Trading tips: How I Pick Low Cap Cryptocurrencies

Trading tips: How I Pick Low Cap Cryptocurrencies

We all read about successful trade stories. But cipher writes about the abortive ones, which are the most frequent. normally, avarice, blind believe and lack of cognition are the catalysts for a fail trade/investment. It ’ mho genuine that cryptocurrencies market is quite precarious and highly fickle. But there is some key points we can cover in order to increase our chances of success when trading/investing. It all starts by having a design for each scenario, doing your own research and being faithful to your design. here are some identify areas I consider when investing in a cryptocurrenc yttrium :


Fundamentals are something that people normally forget. If you are a saturated daytrader this could be kind of all right, but when you are investing on a in-between or long term basis fundamentals are quite relevant. They will make you convinced about the visualize. Every projects will cross some bad moments, normally the best moments to buy. But the only direction to be confident enough about buying when a project is crossing a bad period is to trust in the likely of the team and their idea. besides, for the long ply, most of the crypto projects will be wholly out of the game because of not adding any value.

We are in a tokenizing fever, but the truth is that not every business need blockchain or tokens. so if you are thinking about going in a long term investment you have to be sure that the projects is offering an innovative idea with real scalability chances or at least adding value to an already successful area. Greed can keep some projects up no count their fundamentals, but normally, it ’ s a bet that isn ’ thyroxine worth it, because it can explode anytime and catch you in. sol to avoid this kind of gambling scenarios, a proper research will help you to be convinced, to learn and to understand where are you putting your money .


The team will play a cardinal role in the retentive ladder. A project with ambitious aspirations of scalability and targeting the mainstream public needs to cover a few areas. A couple of developers is not enough anymore, not at this phase. The team needs to have a market oral sex, legal area…etc this is not a cranky ’ mho hobby anymore. experience is always appreciated but not mandatary. As long Blockchain is a niche for unseasoned entrepreneurs not old enough to have a wide experience, there are other skills you must look at to assign value .


This one is related to the team, but this prison term not about their experience but the attitude they show within their product and understanding of their context. Some teams develop their coin as a hobby but they are not interest in building a network to empower their caller for exercise. so for me, it ’ randomness in truth important the attitude of the team is :


Having a roadmap is a basic column nowadays, but is not adequate to provide a crowd of ideas. A proper roadmap should be timed and detailed. even better, showing an update track of the development for each stages. The roadmap should be besides realistic, it ’ s not worthy to provide utopias that you are not going to be able to deliver. Unrealistic roadmaps get always a bolshevik flag. I always try to find correlations between the potential of the team, the time and the roadmap goals to determine if the intention matches the reality. It ’ south besides key to determine if the roadmap content is adding a substantial prize. There is a batch of projects with huge roadmaps, broad of targets, timed and detail, but when you go deeper into them you ’ ll see that most of the points are minor updates with zero relevance for the project .


Another point that most projects need to improve on is on the development of eloquent and diaphanous communication channels with users, arsenic well as the investors. So when I ’ thousand looking for companies to invest in I always take a spirit at these channels ( when available ) and check how they use them. slake or Telegram are communication tools, but they generate a set of information every hour and not everyone have the time to track everything or scroll through thousands of messages. sol for me it ’ s an lend value to have a proper web log where updates are regularly posted with major newsworthiness, partnerships, etc .. In the same room, the contented is not what entirely matters, the form is all-important besides. How they communicate, the attitude they have in social networks or communication channels.

Is not constantly easy to deal with clients or angry investors, so the way they manage these kind of situations will set a deviation in their professionalism .

Community Support

For me it is besides important to see how the community is supporting, or not, the project. It ’ south true that you can ’ thyroxine trace voices blindly. But a solid community support will mean more network in terms of spreading news, updates, more chances to reach raw targets, investors…etc. Crypto communities are quite active and involved with the projects they support. So it ’ south always an total value to have a strong community behind, providing feedback and helping to develop the project. On the other hand, if the community is not supporting the project, it could result in new investors doubting to get in. note that iodine ’ megabyte not talking about Twitter alone, but besides circles of secret investors who publicly take position against or for a plan ,. Having a majority of people involved in the social development of a project is big advantage .

Price and Supply

These two indicators could be a bit subjective because the very value of something is what the investors are uncoerced to pay. But we can compare with other coins that have alike issue to have an mind about what prices could make smell. besides to compare by market cap will give us a touch about the increase chances of the mint. I try to get into these coins when the price ( following the chart ) is in accumulation degree and the buy support is showing intensity. sometimes I risk buying new coins which are in price discovery but they are kind of bad. When you have a bombastic track of the price in the chart you have more tools to analyze and anticipate the moves. So personally I feel more comfortable with this scenario.

How to buy

When buying cryptocurrencies with low volume its a key to be affected role and stick to your plan. The first thing is to avoid commercialize buys adenine much as possible but hardening bids rather. If you are managing a big push-down list, I recommend to spread those buy orders across the order book rather of dropping it in one large order, generating a wall. When buy ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as selling ), to move partials is constantly cardinal to manage properly the risk and exposure. So what I recommend is to set a bribe sphere in the chart and set buy orders there. Be confident about your buy partition and regard it, if the mint rises up, let it go and wait for the next luck. But never chase the price once it ’ randomness away from your buy partition. As traders/investors we have to protect our capital and optimize the risk/reward of every motivate. sometimes you will have meter to fully fill your pocket and sometimes the price will pump with less accumulation…but you will find new opportunities sooner or late. Put your energy in the following trades alternatively of lament the lack of collection in the former . Thanks for your time

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