Scroll down for ZH, TR, JP, KR, FR, ES, IT MARCH 31ST: Chiliz has announced that ‘ Scoville ’, the public testnet for Chiliz Chain 2.0 ( CC2 ), the first Layer-1 blockchain created particularly for the sports and entertainment industries, is now survive. CC2 enables sports and entertainment brands to mint NFTs and Fan Tokens, build DeFi products and Play2Earn games, and create consequence, commitment and selling programs, helping them unlock the huge potential of Web3. CC2 will be powered by the $ CHZ nominal, marking a major development in the utility of $ CHZ from the in-app currency of the Chiliz fan battle platform,, to the net enabler of Chiliz ’ s new, candid, multi-vertical ecosystem.

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The launch of the CC2 testnet is the most meaning expansion of the Chiliz ecosystem since the ship’s company pioneered the far-flung use of blockchain technology by elite sporting organisations with the launch of in late 2019. Over 130 of the worldly concern ’ randomness leading sports organizations have embraced ’ s vision to enhance global fan battle through Fan Tokens — digital assets, pioneered by Chiliz, that allow holders to access vote rights, games, competitions and rewards linked to their favorite teams. Developed in collaboration with Ankr, a leading supplier of decentralize infrastructure, CC2 is EVM compatible with boast fees up to 200x cheaper than ETH. CC2 besides offers eminent TPS, enabling developers to interact with ache contracts with speed and efficiency. CC2 adopts a PoSA ( Proof-of-Stake Authority ) model, estimated to be improving to 2000x more energy effective than Proof-of-Work, incentivising $ CHZ holders to stake their tokens. Approved stakeholders, which can include existing partners and other sports and entertainment brands, will besides be able to become on-chain validators, enabling them to benefit from continue growth of the ecosystem and lead to increased decentralization.

CC2 is a procure network-effect drive residential district that is primed for growth and will expand as Chiliz adds more partners to the roll and other enterprise and start-up level sports and entertainment brands build Web3 products, services and experiences on the blockchain. The existing roll includes soccer giants Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, Valencia, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City and Arsenal, 50 teams from across the NBA, NHL and NFL, the UFC, F1 teams and leading esports teams. Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and said: “ Thanks to our existing network of 130+ partners and connections to the biggest exchanges in the world, CC2 is already a mainstream Layer-1 blockchain. “ It ’ s a fasten, network effect drive exploitation community where our existing partners and many more enterprise and start-up level brands from sports and entertainment can build a full suite of Web3 products and services.

“ And, it ’ s all powered by $ CHZ. “ In many ways this is the biggest footprint forward we ’ ve taken since we launched the app in late 2019 and it ’ s a huge dance step forth for the $ CHZ token as the net enabler of the new, mainstream, open, multi-vertical blockchain for sports and entertainment. ” Chiliz, the universe ’ sulfur leading blockchain provider for the sports and entertainment industries, employs about 250 staff and has regional offices in Madrid, London, Istanbul, Miami, Malta and Lyon. $ CHZ is available on all of the world ’ sulfur leading cryptocurrency exchanges. More details on the mainnet launch of CC2 will be revealed shortly, as will the identity of the first newly brands from sports and entertainment to join Chiliz existing 130+ roll of partners and start build on the new L1 blockchain. Chiliz is besides developing an accelerator program — Chiliz Labs — to foster on-chain development on CC2 via vulnerability to $ CHZ grants, technical foul and creative guidance and product corroborate .

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