coins primarily as 
an investment, however—and now my problem is that it is 
difficult to think of any other investment which will compare 
to what these coins have done. Right now I am thinking of 
re-entering the coin field to build up another collection. 

“In reviewing the prices realized for my coins it is very 
obvious that any pieces which were of choice or selected 
quality brought high prices—record prices in most instances.” 

Following one of our additional questions the owner then 
continued by saying: “You ask me what advice I might have 
for other buyers, and here it is: Buy coins of selected quality, 
and buy from established dealers. I believe you say this in your 
own advertisements. You won’t go wrong.” 

The American Auction Association is affiliated with Bowers 
and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. and is owned by Q. David Bowers 
and James F. Ruddy. A copy of the Terrell Collection 
catalogue plus a list of the prices realized can be had for $5 
while supplies last. 

The American Auction Association is now accepting 
consignments for its next two sales: one to be held in 
November of this year and the next following to be held in 
February, 1974 (in conjunction with the Numismatic 
Association of Southern California convention). Complete 
information concerning consignments can be obtained without 
obligation by contacting James F. Ruddy or Q. David Bowers 
of the firm. 



Considering the sale of your coin collection? Consider the advantages that a combined 
public and mail bid auction by the American Auction Association, Inc. offers you: 


EXPERT CATALOGUING by James F. Ruddy, Q. David Bowers, and the other 
professional numismatists on the staff of Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc. You get the 
experience of our having handled millions of dollars’ worth of choice United States and 
world coins - including many of the finest collections sold in America and Europe in 
recent decades. 

A BEAUTIFUL CATALOGUE will highlight your collection. Important pieces will be 
illustrated with detailed photographs. The illustrations, layout, typography, and descript¬ 
ions of the coins will make the catalogue featuring your collection a standard reference 
for years to come. Your collection will be offered to its best advantage. 

EXCELLENT RESULTS will be yours with an American Auction Association, Inc. 
auction sale. Public attendance plus spirited mail bidding from our mailing list of the 
most active buyers in numismatics will combine to produce the best results available in 
the auction market today. 

PLUS THESE OTHER ADVANTAGES: Competitive commission rates. Insured pro¬ 
tection for your collection in secure bank vaults. Complete research facilities for die 
varieties, rarity ratings, etc. — to assure you of a better price for your coins. 
Unquestioned financial and professional reputation. Early sale dates now available. 

THE FIRST STEP: Considering the sale of your collection? Write or telephone (you 
may call collect) James F. Ruddy of our staff today and he will discuss our 
convenient arrangements with you. An American Auction Association, Inc. combined 
public and mail bid auction sale is the ideal way to sell your collection. 

We are now accepting consignments for our next two auction sales: Autumn 1973 and 
February, 1974 (with the Numismatic Association of Southern California convention). 
Contact James F. Ruddy today about including your collection! 

A meric an (Auction Association, ^nc. 

Suite 810 / 6922 Hollywood Boulevard / Hollywood, California 90028 

Telephone (213) 466-4595 (multiple lines) 

The directors of the firm, James F. Ruddy and Q. David Bowers, are life members (Nos. 336 and 33,) of t it 
American Numismatic Association; and are members of the Professional Numismatists Guild, the American 
Numismatic Society, Royal Numismatic Society (London), and other leading organizations. 

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% Osiiij n. / 


, 4.1 


Suite 810 / 6922 Hollywood Boulevard 
Hollywood, California 90028 
Telephone (213) 466-4595 

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