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Have you always wondered why there was no big cat in the chinese zodiac animals ? so have we ! There ’ mho a tiger, we got it, it comes from the lapp family as cats, but still, a tiger is no caterpillar. so, we investigated the matter and wrote this post to explain to you everything to know about chinese zodiac signs, and particularly why there ’ mho no cat-o’-nine-tails zodiac sign !

Chinese zodiac signs

quick to investigate the twelve Chinese zodiac signs ? Let ’ s explore the twelve zodiac signs, their meanings, their stories and their liaison with the five elements and see if that helps us discover why cats weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate invited to join the party .

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The Five Chinese Elements

The Chinese often like to talk about chinese Zodiac compatibility, possibly placing a larger vehemence on the importance of proper compatibility than we do in the West. And it ’ s not all about the sign of the zodiac ! In westerly Astrology, you don ’ thymine define person by its astrological sign entirely and in China it ’ s no different, people are characterized by both their zodiac bless but besides by their chinese element .
The twelve Chinese zodiac signs have a capital shock on people ’ s personality. Inside a like zodiac sign, there can be different people with different characteristics as they are may be not from the same element. Let ’ s take the rat for case, you can find arouse rats but besides water or wood rats that will have different behaviors .
If you want to know which component you are, this page about the chinese Zodiac animals and elements will help .

  • Water is said to represent wisdom –now you know why lots of dragons love to live in the sea since they’re wise creatures.
  • Wood is for benevolence and nobleness.
  • Fire represents power, bravery and intensity.
  • As for metal, it stands for righteousness.
  • Last but not least, the earth element is very representative of honesty.

The five elements are very significant in the chinese zodiac. now that you know how the taiwanese use it, it ’ mho time for you to explore the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Let ’ s start with this chart of chinese zodiac years indeed you can determine what zodiac signboard you are. If you don ’ triiodothyronine know your sign even, all you need is your birth class .
taiwanese zodiac is everywhere, as If person asks you in chinese


nǐ shǔ shénme

What is your zodiac sign?

be careful, this might be a disguise question to know your historic period. The best answer you can give is to tell your zodiac augury without saying the year !
Chinese zodiac signs
now that you know which sign you are, permit ’ s explore the different zodiac animals in the official order to tell you more about their characteristics, and what your zodiac sign can tell you about yourself. Let ’ s begin with the beginning animal in the taiwanese zodiac cycle : the smart rat .

#1 Chinese zodiac sign: the Rat


Chinese zodiac signs: the rat
The denounce is the first animal of the chinese zodiac. People born during the year of the rat are said to be clever, smart and can well adapt in newly environments. According to the taiwanese zodiac, rats are very intuitive and have a commodity judgment so they make perfect leaders. For the Chinese, the rat is a symbol of wealth and success. What are their flaws ? Rats can ’ metric ton keep secrets, as they are supposed to love chitchat. They besides are said to be highly avid when it comes to money .
The Rat ’ second Qualities :

  • Clever
  • Smart
  • Adaptive

The Rat ’ s Flaws :

  • Loves gossips
  • Greedy with money

#2 Chinese zodiac sign: the Ox


Oxes are hard-workers, deeply devoted to their work. cattle people are identical good and make good leaders. equally long as you take worry of yourself. See, if you ’ ra born under the Ox sign of the zodiac then you may face stress problems. tension can lead you to depression. so be careful and take care of yourself, ok ?
Your qualities as an ox :

  • Hard workers
  • Serious
  • Good leaders

Your flaws :

  • Stress problems
  • Tension, mood swings, leading to depression

#3 Chinese zodiac sign: the Tiger

Cousins of the cats, people born under the class of the Tiger are said to be charming, ambitious and very convinced. They besides make amazing leaders. good news, if you ’ re a tiger, you besides make a good life companion. indeed, chinese people think that tigers are great protectors for households. final but not least, tigers are playful beings that love challenges ! any Tiger up for a ninchallenge ? Tigers versus cats, the crippled is on .
Be prepared for a potentially drawn out challenge, tigers are very stubborn. They besides have enormous egos that need to be fed. As a tiger, you better watch out for these characteristics, to avoid fights with people .
Tigers ’ qualities :

  • Charming
  • Ambitious
  • Confident
  • Good leaders and good life companion
  • Love challenges

Tigers ’ flaws :

  • Stubborn
  • Enormous egos

#4 Chinese zodiac sign: the Rabbit

so you ’ re a rabbit, huh ? What a cover girl company you make. Rabbits are said to be very comprehensive, polite, feel for and earnest. Everyone would love to be your acquaintance .
With such qualities, no wonder you besides have flaws to watch out for. By being identical conservative and not sharing your thoughts with others, you might feel a short lonely and it could happen that you miss out on good opportunities.
Rabbits ’ qualities :

  • Comprehensive
  • Polite
  • Compassionate
  • Sincere

Your flaws to watch :

  • Very conservative
  • Miss good opportunities

#5 Chinese zodiac sign: the Dragon


The draco is the most esteemed chinese zodiac polarity. chinese parents love to have a child, a son peculiarly, born under the dragon gestural, as it is said that these boys will be very lucky and successful in life .
As a draco, you have a lot of energy ! Dragons are very intelligent, confident and strong. They don ’ thymine fear challenges and risks. The downside to your qualities is that some dragons may be seen as aggressive, arrogant and annoying. sol watch yourself .
Your qualities :

  • Lots of energy
  • Intelligent
  • Smart
  • Confident
  • Love challenges

Your flaws :

  • Aggressive
  • Arrogant
  • Irritating

#6 Chinese zodiac sign: the Snake


Snakes are said to be very intelligent and wise. chinese people think that snakes make great thinkers. They ponder and brood a lot but don ’ t say much. Snakes are viewed as philosophers of sorts : ). besides, according to Chinese beliefs, snakes can born again just by shedding their bark, intrigue, huh ? ! As they are capital thinkers, snakes are believed to be constantly plotting in the dark. Betrayal is one of the snakes ’ chief characteristics .
hydra qualities :

  • Intelligent
  • Wise
  • Great thinkers (Philosophers)

Your snake flaws :

  • Plotting in the dark
  • Betray the others

#7 Chinese zodiac signs: the Horse

Chinese zodiac signs: the Horse
If you ’ ra born under the sign of a knight, then you must be a very star ! Horses are said to be highly energetic and like shining on stage. Horses want to be noticed. They have besides a great sense of humor and are very acrobatic. however, horses tend to be very egoistic and young. These characteristics might keep you from achieving your goals.
Your qualities :

  • Extremely energetic
  • Like to shine on stage
  • Great sense of humor
  • Athletic

Your flaws :

  • Self-centered
  • Immature

#8 Chinese zodiac sign: the Sheep


just so you know, the sheep zodiac gestural might besides be called the capricorn sign or the crash
The sheep is a identical creative and delicate person. People born under the sheep sign are said to have an excellent defensive instinct, they can evaluate danger and avoid it. They are identical placid but prefer to stay in groups than being alone. Sheeps are besides known to be very docile and naive. sol if you ’ re a sheep, you must watch out not to be excessively uninitiate. Another characteristic you need to pay attention to is the way sheep like to spend their money into fashion items. thus save your money and preceptor ’ metric ton trust everyone, this is how you ’ ll be condom .
The sheep qualities :

  • Creative
  • Delicate
  • Excellent defensive instinct, can evaluate danger
  • Quiet

The sheep flaws :

  • Docile
  • Naive
  • Like to spend money into fashion items.

#9 Chinese zodiac sign: the Monkey


2016 is the year of the fire tamper ! If you ’ rhenium born under this bless, stay focused and don ’ t go monkeying approximately while I introduce your chief characteristics .
Monkeys are said to be geniuses ! They are cagey, witty and curious about everything. As you are born under the imp sign, you surely have many interests and hobbies. Monkeys are fast-learners and have many crafty skills. Monkeys have a very eccentric personality that makes them identical especial. But the most significant flaw of tamper is that they ’ re said to be blue because of their brightness. They love to prank people but sometimes it hurts them. But most of the time, they ’ re truly only curious, I swear !
Your qualities :

  • Genius
  • Clever, witty
  • Curious
  • Many interests and hobbies
  • Crafty skills

Your flaws :

  • Eccentric
  • Like to prank people and sometimes hurt their feelings

But most of the time, they ’ re in truth merely curious, I swear !

#10 Chinese zodiac sign: the Rooster

A surprise quality for roosters is that they are great storytellers. indeed the chinese believe roosters have good writing and public public speaking skills. That ’ s a actually important and useful quality to have in life. Roosters are besides said to be patriotic, honest and very popular among people ! Roosters besides have flaws. They like to stay under the spotlight and to show off. Don ’ metric ton proceed and burn your wings by getting to close to the inner light, fiddling roosters !
The roosters ’ qualities :

  • Great storytellers
  • Good writing and public speaking skills
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Popular among people

Rooster flaws :

  • Like to show off

Don ’ thymine run and burn your wings by getting to close to the light little roosters .

#11 Chinese zodiac sign: the Dog


Dogs are said to be born with a good nature — and I ’ molarity not saying that because I was born under the dog sign– they try to avoid badly things and are matter to in having a felicitous, lull and peaceful life. Dogs are not selfish, they like to help others, at their expense sometimes .
Dog signs tend to lack communication skills and happen to be very refractory. They besides worry a lot and tend to be pessimistic by thinking the world is bad. So cad reading this, remember to smile and think positive ! Rendez-vous each Saturday to bring motivation and incontrovertibility back with our incontrovertible quotes on our Facebook page .
Your qualities as dogs :

  • Born with good nature — and I’m not saying that because I was born under the dog sign–
  • Interested in having a happy and quiet life
  • Not selfish, they like to help others

Your flaws :

  • Lack of communication skills
  • Stubborn
  • Pessimistic
  • Worry too much

indeed andiron learn this, remember to smile and think positive ! And I know you like positive things, so rendez-vous each Saturday to bring motivation back with our quotes on Ninchanese Facebook page .

#12 last Chinese zodiac sign: the Boar


sometimes you ’ ll come across the “ pig bed ” zodiac sign, but this last Zodiac sign is officially called the Boar. People use both boar and hog, so it depends on which you prefer !
The pigs ’ greatest quality is that they ’ re peacemakers. They try everything they can to avoid conflicts between people. Boars are besides very firm, which makes them identical good friends .
Because of their peacemaking timbre, pigs are said to be weak and to be easily fooled by others. They are naturally innocent. Another flaw is gluttony, pigs are very excessive when it comes to eating, toast and smoke. Keep your body healthy and avoid all these temptations .
Your qualities :

  • Peacemakers
  • Avoid conflicts
  • Loyal
  • Good friends

Pig flaws :

  • Weak
  • Easily fooled by others
  • Innocent
  • Gluttonous
  • Excessive

Keep your body healthy and avoid all these temptations .

Final words: So what about cats?

As you know, there are twelve months in the lunar calendar, so there are only twelve animals allowed in the taiwanese zodiac. During our investigation, we found out that cats in the first place came from Egypt and merely chinese Emperors owned cats. Cats appeared in China after the creation of the chinese calendar ( with the twelve Chinese zodiac signs ), invented under the Yellow Emperor. Remember the Yellow Emperor Huángdì ? He is at the beginning of the Xia dynasty. Since then, the Chinese calendar has evolved .
There is besides a legend that explains how cats got tricked by rats in the taiwanese zodiac, which you can read in the connect .
excessively bad for the cats, anyhow, if you ’ re a cat fan just like the Nincha Team, you can come and play with them here in Ninchanese and learn chinese !
Cats can hush be useful in the taiwanese zodiac. Remember the chinese expression ?


nǐ shǔ shénme?

What is your zodiac sign?

well, if you don ’ t want to say what ’ s your age or sign, try answering : What a coy way of getting out of the “ how old are you ” question, huh ?


wǒ shǔ māo

My sign is cat

What a coy room of getting out of the “ how old are you ” question, huh ?
now it ’ s your change by reversal ! Tell us what your chinese zodiac sign is and your elements are, we ’ rhenium very curious ! Do you think your personality corresponds to what the taiwanese believe about your zodiac bless ?
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