Meaning of Eight in Tarot

Tarot Numbers: Meaning of Eight

The mean of eight rolls into our awareness with the momentum of all the numbers that came before it. We just stepped out of the aspects of structure and perfection in the act seven, and that paved the manner for so far another evolution in the magic of numbers .
As an evolve child of structure, the number eight seeks symmetry with non-structure. Number eight is about cycles, revolutions, and advance gained on the invisible degree .
Eights Most obvious symbolic distinguish is its written Arabic form ( “ 8 ” ). When we recognize is bosomy curves, we besides identify the lemniscate or eternity symbol. This symbol deals with balance, time, and more interestingly, the recycling travel path of energy .
Some questions we may as ourselves to assist in our study of the meaning of eight :

  • What moves me to inspiration?
  • What can I learn from the cyclical patterns in my life?
  • Is time my ally or enemy? If foe, how do I resolve that conflict?
  • How can I maintain the balance I seek?
  • Can I trust that the cycle of life with provide all my needs?

These questions offer a depth to this number, and encourage us to use the issue eight in our religious practices, meditations, and conscious activities with a goal to tap into that rhythmical, cyclic nature .
meaning of eight in TarotMeaning of eight in Tarot

One manner we can do this is through breathing. Interestingly, act eight has an arithmetical correlation coefficient to the letter “ H ” which is associated with the lungs ( because ancient alchemists observed the lungs look rather like an H ). visualize the cyclic way of breath moving through your lungs and torso in an eight-like ( or eternity symbol ) form. This lulls the munchy ( critical ) mind, engages the spirit in a softer activeness, and frankincense ignites our deep selves – flipping on an intuitive switch over that turns on depth within us that is both alpha, omega, and Omni. Give it a judge, it ’ second effective and reasonably amazing .
As you continue to work with the meaning of eight, consider the following key points related to this number on your journey :
Meaning of Eight in Western numerology and Tarot – a quick reference:

  • Cycles
  • Infinity
  • Fluidity
  • Balance
  • Success
  • Intention
  • Inspiration
  • Revolution
  • Opportunity
  • Expansion
  • Repetition
  • Expression
  • Perception
  • Sustainability
  • Transcendence

meaning of eight in TarotMeaning of eight in Tarot Visually, the meaning of Eight illustrates:

  • Cell mitosis – reminiscent of the process of joining, dividing, evolving
  • Lemniscate (infinity) symbol
  • Eyes – (tipped on its side) seeking out higher wisdom

Common associations with the meaning of Eight:

  • Colors: Brown, Red
  • Letters: H, Q and Z
  • Qabalah symbol: Cheth
  • Astrological:Uranus

Potential Personality of Eight:
Those who resonate with the vibration of eight are highly successful – particularly in business where achiever relies on a period of time that allows progress to unfold. These people see trends and the bigger picture, and are able to ride a roll to their great derive. conversely, they know when to pull out of engagements excessively, they have a special sense that gives them penetration into the cyclic nature of things. These people are capital at games of prospect, stock markets, and anything that deals with playing the odds or working with statistics .

Tarot Cards Expressing Eight Energy:

Strength tease or the Justice circuit board depending on which deck you ’ rhenium using. Check out other cards that deal with the mean of eight in tarot card :

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