How to Mine Siacoin: Step-by-Step Guide for Profitable Mining

Why You Should Mine Siacoin ?

Users of the Sia platform can greatly benefit from the moo prices of its decentralized memory services. What ’ second even better is that the higher requirement of free space in the future will bring the price of Siacoin higher .
Mining Siacoin can bring you a set of profits. With the current block reward, you have the potential to earn up to 131,263 SC. At the same time, you will be helping to keep the platform procure for all users and miners by spreading the calculator office around .

Best way to Mine Siacoin

Mining Siacoin with GPUs is hush possible, but not recommended. If you want to make money from Siacoin, you definitely need an ASIC miner.

The creators of Siacoin began the development of Sia ASIC miner ( Obelisk SC1 ), but in January 2018 they were surpassed by the biggest manufacturer of ASIC miners – Bitmain. The chinese party surprised everyone with their merchandise – Antminer A3 which outperforms Obelisk SC1. As with most other cases, the introduction of an ASIC device made GPUs disused .
presently, the alone profitable option of Siacoin mining is by using the Antminer A3, which produces a hashrate of 815GH/s while consuming 1300 Watts of world power at a price point of $ 475 .
once you ’ re cook with the hardware side of things, we recommend joining a SIA mining pool where you cooperate with other miners. That way, you ’ ll pick up frequent payments ( proportionately split ) and regular income .

What do You Need to Start Mining Siacoin?

To mine Siacoin efficaciously, you need an ASIC miner, electrical grid with enough capacity and 24/7 access to internet. The exponent consumption of one Antminer A3 is approximately 1300 W and you must calculate cautiously how many machines you plan to run and how a lot power they need. In case you don`t have a wallet to store Siacoin, you need to install Sia-UI from the official vane page and then create a wallet .

To summarize the requirements:

  • ASIC miner compatible with the Blake2b Algorithm
  • Enough power line capacity
  • Siacoin Wallet where your coins will be stored
  • Internet Connection with at least 1 MB/s Bandwidth

What Else You Should Consider?

ASIC machine are specially developed to produce higher hashish power while consuming a set of electricity and producing a lot of estrus. Different methods of combating such issues are explained in our hardware/cooling article where we troubleshoot problems like :

  • Cooling and Ventilation
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Noise Reduction
  • Power Delivery Issues

After dealing with hardware and electricity aspects, your focus should be on choosing the correctly wallet. It is a wise estimate to consider all options. chiefly you can choose from five major types – fluid, background, on-line, hardware and forcible. We went through the Siacoin one in details, including installation, later on in the article. For all the rest, you can read on our wallets web page .
now you have it all in front man of you. This is the time where to sit and think about the method acting you would like to follow when mining. You can pick from alone, pond and cloud mining which we are going to explain late in this article .

Best Hardware for Mining Siacoin

such a device has few meaningful characteristics – hash rate, ability consumption and price. You should cautiously inquiry the market to find the best hardware that suits your needs .
To avoid any headbanging while trying to figure everything out, here is a table with exceed three machines for Siacoin ’ s algorithm – Blake2b :
recommended siacoin mining hardware
ASIC Antminer A3

Our choice

ASIC Antminer A3

  • 815 GH/s, 1300W
  • Detailed Hardware Review

$ 110.00

buy from


$ 157.00

buy from


SiaMaster Innosilicon S11
SiaMaster Innosilicon S11

  • 3.83 TH/s, 1380W
  • Detailed Hardware Review

$ 999.00

buy from


$ 1710.00

buy from


once you know the price and operation of each ASIC miner, you can compare them with the help of our calculator .
Using the information from the postpone above and our Siacoin mine calculator you can well calculate your approximate profitableness .
Keep in mind that the results from the calculator are based on variables such as trouble and coin price .

Setup Hardware and Software

When talking about ASIC miners, the routine is pretty much the lapp for every exemplar .
In the follow bit-by-bit guide we will explain to you the process of connecting the cables, choosing a mining pool and configuring your device to become a in full working SIA miner .

  • 01. Plugging in Your Device

    Take the cables coming from the PSU and connect them with the device ’ mho hash boards and restrainer dining table. Afterwards, spark plug in the power cord to the PSU and the power mercantile establishment .
    now take ballyhoo a LAN cable television from your internet router to the Ethernet port of the control board :
     An image showing Siacoin mining hardware Antminer in detail.

  • Step 2. Choose a Mining Pool

    Take into consideration how much the pond fee is and what reward organization is introduce. We have created a curtly list of the most popular Siacoin mining pools with their honor systems and consortium fees .


    server locations :


    Reward system:


    Average fee:



    Our choice



    waiter locations :




    Reward system:


    Average fee:


    Website F2pool


    waiter locations :



    Reward system:


    Average fee:


    Website Choose a mining consortium and register your history in their web site if its required .
    You can visit our mining pools page to understand more about mine pools, fees and different wages systems .

  • 03. Find the IP Address

    You can find it in the DHCP board of your internet router government interface or by downloading the IP Reporter tool from Bitmain ’ s web site. To use the tool fair run it and click “ Start ”. After that hold the “ IP Report ” button located on the miner restraint board and the IP address of the selected miner will pop up on the blind .

  • 04. Login to the Web Interface

    After we know what the IP of the ASIC is, open your favored web browser, enter the IP savoir-faire and strike Enter. A pop-up book dialogue box will appear where you need to enter a username and password, which by default are both “ root ”. example :
    A screenshot showing the sign-in page of the ASIC Antminer software.

  • 05. Enter the Mining Pool Information

    When you are logged into the miner, you can start setting it up. Go to Miner Configuration / General Settings .
    here you need to fill the consortium URL address, proletarian name and password. Enter your Siacoin wallet address into the worker field. You can separate different workers with a “. ” followed by the proletarian mention. For exemplar :
    Password field can be left space or 123 which is by default .
    You can enter more than just one group of pool and proletarian to use the failover sport if one of the pools isn ’ triiodothyronine working .
    Your shape page should look like this :
    A snapshot showing Antminer's miner configuration page with two different Siacoin mining pools.

  • 06. Click Save & Apply and Wait for Miner to Restart

    After successful boot you can check in the condition page for any mining bodily process. You can monitor the mining process into your mining pool dashboard by pasting your wallet savoir-faire in the search bar .

Siacoin Cloud Mining

All you need to do for cloud mine is to sign a contract, pay the necessitate sum and you will be mining Siacoin right away. You are miles away from any hardware and shape related issues. The center man is doing it all for you plus covering the electricity bills, for a fee of path. You merely need to provide your wallet address and expect for the rewards to be received .
We can help with the inquiry for authentic third-party providers in our give cloud mine providers webpage. reputable ones are NiceHash and MiningRigRentals .
however, here is a small list with few points worth looking at when thinking of obscure mine contracts :

  • 01. the supplier ’ s repute
  • 02. check if the algorithm provided match your choice – be extra careful when reading the contract, the terms and conditions section
  • 03. constantly pay attention to the alimony fee of the overhaul and the duration of the contract

Keep in beware that there could be some hide servicing fees and alimony fees which should be included in your calculation before you sign the contract .

Siacoin Mining Calculator

To help you find out how much you can expect to earn, we ’ ve provided you with our very own Siacoin mine calculator. Some of the variables that depend on the network, are entered automatically. You entirely have to enter the hashrate of your equipment, your power pulmonary tuberculosis and the fee taken by the pond .
After the calculation is done you will receive a rough calculate of your casual, monthly or annual profit .
Disclaimer: Remember that the calculation is based on the current network difficulty and the coin price, which is volatile. Your expected profit can vary from day to day.
Siacoin Mining Calculator
hashish rate :

power pulmonary tuberculosis :

world power Costs :

Pool Fee :


monetary value :

Block Reward :

difficulty :


How to mine Siacoin ?
You can mine Siacoin with ASIC miner for achieving the best possible net income .
What is Siacoin mining algorithm ?
Siacoin uses Blake2b algorithm for mining .
Is it worth to mine Siacoin ?
It depends on the price and your project expectations .
Is Siacoin mining profitable ?
You can always check your profitableness in our Siacoin mine calculator .
Is it legal to mine Siacoin ?
You can check our Regulations section to know the few countries where mining is not legal .
Is it safe to mine Siacoin ?
Pay care to our key points and it will be all fine. It is never a badly estimate to be a piece more timid .
Is it possible to mine at Raspberry Pi ?
It is possible but don ’ metric ton expect any profitableness out of it .
Is there an App to monitor my Siacoin miners ?
You can use MineMonitor for Android and Blockwatch and MyMiner for io .
How a lot you can mine at one day ?
This answer depends on your mining world power .
How to make your own consortium ?
Visit our creating your own mine pool page for detailed data .

About Siacoin

Launched in 2015, Sia is reinventing decentralized cloud storage. The creators intend to compete with already existing storage solutions at all levels – P2P and enterprise. The initiation hera, is that Sia peers rent storage space from each other. The established contracts can be modified on a late stage. Another concern feature is the signature. Each remark must be signed in every transaction. This cryptanalytic key signature is paired with several things – a time lock, input signal ID and flags, indicating which character is signed and which not so far .
The fulfillment of any Sia contract needs sporadically submitted transactions. This is a nice way to keep lead what is going on and when .
The safety view of Siacoin is fascinating. It protects the node and the horde. Providers can refuse to accept unsecure data or a transfer. They can tied refuse to sign a hale shrink, until the full file is downloaded. The terms in their contract allow them to protect the system. adenine far as customer security goes, they can use regenerating codes, which prevents the hosts to go offline. What they do is split the file. Each piece is encrypted and stored in numerous hosts. When needed, they can be downloaded from the closest or the fastest hosts .
The administration behind Sia aims to create a authentic platform for decentralized cloud storage in unreliable environments .

Siacoin Team

The CEO of the company is David Vorick, who is one of the core developers as well. He is supported by the developers ’ team, operations, support, commercialize, accounting and people dealing with investors. Sia Storage Platform was launched by the 2014 established Nebulous Inc. It is based in Boston, USA. The financing organizations are Raptor Group, First Star Ventures, Fenbushi Capital and INBlockchain .

Siacoin Regulations

You can mine it legally all over the universe, just pay attention to this :

  • avoid Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Algeria as your mining destinations
  • never use cryptocurrency as a payment method in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam

More and more countries see the future of crypto and its integration into our everyday life. Many of them are flush creating regulations to stimulate mine and trade. The digital character of money is here to stay. Use it .

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Combining the value of his educational background in Hardware Management Systems and years of practical feel with cryptomining technologies starting at the parturition of the disruptive initiation, Roland is immediately sharing his cognition with the public .

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