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Compliance Team Ignored Me

I generally stay aside from these sorts of things. If I feel wronged by a company, I broadly express my displeasure by merely taking my money elsewhere. But for this party, I will make an exception. First, let me say that for 7 months, I have been very happy with CoinFlip. Their transaction fees are lower. I am not the most computer literate person on the planet and some other companies would verbally belittle me for not knowing terms like blockchain and that QR code. I was used to typing the wallet address manually.
I got in touch with CoinFlip, explained my problem with the BRD wallet system and said, I wish I could barely deposit the mint into my conserve ’ s wallet rather. I have the JPG on my phone. The rep said, “ You can deposit it into any wallet you like. ” so for 7 months, I have been sending my conserve bitcoin so that he can get the supplies he needs to complete his offshore contract.
Earlier last workweek, I needed to send more than 900. I phoned customer support to update my score and rep asked if would even be same earphone number. I said it would. He was very pleasant and asked why I chose CoinFlip. I said that I chose it because was easier to just send to my husband wallet. Right aside, he said that is not compliant with Coin Flip rules. He sent me a connection and by this fourth dimension, I am more familiar with the QR wallet scanning process. I sent my husband a larger sum of money and then a smaller summarize of money the adjacent day.
Less than 5 minutes after I sent the smaller total of money ( still over 2000 though ), I received a text from CoinFlip complaisance team that my report was on detention for not complaisance and asked me to send them an e-mail. I explained that I had been told that I could use any wallet and was unaware that I was breaking rules. I asked to please be reinstated, that I was happy with CoinFlip
I did not receive any reply, so respective hours former, I sent another e-mail to them, going into greater depth and explaining that an employee had told me I could use any wallet I wanted to use. Has been 4 days, and not even the courtesy of a “ We will review your claim and respond. ” My husband still needed aid, so I needed to go to different company. Is more expensive, but they respond to every textbook within 10 minutes.
I was at one time identical felicitous with CoinFlip, but pay attention to the appoint. CoinFlip can come up heads or tails. possibly you will be treated politely, possibly you won ’ t. Coinflip has shown me irrevocably that I won ’ thyroxine

Date of experience : January 15, 2022

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