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For your connivence, several 5-Star reviews are displayed below but please feel free to visit our Google occupation page or Yelp page to read all our reviews.Hundreds of people travel to American Rare Coin and Gold in Olympia every calendar month because of our honesty, cognition and experience.We are looking forward to converge you and helping you get the best price for your gold, argent, coins, and jewelry. Elenor Whitman
May 2016
5 Stars You know I never do reviews, so when the owner ( I believe his name is Frank ) asked me for one, at foremost I was hesitant to do it. then I thought about how much I relied on reviews and my personal experiences dealing with two different coin stores. then I wanted to plowshare my experiences hoping it would help other people avoid the headache of getting comparable prices. I have had these coins for over 9 years. respective years ago I had a local coin storehouse write me up an crack. I placid had that in write. That mint store had gone out of business. So I called the storehouse that does all of the advertise in Bellevue. It sounded like a great softwood, however based on how american Coin answered my questions and their capital reviews, I decided to take my coins and aureate jewelry to American Rare Coin & Gold in Olympia. The owner was very unionize. He layer out all my items. He then explained how it worked and answered all my questions. Frank took his time and wrote everything down. He looked at each mint. He said he was looking for rare dates and would n’t you know it, he found a 1913-S quarter that he offered me $ 2000 for. You can good imagine how shock I was particularly when you consider the mint shop that did the first appraisal did n’t tell me about this 1913 quarter. I told him I wanted a day or two to think about it. I wanted to show my conserve. I felt relieved when Frank politely helped me put my coins back in my boxes. I felt atrocious at first, not selling at the tie, but the people at American Rare Coin are just the best you could ask for. Selling these coins had always been an emotional return for me. I was always so worry about getting ripped off or lied to. This company was great in every esteem and I would recommend them to anyone that wanted to know about selling their erstwhile coins and jewelry.

Chase Patton
June 2016
5 Stars

American Rare Coin & Gold Jewelry is run with honesty, is knowledgeable, and has capital care for customer experience. I ‘ve traveled to multiple coin/collectible shops in the Puget Sound area. I wo n’t name list on here as I have learned the unvoiced way but I will say this. I spend my money where I know I ‘m being treated with honesty. I start at American Rare Coins when looking to add to my solicitation. I ‘d recommend them to anyone looking to purchase collectible currency or sell gold and silver coins and jewelry.   Tiffany Marvin
October 2018
5 Stars I have been a customer of Frank ‘s for about 3 years nowadays. From my feel he is the most fair and intimate on precious metals and coins that I found in our area. He is constantly available and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend this clientele.   Tiffany Karpavicius
September 2018
5 Stars I ‘ve sold honest-to-god jewelry a few times and Frank is always extremely friendly and helpful ! I would highly recommend him.   James Johnson
September 2018
5 Stars I have been buying and selling coins for over 20 years and this is the best stead I have ever worked with. Frank has earned my loyalty and occupation !   Samantha Murray
August 2018
5 Stars excellent service, Frank actually helped me out a lot ! not only that he was very affected role with my boy who wanted to touch everything lol can ’ triiodothyronine thank him adequate for what he did !   Beene Hendricks
August 2018
5 Stars From the very first time I walked through the doors of American Rare Coin and Gold I knew I had found something special. The warm & welcome, zero coerce air immediately put me at ease, which is therefore identical helpful when one is dealing with the matter of determining the prize of ( and possibly selling ) their items of frequently great bathetic importance. I have come back here time and time again and each meter I am again delighted at the service I receive. If you have gold or silver to sell or coins you are matter to in learning more about, I would highly recommend you come see Frank Kuhn at American Rare Coin and Gold. No other stops necessary ! This is the alone place you want to be !   Kellen Mangan
April 2018
5 Stars I am an avid coin and bullion investor. I have been in every coin shop in the south sound region, spending hours looking for rare coins. I probably would n’t tied write this review had n’t it been for major differences I see between American Rare Coin and all its competitors. Being a business owner myself I am very aware of customer servicing issues. I ‘ve seen people wait for over an hour just to find out they did n’t have anything of value at all. Frank greets everyone and finds out what they have within a few minutes, tied when he is taking manage of customers. I see people standing at a counter for hours with all their coins laid out. As you can imagine with hundreds of coins you attract everyone in the store asking questions, etc. At American Rare Coin Frank does things wholly different. First he has a secret room where people can sit, relax and ask questions. He puts all the coins to the side and looks up each one to make indisputable he gets the best price. I have no doubt that Frank ‘s prices are the best. I have personally talked to several of these customers after they ‘ve been paid. Everyone has told me Frank ‘s offer was a lot more than the rival. I personally buy all my bullion & coins from American Rare Coin because of the prices, survival, and military service.   George Sanate
March 2018
5 Stars My wife and I have been going to Frank for the better of two years. not merely has he worked with us on jewelry but gave us the best prices on Sports memorabilia and collectables. He ‘s always been great to us every time we see him. No waiting around, no B.S .. barely friendly clientele ! I suggest going to Frank over anyone else in Olympia !   Glen Cosby
February 2018
5 Stars  The lone memory in Olympia that had what we wanted. Spent extra meter with my wife helping and advising. Great ridicule and business. Juan Maldonado
January 2018
5 Stars Always come in to see mister frank. I beginning asked around and he offered the better rate for my gold. And for anyone matter to in some flatware, he has a huge collection. Great service. Thank you pace coin.

  Clover Daily
July 2017
5 Stars After talking to Frank, I went to three early stores trying to sell my jewelry. I ended up coming back to American Rare Coin because they had the best prices by far. What a big position !   Shooters’ Grow & Show
June 2017
5 Stars My wife Lisa and I have used American Rare coin & amber for the last couple of years, and we ‘ve found that with Frank we get top Shelf service and guidance with all of our precious metallic element needs ! Thank You therefore much ! !   WickedQueenAvice
June 2017
5 Stars Frank was fantastic ! very honest, patient and gave me an appraisal on my family ’ s silver jewelry loose of charge. very knowledgeable and fairly priced, will decidedly return !   ibeginurda
May 2017
5 Stars Best prices for coins and aureate and silver, the owner was friendly and courteous explaining the price of my stuff.   Lara Williams
April 2017
5 Stars This is decidedly the best place to sell gold, coins, and other things. They are very fair, honest, and kind hera. I ‘m very grateful for their aid, honesty, and kindness. I highly recommend coming here to sell your gold, coins, eloquent, etc.   Mark Crumb
March 2017
5 Stars I ‘ve had several transactions with American Rare Coin & all of which i came out on top sell my precious metals. I live in Renton and drive over an hour to do business with these guys because I know I can trust them. Frank is bang-up and it feels like you ‘re doing clientele with your neighbor. I will continue to do commercial enterprise with them in the future and strongly recommend them for selling or buying cute metals.   Bailey Reite
January 2017
5 Stars I had to sell some coins that we inherited as share of an estate of the realm. I ‘ve never dealt with buying or selling argent and rare coins so I was worried that I ‘d feel taken for a fool, but my experience here was capital ! They were straightforward in their price and broke it down for me. They will show you precisely what things are selling for so you can feel good about what they ‘re paying. I walked away with more than I expected and will take anything I need to sell in the future to this constitution.   Pedro Medina
January 2017
5 Stars I had done some research and based on reviews I decided to take my gold here. I was not didisappointed. First, I am not familiar with the area and I kept losing my GPS signal. I called from the park distribute of five guys to get directions rather of directions, the owner actually drove to where I was so I could follow him back ! then Smith looked at what I had, talked me through the whole serve of what he was doing and offered me close to twice american samoa much as I thought. I would recommend to anyone needing to sell previous amber to take the time and do some inquiry then go see the people here.   Eduardo Patrice
October 2016
5 Stars I don ’ triiodothyronine do reviews frequently unless I find something extremely good that I feel worth sharing with other people. I am a new collector in coins. recently, I have been going to coin shows and shops to look for good quality and priced coins – I mean I was looking for DEALS. But most of the places I went were either priced besides high, or the quality was not satisfactory when the price was acceptable. so I searched outside of my area ( Bellevue ), and found this american Rare Coin & Gold in Olympia. I had a second thinking before going since it is sol army for the liberation of rwanda away from Bellevue. however, it has super thoroughly reviews on Yelp and Google – more importantly they answered customers ’ reviews. To me – this is amazing that they care what their customers think. So I decided to go there with my girlfriend. We were there after a little over 1 hour drive. The owner, Frank greeted us when we walked in. We told him that we wanted to buy some collectible coins. He then showed us different coins that he had for sale – debris eloquent, Peace Dollar, Walking Liberty, Carlson City etc. Since I am raw to coin collect, I asked Frank so many questions. And he answered them all with patience and wish, and showed a short ton of cognition in the field. He besides helped us looked things up from his books and eBay sol that we can compare redbook and market prices. I learned so much ! I actually enjoyed this learn experience since I am still newly. And I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like to be race or anything. I spent about 2.5 hours there and purchased a bunch of high quality and excellent priced coins ! The consider that I got was AMAZING, even better than invite on eBay. I went back 3 weeks in a quarrel after my first sojourn – basically 2 hours drives both ways each time ( you can tell how a lot I LOVE this place ). Since stock there is thus unlike each time, I always find something fresh and concern. It not merely expand my cognition pry on coins, but besides increase the diverseness of my collections ! I would decidedly recommend American Rare Coin & Gold/Frank if you are looking to buy some nice coins !   Jeremy Wysuph
July 2016
5 Stars

great place to sell any honest-to-god gold or other items. I have been here a handfull of times and constantly left glad not feeling like one was just taken advantage of. The owner is very freindly and courtious. I will definatly return in the future and recommend them to anyone looking to sell any undesirable gold.  

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