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What is DeSo?

DeSo is a new type of blockchain designed to world power Web 3.0 decentralized sociable networks. Since its origin in 2019, DeSo aims to solve the problems created by present social media centralization. today, a handful of secret companies effectively control public sermon, earning monopoly profits ; interim, the creators who actually produce the contentedness are frequently underpay and under-engaged. In contrast, DeSo ’ s sociable blockchain treats social media capacity as a public utility, making it permissionless and available to anyone. DeSo combines the prototype of open P2P fiscal system offered by cryptocurrencies with an efficient and scalable database infrastructure, tailored to bring about the next-generation of Web 3.0 social networks. today, there are over a hundred apps built on the DeSo blockchain, including Diamond, NFTz, Polygram, DeSo Messenger, Cloutfeed, Supernovas, and more on DeSo List. To learn more, make sure to check out the vision behind DeSo.

Who Are the Founders of DeSo?

DeSo was founded by Nader Al-Naji in January 2019. After graduating Princeton University, Al-Naji worked as a software engineer at the D. E. Shaw Group and by and by at Google on the Google Search and Google Ads teams. Before DeSo, he raised over $ 133M to start an algorithmic stablecoin Basis in 2017. The DeSo blockchain is supported by the non-profit DeSo Foundation, whose broad mission is to support the decentralization of social media. Al-Naji is presently the president of the circuit board of the DeSo Foundation, with a $ 200 million treasury behind it to support its mission.

In October 2021, the DeSo Foundation announced a $ 50 million developer investment company, known as the Octane Fund.

What Makes DeSo Unique?

The DeSo blockchain supports not lone traditional sociable features like creating profiles and posts, but besides novel blockchain-native features like social tokens ( creator coins ), tipping, and NFTs. These features unlock huge modern categories of money-enabled products, from social NFT experiences to influencer lineage markets. These features enable creators to more efficaciously monetize their subject and connect with their followers on DeSo-powered apps. Because DeSo treats social data as a public utility, creators are n’t locked-in to a handful of centralized apps. All capacity on DeSo is stored on a decentralized daybook and is immediately available to a big and growing network of autonomous third-party apps, akin to DeFi applications on the Ethereum blockchain. DeSo ‘s biggest advantage lies in the fact that it is not a general-purpose blockchain. rather, it supports a narrow determined of social-oriented features that it implements on bare metallic, using custom indexes that every node builds during consensus when it syncs from its peers. This allows the DeSo blockchain to reach highly-scalable repositing capabilities that are unparalleled by any general-purpose blockchain. For case, the price of 1 GB of on-chain storage on DeSo is arsenic broken as 1 DeSo, whereas even the best existing ache condense infrastructures require millions ( $ 1,000,000+ ) of dollars to achieve the lapp. DeSo has besides announced switching to a Proof of Stake consensus by the goal of year 2021, which is expected to reach a throughput of hundreds of thousands transactions per moment, owing to the strictly defined transaction schema .

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