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This part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthrough and Guide provides tips for how to get money fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including a method acting to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in 20 minutes ! Watch the video for a flying compendious on what to do. Loading ad

How to Get Money Fast

How to Get the Amulet Coin

The Amulet Coin is one of the Held Items in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It doubles any choice money received if the holding Pokemon joins a conflict. You can buy the Amulet Coin from a merchant but save your money ! The Amulet Coin appears elsewhere. We got it when we caught a Galarian Meowth that was holding it ( Found on Route 4 ). But there ‘s besides an Amulet Coin behind the Motostoke outskirts sign. once you have this try and constantly have the Pokemon using it enter the conflict when it ‘s against another trainer to double your winnings .

Battle Every NPC you find

While some battles are evitable, battling NPCs is the best way to earn money because you get a monetary reward for winning .

Revisit the Wild Area Daily and Sell Treasure

Keep going back to the Wild Area because items respawn every day. Selling treasure you find is the best but you can besides sell things you plainly do n’t need indeed the more items you have, the better. Tip! A man in Stow-on-Side will purchase a gem once a day for twice equally much as it ‘s worth. They ‘re random, so we suggest saving one of each Treasure so you constantly can get a double sale each day ( unless you need the cash immediately, of course ! ) You can besides use Watts to buy Luxury Balls and sell them for cash, which is probably the best conversion rate, but… that means you have to grind for Watts by interacting with Pokemon Dens. Pokemon sometimes come bet on from Poke Jobs with money or ingredients. It ‘s never a life-changing amount but every little bit counts .

Shop wisely


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true, we do n’t take our own advice when it comes to this one but every Boutique Clothing Store has different items in it so do n’t buy everything you see immediately. There may be something up ahead worth saving your cash for. Character customization at the Salon never changes. plan out your attend ahead of time by checking out our fictional character customization guide for both male and female avatars .

Make Money Fast in the Post Game

After beating Pokemon Sword and Shield, there ‘s a big way to earn a lot of money fast in the Post-Game .

  1. Collect your Mystery Gift Gigantamax Meowth
  2. Level it up to 100 with EXP Candies you can get from Max Raid Battles – the higher level Meowth is, the more money it will produce with G-Max Gold Rush
  3. Give Meowth an Amulet Coin to hold
  4. Go to Wyndom and participate in a Tournament with Meowth at the helm
  5. Gigantamax Meowth and use G-Max Gold Rush (you must have a Normal-type move to have access to this)
  6. Use the G-Max move all three times

You ‘ll get $ 99,999 each struggle from good using G-Max Gold Rush, plus an extra $ 19k from winning the battles with the Amulet Coin. It should take about 20 minutes to complete one tournament of three battles, so you ‘ll make a short over $ 350,000 in 20 minutes with this method !

Battle Chloe in the Wild Area

Find Chloe in the fantastic area, she ’ s a hard trainer who ’ sulfur constantly down to conflict. If you win, you ’ ll get enough of cash ( even more if you ’ re using a Pokemon holding an amulet mint ). If you lose, she ’ ll give you tips on how to make money .

What to Spend Your money On ( EV Training )

If you ‘re obsessed with getting Pokemon with amazing stats you ‘re credibly familiar with EV train. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, EV train has been streamlined so you can just buy a bunch of vitamins at Wyndon. If you want to cutdown costs when it comes to EV training remember, in summation to strategic battle, you can send your Pokemon to Hammerlocke University once it ‘s unlock.

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