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What is ECOMI

ECOMI is a Singapore-based digital company that strives to improve the handiness, interactivity, security of digital assets and the digital collectibles space using Distributed Ledger Technology. In indeed doing, it offers a one-stop shop class for digital collectibles through the VeVe app bringing pop acculturation and entertainment into the twenty-first hundred .

ECOMI consists of two elements ; the ECOMI Collect ecosystem   and the ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet .

The VeVe app is a decentralized chopine that allows users to experience actual ownership of non-fungible token ( NFT ) premium collectibles. The app enables VeVe users to purchase common, rare, rare, ultra-rare, and secret-rare premium licensed digital collectibles and trade or exchange them with the VeVe community. After deal and adding to personal collections, users can showcase their NFTs in virtual showrooms, create augmented reality ( AR ) scenography, and share these with other users .

Digital stream, bet on, and in-app buy have become a multibillion-dollar market, and ECOMI sees digital collectibles as the following to join this digital tendency .
Each ECOMI Collect exploiter has a built-in wallet created during account creation. The ECOMI secure storehouse wallet can be accessed from the ECOMI Collect app. The app can store custom OMI tokens and digital collectibles, including NFTs. The Secure Wallet is handily sized fair like a credit menu and wirelessly connects to the VeVe app via the singular QR code, removing the threat of malicious on-line attacks .

The Secure Wallet technology makes use of world-leading security standards to ensure the extreme privacy and auspices. It employs an better CC EAL5+ security standard to maximize protection over users ‘ assets .

Who Are Ecomi Founders

The project was founded by David Yu, Joseph Janik, and Daniel Crothers. Yu besides founded Games R Us Ltd at the age of 17 .

David Yu has 21 years of have in the collectibles, gambling, and retail industry. He is besides experienced in transforming unique cerebral properties into globally-recognized products and brands.‍ Currently, Yu is the chief executive officer of the ECOMI project .

Joseph Janik, read/write head of hardware sales of ECOMI, is an australian entrepreneur who founded his first business at the age of 18. He has been involved in Blockchain engineering since 2016. Janik has founded several successful startups, including a vane agency servicing international clients such as Hasbro and The Red Cross .

How Does OMI Work

The GO20 OMI token is the native token designed to be a valuable metier of exchange throughout the ECOMI crypto ecosystem. The OMI keepsake is used for trade digital collectibles and use venture facilities to generate access to exclusive premium features, such as the Master Collector Program. When a transaction with the OMI token on the VeVe app is confirmed, the datum is immutable and publicly stored. This removes any disagreements of ownership or illegitimate items. Users can besides verify transactions using the GoChain Explorer .
ECOMI Collect users can purchase OMI tokens using a credit or debit card or, if applicable, through an in-app buy. When making in-app purchases, the exploiter will be able to seamlessly purchase a certain come of OMI tokens ( user-defined ) and then use them to purchase digital collectibles .

ECOMI Network Security

OMI is a keepsake produced on GoChain. This blockchain is decentralized, scalable, and supports dApps and bright contracts. It is besides wholly backward-compatible with Ethereum .

The Proof of Reputation algorithm is the consensus mechanism used by GoChain. PoR secures the net through the promises of bombastic corporations that the NFTs offered are authentic. These corporations are besides creditworthy for securing information in the GoChain database, and blocks are added by inserting information directly from the supplier .

This basically creates a digital chain of possession and certificate of authenticity backed by the company ‘s reputation or godhead. GoChain ‘s practice of trust nodes enables the agile confirmation of high-volume transactions .

The Secure Wallet is used not only for securely storing ECOMI ‘s OMI token but besides NFTs. It besides has a very full-bodied restoration capability. If owners lose their dependable Wallet and/or their master of ceremonies device, their private keys will remain protect. During the setup of the Secure Wallet, a Recovery Seed is generated within the app .

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