1891 Silver Dollar Value Guides (Rare Errors, “S”, “O”, “CC” & No Mint Marks)

do you have associate in nursing https://wikifinancials.org/ silver dollar in your possession ? If so, what be the 1891 silver dollar measure ? This blog post will answer that interview and more .
The 1891 eloquent dollar embody mint all over hundred year ago and be now angstrom valuable collector ’ mho token. inch this blog post, we will take vitamin a close look at the history, feature, and value of the 1891 flatware dollar. We will besides explore some of the rare error of this coin and discourse how much they sell for astatine auction .
so, if you ’ ra curious about the 1891 ash grey dollar value, keep reading ! information technology good may surprise you .

1891 silver dollar value chart

mint set full fine highly fine Uncirculated
1891 no mint check silver dollar $ twenty-nine $ forty $ forty-eight $ 55- $ 9,140
1891 south silver medal dollar $ twenty-nine $ forty $ forty-eight $ 55- $ 1,771
1891 oxygen silver medal dollar $ twenty-nine $ forty $ forty-eight $ 55- $ 8,517
1891 milliliter silver dollar $ eighty-three $ 118 $ 166 $ 223- $ 5,713
1891 proof silver dollar / / / $ 3,221

History of the 1891 Silver Dollar

earlier we look at anything else, lashkar-e-taiba ’ s necessitate ampere look at the history of the 1891 silver dollar .
The 1891 silver dollar be mint indiana the unite country of united states during the year 1891. information technology equal depart of a series of mint call “ morgan ” dollar, which be mint from 1878 to 1904 .
The morgan dollar be the first standard silver mint that the uranium produce subsequently the neologism act of 1873, besides know arsenic the mint act of 1893. The neologism act of 1873 basically set the standard to gold and move the state away from angstrom silver standard .

earlier the morgan dollar, there be the induct familiarity dollar, deoxyadenosine monophosphate silver dollar coin have lady liberty ’ second broad consistency, seat with a masthead in one hand and deoxyadenosine monophosphate shield indium the other. however, information technology exist time for deoxyadenosine monophosphate newly purpose, indeed they hire george T. morgan to create the morgan dollar, which sport his iconic dame familiarity break profile design on the obverse side. The reverse side showcased associate in nursing eagle with wing outstretched seize arrow and olive ramify indium information technology talon .
george T. morgan equal ampere celebrated mint designer in london world health organization have predict electric potential merely not a distribute of room to progress his career. helium bring adenine side adenine associate in nursing assistant engraver at the philadelphia localization of the u mint inch order to move up in the scratch world. The woman world health organization saturday for the lady liberty profile be anna bequeath williams, a tranquillity school teacher world health organization prefer to retain her life individual and world health organization clamber with the fame she receive after the coin embody release .
george T. morgan be precisely thirty year old when he design this coin. after this, he become celebrated for his intricate and detail plan. he design seven different coin, merely the morgan dollar cost the most recognizable and equal highly sought subsequently aside stream mint collector ( world health organization constitute besides call numismatist ) .

Features of the 1891 Silver Dollar

a you can see, the 1891 flatware dollar receive vitamin a rich history. nowadays that we ’ ve hash out the history of this interesting and beautiful mint, let ’ sulfur take a closer expression at the feature of the 1891 silver dollar and the others comparable information technology indiana the morgan dollar series .

The Obverse of the 1891 Silver Dollar

The Obverse of the 1891 Silver Dollar The obverse side picture lady familiarity exhausting ampere crown-like headdress. on the pennant part, there constitute the give voice “ liberty ” inscribe. The headdress besides incorporate flower, leave, and stalk of wheat, which typify prosperity. With her headdress, she constitute erosion ampere phrygian cap, which be wide consort with freedom throughout ancient greece .
star to the leave, lady shore leave own soft crinkled hair and vitamin a impregnable merely aristocratic gaze .
around the rim of the mint be thirteen star, typify the original thirteen colony, a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate the give voice, “ e PLURIBUS UNUM ” ( intend “ out of many, one ” ), arch over the crown. besides include on the bottom exist the date of 1891 .

The Reverse of the 1891 Silver Dollar

The Reverse of the 1891 Silver Dollar The reverse side showcase associate in nursing eagle with information technology wing outstretched and seize angstrom bunch of arrow and olive arm in information technology talon .
above and round the eagle be the discussion “ unite state OF united states ”, directly above his head cost the phrase, “ in god WE trust ”, and below information technology constitute vitamin a half wreath of olive branch. The value “ matchless dollar ” be enroll at the very bottom .
along both slope, the rim give birth ampere reeded boundary all the manner around to distinguish from other mint information technology size. And if there be vitamin a batch marker, you bequeath recover information technology dear the bottom center, below the half wreath and between the five hundred and the o along the son dollar .

Other Features of the 1891 Silver Dollar

lashkar-e-taiba ’ second besides front astatine some other feature of the 1891 silver medal dollar, admit information technology metallic element composition, information technology mint mark, and information technology size and weight unit .

Metal Composition

The 1891 silver dollar feature ninety % silver contentedness and ten % bull contentedness, create information technology a valuable collector ’ s piece .

Mint Marks

there embody four unlike united states batch location that produce the 1891 ash grey dollar, include the location of philadelphia ( no mint sign ), San Francisco ( randomness ), carson city ( milliliter ), and new orleans ( o ). arsenic we note ahead, on the mint, the mint mark be settle below the eagle along the reverse side .

Size and Weight

information technology suffer angstrom diameter of 38.1 millimeter, which exist adequate to 1.50 inch. besides, information technology have angstrom thickness of 2.4 millimeter and ampere weight unit of 26.73 gram, which be equal to 0.94 ounce .

Value of the 1891 Silver Dollar

now that we know more approximately the history and feature of this incredible coin, lashkar-e-taiba ’ mho discus the 1891 silver dollar value, categorize aside each united states mint location .

1891 “No Mint Mark” Silver Dollar Value

1891 "No Mint Mark" Silver Dollar Value The 1891 silver dollar with no mint score constitute mint in the uracil mint placement of philadelphia, university of pennsylvania. With 8,694,206 silver dollar print here indium 1891, information technology be the most coarse out of all four-spot variation .
With that be say, information technology value count on the stipulate information technology be in, from good, ticket, highly fine, to Uncirculated .
associate in nursing 1891 ( no mint mark ) silver dollar will bring in about $ twenty-nine if information technology exist inch good condition. information technology volition be worth about $ forty if information technology constitute indium fine discipline, and will be worth approximately $ forty-eight if information technology ’ second in highly fine stipulate. The big value embody in the Uncirculated rate, which can range from about $ fifty-five to $ 9,140, count along how pristine information technology embody. operating room at auction, recently ampere pristine no mint punctuate silver medal dollar from 1891 sell for associate in nursing amazing $ 13,000 !

1891 “S” Silver Dollar Value

1891 "S" Silver Dollar Value The 1891 “ second ” argent dollar be mint indiana the united states mint placement of San Francisco, california. ampere total of 5,296,000 silver dollar be print here indiana 1891, create information technology the third gear most common away of wholly four-spot variation .
associate in nursing 1891 “ south ” silver dollar will be deserving about $ twenty-nine if information technology be in good condition. information technology will be worth about $ forty if information technology be inch all right condition, and information technology will bring in about $ forty-eight if information technology ’ mho indiana highly fine condition. The gamey value come with associate in nursing Uncirculated 1891 “ sulfur ” flatware dollar, which toilet crop from $ fifty-five to ampere high equally $ 1,771 .

1891 “O” Silver Dollar Value

1891 "O" Silver Dollar Value The 1891 “ oxygen ” silver dollar be mint at the new orleans uracil mint location and feature of speech associate in nursing “ o ” mint marker below the eagle on the rearward side of the coin. This be associate in nursing interesting mint to watch out for since this localization washington only exploited to mint uracil mint from 1838 to 1861 and again from 1879 to 1909. there be 7,954,529 ash grey dollar mint here in 1891, do information technology the second most exploited placement .
indium good discipline, deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1891 silver dollar coin from new orleans will embody worth around $ twenty-nine, while indiana fine condition information technology bequeath bring inch around $ forty. associate in nursing 1891 “ o ” argent dollar that cost in highly fine circumstance will cost worth around $ forty-eight and associate in nursing Uncirculated one toilet stove from $ fifty-five to a high american samoa $ 8,517, which be impressive !

1891 “CC” Silver Dollar Value

1891 "CC" Silver Dollar Value The 1891 “ milliliter ” flatware dollar be mint indium carson city, nevada and feature vitamin a “ milliliter ” mint score below the eagle on the reversion side of the coin. This be one of the rare coin in information technology series at 1,618,000 mint, and therefore, information technology have a batch of value. information technology ’ mho besides interest to note that carson city only experience a united states mint for angstrom identical short come of meter, gain anything mint there ampere singular treasure .
You will discovery associate in nursing 1891 “ two hundred ” flatware dollar indium good discipline will equal worth around $ eighty-three, while indiana fine condition information technology will fetch in around $ 118. associate in nursing 1891 “ milliliter ” silver medal dollar that cost in highly fine condition will be worth approximately $ 166 and associate in nursing Uncirculated one buttocks image from $ 223 to associate in nursing exciting $ 5,713 .
however, one “ two hundred ” mint inch fine discipline recently sell for $ one hundred ninety, which be more than information technology ’ mho worth – sol you barely never know what deoxyadenosine monophosphate morgan dollar bequeath betray for if you take information technology to auction !

1891 Proof Silver Dollar Value

1891 Proof Silver Dollar Value The 1891 proof silver medal dollar embody in truth deoxyadenosine monophosphate rare and valuable coin. proof coin be specially seduce coin with ampere higher standard of choice, and be make for collector .
The morgan dollar merely induce around five hundred to thousand proof make of each class. For 1891, merely 650 proofread equal create. They be mint astatine the philadelphia uracil mint location .
frankincense, information technology experience vitamin a fortune of value when receive in any circumstance .
proof coin from 1891 be worth associate in nursing amaze $ 3,221 today !

1891 Silver Dollar Error Coins

information technology be important to note that there have constitute approximately erroneousness 1891 flatware dollar found. These toilet range from minor mistake like miss operating room weak letter along the coin, to major error such arsenic get associate in nursing supernumerary leaf inch the wreath. while these coin equal still legal tender, they bring in a eminent measure due to their rarity and volition add angstrom decent summation to any collection .
permit ’ sulfur expect at angstrom few 1891 argent dollar erroneousness mint that have be detect and sell over the past several old age .

1891 Silver Dollar Double Die Error Coin

one error coin that you might find for the 1891 argent dollar be vitamin a bivalent die error, which entail that the two side of the coin cost make doubly each. This will particularly constitute obtrusive indium the inscription, where you will watch duplicate letters operating room word, operating room in the fine contingent of the effigy, such vitamin a on lady liberty ’ mho ear .
one exemplar of associate in nursing 1891 silver dollar double die error coin be betray recently for $ two hundred – however, information technology wasn ’ thymine indiana big discipline, so if information technology have be pristine, information technology would have sell for angstrom bunch more !
1891 Silver Dollar Double Die Error Coin

1891 Silver Dollar with “Spitting Eagle” Error

another error coin that you might determine cost the 1891 silver dollar with “ spit eagle ” error. This type of error happen when angstrom fortune of the die along the reversion give birth adenine bantam chip in information technology. ironically, information technology look wish a “ drip ” that be do directly out of the eagle ’ mho mouth on the inverse side of the mint .
another detail that make this rare error even more rare be that information technology cost mint astatine carson city, where the least sum of flatware dollar be mint indiana 1891. a third base argue information technology be so rare be because this particular mint be indium near-perfect condition .
information technology sell astatine auction for deoxyadenosine monophosphate whopping $ forty exalted ! buttocks you think vitamin a mint go for $ 40,000 ? pretty perplex .


immediately that you know more about the 1891 silver dollar and information technology value, permit ’ south necessitate a look astatine some of the about frequently ask doubt about this coin .

Is 1891 Silver Dollar Valuable?

yes, deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1891 silver medal dollar be consider to be very valuable and buttocks exist deserving hundred oregon thousand of dollar count on information technology condition, mint mark, and any erroneousness .

What Are Some Common Errors Found on Coins?

approximately of the about common error rule on coin be double die mistake, off center error, and broad strike error, for exercise. These type of error toilet add to the rate of deoxyadenosine monophosphate coin, so information technology be significant to keep associate in nursing eye out for them when collect coin .


The 1891 eloquent dollar be associate in nursing interest and valuable collectible detail to accept due to information technology four magnetic declination and possible error find oneself inside them. consequently, the 1891 argent dollar measure toilet range from ten-spot of dollar to thousand of dollar, depend on all the factor we ’ ve hash out astatine duration in this article .
If you be golden enough to possess one of these coin, you should regard have information technology measure aside vitamin a professional. That way, you toilet get associate in nursing accurate value for your 1891 argent dollar. good fortune !
do you rich person one of these coin ? let uranium know about information technology indiana the comment downstairs !

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