10 Top NFTs & 5 Top NFT Tokens By Value & Market Cap

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NFTs vs. Cryptocurrencies

The idea of digital tokens or cryptocurrency is one part of the digital transformation taking target in today ‘s economic landscape. now we have NFTs adenine well. NFTs are non-fungible versions of digital tokens, meaning that they are one-of-a-kind assets, by and large representing possession rights to digital art, but not constantly the original bring from which the NFT is derived. It ‘s easy to confuse cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Both are “ tokens ” and both are viewed as assets that may appreciate. NFTs are cryptographically unique digital assets, meaning, each of them is uniquely identified in the blockchain. They can be traded, but each NFT will have its own measure, based on supply and demand. NFTs frequently represent art or collectibles, which can range from graphics of bore apes to sports collectibles. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are often used to purchase NFTs. They are fungible meaning that they can be exchanged with each other and that one token will equal the value of an identical keepsake. like to money in the physical world, which can exist in different currencies, the digital world has different crypto tokens. In general, NFTs are available from certain marketplaces where it is required to use a blockchain-specific token. therefore, buying an NFT on OpenSea ( a penis of the Ethereum network ) requires Ethereum ‘s fungible WETH nominal, whereas buying NFTs on Decentraland requires its native fungible token MANA.

WETH and MANA are crypto tokens used to purchase NFTs. Both NFTs and NFT tokens have the electric potential to appreciate, so both may hold interest for investors, but they are very different.

Top 10 NFTs By Value

here are the top 10 NFTs by value, based on sales through December 18, 2021. Bear in thinker that the list changes frequently.

1. The Merge ($91.8 mil)

“ The Merge ”, by an artist called Pak, was purchased by a syndicate of closely 30,000 collectors on December 2, 2021. These collectors cobbled together an investment of $ 91.8 million. It is the alone one of the top sellers to be purchased by a group preferably than an person.

2. Everydays: The First 5000 Days ($69.3 mil)

5000 image collage Everydays : The beginning 5000 days dexerto.com “ Everydays – The first 5000 Days ” is the product of Mike Winklemann, an artist besides known as “ Beeple ”. This JPG file represents a collage of images created by the artist one sidereal day at a time since 2007 and is much credited with starting the madden for NFTs. The “ Everydays ” NFT was purchased on March 11, 2021, at a Christie ‘s auction house by a Singapore-based cryptocurrency investor who paid for the artwork in Ether ( ETH-USD ). The buyer received only a digital artifact, nothing physical to accompany it. The sale catapulted Winklemann, a Florida-based graphic designer, into ball-shaped recognition and made him one of the top-selling living artists in the world.

3. Human One ($28.9 mil)

“ human One ” is both a physical and digital artwork. It was described as a “ energizing video sculpt ” and consists of four television screens on polished aluminum metal, a reddish brown wood ensnare and double media servers. The physical display included a digital nominal. It was sold for $ 28.9 million at auction in November 2021.

4. CryptoPunk #7523 ($11.75 mil)

“ CryptoPunks ” occupy several spots on the Top-10 list of most expensive NFTs. This stems partially from the fact that there were initially 10,000 of them created ( all slightly different and computer-generated ). They were detached at beginning but have since gained enormous measure through resales. Nine of the original creations are referred to as ‘COVID aliens ‘ due to their appearance and are the most seek after and expensive.

5. CryptoPunk #3100 ($7.67 mil)

Another of the stranger CryptoPunk series made it into the top-10 list after being purchased by the leading stockholder of DraftKings, a sports betting company that immediately offers sports memorabilia NFTs.

6. CryptoPunk #7804 ($7.57 mil)

“ CryptoPunk # 7804 ” is another ‘alien ‘ that has a ceiling, wears dark glasses, and smokes a pipe.

7. Crossroads ($6.6 mil)

“ Crossroads ” is another Beeple work, this one sold precisely days before Everydays. The artwork is related to the presidential election in 2020. The artist originally created two versions : one if Donald Trump won and the other if he lost.

8. A Coin for the Ferryman ($6.03 mil)

One of ‘s earliest pieces, “ A Coin for the Ferryman ” was created in 2018 by an artist that goes by the name of XCopy. It rocketed to fame when it sold for over $ 6m in November 2021. Its GIF format is reasonably unique, flush among NFTs.

9. Ocean Front ($6 mil)

“ ocean Front ” is however another Beeple work on the Top-10 list. It exhibits a climate change theme.

10. CryptoPunk #5217 ($5.59 mil)

“ CryptoPunk # 5217 ” is an ape with a hat and gold chain, which are apparently high-value attributes by CryptoPunk fans.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Used In NFT Markets

Below are the top 5 tokens used in NFT marketplaces as of Jan 26, 2022.

Token Price in $US Market Cap
Decentraland MANA $2.10 $3.8 bil
Theta Network THETA $2.92 $2.92 bil
Axie Infinity AXS $52.12 $2.89 bil
The Sandbox SAND $3.05 $2.8 bil
Tezos XTZ $2.83 $2.46 bil

source : Crypto.com

Choosing The Best Approach For You

Investors interested in purchasing NFTs or cryptocurrencies as investments should understand the difference between the two and recognize that both are silent very new to the worldly concern of investment assets. For both, there is express monetary value history, no undertake that there will continue to be a market for them, and no proved underlying fundamental prize. therefore, they should be viewed as notional assets whose value will depend largely upon their invoke to other investors over clock time. NFTs themselves are offered through a variety of web platforms, with new ones popping up all the fourth dimension. Some, like OpenSea.io and Rarible.com, have a general assortment of NFTs available on their sites. Others may specialize in certain products. LarvaLabs.com, for example, specializes in CryptoPunk NFTS and the Marketplace at DraftKings.com specializes in sports-related NFTs.

Warning: Keep in mind that NFTs can be created and sold by about anyone and there is no regulate grocery store for them. once you own one, you will need to secure it in a safe rate and there is no guarantee you will be able to sell it belated .

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