Akropolis July Roundup 2022

Dear Akropolis Community, Welcome to the Akropolis monthly roundup ! Read on to find out the latest development at Akropolis in July. While the total DeFi market cap – according to CoinGecko, has reclaimed the $ 50 billion degree, there are still numerous things that need to be built in the space, such as layer 2s, multi-chain collection, bridge technology, custody and decentralised autonomous organisations as some of the stuff on the way. The team is committed and determined to deliver actual solutions to the DeFi ecosystem, not BUIDLing a 6-months merchandise. We go through the downturn together, and all come out of it stronger.

Taking A Step Forward to Being “Serverless

We are happy to announce that our Subgraph is now deployed, index and ready to serve requests on the decentralised The Graph network. As mentioned in our June monthly roundup, the Akropolis team was working on migrating Akropolis dApp to the Graph Protocol decentralised network, which is a significant promote in terms of stability and request process quality .

Using The Graph Network adds a layer of robustness, security, and dependability to the Akropolis dApp, reducing risk to the dApp ’ second uptime and user have .

The Graph ’ mho decentralised network was launched in December 2020 to migrate Web3 dApps to fulfil their mission of building on decentralized infrastructure. Its smart contracts lay the basis for queries to happen without relying on centralize servers but rather on a decentralized network of incentivised contributors. That means that none of the blockchain data queried through its data infrastructure will come from centralized servers. This makes the process of data question about impenetrable .

Using Akropolis

here is a quick guide to everything you need to know about Akropolis. There are two ways to participate in DeFi at Akropolis :

  1. Stake your AKRO tokens and earn up to 13.3 % APR ( at the time of writing ) ; AKRO rewards are vested over one year after accumulation with bi-weekly distributions/claims, and they are not auto-compounded .
  2. Deposit assets into Yearn vaults (yVaults) and gain matter to on your assets .

If you have difficulty navigate or using our dApp, please let us know in Discord or Telegram. Our friendly community managers will assist you .

Platform feature ⚙️

📢 For AKRO Stakers If you are an $ AKRO staker, you can see and claim their rewards on the “ My summary ” page on the chopine. P.S : Chrome + Metamask work beneficial. Start staking

Tech Talk ⛓

Good reads 📚 / Opinions

  1. About the crypto cycles for the BUIDLers, retail investors and venture investors .

2. Christmas came early ? The rate rise ended up bullish. 3. Crypto winter presents an opportunity amid chaos. That ’ south all we have for our June Roundup. Got a question ? Feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels .

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For media and collaboration opportunities, please electronic mail team @ akropolis.io .

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