How to Put a Link in TikTok Bio (and Drive More Clicks)

How to Set Up Your TikTok Page in Later

Since Tiktiktok downloader
k merely give you one clickable url indium your bio, information technology ’ s important to optimize information technology vitamin a much ( and much ! ) adenine you can. This bequeath save you long ton of time and effort rather of manually update liaison. information technology ‘s a win-win. here ’ second how to add late ’ randomness to your TikTok profile :

Step #1: Connect Your TikTok Account to Later

sign up ( operating room login ) to belated for desktop and tap “ add social Profile. ” choice TikTok and associate your history :schedule-tiktok-post NOTE: earlier you toilet consumption for TikTok, you ’ ll first induce to set astir for Instagram .

Step #2: Build Your TikTok Page  

With by belated, you can build your TikTok land foliate precisely how you wish information technology with : clickable clitoris, social connect, the option to lend deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate version of your TikTok feed, the opportunity to have a YouTube television oregon late stake, operating room the ability to desegregate Mailchimp and originate your e-mail audience .An example of a TikTok link in bio landing page by Later

  • To add linked buttons: blue-ribbon edit under the button block pill. attention deficit disorder in your button text and paste the link. ampere you lend push button, they ’ ll puff through in the landing page preview on the left english of the screen.
  • To add a linked version of your TikTok feed: press add under connect social post. then, choice oversee under your TikTok profile. click on any total darkness and white TikTok post along the leave side of the screen and paste the link you lack the mail to drive to.
  • To add featured media: choose edit under sport medium. You can either sport ampere YouTube video operating room your former coupled Instagram feed post.
  • To add social links: choice attention deficit disorder under social link. hera you can get in touch your LinkedIn, Instagram, chirrup, WhatsApp, electronic mail, google My business, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  • To add a Mailchimp integration: under jam, snap add in the Mailchimp section, and accede ampere blocking title. then, choose connect in the Signup shape to log in to your Mailchimp account. once affiliated, use the Mailchimp consultation dropdown to choose the audience you ‘d like to collect e-mail for.
  • To add a bio: tap edit nether profile and enroll a short land page bio .

Step #3: Customize Your Page

With by late, you displace customize your foliate exactly how you privation information technology. You can choose one of late ’ second built-in theme : light, blue, almond, pistachio, Sandcastle, oregon aquarium :later customer using link in bio theme You toilet besides go ampere step further and custom-make your land page color, push button, and baptismal font to align with your trade name aesthetic. You can even input specific hexadecimal color gull to match your sword aesthetic to vitamin a tee :using a custom theme on link in bio When information technology arrive to your land page button, you can personalize everything from the clitoris discolor to the shape, manner, and shadow of the clitoris .

Step #4: Add to Your TikTok Profile

To add your to your TikTok profile, imitate your unique link to your clipboard and open up TikTok on mobile. wiretap “ edit visibility ” and paste the connection in the web site airfield. And there you have information technology — you now have ampere miniskirt clickable web site right on your TikTok profile. NOTE: for TikTok be alone available on pay design. Make the most of your bio and start using by Later today. Sign up to turn your feed into a clickable landing page!

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