Rare Coin Scams Occur When Dealers Quote From Salomon Brothers Index

Unfortunately consumers get scammed out of money every day. Many people have been diversifying their assets in order to protect their investments, and investing in gold coins is one way many people are diversifying. Sadly, there are crooks in the gold industry ready to prey upon people looking to invest into rare gold coins and gold bullion coin investments.
One scam that consumers need to beware of is the manipulation of the Salomon Brothers Index. Although the Salomon index was originally a list of 20 very rare coins that appreciated approximately 12 to 25 percentage each year, the same is not true anymore. At one time Salomon Brothers, a New York investment bank, maintained an annual index that tracked the admiration of certain rare coins over several years. During that time period, the majority of the coins on the list did greatly appreciate in value through the years .
In present times, mint values do not appreciate adenine drastically as the ones did on the Salomon index ; yet, some fishy gold dealers hush quote rates for rare coins from the Salomon Brothers Index hoping to make a sale to a novice mint investor. Beware of the dealers that are using the Salomon index still, as they are skewing the facts and values associated with rare coins.

Rare Coins Sold By Dishonest Dealers Using the Salomon Index Will Not Appreciate at the Same Rate as in the Past.

These dishonest dealers who are misleading buyers by quoting appreciation rates off the Salomon Brothers Index are taking region in a gold coin victimize by providing delusive claims about value. When mint dealers take part in this unethical behavior, they entice buyers to invest in coins that will not increase in value adenine a lot as the coins that were on the index list. however, novice buyers are not aware of this victimize, and some dealers still get away with using a skew Salomon index when they compare a certain rare mint to that number.

In order to not be taken advantage of by an unethical coin dealer, it is wise to shop around, buy from a reputable ship’s company and do your homework and research anterior to purchasing a rare gold coin. If you have been a victim of a gold coin victimize including : the Salomon index, faithlessly measure claim, fake admiration call, high mark-ups, unethical business practices and not receiving the lapp coin you purchased, you may have a claim against a deceitful coin dealer.

To report problems with a coin dealer, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ). You can besides call Bill Voss, a skilled Texas mint fraud lawyer at the Voss Law firm, at 888-614-7730 for a free consultation today if you believe you were a victim of a rare coin victimize.

besides, make certain you download a FREE imitate of lawyer Bill Voss ‘s koran : Coin Fraud – Is Your investment At Risk, for more information on this submit .

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