Coin Master: Free spins, coins and more [Apr 2022]

Have you used up all of your spins ? Run out of coins ? well, we ’ ra here to help with our helpful page of Coin Master free spins. This page has all the ways to get free spins and coins in Coin Master, including the daily codes given out by Moon Active on their social media pages .
sol, what do the coins and spins do ? The spins allow players to er, spin the slot machine, and get rewards depending what they land on. This can be either coins, the ability to attack another players ’ greenwich village, to take their coins, or grant protective shields against other players. There ’ ra besides a clean item that actually gives you more spins excessively .
The more times you spin, the more coins you get, and the more you can level up your presious greenwich village. These cool casual codes besides mean that you don ’ t have to wait for spins to replenish – normally, Coin Master grants five spins every hour, but keep check this page to keep whirl !

Coin Master free spins and free coins

These are all the active links for free Coin Master spins and coins. We ‘ll keep them updated, since each liaison expires three days after going survive.

8th April
7th April
6th April

Expired Coin Master daily links

5th April
4th April
3rd April
2nd April
1st April
31st March
30th March
29th March
28th March
27th March
26th March
25th March
24th March
23rd March
22nd March
21st March
20th March
19th March
18th March
17th March
16th March
15th March
14th March
13th March
12th March
11th March
10th March
9th March
8th March
7th March

6th March
5th March
4th March
3rd March
2nd March
1st March
28th February
27th February
26th February
25th February
24th February
23rd February
22nd February
21st February
20th February
19th February
18th February
17th February
16th February
15th February
14th February
13th February
12th February
11th February
10th February
9th February
8th February
7th February

How to redeem your free Coin Master spins

Redeeming Coin Master rewards is easy – but it must be done on the lapp device that you have the app installed and logged in on. then, it ‘s reasonably elementary : click each of the links, and you ’ ll be taken to the app, where a toss off up will appear with the rewards you ’ ve received. comfortable !

How to get more free Coin Master spins and coins

These daily links aren ’ t the merely way to get free spins and coins, there are a few early ways of maximising profits and the expansion of your village .

  • Wait it out: Every hour Coin Master will give you five free spins.
  • Connect with Facebook: You’ll get 50 free spins and 1 million free coins by connecting Coin Master with Facebook.
  • Invite Facebook friends to play: For each player you successfully invite, you get 40 or more free spins. These must be people who have never installed the game before – as they will need to use the referral link you send to them in order for you to claim the reward.
  • Work with your friends: Each day, players will be given a few free spins to share with their friends. There is also the new Teams feature to try. By joining a Team, it will get you some benefits: cards, free spins and a Team Chest. By collecting keys together, you can crack open the chest and receive plenty of extra free stuff!
  • Join in with the events: There are often in-game events, normally with lots of spins and coins up for grabs.
  • Collect cards: Throughout the game, you’ll start picking up cards – complete a set and you’ll be rewarded with free spins and coins.
  • Level-up your villages: Every time you level up a village, you’ll get a bunch of free spins and coins. We recommend spending them on village upgrades as soon as possible.
  • Use the Reward Calendar: Once you get to village level 11, The Future, you’ll unlock the Reward Calendar, which gives you free coins and spins just for checking in with it every day. The reward gets bigger the longer you continue checking in and contains Magic Chests as well as coins and spins.
  • Use your Daily Bonus: Each day you’ll be able to spin a big “Wheel of Fortune” style wheel, with 400 million coins up for grabs each day!
  • Use your Pets: By making use of Foxy or Tiger, you can get more coins when raiding or attacking other players’ villages.
  • Use the Big Raids: We recommend saving up some spins to raid wealthy players – you can see this information above the slot machine. You’ll be assigned a player (a Coin Master), and it will show how many coins they have. It is best to save your big bets for those that have a lot of cash: the more they have, the more you’ll get! Also, keep Foxy active as your Pet for extra digging!
  • Spin more: It sounds obvious, but don’t forget that you can get more spins just by spinning!

Frequently Asked Coin Master Questions

Do Coin Master links expire?

Yes. It is best to click the links equally soon as you see them, as they will expire after three days, and no long be of use .

Where do the links come from?

Every day, Moon Active releases daily, free-to-use links across their social media pages. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even newsletters. But preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate concern, we ’ ra keeping this updated for you, so you don ’ t have to keep jumping about everywhere to get those juicy release spins .

How many levels are there in Coin Master?

Coin Master presently has 373 levels ( or Villages, if you like ). There may be more lend in the future, but for now, this is all we have.

I got fewer coins than the daily Coin Master link said I would get, why is this?

sometimes, the number of coins can be capped, due to your level in the game. For example, if a reward has something like 30 million coins as a reward, chances are you won ’ thymine catch that full sum unless you have progressed to a high level .

Should I spend all of my coins?

Yes – preceptor ’ thyroxine hoard them ! If you hold onto them besides long, other players can come along and steal them off you. So we recommend spending them on village upgrades ampere soon as possible .
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